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Thread: The Shiny Hunter's Club

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    I kirkeastment hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    The first time i started shiny hunting was when i first found the old third gen shiny discussion page. Which was years and years ago now. At the time i was just seeing so many people putting hours of effort into SRing and REing, and this was how i found out about these methods of shiny hunting as well, as until that point i had no idea how to actually go about finding shinies, just that i had found quite a few whilst playing my games.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    I would have to say REing. It adds so much variety, and although you can create a control group on what you'll find, its nearly impossible to control down to the exact Pokemon you want. I think thats what makes it all the more surprising and exhilarating when you find a shiny.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    Its a split decision for me, as on one hand i have my avenged Shiny Groudon, which took a few hundred SR's to find on my old Ruby file. Which is sentimental as i had to avenge a Shiny Groudon i had lost a few months earlier(due to me not knowing what it was), which actually appeared without SRing, so it was a RE legendary.

    On the other hand though, i have my Shiny Treecko. My first ever Shiny Starter, and a hatched one w/egg moves, which was hatched on Emerald to boot.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    Shiny Jirachi. I love this Pokemon so much as its just so cute, especially for a Steel Type.

    What's your best shiny story?

    Difficult to say really, if i had to pick my best then i would say its my Shiny Snover.

    At the time in the 2nd(i believe) imagination of the Shiny Pokemon Club, i had noticed that when chaining if you try and fish up a Pokemon and KO it, it resets your patches.

    For example, if i reset the radar and there were 2 sparkly patches and two shaky patches, then i fished up a pokemon, KO'd it, then the patches would stay where they were, but they would change to 3 sparkly & one shaky patch.

    I was attempting to see if this could be exploited to get a Shiny Patch without the need for excessive use of Max Repels/recharging the radar repeatedly. I had just arrived at Lake Acuity, activated the PokeRadar, went into the first patch i saw, and bam, Shiny Snover, 100% random encounter shiny, to start off my chain.

    Needless to say, i didn't continue testing the method, as i felt this was a way of saying to me, nice idea, your off your rocker, but heres a shiny anyway.

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    OMG, well, theres only ever been one shiny that got away, and it was an Exeggcute, which i encountered during my first ever run-through of Pokemon Fire Red. I was in the Safari Zone, attempting to find Chansey for Lucky Egg's, and bam, Shiny Exeggcute appears before me. Chuck Ball. Escaped. Fled. Sucks.

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    Garchomp. Its like hey i'm Shiny here. Wait. No i'm not. Wait, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. For crying out loud.


    Did some MM hatching today for a Shiny Zorua, just to try and mix things up a little in my lack of a shiny hunting regime, and i didn't find it terribly tiresome for some reason.

    Of course i only hatched 25 eggs, so not really much time to find it boring, but hey, that took me around 40 minutes, which is the longest i've spent playing the games in a few weeks now.

    I'm going to continue my EV training over the weekend, and begin to build my team in Pokemon White.
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    I, Pokemonfreak2010, hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    I'm pretty sure no one remembers me, but that's because I only had about 3-5 posts on the previous club... because all of my posts were about SHINIES!!! Even without getting any shinies, I still tried to keep up with all the posts on the previous club... 20+ pages of non-shiny-related arguments later, I just gave up. Hopefully, this club won't go through a similar situation. >.>

    Anyways, still nothing new from me since that Caterpie back in November... hopefully this isn't shaping up to be a very long drought. Because of my lack of luck, I've decided to store up and wait for Black and White in the US. As soon as I get them... TEPIG SRING MADNESS! So that's the plan, and I seriously hope Tepig doesn't take so long to shine.

    Now... I feel obligated to answer some of Storm_Dragoon's questions:

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    My one year anniversary for shiny hunting is actually coming up this March 21! It was only a week after Heartgold and Soulsilver released in the US, and I had just made it to the Elite Four. My shiny Tentacruel from my sapphire just randomly popped into my mind, and I was like, "I feel like watching some shiny videos on youtube!" A bit of searching later, I found the channels of ShinyStormDragoon and Shinygamer9. I watched their videos for a while, becoming more and more motivated with each one (I also learned about the johto starters and their shinyness), and I decided to restart my Soulsilver and hunt for a Johto starter. At about 3 SRs per minute, it was 13 minutes and about 39 SRs later that a golden chikorita graced my screen... and I've been hunting ever since!

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    My favorite method is definitely SRing. It just seems to go rather quickly for me. Plus, I've had insane luck with all of my SR-related hunts so far... hope it continues.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    Man, tough choice... I'd have to say my shiny Feraligatr. I got it with only 235 Masuda Method eggs, which is great in itself. Since hatching eggs is my least favorite method, though (I just HAD to have that shiny), getting shiny totodile felt even better. As if that isn't enough, it has dragon dance as an egg move, and was the ONLY adamant-natured totodile... out of all 235 of them! It's a pretty awesome combination!

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    I actually have three that I really want: Pidgeot, Articuno, and Moltres. I am insanely in love with bird pokemon, and Pidgeot has remained my favorite since Pokemon was invented! Having a shiny form of my favorite pokemon would be awesome! As for Articuno and Moltres... well, I already said I like birds. Since I already have Zapdos, I only need those two in order to complete the original legendary [bird] trio!

