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    Title: Winters Cold Edge
    Rating: R (eventual alcohol reference/ use)
    Status: Ongoing/ Chaptered
    Shipping Pairs: Explained in paragraph below

    Hello friends! I’m back to actually write a good fic. Haha yeah I know my first one sucked. This one will be shorter, much shorter. Like 5 chapters or so, I’m not certain yet. It will also follow two main ships, Heartsoul shipping (Using my character of Riley instead of the name Ethan), and Pokeshipping. A little bit of contestshipping will be thrown in but it will be distant. But here goes nothing!


    CHAPTER 1: Gathering the Elements of Surprise

    “You’re Kidding!” Riley exclaimed over the phone. “You’re gonna be in town?” He mouthed the words “Shut your mouth” over to Ash who was sitting on the other end of the couch. He was persistent in asking who was on the other end of the line.


    “Can you hold on a second? Thanks” Riley placed his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone, “What do you want?!”

    “Who is on the phone?” Ash replied.

    “Why do you care?” Riley sarcastically scoffed back at him, “Think its your girlfriend or something?”

    “Well God knows it isn’t yours!” Ash fired back, that last comment really got to him.

    “Oh cool your temper kid, you and I both know that yours is downstairs,” Riley bursted into laughter, he was proud of himself for that one.

    “MISTY IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!” Ash exploded.

    “Woah woah, Ash, I’m kidding, chill out.” Riley attempted to calm him, surprisingly it worked this time.

    “Okay, sorry.” Ash replied, “Ya gonna tell me who’s on the phone now?”

    “Yeah, it’s Drew,” Riley explained, “He said that they couldn’t make it into New Bark tonight because of the snow, but they will be here tomorrow.”

    “Oh, I see,” Ash had a puzzled look on his face, “Who’s they?”

    “Oh he’s with-” Riley stopped and thought, “To tell ya the truth Ash, he never told me.”

    “Well put him on speaker,” Ash turned his hat around, “I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.”

    Riley pushed the speaker button on his Pokegear.

    “Hey Drew! It’s Ash!”

    “Hey Ash! How’s it goin?”

    “Never mind that,” Ash started, “Who are you with?”

    “Oh, May,” Drew explained in loud sarcastic tone to make sure that both the guys and May could hear him, “The poor kid couldn’t get her own plane ticket, so I had to bring her along with me, lucky for her I had an extra.”


    “The second one was for my cousin, who bailed on me at the last minute, I was planning on hooking her up with Brock!” Drew yelled back at May in one of his mighty tones that he used to make May feel inferior, only to anger her more.

    “WHATEVER!” a small girlish yell came from the phone.

    Ash and Riley looked at each other with the same glance, they both knew why Drew actually bought that ticket.

    “Hey Drew,” Riley began, “We will talk to ya later we gotta go help set up the party.”

    “Alright Riles, talk to ya soon, you too Ash.”

    “See ya Drew,” Ash said as he laid back on the couch. Riley closed up the phone and took a look around the room.

    They were sitting in a blue room, containing a small couch, a desk with a PC and a chair, and a bed covered in yellow, Marill polka-dotted blankets.

    Riley stood up, “C’mon Ash, they need us in the basement.”

    “Alright fine,” Ash Groaned, “But I don’t see why we are here at 5 when she’s not even getting into town till like midnight.”

    “How did you figure that?” Riley questioned.

    “Well,” Ash began, trying to sound intelligent, “Her mom took her to go see a play in Violet City, it takes at least two and a half hours to get there, they left at four.” The whole time that Ash is explaining himself, Riley is adding the times that Ash gives.

    “Then,” Ash continued, “They were going to have dinner, that’s another hour, then the play is another two, and two and a half more to get home. That’s how I figure. How about that?” Ash finished confidently.

    Riley finished counting, “OH MY GOD!”

    “What?” Ash inquired.

    “You are actually right!” Riley was super surprised, “That’s friggin amazing!”

    “You expected me to be wrong?”

    “Quite frankly,” Riley stopped, and poised himself to run away as soon as he finished his next sentence, “Yeah! You’re never right!” Riley bolted.

    “YOU PUNK!” Ash yelled as Riley tore down the stairs.

    Ash followed Riley into the living room of the house, but stopped before he entered the basement. He stuck his nose into the air and took in a huge whiff of the scent that was floating around him.

    “What is that?” Ash asked delightedly.

    “Lyra’s dad is making his own homemade salsa for the party tonight,” Riley explained, “Its delicious.”

    Riley went down the steps that led to the basement, he opened the door to reveal the sound of pop music, and several girls giggling.

    “What’s so funny?” Riley inquired.

    “Oh,” Misty began, “Nothing.” She turned to the other girls who replied to her with a giggle.

    Riley walked over to a purple haired girl on a step ladder, hanging a homemade sign that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYRA!” Without warning Riley grabbed the step ladder and began to shake it.

    “What’s so funny, Anabel?” Riley asked as he shook the girl’s only form of support.

    “Riley!!!!” She shrieked, “That is sooooo not funny!” She stepped down from the ladder and knocked his hat off of his head, “There’s no way I’m telling you what we were laughing at!”

    “Chill out,” Riley was again calming someone he had ticked off, “You gotta remember though, Lyra has never met you, and I could definitely give you a bad rep.”

    “You wouldn’t do that,” She scoffed back, “I’m too nice too you, and you know it.”

    “Yeah, Whatever.” Riley grabbed some decorations and began putting them up.

    Ash entered the room still dazed from the smell of the salsa. He looked around; blue balloons, yellow streamers, all the regular decorations for a party. The thing he wondered most was why were he and Riley the only two guys at the decoration.

    Then he remembered, “Oh yeah, Riley and Lyra are best friends, and I’m the sucker who decided to be Riley’s other best friend.”

    He looked them all over, they were regular acquaintances of his. Dawn, Duplica, Anabel, and Iris, his newest friend. Then there were the ones from town he didn’t know, and then there was Lauren, the receptionist at Elm’s lab, he vaguely knew her. The last girl to catch his eye caught his attention most. Misty, for some reason he couldn’t stop looking at her, she wasn’t wearing anything different, she was just herself, but he still couldn’t take his eyes off of her today.

    Riley noticed Ash’s stare and went over to rescue him from the trance that could get him in trouble, “Hey Ash, whatcha lookin at?”

    “Oh, Nothing,” Ash shook his head and snapped out of it.

    “Okay, Whatever” Riley was not convinced, he knew exactly what Ash was looking at, “Help me hang these lights, before she notices that you’re staring at her body.” Riley chuckled.

    “Oh, shut up,” Ash was now angry and all of his attention left the redhead, “I was wondering if she had colored her hair is all.”

    “Dude,” Riley saw straight through Ash’s excuse, “It’s been the same red for 4 years now.”

    “Whatever,” Ash scoffed, “Just hand me the lights.”


    There it is, chapter one. I hope it’s as fun for you to read as it was for you to write. The next chapter entails the start of the party, and all of its shenanigans!

    Until next time!

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    I understand that this chapter was to mark the start of the party, but I felt like adding this chapter to further explain the situation, and it was a better way to…. Well, ill just let you see for yourself… without further ado! I present…….


