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Thread: A Connoisseurs Revenge! (678)

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    I actually really enjoyed this episode. It was lightheaded and funny. Burgundy giving those terrible insulting evaluations and getting attacked by all of Ash's Pokémon was entertaining, as was her insane hatred of Cilan. I almost felt a little bit sorry for her when she lost that battle with Cilan even if her reason for wanting to beat him was possibly blow out of proportion (it's in dispute what Cilan actually said to her). Poor Burgundy. She's actually quite an interesting and entertaining character even if she is only used for comic relief.
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    This episode was more annoying than anything else. Cabernet being pissed off due to her misunderstanding of Dent's evaluation was portrayed as "insanity" which is stupid because she's just a 10 year old kid (or close to that anyway) - temper tantrums at that age are not uncommon.

    The humor in this series isn't funny.

    Dent got away with not explaining the evaluation or making the slightest attempt to clear things up which just makes him look like a tool.

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