    What's your best shiny story?

    Oh man, there's so many... I'll share a couple.
    Chikorita- As I said above, it was my first hunt ever, and it only took 39 SRs. how awesome is that?!
    Zapdos- Probably my best moment, since Zapdos is my favorite legendary. I had just started this hunt on my Soulsilver. One of my teachers at school had a guest (we'll call her an intern, or something) that was aiming to be a teacher herself. At the end of her 7-week internship, she gave my entire class 4-leaf clovers. Who knows how she got so many, but she did. Anyways, I went home and immediately went to my DS, cause I was excited to hunt for Zapdos. I was at 16 SRs when I thought, "Hey! Maybe that 4-leaf clover could give me some luck!" I was kidding, of course, but right when I picked it up, the 17th Zapdos appeared shiny! My expression: O3O

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    I'll answer this question when it actually happens to me, cause it hasn't yet! (Thank goodness) :P

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    I would definitely make Sawk's shiny form a bright yellow! Throh and Sawk = Bert and Ernie! (yeah, I got that joke from youtube, but just imagining it makes me laugh out loud)

    ...This will be my longest post here, no doubt about it. I promise that my next post will be MUCH shorter and WILL contain a shiny Tepig somewhere in it! Until then, happy shiny hunting everyone, and keep this club pleasant!

    P.S. Just to make my post even longer, congrats to:

    Cell on your Wurmple
    Storm_Dragoon on your Rufflet
    Pokerealm on your Skorupi and your little blue blob!
    Ivyon on your Cottonee, litwick, and larvesta
    And anyone else I missed. A congrats to you too!
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    I'm a shiny hunter, and I'm proud of it!!!

    My current shinies: (LG) (LG) (SS) (LG) (SS) (SS) (LG) (Sapp) (SS, LoR) (SS) (SS) (HG) (SS, Masuda) (Event) (SS) (SS) (SS) (SS)

    Future Hunts: TEPIGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

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    I CooKeyy hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Hello, Well ive been here since 09 never really posted much but since its starting fresh ill start fresh by starting to be more active on my shiny hunts.
    Im new to shiny hunting and since B/W are just around the corner i decided to
    start shiny hunting
    My first shiny was through the masuda method which was a scyther after only 27 eggs and just about a week ago i got my cyndaquil and chikorita through SR.

    What made you start shiny hunting?
    Well i was into competitive battleing in PBR and used to see alot of altered colored pokemon with sparkles i was interested looked it up and saw how people would hunt for these "shinies"
    i was intrigued and decided to look for these shiny pokemon myself.
    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    I dont really got one since all the methods ive tried have been only masuda method and soft resetting.
    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    Easy, this would be my first shiny which was a scyther now a scizor.
    What is the shiny you would like to own?
    This would either be a houndoom or a manectric there shiny form are just awesome

    Well i hope to make some friends out of this to encourage my shiny hunting as well as keep me motivated i hope to get accepted here
    here is what i got last week in a matter of 5 days
    got this after 48 SRs

    got this after 1730 SRs

    PS: i am also looking forward for the activities they sound like fun.
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    Welcome to the club Jonny7197, Cell, Polarix, The M, Aznska8er, Laevateinn, Theshinyhunterba, xKatie0391, ShinyDoug, Ampharos_Spark, Missingno. Master, Bynca, kirkeastment, Pokemonfreak2010 and CooKeyy. Hope you enjoy the club and will continue to follow the rules .

    I'll answer a few of the topics:

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    Definitely SRing, with REing and hatching as a close second. I do have a special place for hatching, as my very first "hunted" shiny was shiny Charmander in Emerald.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    Definitely my shiny Darkrai in my Japanese Platinum. This is one of the shinies closest to my heart, as it appeared the day my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. It has to be one of my best shiny stories too, even though the day itself was horrible. I was really upset that day, so when shiny Darkrai showed its face, it made me feel a bit better.
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    I ShyniHunter hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Currently I'm not hunting anything, but got a few days ago a Shiny Torchic with the Masuda Method.



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    I Ferfie hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    What Made you Start Shiny Hunting?
    When I encountered my First Shiny about a year ago. I have played through every generation from their respective release dates, and that was the first time i encountered a shiny (not including LOR Gyarados on G/S/C). That said, I was entirely aware of their existence, just never really knew about how one acquired one. So one day, while trekking through the Eterna Forest on my Platinum i met my first real shiny, a Bunneary, and started hunting since that.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    Yeah REing. Like everyone else has said, the fact that there is that chance involved, no real guarantee, unless you are able to make it so, with repels in areas with Pokemon at different levels. But yeah, It's by far the most thrilling for me.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    I would have to say my Staryu. Starmie is my favorite shiny sprite, so once i evolve it, i will be very much stoked. I got it in Vermillion, after many fishing encounters on my LeafGreen Cart.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    I've got three i really want on the moment. Flygon, Victreebel and Aggron. That said, i really wish my Suicune would shine sometime soon.