    CHAPTER 2: A Night on the Town

    “Wow, you’re really taking me here? Isn’t that a little expensive?”

    “Anything for you on your birthday, honey.”

    “Wow! Thanks mom!” Lyra was excited for her upcoming night in Violet City, they were just about to have dinner at her favorite restaurant, and then they were going to see a play, The Professor’s Assistant, at the Violet City Theater. After that, they would go home where, little to Lyra’s knowledge, there would be a surprise party for her.

    “So are you excited for this play?” Lyra’s mother sarcastically inquired.

    “Are you kidding?” She answered blatantly, “I’ve only been talking about if for months on end.”

    “I see,” replied her mother.

    “That and the fact that it’s only the greatest love story ever to come to theater!” Lyra went on and on about the various subjects that the play entailed. She had definitely done her research on this.

    “Why do we even need to see it?” her mother asked again, with the same sarcastic tone as before, “You seem to already know everything that happens.”

    “Well yeah, I’ve seen it before,” Lyra explained, “But that was just a video on the internet, its nothing compared to live.”

    “I see,” Her mother smiled, delighted to see that childish gleam that appeared in her daughters eyes, that she related similar to the one on Christmas morning.

    Lyra was excited, not only because of this night, but that she was finally turning sixteen, the year of assumed adulthood. Sure she wasn’t completely legal to do whatever she wanted, but it was close enough for her, she longed for that sense of maturity that this day finally gave her.

    “So do you feel older?” Her mother asked on the way to the theater.

    “Not really,” She replied, “Not yet, of course its not official until two in the morning.”

    “That is true,” Her mother stated.

    “Speaking of which,” Lyra began to question, “Why did you take me out tonight, when my birthday isn’t until tomorrow?”

    “I’ve already told you this,” Her mother explained, “If you weren’t so distracted by the whole thought of seeing this play you would have heard me.”

    “So are you actually gonna tell me?” Lyra grew tired of her mother dodging the question, “Or are you just gonna lecture me about listening to you?”

    “I’m kidding sweetie,” Her mother chuckled back, “I have to work tomorrow so we had to go tonight, but we will have a special dinner tomorrow night for all of your friends so we can spend it together, okay?”

    “You’re the best mom,” Lyra beamed.

    “Well, here we are.” Her mother pointed out the front windshield to the theater which was a rather old building, yet it had a refined elegance to it that screamed “Fine Arts”.

    They got out of the car and walked down the sidewalk to the ticket booth, Lyra’s eyes growing bigger with every step. They had their tickets stamped, and entered the main doors. The doors opened to reveal a large elegantly painted lobby. It had various paint designs, and lined around the walls were posters from every production that had been held there. Lyra and her mother didn’t feel the need for snacks, both being stuffed from dinner, so they strolled straight into the main theater.

    “WOW!” Lyra exhaled as she entered the room, it was large, immaculate, breathtaking, the elegant Victorian design of the stage and the balcony that surrounded overhead was astonishing to her. It was painted beautifully with a mixture of what was once white and hunter green, however the years had faded the paint into an off white and an olive color. The room had character seeping from the pores in the woodwork, it had a warm feel, a homey scent, and a relaxed nature that made anyone feel welcome. Lyra lost where she was for a moment.

    “Lyra!, Lyra!!, LYRA!!” Her mother yelled.

    Lyra snapped out of her daze and followed down to the seats that her mother had found to be theirs.

    “Wow!,” Lyra was surprised by her mother’s efforts yet again, “These are great seats!”

    “Anything for you, honey,” Lyra’s mother swooned, “Now watch my purse while I got to the restroom.”

    “Okay mom.”

    Lyra began to daze again, while alone she did this often. She still could not get over the elegance of this place, and the way that her mother put so much effort in this, she was so glad to have a mother that did so much for her. Her train of thought kept rolling. She thought of how she could repay it to her mother in a couple of months when her birthday came around, from there she though about flowers.

    “What kind of flowers could I get mom?” She pondered.

    Her thoughts moved onto flowers, and comments her mom had made about certain flowers.

    “I remember hearing her saying that she liked those flowers that Riley got me when I was in the hospital last year.”

    Her thoughts moved to that particular set of flowers.

    “What were those called? Oh, I guess ill just ask him tomorrow.”

    She couldn’t help her wandering thoughts to move to Riley, her childhood friend and neighbor.

    “I wonder what that kid is up to right now? I know, I’ll call him!”

    She pulled out her pink Pokegear and began to push buttons.


    “Ring Ring”

    “Ring Ring”

    “Ring Ring”

    “Riley! Your phone is ringing,” Misty yelled from across the room.

    “Toss it here!” He called back.

    She threw him the phone and he gingerly caught it. He took a look at the caller identification on the cover screen.

    “Oh god!” He panicked, “It’s Lyra. What do I do?”

    “Answer! Duh! But tell her that you’re about to get in the shower, and say that you will text her later. You can’t let her know that anything is going on,” Anabel thought quick to give him orders, “Don’t mess it up kid!”

    “Everyone be quiet,” Misty ordered politely, “Turn down that music, and be silent, we cant afford to botch this!”

    “Especially YOU Ash!” Lauren commented, and Iris giggled behind her. Ash shot them both a dirty look.

    The room fell silent as Riley opened the Phone, “Hello? Lyra?”

    “Hey Bud what’s up?”

    “Sorry! I cant talk right now, I’m getting ready to take a shower, but I promise I’ll text ya back later, cause I know you’re gonna be busy he soon.”

    “Okay?” Lyra accepted his answer, “Bye.”

    “Later,” He shut the phone, “Whew, that was close, now lets get back to work, the play is about to start so we’ve only got like 3 or 4 hours to finish up everything.”

    “Got it, Chief,” Misty saluted to Riley. He set his phone back down on the counter, re-adjusted his hat, and saluted back to her.

    “Wow, that was weird,” Lyra thought as the lights began to dim, “Oh Shoot!” she quickly grabbed her phone and shut it off, just then her mom sat down beside her.

    “Just in time,” Lyra’s mother cheered, “Here it comes honey!”


    “Whew!” Riley wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Done! And an hour early to boot!”

    “You did good work organizing this party, kid!” Anabel commented

    :“Thanks,” he replied modestly, “it was nothing.”

    “Whatever,” She hugged him tightly, “I cant wait to see the look on her face!”

    “Me either,” He calmly said as she let go of him.

    “I especially cant wait to see her face when I tell her that I arranged all of this!” Anabel began to pry at Riley’s hidden pride.

    “You don’t even know her!”

    “Yeah so, that doesn’t mean she would love what I’ve done,” Anabel said slyly, “I’ll just tell her that I’m a friend of misty’s who is an interior decorator.”

    “Oh, shut up,” He fired back jokingly, he wasn’t gonna let her get to him, “You couldn’t even decorate your own battle tower, and that’s probly why they replaced you! Haha!”

    “I wasn’t replaced, I resigned,” she shot back, now he was toying with her.

    “Just chill, I’m kidding,” He assured her, “But just to be safe, I’ll send her a text saying not to listen to you.”

    “she probly has her phone off! Duh!”

