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    The Ascension is a place for the greatest battlers and socialists in the world, to gather together and battle, in hope of leaving their mark, which will be remembered for generations! Only the strongest and the wisest can survive here, the young and inexperienced will be trained to become the next great warriors; but the weak shall be cast aside, unless they can prove their worth.
    Mascots are Victini, Jirachi, and Arcanine

    Aknowledgeable Dates

    -7/14/2011 - UDK promotes ioliolk and archer to the clan's permanent leaders and relieves himself from the status
    -6/17/2011 - The ascension went to war against Team Sea Soul and won with an outstanding record of 3/5 wins
    -4/27/2011 - Clan meeting took place in the clan's chatroom.     Spoiler:- Meeting's Results:

    -4/4/2011 - LordGriffin resigns from clan leadership and promotes ioliolk to Permanent Coleader. A vote will soon follow to see if he will be leader.
    -2/20/2011 - The Legacy was laid to rest
    -2/20/2011 - The Ascension was posted & opened

    War Record
    The Ascension vs Team Seasoul
    Winner: Ascension 3-0


    Current Tournament

    Ioliolk is currently hosting a fifth generation tournament. The rules of the tournament are standard OU. Ban List can be found here:
    The winner of this tournament will be awarded a rank up and a rare pokemon. A list of people who are currently signed up is below.
    Italics means out of tourney

    Round 1 bold means winner
    ioliolk vs. sharpedophile
    gannondorf929 vs. archer
    home vs. gnl
    madmarine0 vs sonofwisei

    Round 2
    ioliolk vs sonofwiseii
    archer vs home

        Spoiler:- Old Tournaments:


    Ascension went to war against Team Sea Soul and won with an impressive 3-0 score thanks to homestarhydon,madmarine0

        Spoiler:- History of our Ascent:



    1.) Please no hacks. You will have 3 chances; after that you will be ejected.
    2.) Do not spam or flame this thread. This applies for all complaints as well: They must be pm'd to me!
    3.) Please respect other members and be polite and sporting battlers.
    4.) You must be an active member. Post every week please; unless you have a valid excuse.
    5.)No double posts!
    6.)Standard serebii battle rules apply; unless you and your opponent decide 7therwise.
    8.)You may only battle the same person once each day.
    10.) You MUST be active the 1st week you join the clan (beginning upon your acceptance).



        Spoiler:- Joining:

    Rank Explanations

        Spoiler:- Ranks:

    Members Area:

    Our Ascending Members
        Spoiler:- Clan Members:

    Clan Art

        Spoiler:- art:

    Credits and Acknowledgments:

    Thanks to all the past leaders of The Legacy (Jahz, Ger, Ram, LG, and Twi) for leading the wonderful clan that Ascension has stemmed from. We shall rise from the ashes, and make you guys proud, for we aim to not disappoint.

    "Tonight We Fight, Tonight We Rise!"

    ~ Jahz

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