    What's your best shiny story?
    Hmmm, i don't really think I have any Great stories.
    I guess when i was hunting for my Cyndaquil on SS though. But Shiny Cyndaquil is not the subject really of this story.

    I had already gotten a Shiny Totodile, and a Shiny Chikorita on my SS, so i was going for a Cyndaquil. Unfortunately I ended up getting another Chikorita. So i figured, meh, I'll trade it over to my HG and restart once more. I was watching some hockey, just getting in my grove of SRing when a mere 125 SRs later, another Chikorita popped up. kinda bittersweet, but it was the best shiny thing that has happened to me.

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?
    -_-' Man i hate this, but well, besides the Uncatchable Poochyena, Graveller. In Platinum, I was actually heading out to Flower Paradise to begin SRing a Shaymin. I was heading out through Victory Road and well a golden Graveller appeared. I had a masterball, but brainfarted and sent out my Haunter to put him to sleep. as my haunter was escaping from his pokeball, in my head i shouted "ah ****". Sure enough, that shiny blew all kinds of up. Anytime i go through a place with explodable pokemon, i always bring a Damp Poliwag.

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    Gengar. AS many of you have already stated, Garchomp is a crummy shiny, because he doesn't appear so. The same applies to Gengar, only with 2 slight differences.
    1) I like Gengar far more (mostly a nostalgic factor)
    2) Ghastly and Haunter have pretty rad shiny sprites, and Gengar is just such a let down by comparison.

    Well, in saying all of that, I'm happy to see a fresh new club, with some fresh new ideas.
    Unfortunately since, the last clubs demise, I have still been hunting for a shiny Suicune on HG to no avail. Congrats on all of the shinies, most of which seem to be 5th gens, but yeah cool stuff. Good luck you guys.
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    I, Admin Miror B, hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.
    I'm glad the new club finally came back! I checked this morning before I went to school, but it wasn't up yet, then I get home, and BOOM! Two pages worth of people rejoining. Well, no news here, still hunting both Arceus and Ekans, but no luck. I'm glad this club is going to be stricter than the old one, no more trolls! Wish you all luck, and have fun with your hunts!

    What Made you Start Shiny Hunting?

    Well, nothing really started me, I just decided one day that I would, that was about two years ago, and I've been an avid, although pretty unlucky hunter (only have gotten about three shinies since I really started hunting) since.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    Masuda Method is probably my favorite, though I've never had any results from it.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    My Flygon for sure is my favorite. The coloring is amazing, and mine has a perfect Attack IV! Flygon = XD

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    Tauros. It has such a bright interesting coloring, and it would be pretty awesome.

    What's your best shiny story?

    It happened about a year ago. I was wandering around looking for items on the route to the right of Cerulean City, and I ran into a shiny Primeape. I was really excited, until I realized I only had a Great Ball, and a Poke Ball. I weakened it with my Farfetch'd (also shiny), and got it to the red. Threw the Poke Ball. Failed. Threw the Great Ball, and I got it. I was practically screaming. The moment afterwards, I immediately ran to the nearest mart and bought 50 Ultra Balls, in case this would ever happen again. Later that day, ran into a shiny Diglett in Diglett's Cave. Win

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    None, thank goodness. I've never had a shiny that got away.

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    I agree with most on Garchomp and Gengar. There is practically no color difference, and it's not very interesting.
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    I A Carmine FTW hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    I am very glad to see that the club is back up and running. It seems pretty refreshing.

    An update since I have last posted is that I have finished hatching my absol eggs and still no shiny and I am finishing up hatching come phione ones. I will need to breed a new batch of them though. I really hope I am doing the MM right lol.

    What Made you Start Shiny Hunting?
    When I figured out how to chain pokemon decently well.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    Random encountering because it is faster and less monotonous than the other methods.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    My absols I chained for they are my favorite shiny pokemon and pokemon in general.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?
    Zoura and Zourark because they look really cool

    What's your best shiny story?
    Just my first shiny zubat when I did not even know what a shiny was and I was like. OMG he is green that is really cool. So I caught it.

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    Shiny beldum that killed itself when I chained it. That is the only one though thankfully.

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    Definitely Gengar it is = fail. I do not see the difference and Ghastly looks so cool so it is definitely a disappointment for the final form. it should be blue or something
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    I Kill And Run hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Finally its back again, hope we can keep this one!

    No new shinys, but the good news is, i downloaded all three dogs from wifi.

    In Heartgold i just recently beat the e4, once i get the side stuff done in kanto i will be going after Legendarys first one being LUGIA.

    Soul Silver i havent really been playing as much as i want to, but its ok.

    I plan in my Pearl that i just recently started over to do what pokerealm is doing and going for the dual encounter hunts.

    Well Glad everyone came back, and hope it stays! Enjoy

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    I, mrrrrrrr KENNEDY, hereby acknowlege that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them

    Wooo back in action! The new co-owners have done a great job of re-vitalising the club!

    The night the club was finally locked (and for the best I may add), my luck finally kicked in. I will do this in a vintage style of post like the old clubs.