    “So, she will get it when the play is over.” Riley grabbed his Pokegear and began to type,

    Whatever you do when you get home, don’t listen to Anabel!


    “Wow!, What a show!” Lyra exclaimed as she got into the car, “It was even better than I had hoped for!”

    “Glad you liked it,” her mother added.

    Lyra went on about the play until she grew tired and dozed off, it wasn’t late, she had just had a long day.

    “Wake up honey,” Her mother brought her from her sleep, “If you sleep you will get too tired, and you wont be able to stay up till two to officially bring in your birthday.”

    “How do you suppose I stay awake?” Lyra groggily questioned.

    “I got you a coffee at the last gas station,” He mother proposed her solution in front of Lyra’s face in the form of a 22 ounce foam cup.

    “Mmmmmmm, gas station coffee,” Lyra sarcastically mumbled, “My favorite.”

    “Just drink it,” Her mother chuckled, “Speaking of your favorites, what’s Riley up to at this hour, I figure he would be waiting on you.”

    “Riley? Oh! Riley!,” Lyra scrambled for her phone remembering that he said that he would text her, as it powered on she anticipated the message. It rang it and she quickly opened it, she silently read to herself.

    Whatever you do when you get home, don’t listen to Anabel!

    She was confused, she thought that maybe he could be talking about tomorrow morning when they met up to celebrate……..

    But, WHO? Is Anabel? He had never mentioned her before, of course he has been traveling a lot lately, but the thought of some other girl with Riley plagued her mind like a flock of birds to a bread crumb, she could help but worry that maybe he had forgotten her, maybe he never felt a thing, maybe all of these years she had been dropping subtle hints he hadn’t picked one of them up, or worse, he just brushed them off. She was angry, she was crushed, she was heartbroken, and delirious all at the same time, but that glimmer of hope that said ‘she’s just some friend’ still lingered in her mind. But she didn’t trust that. She had to get to the bottom of that. She then realized that she didn’t need the coffee anymore, her heavy heart and mind were enough to keep her awake for a long time. And if that didn’t suffice, the tears forming in her eyes would.

    “How could he do this to me?” she whispered to herself.


    CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!!!! Things are getting a little dicey, and from my perspective, this fic is doing the opposite, I feel its great so far, and I can only hope that your thoughts are the same!

    Until next time!
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    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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    Hey! Readers? heck i dont know, i havent had any reviews, but ive been thinking. Im really liking this fic. and i wanted the opinion of some other people on an idea that ive had. im thinking about, after i finish this story. posting a sort of "soundtrack" page. it would include links to certain songs that i felt represented parts of this fic well.


    Whaddaya think?
    hold nothing back!

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

    What Im Writing This Time:

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    Hey friends, it’s me! I’m back with chapter 3!! THIS chapter officially marks the beginning of the surprise birthday party!

    Just to kind of update you with my life, I know you don’t care but it deals with the production of this fic. This chapter is quite well thought out. More so than others, due to the fact that the state of Ohio can’t keep its darn snow off the roads, and I had no school Friday, so I hope this one is a great one!

    Thanks for listening to that! If you’re still reading this, you’re pretty devoted, ha-ha. Now enough boring stuffs

    Without further ado, I present………..


    CHAPTER 3: Arrival of the Guest of Honor

    “They’re here!” shrieked Lauren.

    “Who’s here?! Lyra?!” Misty freaked.

    “No Mist,” Riley calmly assured her, “People are starting to show up. Lauren has a tendency to overreact.”

    Lauren shot Riley a dirty look, as she opened the door for the first group of guests.

    “Brock!” Misty yelled excitedly.

    “Hey Misty,” he replied.

    “Cilan! You came!” Iris yelled from the back of the room.

    “Yup!” He smiled back, “We’re here!”

    “You brought your brothers?” Iris seemed disappointed.

    “Don’t worry,” Cress replied, “Cilan made Chili promise not to screw anything up.”

    “Yeah, don’t worry,” Chili chimed in, “I’ll be good.”

    “You better be!” Ash Laughed.

    They all chuckled as Misty darted a look at Ash. He looked back cluelessly, as usual. She walked over to him with a concerned look on her face.

    “Who are these guys?” She asked, “And why are we concerned about them being mischievous?!”

    “Don’t worry, Misty,” Ash assured her, “Cilan and his brothers are gym leaders from Unova.”

    “And this is good why?” She was still skeptical.

    “Cilan is a good friend of mine; he’s been traveling with Iris and me.”

    “What about his brothers?” She inquired, still not calmed at all by Ash’s words, of course, she never was.

    “Cress is harmless, he’s usually level headed, but can be quite sarcastic at times, so don’t take anything he says personal.” Iris chimed in from behind Misty, seeing her concerns.

    “And the other one?” Misty seemed to be calming down.

    “Chili is the one you need to look out for,” She began, “He has a reputation for crashing parties, and can be quite a rebel. He’s more than likely here for all the girls. Don’t let him get to you though, his pickup lines are terrible.”

    The girls began to chuckle as Ash shot Iris a dirty look for stealing that explanation away from him. When Misty walked over to introduce herself Ash held Iris up.

    “What did you do that for?” Ash asked, annoyed.

    “Don’t worry, she knew that you meant well,” Iris tried to calm his anger, “But face it, you’re bad at explanations.”

    “Whatever, I could have done that myself!” Ash growled as Iris walked away.

    Ash began to wonder about Misty, did she really know that he meant well? Or did she feel that his explanation would have gone nowhere? He had never thought about any of that before. He didn’t know what had come over him, but there was something about her tonight that seriously attracted him to her.

    “Ash! Ash!, ASH!”

    Ash shook his head and snapped out of yet another dazed stare that was directed at Misty, “Huh? What’d you say Riley?”

    “What’s gotten into you tonight man?” Riley was surprised by Ash’s actions, “every time I look at you, you’re staring at her.”

    Ash thought quick, “I’m telling you man, there’s something different with her hair!”

    “Whatever,” Riley was surprised that Ash had used the same excuse twice, “We will see how that works out by the end of the night.”

    “COME ON! GET OUT OF THE CAR!” a sarcastic yell could be heard coming from outside.

    “YOU COULD AT LEAST COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME WITH THIS GIFT!” there were two voices, a male and a female, bickering over nothing.





    The yells slowly fell to muffled sounds, as the voices returned to normal. Riley walked over to the window to see what was going on, he had already figured out who was there, but he wanted the satisfaction of laughing at what was happening.

    “Typical May and Drew,” Riley chuckled as he walked over to the door, and put his boots on, he figured he would go out to help. He opened the door and walked out onto the soft white ground, it had been snowing all day, and by now it was thick.

    “Hey!” He yelled at the two kids struggling to get a package out of the taxi that was parked in front of the house, “You two realize that it’s almost midnight, and there are other people in this town that are trying to sleep, right?”

    “Sorry Riley,” May replied sweetly and then shot a dirty look to Drew, “Some of us don’t know how to conduct ourselves like civilized people.”

    “Shut up May,” Drew fired back, “go pay the cab driver, I’ll have Riley help me with this.”

