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    Quote Originally Posted by Epicpip View Post
    A Jalorda works great with Typhlosion. You can have the Oath combo, and an Oath set is always worth mentioning in the case of a starter. Jalorda can either set up a Sunny Day or let the Typhlosion do the work, and/or you can look at how Jalorda can open up a move on a Typhlosion because it will be carrying and grass move. Typhlosion can either have Extrasensory or Focus Blast to attack opposing Fire types, unless you are in a triple battle and have, say, an Empoleon or Samurott (you can tell I like starters).
    You have a fair point on the Oath moves. Serperior has perfect stats to use the moves, since it is fast, yet still somewhat bulky. In doubles/triples you could pair it with another starter, and let it use dual screens as well as the oath moves. The set could look something like:

    Serperior @ Light Clay/Leftovers
    252 HP/252 Spe/4 SpAtt
    Grass Oath
    Light Screen
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