    Saturday night. Around 9.30 PM. Just me, my two DS's, 3 energy drinks and 1 hope. A hope of finding a new shiny before Sunday's dawn. My last shiny before hand was Bellsprout 2 1/2 weeks prior (Thanks for the congrats by the way. Haven't posted since then). My hunts were a Kyogre in HG on my original DS and Route 36 in SS on my DSiXL. About 15 minutes of hunting an I glance down at my screen while watching The Million Pound Drop and see this...


    So Modest sync up front and camera at the ready, I begin my capture of the epic Pink Whale. Pretty standard battle at first. Sync died, sent out ninjask and passed some stat boosts to my shiny hunting smeargle. False swipe it down to 1 health, spore it when it woke up and recover when needed. However, Kyogre proved to be a gigantic pain in the *** when it used Aqua Ring. I couldn't keep it at 1 health and had to use a turn every so often to false swipe again -_-.

    Used all my dusk balls and heavy balls which were my best bets of capture. Left with only ultra balls and Kyogre quickly losing PP, I was determinded to catch it without a Masterball. Throw an ultraball. Shake, shake, skake, BOOM! Kyogre escapes. In frustration, I decide to throw 1 more ultra ball before the Masterball. Shake, shake, shake, KACHING! Kyogre was caught!

    Here are some more pitures for your enjoyment.

        Spoiler:- Captain! There be whales here!:

    and the video. It's in two parts.

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Sync worked =D.


    That's not all!

    The next morning, still buzzing from the sucess of Kyogre, I move onto a new hunt in HG. Mewtwo. So I do a couple of hours of dual hunting Mewtwo and Route 36 while watching DVDs. Glance down at my screen and see a beautiful sight...


    5% encounter rate! The one shiny I wanted most but thought I had no hope in obtaining!

    This battle wasn't as epic as Kyogre. Simple Weepinbell Sleep powder and 2 balls later it was mine!

    More pictures for your viewing pleasure:

        Spoiler:- Needs more Deer:

    This is the first time I have gotten 2 shinies in 24 hours. I am thrilled .


    So Shiny number 3 in my SS shiny quest is a Stantler. I have now moved on to my next hunt. Shiny Entei or Raikou! I expect this one to take awhile...

    So for the next week, I am going to be exclusively focusing on Mewtwo and the Running beasts. Next week though. March 4th (Actually more likely the 3rd as GAME usually sends games out early. Not bothered either way I have the Friday booked off work.) I am going to be hunting a Snivy on Pokemon Black and Playing through Pokemon White so my other hunts will suffer a bit. However I will return to them.

    Anyways Congrats to:
    Ivyon on Cottonee, Litwick and Larvesta.
    Pokerealm on shiny Skorupi and Reuniclus.
    Storm_Dragoon on shiny Rufflet. (Wargle is Awesome *_*)
    Cell on the shiny Wurmple.
    Laevateinn on the shiny Cyndaquil, Bidoof and Minun.
    Theshinyhunterba on shiny Weedle.
    Cookey on Shiny Cyndaquil
    and Shyni Hunter on Torchic!

    I will answer some of SD's topics next post as I need to go to bed for work in the morning.

    Good luck all.

    Credit to Arkreis and $Suicune$ (Sorry couldn't get the funky symbols in your name ).

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    I am flabbergasted:

    My second shiny Rufflet appeared, 63 eggs into my search for a second one . I was dual hunting, hatching for a shiny Rufflet and REing for a secret target in Black. I got 5 more eggs, and was in the process of hatching them, I wasn't expecting my second shiny Rufflet to be in the third egg of my party.

    Luckily, when I checked its stat page, the Everstone actually worked this time around, and it ended up Adamant. As a bonus, it has Sheer Force as its ability, the same as my first shiny Rufflet.

    More pictures:

    Shiny Rufflet hatching screen, another angle
    Adamant nature, Trainer ID page
    Stats page, with ability

    I have no idea what I will be hunting for next. I kinda feel like hatching again, maybe after I EV trained this awesome shiny Rufflet. Going to keep at my secret Black target, as well as SRing for a shiny Beldum.

    Congrats to all new shinies, and welcome to all new members.
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    I, crystalzapdos, hereby acknowledge that I have read all the fourm and club rules and agree to abide by them

    Glad to see this club back. Anyways, I'm at 2,000 encounters for Whismer and 500 for Rayquaza.

    What made you start shiny hunting?
    When I found two random shinys in one day. That made me realize how cool and rare they are. Its wierd how when you look for them on purpose they don't show up, let alone two in one day.

    What shiny got away from you?
    My first shiny, a Geodude. I bet your think it self desructed, right? Nope. I successfully caught it. when I showed it to my brother he froze the game up. I knew I should of saved before I gave it to him.