    “Fine!” She snapped back, “anything to get away from you for a while.” she reached into the cab and pulled out her purse, then walked around to the front of the cab to the driver’s window.

    “Riley,” Drew started, “Could ya help me out?”

    “How did you get this in here?” Riley inquired.

    “Very carefully,” Drew sarcastically responded.

    “Okay,” Riley formulated a plan, “On my three, we pull, together, got it?”

    “You bet,” Drew responded enthusiastically, “Beats anything that we’ve already tried.

    “Alright,” Riley started, “One…. Two….. THREE!”

    The guys pulled on the large package that was stuck in the cab. As soon as Riley felt it begin to give, he let go, hoping Drew would do the same. Unfortunately for Drew, he didn’t, and fell to the ground with a large thud as the package fell on top of him.

    “Ugh!” Drew groaned as he picked himself up, “What happened there?”

    May began to laugh hysterically at the snow covered boy.

    “I assumed you felt it give when I did, and would have let up,” Riley responded.

    “Well,” He shot a look to Riley, and then a very menacing look at May, “You thought wrong.”

    “Well, let’s get you inside and warm you up, Frosty!” May laughed.

    “Shut up!” Drew snapped back.

    “You know I’m kidding,” She smiled at him.

    The three of them walked back into the house, where the party was still going on without them.

    “What time does our special girl arrive tonight, Riley?” May asked.

    “Yeah Riley, when does your special girl arrive?” Drew added.

    Riley punched Drew’s arm, “She should be here in like the next fifteen minutes.”

    “OOH, we got here just in time!” May cheered.

    “Yeah, so let’s get inside before they show up.” Drew rushed May into the house.

    They entered the house, as Misty gave orders for everyone to hide, and then shut the lights off as she took her place by the stereo.

    “Be quiet guys!” Misty ordered, “They should be here any minute!”

    The sound of tires on gravel came roaring towards the house, but did not stop in the place where they would be expected. They stopped directly in front of the house, not in the parking area. The car doors slammed, and then the vehicle pulled away.

    “What are they doing?” Misty mouthed to Riley.

    “I don’t know, they should have parked,” He mouthed back.

    The footsteps could be heard coming up on the porch. The door handle clicked and turned, but opened slowly. Two shadowy figures entered the room, but stopped.

    “SURPRISE!!!” The group shouted as the lights flipped on.

    “Huh?!” The two figured gasped in unison.

    “Gosh darn it!!” Misty yelled at the two people, “You guys ruined it!!”

    “Who are they?” Iris asked Ash and Riley.

    “The blonde one is Barry,” Ash replied.

    “And the other guy is Paul,” Riley added, “They’re friends of ours from the Sinnoh region.”

    “Oh,” Iris nodded, “Cool!”

    Misty’s face was red from the idea that Barry and Paul might have ruined the surprise; she paced the floor and chewed her nails.

    “Misty,” Riley tried to calm her, “chill, they haven’t ruined anything. We can turn the lights back off and try again.”

    “You sure?” she asked.

    “Of course I am,” He then turned to the rest of them, “Hey! Barry! Hit the lights and hide, were still gonna do this!”

    “Got it, Riley!” Barry Replied.

    Barry flipped the light switch and took his place behind the door; Paul ran over and jumped behind the couch.

    “OUCH!” a yelp was heard from behind the couch.

    “Whoops,” Paul apologized, “sorry dawn, didn’t mean to land on you.”

    Silent chuckles and snorts could be heard from all over the room, but were suddenly stopped when a yellow flash of light beamed through the windows. The tension set in quick as the car turned into its parking spot. The lights turned off, and the doors were heard opening and closing. The thuds seemed to shake the ground underneath the house. The intensity in the room almost had its own overpowering scent.

    Ash looked up at the clock, 12:05; he nudged Riley to show him and grinned arrogantly. Riley shot him a dirty look.

    The pounding of footsteps could be heard on the porch, as they got closer, the voices were heard. The room remained still, as a powder keg waiting for its fuse to reach its contents. The handle turned, and the door clicked open. Lyra entered first, slowly. Each step of hers being cautious towards the light switch. She made it as far as three steps when the powder keg of a room ignited and exploded.


    “AHHH!!” Lyra jumped back and tripped over the entryway rug. She landed to the floor with a thud, “What are you? You guys are? Who? What? Oh, I’m so confused.”

    “Just relax kid,” That voice so familiar to her had spoken, he moved closer, to help her up, “It’s a surprise party, for you!”

    “Did you do this Riley?” She said, as he lifted her off of the ground.

    “With a good deal of help from Misty,” He replied as he shot a look towards the red haired girl.

    “Thanks Mist!” Lyra said as she ran over to hug her friend.

    Riley sweat dropped, “Like I said, I helped too.”

    “Thanks Riles,” Lyra looked back at him, “I assumed that you already knew of my appreciation.”

    “Yeah well,” He started, “It doesn’t hurt to say it.”

    “Oh, c’mon kid,” She smiled at him, “You know I didn’t mean anything by it.”

    “Yeah,” He settled.

    “Lyra and Misty began to talk as the party officially commenced. Riley walked over and began talking to some of the guys.

    “So Riley,” Drew began to pry, “You make a move yet?”

    “Huh?” Riley responded unconsciously, he was focused on Lyra.

    “I said,” Drew persisted, “Did you make a move yet? With Lyra.”

    “No, no,” Riley’s thoughts were elsewhere, “She seems pretty distant tonight, doesn’t she?”

    “I guess,” Drew agreed, “She did seem to effortlessly blow you off.”

    “Maybe she has been learning from you, Drew.” Ash chuckled.

    Drew seemed unphased by Ash’s comment, “I dunno Riles, but I wouldn’t go talk to her about it right now.”

    “Why not?” questioned Riley.

    “Because,” Drew began, “She is with her best friend right now, and she will just blow you off again. Plus, the party just started, if you two get into a fight about it, you want to wait until the party is almost over, and you don’t want to ruin her whole night.”

    “Who says I’m gonna ruin it?” Riley snapped, “Who says that we’re gonna fight?”

    “Nobody,” Drew ensured, “I’m just saying if.”

    “Whatever,” I’ll talk to her after Misty leaves.

    “Well now May is over there,” Ash chimed in, “You’ll have to wait until she leaves too.”

    “Crap,” Riley growled, “You’re right.”

    “Good luck buddy!” Ash patted Riley’s shoulder as he walked away in Misty’s direction.

    “Hey Misty,” Ash waved to her.

    “Oh, hi Ash,” She replied, “Some party huh?”

    “Yeah, it’s great,” He responded, “Lyra is really loving it if you ask me.”

    “Yeah, she’s happy,” Misty continued, “But she seems as though something is on her mind, do you have any idea?”

    “No, but I think Riley does,”

    “I see,” Misty thought, “Well I guess he can take care of it then, he’s a great friend to her.”

    “Yeah,” Ash added, “Kinda like us.”

    “What do you mean Ash?” Misty’s cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.

    “I’m just saying,” Ash began, his cheeks similarly shading, “We’ve been friends for so long, that we are now great friends.”

    “I see,” Misty giggled, “I guess we are pretty great friends.”

