I am creating this shop because i have a ton of pokemon with awesome egg moves and it was quite fun getting them.
here are some that i have

    Spoiler:- Kanto Pokemon:

    Spoiler:- Johto Pokemon:

    Spoiler:- Hoenn Pokemon:

    Spoiler:- Sinnoh Pokemon:

This are not the only pokemon with egg moves that I have. You can ask for other pokemon or pokemon listed here with different egg moves or pokemon with multiple egg moves. I will let you choose the nature that you want your pokemon to be. I will not breed for perfect or good IV's unless you are offering an extremely good pokemon(s) in return

In Return I am looking for either a TRU Arceus or any shiny pokemon. Once I build a big enough shiny collection they will be added to the shop market. just to not seem unfair if you are gonna give me a shiny pokemon i will give you two pokemon with good egg moves.

just post a message on the thread and within a few days I should have your pokemon ready for you and then ill pm you for a good trading time.