    What shiny would you like to own?
    Zapdos. Hes my favorite Pokemon. Speaking of wanting a shiny Zapdos, theres one in HeartGold I could SR for. *hint hint*
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    I, Corroded Arceus, hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Yeah, I'm rejoining. I'm glad that the club got restarted, and I really hope that this club will be a better and less nooby place for all. ^_^

    What made you start shiny hunting?
    In Platinum, back in 2009, I encountered a shiny Fearow at random. I used this Fearow to get my SID so I could RNG shinies. I did that for a while, but got bored of it very quickly and decided to turn to SRing shines, and occasionally chaining them. I haven't looked back. ^_^

    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    Sring. I dislike REing for some reason, maybe because I have little control over what will shine, and I have to press more buttons. I usually SR one handedly while watching TV or reading stuff online, which makes it happen more quickly.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    Horizon the Ho-Oh. It took seven months before he went shiny.

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?
    Probably Togetic, at least in its HGSS sprite. Look at those eyebrows. :S

    What is the shiny you would like to own?
    I'd really like a legit set of shiny eeveelutions, a shiny Scolipede, and a shiny Volcarona.

    What's your best shiny story?
    Once again, Horizon. I spent 7 months trying to claim him, through my last year of high school. The day after my final exam, I had spent the day with my best friend celebrating finishing high school, and when I got home, I sred for Ho-Oh. I went to help my mum with something, came back, and there he was, my shiny. *_* He was even adamant; my sync had worked!

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?
    Nooby little 8 year old me was wandering through Whirl Islands without Flash. I encountered a green Zubat, and caught it because it looked different. But, because I couldn't get out of Whirl Islands, I decided to turn the game off without saving.
    The next time was also in Silver, but I knew what shinies were. I encountered a shiny Ponyta with no Pokeballs. -_-

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?
    Garchomp, to a nice minty green colour (Like Swellow's) since tha's the one everyone always complains about.

    EDIT: I also have a guide on Chaining. It contains my own brand of humor, and explains things in quite deep detail. If you want to use it, I'd be grateful!
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    I Jolteon Jordan hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    I was a part of this club once before, and I'd like to be a part of it again. Pretty much one of the only places I post on Forums nowadays. It's nice to have a place to talk about shiny Pokemon and not have so many people think you're wasting time.

    I guess I'll answer some of those questions to make my post more interesting:

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    I've always had a liking for shinies. Heck, I had hunted a little before then. Once, I was SRing in my Japanese Diamond out of boredom and only around twenty SRs in, a shiny Drifloon appeared! I had also tried to SR a shiny Dialga and Heatran, but I was too impatient at the time, and gave up. But there were some moments on my Japanese HeartGold that drove me to take my appreciation for shinies to the next level.

    While randomly playing after finishing a final, I had the top screen hidden under the desk and relying on the sound of the game to know where I was going (I didn't want anyone to be picked on, which I always have been for liking Pokemon since Elementary) while heading for the Lake of Rage. But all of a sudden, I heard the noises of sparkles. My heart skipped a beat and I looked at a shiny Girafarig that was staring practically into my soul. My Pokemon were too strong to weaken it, I had only a few Poke Balls with me, but somehow, Lady Luck was on my side and it was caught. But it didn't stop there.

    On the same day, I was training my Pokemon for the 8th gym while at home. But then, HeartGold struck again when a shiny Graveler scrolled across my screen. I was so shocked to get not one, but TWO shinies on the same game on the same day. I weakened it, but then, the worst occured... Graveler used Selfdestruct. I had never been so upset over a shiny, but eventually I moved on.

    But still, HeartGold had more to offer. The next night, I was watching Top Gun with my father and sister while climbing up Bell Tower. I was wondering if I should SR for a shiny Ho-Oh. It looked pretty neat shiny, I had never had a shiny legendary, and my HeartGold had been so nice maybe I'd get lucky. But as I was thinking that, a blue Gastly sparkled, and then my mind was set: Shiny Ho-Oh will be mine.

    But that was the last amount of "good luck" my Japanese HeartGold had. My whole Christmas break went by with no shiny, as did the whole month of January, but finally, at the beginning of February, I had decided I needed to make sure I knew what a shiny Ho-Oh looked like while scrolling across the screen, so I decided I would only see what the beauty looked like with an Action Replay (but I swore to myself I wouldn't catch it. I wanted to make sure I would know the difference between normal and shiny while the Pokemon scrolled across the screen). So I played on two DSes: My DSi had me SRing for Ho-Oh, and the DS Lite had me entering a code. But just before I finished the code, I saw a Ho-Oh, but this one was a different color, but not only that, it sparkled!

    I stared in awe for the first minute or so, my jaw to the floor, then I finally just shut the DS, yelled with victory (curing my sore throat that day), and proceeded to capturing it. After almost KOing it by accident, I decided it would be best to use the Master Ball and not let that month and a half go to waste.

    From there, something in me continued to give me the motivation to hunt for a shiny, and after a few shinies, I decided to officially call myself a shiny hunter.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    Normally SRing, but I'm starting to really like REing, as it goes by really fast.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    My shiny Latias. Latias is one of my favorite Pokemon, probably my favorite shiny, and I worked so hard for her.

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?

    Everyone else probably has the same answer: Garchomp, but I also thinking Simisear and Gothita are pretty dumb too.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    Dialga, who I plan to SR for soon.

    What's your best shiny story?