    “I’m glad you see it my way,” Ash joked.

    “Ya know Ash,” Misty began, “We haven’t talked like this in a long time.”

    “Yeah,” He agreed, “We haven’t.”

    “I really like it,” Misty smiled sweetly at him, “I’ve missed talking to you and Brock.”

    “Uh,” Ash’s cheeks had turned to a full blush red by this point, Misty was bringing feelings out in him that he had never felt before, at least not like this, “I’ve missed it too.”

    Misty giggled, her cheeks turning the same shade as Ash’s.

    “I miss you Mist,” Ash let it loose, his feelings had gotten the best of him, and he was speaking straight from his heart.

    “Uh-,” Misty stalled, “I’ve missed you too Ash.” Misty looked off to her left in order to hide her expression from Ash. When she did she saw Lauren approaching.

    “Uh-oh,” She thought, “if she sees me like this, she will definitely pick up a hint, I’ve gotta get out of here, just for a little. I’ll come back to Ash.”

    “Um, Ash,” She said.

    “Yeah Mist?” he replied.

    “I’ll be right back,” She hurriedly said, “I’m gonna get some punch, you want some?”

    “Yeah, sure,” He nodded and smiled sweetly, “Thanks Mist.”

    “You’re welcome,” She managed to say before walking away, her cheeks returning to pink before Ash could see.

    “Hello Ash.” Lauren smiled.

    “Hey Lauren,” Ash replied.

    “What were you two talking about?”

    “None of your business,” Ash snapped, fearing she saw the truth, “It’s between me and Misty.”

    “Oh, I see,” She mocked, “Important stuff huh?”

    “Yes,” He growled, “That’s exactly what it is.”

    “Oh,” She winked at him, “I’m ever so sorry to intrude.”

    Ash glared at her, fully aware of her flirting. Lauren walked away, bored by Ash’s reactions.

    Misty turned around from the punch table just to see her wink at him.

    She whipped back around, missing where he blew her off.

    “What is he doing!?” She thought, “We were just having a heartfelt moment, and now he’s flirting, with her!”

    She walked over to him and thrusted a full cup into his stomach, spilling the red fruit juice over the front of his white shirt.

    “Misty!” Ash worried, “What’s going on?”

    “You know EXACTLY what’s going on!” Misty snapped.

    “Huh?” Ash started.

    Misty cut him off, “I’m trying to do something nice for you, I get you punch, hoping that when I get back to continue our conversation, and I- I-.”

    “Misty?” Ash attempted to calm her.

    “I just need to be alone,” The red haired girl that he cared so much about walked away from him and up the stairs into the other room.

    Ash stood for a moment, stunned. He had no idea what had just happened, he was worried about Misty, worried about if anyone else saw what had just happened, but most of all, scared that he had blown his only chance with her.
    ---- ----- ----- ----- ------ ---- ------ ------- ------- ------------

    “Hey Lyra,” Riley walked up to her slowly; she was sitting on a table in the very back of the room, where there were no other people, “What’s up?”

    “Not much,” She replied monotone, not even looking at him.

    “Anything Wrong?” he asked cautiously.

    “Not at all,” monotone again, she took a quick drink of her punch.

    “You sure,” he asked, “You seem kind of distant.”

    “Do i?” she sarcastically responded, still not even glancing in his direction, “That’s odd isn’t it? Considering it’s my birthday, and all my friends are here, even the ones who keep nasty little secrets, and stab me right in the heart.”

    “What are you talking about Lyra?” Riley asked worriedly, “You’re scaring me!”

    “Oh, am I?” her sarcasm was thick, “That’s funny? I figured you would have figured out by now. After all, you are smart aren’t you?”

    “Okay,” His face began to scowl, “Now you’re just being a jerk!”

    “I’m being a Jerk?” She snapped back, “You are such a hypocrite!”

    “What did I do?” He yelled back, “What did I do to make you act this way? Huh? Did I hurt you so bad? Tell me!

    “Okay Fine!” She was beginning to cry, “It all revolves around one question,”

    “What question?” He fired back, “What simple question could cause this much trouble? Huh? Trust me, im all ears for this one!”

    She was bawling by now, Just tell me, no lies……”

    “Who in the Hell is Anabel?!”


    Well, there it is, chapter 3. Things are starting to heat up. When you read this please don’t forget to review and tell me what you think, feel free to say whatever you like, please don’t be too harsh though.

    Until next time…

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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    AH Pokeshipping and Contestshipping!? A advanceshippers worst nightmare :P Anywho, on to the review.
    I really like how you started to heat things up in chapter 3, so keep it up! I really think this can be a great story! Looking forward to chapter 4 (Not cause of the shippings, cause your a good writer) :P

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    there, or here.


    thanks, and i hope you realize that i dont mean to offend with the shippings, just some personal preferences of mine. ive watched pokemon since the first series, and .... well i cant talk about that here, its the wrong place, but thanks for the review.

    and im glad that you like the heat up, so to speak.

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

    What Im Writing This Time:

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    Haha i know, just messin around. I'm lookin forward to chap. 4!

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    Hey Everybody! It’s me again, getting you ready for chapter 4! This one’s gonna be good, I can tell ya that right now! I hope you’re all excited, cause I sure am!
    Well, now that I’m done with that creepy/overly happy introduction, I suppose I’ll let ya see it, here it is, without further ado…

    I present……

    CHAPTER 4: A Chilling Cold Sets In

    “Misty!” Ash yelled as he chased after his red haired friend, “Wait up! Where are you going?”

    Misty didn’t respond, she wasn’t anymore. She had made a twisted party game out of blowing Ash off, and no matter how many times she did; he stuck around for the emotional beating.

    “Mist, c’mon,” he pleaded, “Talk to me.”

    Still no response, she walked from one end of the room to the other hoping to lose him in the crowd.

    “You won’t get rid of me until you tell me what’s wrong with you,” Ash followed closely behind, “I wanna fix this, even though I don’t know what I did.”

    “Oh, you don’t?” Misty mumbled sarcastically, “What a surprise.”

    “Misty?” Ash began, “What could I have done to make you like this?”

    “Just go away Ash!” Misty snapped, “Go away! Now! I don’t want you here!”

    The boy stood for a moment, and removed his white, punch stained jacket. He stood beside her with his jacket in hand in his black tee shirt. He then placed the jacket around Misty’s shoulders.

    “Here,” Ash mumbled brokenheartedly, “This should help melt the ice around your heart.”

    Ash walked away from the girl, who stood expressionless staring out the basement door, into the hallway. She had her arms crossed, her legs tight together, and her head hung down to where her red-orange hair concealed her face. She began to think out loud quietly as she bit down on her lip.

    “Who does he think he is?” She mumbled, “He stands there and acts like he doesn’t know anything, and yet he toys with me like that.”

    She hugged herself tighter as she became more insecure. The jacket draped around her, enclosing her body in a drape of memories that she loved, but couldn’t help but to hate at this moment.
    “He acts as though he knows me, that he understands me,” Each word of hers was striking harder and harder at the walls of her heart, each bringing her closer to tears, each bringing her closer to the realization of why this hurt so bad.

