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    So I've really gotten into mods for Minecraft.
    My favorite are block-exclusive mods, ones that have different blocks or modify blocks.
    My favorite is the Chisel mod that allows the blocks to be converted into different variations of blocks.
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    What I like about the Mega Evolution line is how consistently ridiculously over the top they are. I mean just from what we have: Leather Dom Houndoom, Haute Couture Banette, Debutante Gardevoir, Alternative Circuit Party Angel Absol, L'Oreal model Ampharos, Ivan Ooze Aerodactyl, Sashimi Gyarados, Tweaker Raged Pinsir, Ghandi Alakazam... I could go on but you get the gist.

    I anxiously await Fierce Drag Queen Jynx.

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    I am trying to make Ninja Nyan Cat on creative mode. :P

    I am also trying to make a portal to the Nether.

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