    Ho-Oh possibly, which was already explained above, but Latias and Giratina were neat on their own. Latias came through pure luck, and Giratina came through pure effort.

    At the time, Latias had become my longest hunt I had kept track of. I really wanted one, and it was bugging me to no end that she just wouldn't shine. I wanted to SR for her one morning at school, but I had some math homework to take care of. But then my friend took my DS, claiming he would SR for it, but wouldn't count. I wasn't going to let him do that and took the DS. Now I felt the need to SR for Latias, so I talked to Latias, entered a battle, and on the FIRST LATIAS OF THE DAY, A SHINY ONE APPEARED! I luckily closed the DSi right on time to save the initial sparkles for the video, and caught her by the end of the day.

    Giratina, as I said, was more of effort than luck. I had been hoping for a shiny Giratina before 2011, but it didn't seem to look that way at the time. In the end, I decided I would dual SR, hoping maybe, just maybe, a miracle would happen. I SRed with no breaks, just constant button mashing and counting. It was 11:40 PM, I was loosing hope. I was past 13,000 SRs, but then, at 11:45 PM, I noticed a Giratina with radically different colors descending on my Japanese Platinum while live recording, proceeded to gasp and yell with joy. I didn't want to bother, and I wanted to officially have my last 2010 shiny, so I proceeded to Master Ball the amazing dragon.

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    Two uncatchable shiny Poochyenas. Curse you Mudkip!

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    Probably Rapidash. I like the blue flames over the gray ones. I can't help but mention one thing though: I'd change shiny Umbreon's black fur to a shining silver. While I really love shiny Umbreon as it is, I absolutely LOVE how it looks in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Instead of having black fur, for some reason, it has a metallic silver look, but I absolutely LOVE how it looks on it. It looks awesome.

    Congrats on ShinyStormDragoon's not one, but TWO shiny Rufflets! Amazing luck you got there! Also on mrrrrrrr KENNEDY's Kyogre and Stantler, ShyniHunter's shiny Torchic, CooKeyy's shiny starters, Ivyron's MM shinies, and Pokerealm's shiny Skorupi and Solosis!

    As for me, February's a good month for me. I'm hoping for one more shiny before the release of Black and White though because once that happens, all of my other hunts will be put on hold and I will be hunting for a shiny Snivy.

    I'm currently on 10,563 REs at Victory Road on my Japanese Pokemon White, and I'm really hoping for a shiny Rufflet. My last shiny was a 2nd shiny Heatmor at 4,413 REs, so it's been a little over 6,000 REs since my last shiny. I'm hoping to reach 11,000 REs by tonight. Wish me luck guys! And good luck on all of your hunts as well! (And sorry for the really long post)

    P.S. You can lose a shiny by sending it to the Dream World? Ouch... That's scary. Think of all the little Japanese children that have lost shinies. D: Glad to know that now though!
    Most Recent Shiny:
    Aron (499 Eggs)
    Current Shiny Targets:
    Riolu (300 Eggs)

    Michael/Ryuuto of Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness is my bishie for I am the #1 Michael/Ryuuto fangirl! <3

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    Jun 2004
    Black City


    Holy crap, Storm Dragoon. Congrats on the pair of Rufflet! And they have Sheer Force, awesome!

    I'm not hunting for anything at the moment. Like, at all. I'm done hunting until I get Black version, which is only nine more days away. Nine days... Nine agonizingly loooong days... And even then, I won't be resuming shiny hunting immediately. I'll be playing through the game first, though I do intend to MM a Zorua, especially if these new MM odds are the real deal. Of course, I might also go for whatever the first shiny of the month is (I like these new activities, by the way!). I'm also interested in going for a shiny Scraggy. Scrafty in general is just plain awesome, shiny or otherwise. My only regret is that it wasn't named "Gangpants". Eh, but I digress.

    To summarize;
    Current target: None
    Next: Zorua (Masuda Method)
    Coming up: Scraggy (Masuda Method)

    Considering: Shiny of the Month (whatever method would work best)

    Oh, and in case any of you are interested, I whipped up a guide on shiny hunting some time ago.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 14 up now!
    Author profile

    Banner done by me. I do not do requests. The Shinies are not up for trade.

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    I Chocoloboo hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    I joined the previous club late last year, dont think anyone remembers me though lolol

    Edit: just realised how short my post was, I just caught shiny Swablu on my Sapphire version like ten minutes ago which has finally ended my hunt to regain my lost random shiny Swablu on Sapphire way back like five years ago

    Anyway here's the terrible picture:

    this is probably my longest hunt next Lugia but it's bagged me a total of four shiny's when all I intended to catch was one! I'll be playing through Sapphire now to get up to Kyogre and then hunt for Rayquaza and so on and so fourth.

    Hope you all are motivated for your hunts, see you
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    Ah, looks like I'm late to the party.