    “He even acts like he knows my feelings, he feels my pain, it’s almost as if he means to be more than we are, that he likes me more than that,”

    Her tears that were forming were about to burst from her eyes, she was overflowing with emotion.

    “It’s almost as if,” She was trying so hard not to think of the next words, but she could not stop herself,

    “He loves me.”

    Misty broke into tears, and ran through the doorway upstairs, she needed to be alone, she needed to calm down, but most of all, she needed to cry.”


    “Lyra! Lyra! LYRA!” Riley yelled to the brown haired girl standing in front of him. She had lost herself in emotion, and she was softly crying as she bit her lip to hide her emotion.

    “Lyra! Answer me!” He yelled again as she snapped back to reality.

    “Well?!” Lyra snapped at the boy, “Who is she?”

    “I didn’t mean for this to happen when I sent you that,” He began to explain, “She was being really stupid, and I didn’t want her to take credit for what I had done for you.”

    “What you’ve done for me?!” Lyra yelled at him, “What have you done for me?! Yeah you helped set up a party, that’s great! But now you’ve ruined it, you had to tell me about her, well?! Who is she?”

    “Who? Anabel?” He began, “She’s nobody, why are you worried about her?”

    “I don’t know?” Lyra continued in a fury, “Why don’t you tell me?”

    Riley was scared by how she was acting, “Lyra, I don’t understand, why are you acting like this?”

    “Because you screwed up my party you jerk!” Lyra began to sob heavily, “I only wanted a simple party, with all of my friends, and I got a great party, which I’m fine with, but I didn’t expect my best friend, YOU! To stab me in the back, and break my heart!”

    “Break your heart?” Riley nervously inquired, “How did I do that?”

    “When you texted me about your little girlfriend,” Lyra was bawling, “You’re such a jerk Riley, why in the hell would you do this to me?”

    “My girlfriend?” Riley asked confused.

    “Yeah, that stupid Anabel!” Lyra shouted through her tears.

    Riley began to laugh, causing Lyra to become even more furious with him.

    “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY!!?” She screamed, “I’m so sick of you! Why in the hell are you laughing?”

    “Lyra, seriously, calm down, you’ve got it all wrong,” Riley said through his chuckles.

    “Why? Why am I wrong?” Lyra growled at him.

    “Because, Anabel isn’t my girlfriend, that’s crazy!” Riley began as he brushed Lyra’s tears away, “She’s my older sister.”

    “WHAT!!!!?????” Lyra changed moods in an instant, she was no longer sobbing, not even crying at all, “YOU HAVE A SISTER!!??”

    “Yeah,” Riley explained, “She’s about two years older than me and you both; she went to a boarding school when we were kids, that’s why you’ve never seen her.”

    “How come she never came home to visit?” Lyra asked.

    “Because we went to visit her,” He continued to explain, “That’s why we took all of those vacations, to visit her!”

    “Wow!” Lyra was stunned, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Because,” He nervously explained, “She’s been really successful as a frontier brain, up until recently, when she retired.”

    “And that’s why you didn’t tell me?” Lyra was skeptical.

    “No,” Riley continued, “I was afraid that you would make fun of me about not being near as successful as her.”

    “Wow,” Lyra blankly looked at him, “That’s a stupid reason.”

    “Thanks?” Riley took that as a compliment, as that’s just how Lyra was.

    “Oh my God, Riley,” Lyra sadly said as she fell into Riley’s arms, “I’m so sorry to do this to you, I’m terrible to jump the gun like that, how can you even want to talk to me right now?”

    “Because you’re cool, and I understand,” He sweetly smiled at her, his face turning a shade of pink as he looked into her eyes, “everybody does something like this one time or another; it just shows that you’re human.”

    “Thanks Riles,” She smiled sweetly back at him, her cheeks blushing red.

    “So,” Riley’s grin turned sly, “Why exactly were you so worried about me and Anabel?”

    “Why do you care?” Lyra became edgy again, “It’s not important.”

    “Of course it is,” Riley replied, “You obviously cared for me a ton.”

    “No I didn’t!” Lyra growled, “I just didn’t want you to get hurt.”

    “So you did care,” Riley added.

    “No!” Lyra yelled at him, forcing him to jump back a little.

    “Lyra,” Riley chuckled, “Don’t kid yourself, you know you care about me so just admit it.”

    “NO!” Lyra yelled at she backed away from him, “I DON’T!”

    Her expression turned to that of a scared child with every word that she screamed at him, while Riley’s expression turned to a blank confusion.

    “Lyra,” Riley slowly stepped towards her, “Why are you doing this?”

    “Because, I don’t care about you,” She was still walking away from him, “You’re just some guy, just a friend, there’s nothing between us.”

    “I didn’t say there was,” Riley was becoming heavily worried about her, “Just come back over here and calm down.”

    “I don’t need to calm down, Riley,” Lyra began to cry again, “You do! I don’t love you!”

    Lyra turned around and ran upstairs, she was sobbing like before. This time however, it wasn’t Riley’s fault, she was causing this herself, and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

    “Problems, Riley?” Drew sarcastically asked.

    “Shut your mouth Drew!” Riley snapped, on edge and staring blankly where Lyra formerly was.

    “I’m sorry Riley,” Drew became sincere, “I didn’t realize.”

    “It’s okay Drew,” Riley calmed to respond, “I just don’t know what happened.”

    “Yeah, I understand,” Drew sympathetically replied, “May gets irrational sometimes too.”

    “May?” Riley raised an eyebrow to drew, “You two aren’t, are you?”

    “Well we have been palling around so long that,” Drew started.

    “You don’t have to explain,” Riley cut Drew off, “I understand, the same goes for me, it’s just that I’m too scared to actually open up to her.”

    “I may not be an expert on love, Riley,” Drew explained, “but I think that Lyra may have reacted so irrationally because she’s having the same problem.”

    “Ya know what Drew,” Riley cracked a smile, “I think you’re right, I’m gonna go find her and fix this.”

    “Oh yeah?” Drew smirked, “And how?”

    “I’m gonna tell her how I feel,” Riley started proudly, “I’m gonna show her just how much she means to me.”

    Drew cracked a sly smile, proud that he had actually helped someone with a relationship issue, as he could not figure out his own.

    “Ya know Drew,” A voice said from behind the green haired boy, “You should take your own advice and go talk to May.”

    “Huh?” Drew jumped and turned around to find out who had said that, “That’s not a bad idea, thanks for opening my eyes to that, Brock.”

    Drew walked across the party to go and find May as Brock stood and smiled. He then sweat dropped and fell to the floor in agony.
    “Why can’t I find a girl who I can tell my feelings to?”

    “Don’t worry Brock,” Iris consoled him, “There’s a girl out there for ya.”

    “You really think so?” Brock asked hopefully.

    “Of course I do!” Iris cheered, “Just look, if your friends have found love, which must mean that you’re next in line.”

    “My friends?” Brock questioned.

    “Of course just look, Drew has May, Riley has Lyra, and Ash has Misty,” She explained. “Just keep looking, you’ll find it.”

    “Thanks Iris,” Brock stood up and went across the party to talk to some of the girls at the party.

