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    Default The Shiny Hunter's Club

    Banner made by §Suicune§

    Hello everyone, and welcome to our new and enhanced Shiny Hunters Club!

    In this club, we can discuss nearly everything related to Shiny Pokemon. Hunting for a certain shiny? Hatched yourself a shiny? Or maybe you got some awesome Rumble shinies? Even art you made about Shiny Pokemon can be posted here!



    1. Rules
    2. Strike System
    3. Member List
    4. Club Activities
    5. Topics
    6. Shiny Pokemon Merchandise
    7. Shiny Guide
    8. FAQ


    Rules (Updated May 18th, 2011)

    NOTE: These can be updated/changed at any time if needed!

    • If you wish to join, make sure to read all the rules below, remember them and most important, follow them
    • Every post has to contain at least 4 PROPER sentences, this is to prevent SPAM
    • Do not use things like "Ok, thanks" or "I'll try that" to make more sentences, you will get a strike for doing this
    • Pictures taller than 800x600 must be posted in spoilers
    • Do not update on your hunts 5 times a day, but just when you think you made some good progress
    • Do not ask questions we have in our FAQ
    • Do not bash the Owner or the Co-Owners for a decision they make. If you get a strike/ban, you deserved it, else you wouldn't have gotten it
    • Do not post pledges like "I (name) promise to never leave this club no matter what", as most people find them annoying
    • Do not reply to SPAM or trolls. Ignore them and let the co-owners report them
    • No flaming
    • Do not discuss trades or battles
    • All of the standard Club rules apply here

    If you want to join, make sure to post the following pledge in your first post in the club plus 3 more proper sentences.

    I (ScreenName), have read all of the Forum and Club rules and promise to follow every single one of them. I also agree that breaking a rule, no matter which one, will give me a strike.

    Fail to do this will result in a strike once you do join correctly.
    Make sure you don't just post the pledge and nothing else, because that will get you a strike aswell!
    You don't have to wait until someone accepts you. If you join as described above, you're in and you'll be added to the member list. If you're declined, me or a co-owner will post it.


    Strike System

    For every broken rule, you receive a strike, no matter what.
    3 strikes will result in a ban for a month.
    Get 3 more strikes and you'll be banned permanently, no exceptions, so make sure to read and follow the rules and everyone will be happy.


    Member List

    ~PM me if I missed you~

        Spoiler:- Member List:

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