    I Shephard922 hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    This is looking good, look at everyone posting so much and with the beautiful pictures and everything I haven't hunted hardly at all for a few months now, but I'm trying to get to it again. By May I'll be back on 100%. Anyway, I'm resetting Rayquaza right now. I've got a few hunts planned, and I'd really like to get at least one in a live video, so wish me luck. Congratulations on the new shinies, and here's to the new club!
    You can see my shiny Pokemon videos by visiting my YouTube account:

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    I MewLover360 hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.
    What made you start shiny hunting? When I encountered a shiny lapras when I was trying to beat Lance (which I haven't yet XD)
    What is your favorite method of hunting? Chain really...:/
    What is your favorite shiny you own? I don't own any...
    What is your least favorite shiny and why? I hate Altaria since it's too un-original...
    What is the shiny you would like to own? Lapras..XD
    What's your best shiny story? When I caught a shiny lapras but my ds ran out of battery...:/
    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?Described above
    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be? Altaria into purple or something

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    I §Suicune§ hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Hi, as I stated on my last post I made in the closed club, I’m well aware that I’m not active as I could be, but I hope to do so with the release of Black/White. I’m extremely excited for its release, and like Storm Dragoon, I hope to hatch myself some shiny Pokemon (e.i: Rufflet) via the Masuda Method. Currently, I was recently inspired to start playing Pokemon, and am hatching for a shiny Shellder. I am up to 180 eggs right now, and if my busy schedule doesn’t impede, I’ll be up to at least 400 by Sunday. What do you guys find the best method to hatch for shiny Pokemon? Simply obtain as many eggs as possible and then hatch them? Or just save, get six eggs from the Daycare man, hatch, if no shiny SR and repeat? I’m simply obtaining as many eggs as possible in order to obtain my Shellder.

    Also, about the club artwork, I contributed 2 banners for the club, and if allowed to do so, I’d like to add more.
    This is my newest one, and am currently working on others:


    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
    (it may take a couple of days for me to respond, though)

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    [B]I Chaoticinverse hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them[B]

    It's so nice to see the new club up and running. It's kind of boring on serebii without it.

    About a week ago I received a legit shiny beautifly in a trade, and I now have all three of the beasts or at least I will in about an hour (I still have to get suicune)

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    I got heartgold and after learning how easy it would be to get a shiny starter (seeing all three at once) I decided to go for it and then after 6,000 sr's I got Chikorita.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    My favorite is SR, probably because that's the only method that's been successful for me, hopefully I'll get a shiny from MM and RE someday.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    It's a tie, between Roselia and Chikorita. Chikorita because it was my first ever attempt at directly shiny hunting (before that I had two random encounters, both of which I've since lost) and Roselia because I just think it's an amazing looking shiny.

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?

    Slakoth, I got him while idly chaining. I don't like his final form and the second one isn't much better. he just kind of sits in my box wasting away.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    Right now, Hoothoot. I have over 1,000 eggs for him and he still refuses to shiny. I've taken a hiatus from it right now. My dream shiny is an eevee or pretty much any shiny that looks moderately cool. But the shiny I'm working for right now is a shiny Torchic, so far I'm at about 13,000 sr's for it and all I've gotten is two uncatchable poocheyna's.

    And Now I think I should end this post as it seems long enough to me. Congrats on all the shinies, I'm especially jealous of the torchic. ^^

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    Default My introduction (:

    I LordSemaj hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Hello everyone, I'm going to answer the topics! I really like the activities that we planned out!

    What made you start shiny hunting?
    I had always joked around with my pokemon friends by faking a shiny reaction or really really hoping for a shiny when I saw a legendary pokemon. Eventually D/P came out and I was good at pokeradar, and after a while I got on serebii and noticed that people trade legendary shinies for pokeradar shinies.
    Eventually I got bored of that and discovered out to RNG shinies from eggs in my pearl, but that had me feel morally wrong so I stopped. And I decided I should take my Fire Red game and give a good go at SRing a shiny Mewtwo.
    At first it was hard to get into, but I started watching Chiakiro's shiny videos and decided to focus. I pulled an all nighter with my friend Schuyler, and about 2 days later of concentrated SRing it was lunch time at school and I was telling Alex about how if Mewtwo shone, I would press the help menu to show him the sparkles, right after I said that I saw a green tailed Mewtwo and FREAKED OUT. It was the best feeling ever, I was destined to be a shinyhunter.

    24 1/8192 shinies later, and that brings us up to speed (:

    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    I like Random Encountering for a shiny. Don't get me wrong, SRing is great but I don't enjoy the type of SRing where you can't see the initial sparkles. Hatching has always been a no-no for me. I just don't do it.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?
    Least favorite I own? Umm.. Fearow
    Least favorite shiny ever? Leafeon

    What is the shiny you would like to own?
    Shiny Jigglypuff, Yanma, Larvitar, Skarmory, Chansey, Tauros, Growlithe Those are some 3rd Generation ones I'd like

    What's your best shiny story?
    The day after I got my Shiny Rayquaza, I was getting ready for my new hunt. It was an RE hunt so I went to Lilycove and fished up an Illuminate staryu, I went over to Mt. Pyre in hopes of a shiny vulpix, and I saved to the left of the grass. Right after, I turned to Schuyler who was playing Assassin's Creed and I said here it goes. And as soon as my mach bike hit the first patch of grass the screen broke out into a wild encounter, and a red duskull scrolled accross. *begin awesome freakout session with my boys*