    “I didn’t mean at this party, ugh,” Iris sweat dropped as she watched Brock.

    “Hey Riley wait up!”

    Riley stopped on the carpeted stairs on his way to the living room, “What’s up Ash?”

    “You’re going to find Lyra?” Ash asked.

    “Yeah, why?” Riley asked.

    “I’m coming with you,” Ash said determined, “I’ve gotta find Misty.”

    “Alright, let’s go,” Riley said, “I think I know where to find them.”

    The boys took off upstairs to find their lost loves, hoping that they could fix the messes that they had gotten themselves into.


    So there it is, chapter four. It’s getting good and romantic, and it’s gonna get better, you can count on it. The next chapter is the one that begins the alcohol references, so if you don’t wanna read about that, then skip the next chapter, although you will be missing a good one, so I advise that you don’t skip it.

    Until next time…….

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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    Great chapter! Keep up the good work!

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    Well hello there my loyal fans! And those who aren’t so loyal, I welcome all. This one’s gonna be good, so get ready. For those of you who do loyally read, please feel free to comment, and those who don’t, comment anyway, I always like feedback, regardless of who it’s from. Remember, this chapter exposes some references to alcohol, among other things, so if you’re not interested in that, don’t read this. Okay, now that I’ve completed the warning label, I can get on to the story. Without further ado…….

    I Present…..

    CHAPTER 5: Love Drunk

    Lyra solemnly staggered up the stairs with a small stack of red cups she had found in the kitchen, and a pitcher of iced tea her dad had made earlier that night. She walked down the second story hallway with tears running down her face, she knelt down by a cabinet at the end of the hall and began to decipher the code to unlock it. She had entered the first two digits into the lock and was beginning on the third when she heard sobs coming from a room beside her. She dragged herself to her feet, and opened the door to her own room. Inside covered by several blue, yellow and white pillows and blankets was an amber haired girl in a sunflower yellow dress. She softly walked over to the edge of the bed, forgetting what she was formerly doing, and layed down on the bed beside the bawling girl. The orange mass began to move and lifted from the bed, and began to mutter soft words between the sniffles.

    “Go away,” She sobbed, “I wanna be alone.”

    “Relax Mist,” Lyra began, “It’s me.”

    “Oh, sorry Lyra, I didn’t look up enough to see,” Misty sniffed.

    “It’s okay,” Lyra tried not to show Misty that she was crying too, “What’s wrong?”

    “Oh nothing,” Misty flopped her head back down on the mattress, “You don’t wanna hear about my stupid problems.”

    “That’s not true,” Lyra consoled her friend, and found herself not crying anymore, “I’m your best friend Mist, I’m here for you.”

    “Yeah,” Misty sniveled, “Thanks for that, I’m so glad I have you.”

    “You’re welcome,” Lyra softly replied as she patted Misty’s back.

    “But tell me one thing,” Misty raised back up, “How come I never have to help you with your problems?”

    “Well,” Lyra began, “The only time I have problems is when you’re not around.”

    “That figures,” Misty sighed.

    “So what’s wrong?” Lyra asked again.

    “Ash Ketchum,” Misty growled.

    “Oh,” Lyra’s face lit up as she finished that word, she had just remembered what she was doing before, “I’ll be right back.”

    “Huh?” Misty asked, puzzled.

    “I’ve got something that will do just the trick to help,” Lyra smiled back.

    “Your comfort isn’t good enough?” Misty sarcastically asked, “I need to vent, not cheer up.”

    “I know,” Lyra smirked back at the red head, “This will just help you to say what you need to.”

    “I see,” Misty said as she rolled over onto her back to see what Lyra was doing.

    The brunette had knelt down by the cabinet again, beside her sat the same red cups and pitcher as before. She began to enter the remaining three of the five numbers in the padlock. When she popped the lock open, she set it aside. She pulled out an unmarked glass bottle filled with a mysterious peach colored liquid. She opened the pitcher, and walked into the nearby bathroom. Misty sat confused on the bed watching this spectacle unfold. Lyra returned from the bathroom with the pitcher only three quarters full. She knelt back down, opened the mysterious bottle, and began to pour it into the pitcher until it had filled back up. She set the bottle back in the cabinet, closed the doors, and relocked it being as careful as to make sure the numbers had been rescrambled. She walked back into the room and set two red cups down. She filled them both to the top and handed one to Misty.

    “Here ya go,” Lyra smiled sweetly as she handed the cup to Misty, “Lyra’s special heartache healer.”

    “What did you put in it?” Misty skeptically looked into the cup.

    “Just some homemade flavoring,” Lyra assured, “Try it, its peach flavored, I know you like peaches Mist.”

    Misty slowly raised the cup to her mouth and took a small sip. Her eyes grew large as she choked on the liquid.

    “This is much too strong to be peach tea,” Misty coughed.

    “Isn’t it good though?” Lyra questioned.

    “Yeah it’s good,” Misty nodded, “I just didn’t expect that kind of flavor, that’s a little more than peach.”

    “Yeah,” Lyra slyly smiled, “You’re right.”

    “What else is in this Lyra?” Misty shot a look at the bubbly brunette.

    “I told you,” Lyra remained smiling, “Peach flavoring.”

    “What kind of peach flavoring?” Misty saw straight through Lyra’s scam.

    “Um, well,” Lyra stalled, “Its- my mom’s- homemade- peach- um- peach- well-,”

    “Lyra?” Misty growled, “What kind of peach!?”

    “Well I’m not quite sure,” Lyra continued to fumble with her words, “the bottle isn’t labeled so,”

    “Lyra!” Misty was getting tired of the stalling.

    “It could be wine, or brandy, or possibly scotch.” Lyra explained lightly, “It could also be whiskey, dad makes that sometimes.”

    “I should have known it was something like that when you had to unlock the cabinet,” Misty sighed as she tossed the contents of the cup to her lips.

    “You obviously like it,” Lyra pointed.

    There was a long pause as misty sat on the bed and zoned out as small traces of tears continued to stream down her face. She couldn’t help but think that she needed this. She felt that she needed to get drunk to forget about Ash. She grabbed for the pitcher and poured herself another cup. She swirled it around for a bit and then downed it in an instant. Lyra looked into her cup, falling into a zoned out state, thinking about the events of the night, she began to tear up again. She was holding strong for Misty though, because misty needed her.

    “What’s eating you?” Misty asked, seeing that Lyra was troubled.

    “Oh, nothing,” Lyra quickly replied to cover up her trembling voice.

    “Don’t lie to me,” Misty smirked, “I know something’s wrong.”

    Lyra stood still dazed, not even phased by Misty’s comment.

    “Don’t even tell me that Riley did something,” Misty sarcastically asked, “He’s too cool to be a heartbreaker.”

    Lyra stood for a minute, stunned by Misty’s statement, she was hardly thinking anything, she was just listening to the words echoing off of the walls of her mind. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep it from quivering as she felt the tension in her eyes build. She was about to burst, but she had to be strong so she tried to zone out again.

    “Lyra?” Misty asked, “What’s wrong? Was it him? It couldn’t have been.”

    Lyra softly nodded and slammed her eyes shut as she started to sob. She fell into Misty’s arms and bawled, she could not hold back her tears, her emotions, her heart.