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?
    Shiny Poochyena. Japanese Sapphire X(

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?
    I've always thought that Shiny Articuno should be more white, like shiny Ninetails

    Since this is a fresh start here are all my shinies

    I look forward to being an active and fun member in this club. I can't wait for our first "shiny of the month!"
    Lordsem4j Youtube

    Shiny Hunter
    Total Shiny Count: 33
    Latest: Charmander [Calcifer] (US FR)

        Spoiler:- Shiny Banner (Thanks Zabs |D ):

    Credit to Zabi for the shiny banner

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    I StreetzFC hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.
    What made you start shiny hunting?
    Well I hadn't found a shiny in 6 years, and one day I stumbled across a certain shiny Ponyta video. After watching that, I knew I would follow and become a shiny hunter. Since September 2010, I've found 21 1/8192 shinies, including a random Rattata today!

    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    RE I would say. Not sure why, just is.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    Dratini or Caterpie

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?
    That I own- Geodude. I HAVE 4!!!
    Any shiny- Garchomp. There is no difference!

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

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    I Cutty Flam hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Yup, I'm back. Hi everyone.
    This club looks more promising, and I'd love to join party.
    It sounds cool to get the title 'the hunter of the month.' But the chance for MM in gen 5 is decreasing, so it'll be likely the one who wins has many MM shinies.
    Still who knows?

    Anyway, I'll answer the topics later since I need time to think the answers, lol.

    I got two new shinies lately, hopefully more before this month ends.

    Shiny Trapinch after 6,163 RE's on JP Ruby (20/02/11) and shiny Zubat after 11,618 RE's on US Sapphire (22/02/11). The other details, like gender and nature just see in my sig.

    I have hunts going on 5th gen games too, well, they didn't go so well, both went over 10k encounters, so I decided to have new targets to skip the boredom. I'll get back to my old hunts if I have the mood again.
    Hopefully my new hunts will produce shinies earlier and the right shinies.

    So far, I love random encountering, if I don't get the shiny I wanted, at least I'll have a new shiny to my collection, well unless I've got it before like that shiny Zubat. At least it has 1/8192 value, FTW.^^

    That's all from me so far.

    If I have questions about hunting and such, should I post them here or vm the owner or a co owner?

    Welcome to all new members. Congrats to all recent shinies. And good luck to all your hunts guys.^^

    Ultra Sun team:

    Rage x Love
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    I, Bebop_DontStop, hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Awesome, im glad the new club is up and running and has some of the old rules and some pretty awesome new ones as well! i also love the new activities and hunter of the month and shiny of the month additions! well thats enough rambling.

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    Funny story, i was waiting in line for HG and SS at gamestop, and started chatting it up with the guy behind me. He told me he wanted a whole shiny team, and i was like whats a shiny? and he explained what they were pretty briefly before showing me one. i was like hey, thats pretty awesome. so i went home and googled shinys and got brought to serebii. i looked at sprites and boom the shinys were right there. from them on i researched how to obtain one and trolled the forums getting unbelievable inspiration from the awesome stories. i remember reading (i believe it was Storm_Dragoons post) about the shiny roaming entei hunt! so awesome!

    Current hunt progress

    I have been pretty into my squirtle hunt lately. i have put about 1300 SR's behind me. Its not a lot considering ive been at it for 2 weeks, but hey its pretty cool progress. So it puts me at about 7300 SRs total. i've been off and on this hunt for 2 months. mainly off for lack of inspiration but with the new club, i feel rejuvenated. Good luck everyone and happy hunting!
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        Spoiler:- Yup:

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    I, wayjun, hereby acknowledge that I have all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    What made you start shiny hunting?: The want for something rare and shiny.
    What is your favorite method of hunting? Masuda Method for sure. I can always trade the extra Pokemon on GTS.
    What is your favorite shiny you own? Seeing as I only have shiny Lucario.
    What is your least favorite shiny and why? Vulpix, it just looks ugly. Ugh, yellow.
    What is the shiny you would like to own? Shiny Flygon or shiny Charizard. They both look so cute.
    What's your best shiny story?
    When I hatched my shiny Lucario out of the egg the Reilly always gives you without SR'ing. It was by chance and I was like: "WTF?!? Why the heck is my Riolu yellow where it should be blue? Weird. -_-" It wasn't until I checked Serebii that I realized that I had hatched a shiny.
    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you? It was a Hariyama in Victory Road in Pokemon Emerald. It Whirlwind'ed away from me. Last time I go shiny hunting in Victory Road.
    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be? I would change shiny Vulpix's shiny to black instead of yellow.
    Quote Originally Posted by bobandbill
    Quote Originally Posted by zomegax7249
    So now it's not enough that we beat the NPCs, now we have to steal their clothes as well? Isn't this basically mugging them?
    Suddenly the aim of the Pokémon games is apparent. It isn't to catch them all, or to be the best trainer, or to learn about the values of friendship with strange monsters that can breathe fire and whatnot.

    It's to beat up other people for their hats and jackets.
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    Accepting any except for Electric
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