    “What did he do?” Misty growled, “Cause I swear, I’ll keep drinking, and I’ll go down there in a drunken rage and beat the hell out of him.”

    “Don’t!” Lyra deeply sobbed.

    “Okay?” Misty looked puzzled.

    “It’s not him,” Lyra began, “its me.”

    “What?” Misty muttered as she wiped the excess alcohol from her lips.

    “I overreacted to some certain situations,” Lyra cried as she began to gulp down her cup.

    “I see,” Misty nodded as she refilled her cup for the fourth time.

    “I did it twice in a row,” Lyra bawled, “He must hate me.”

    “Just keep drinking,” Misty smiled, “we will figure this out.”

    They began to pour another cup full each. Misty’s fifth, Lyra’s third.

    “So what’s up with Ash?” Lyra asked as she crushed one cup and threw it into the hallway, grabbed another and began to fill it.”

    “I caught him flirting with that tramp Lauren,” Misty crushed her cup in anger and also threw it into the hallway, then put a cup in front of Lyra for her to fill.

    “I see,” Lyra said following a sip, “Keep going, I’m all ears.”


    “Riley, I’m worried.” Ash cautiously followed behind him, his flashlight trembling, “You don’t really think they would have come all the way out here, do ya?”

    “It doesn’t hurt to look,” Riley sternly said, keeping his flashlight steady in front of him, “Lyra always comes out here when she is upset.”

    “But what about Misty?” Ash asked.

    “Well they are best friends aren’t they?” Riley asked, Ash nodded, “Then Lyra probly brought her up here.”

    The two boys continued up the hill hoping to find their goal at the end of this back country trail. They climbed over rocks, under trees, walked through mud and sand and other various forms of dirt until they reached the highest point in all of New Bark Town. And they did all of this in the snow. As they dragged themselves to the overlook, they took in deep sighs of relief that they had made it there alive. However, their looks of accomplishment swiftly turned to dread as they realized that they were the only ones crazy enough to go up there that night.

    “Damn,” mumbled Riley.

    “What do we do now?” Ash asked.

    “Well,” Riley began, “Step one is to get down from here, and step two, well, I dunno.”

    “Do you have any idea where they could be?” Ash pleaded.

    “The only other place could be,” Riley cut himself off, “I got it, Ash follow me.”

    Riley took off back down the trail at a breakneck pace, as Ash closely followed behind, they jumped over the same obstacles that they had navigated on the way up, Ash slipped a couple of times, as did Riley, but they simply picked themselves up off the ground and kept barreling down the hill.

    The party continued on, the guests not tired regardless of the hour. From dusk till dawn they danced and partied, it was an all-night blowout. They hadn’t even noticed that there were four people missing from the mix, one of them being the person that this whole party was for. They kept going, music blaring and having fun. It was a night of dreams. They were all going to spend the night there anyway, so why not dance until you pass out? That sure was the plan.


    “Where are they?” Ash asked Riley as they climbed up the carpeted stairs to the second floor of the Solton residence.

    “Just come upstairs,” Riley nagged at Ash, “The only other place I could think of them being is….”

    Riley trailed off, as he turned the corner to go down the hall in front of Lyra’s room. He saw something that he never dreamed that he would see in this house, he never dreamed he would see it in this hallway, by that room, from those girls.

    “What’s the matter Riley…?” Ash trailed off similarly as he stumbled upon the same discovery.

    A pile of red plastic cups lay in front of the doorway at least knee high. next to them lay a white hat with a red bow, and an empty pitcher. Then he heard the slurred girlish giggling. This disappointed him the most, it was almost as if he had been hoping that the mess was made by someone else rather than the girl he cared for so much. All of a sudden a red long sleeve shirt flew into the hallway, followed by a black tank top. Riley got scared, he had no clue what was going on, and then he heard it, the words that crushed him so much, and for it to come from her mouth made it sting all that much more.

    “He bought me those last Christmas.”

    Ash stood behind Riley equally puzzled, but he was glad that he hadn’t heard anything as emotionally damaging as that. But it seemed that he thought to soon. As soon as Ash attempted to console Riley, cold words rang out from his so called “Red headed dream girl.”

    “At least he bought you something!”

    “Riley was done, he wasn’t going to let her rip him apart anymore, he was going to let her know how he felt about her, regardless of how she felt about it. He walked for the door, leaving Ash behind in a puzzled flurry of confusion of whether or not to follow. He rounded the corner and saw her sitting on the bed in front of Misty, her back turned to him with only her bra to cover the upper half of her body. He leaned down and picked up the black tank top and clenched it in his fist. He stood in the doorway, with tears rolling down his face.

    “Oh, God,” Misty’s eyes grew gigantic at the surprise of seeing Riley in the doorway.

    “What Misty?” Lyra slurred, “Don’t tell me that your buzz is wearing off.”

    “Lyra,” Misty’s voice saddened, although she was still slurring, “He’s crying.”

    “Who?” Lyra skeptically inquired, “The closet monster?”

    “No!” Misty snapped at Lyra, causing her to jump in fear, “Lyra, it’s Riley.”

    Misty raised her arm and pointed to the doorway, as Lyra turned around and jumped in shock at the sight of him. She threw her arms across her chest to cover herself from his sight. He continued to cry as he put his arm over his face.

    “I won’t look,” He assured her, “But please put this on and come with me? I need to tell you something.”

    “Of course I will,” Lyra saddened as she put her shirt back on, “Where are we going?”

    “We’re going on a walk,” Against all odds Riley brought himself to smile.

    “But,” Lyra’s words stalled as she was caught off guard by his smile, “But it’s cold.”

    “You can have my jacket,” Riley calmly said, “Let’s go.”

    “Coming,” Lyra turned and smiled at Misty as she stumbled to catch up to Riley.

    Misty layed back on the bed and sighed, “Ugh, What am I gonna do now, I’m all alone, and I’ve got nothing else to drink.”

    “I could go get you some water,” Ash softly said from the doorway.

    “Ash?” Misty softly questioned, “What are you doing here?”

    “The same thing Riley was,” He walked over and sat down beside her, “I have to tell you something.”

    “If it’s about that Tramp!” Misty started, “I don’t wanna hear it!”

    “I wasn’t Flirting with Lauren, Okay!” Ash snapped, “She was just being the dirty tramp that she always is!” Ash began to calm, “So please stop thinking that, I want to talk about...”

    “About what Ash?” Misty moved in closer to him sensing that something was wrong.

    Ash paused for a long while, then finally got up the courage to speak, “Us.”


    “Yeah, I, well, Misty, I, would you? Well...”

    “Ash,” Misty grabbed his face, “Stop mumbling, yes”

    “Uh, What?” Ash asked surprised, “I thought you hated me?”

    “No,” Misty replied, “Now that I know the truth.”

    “Oh,” Ash was shocked.

    “Now come on,” Misty said to him as she staggered to her feet, “Grab your jacket and let’s go.”

    “Go where Mist?” Ash replied as he held her from tripping and falling as they walked down the hall, “You’re plastered.”

    “Am not.” Misty slurred as Ash stared her down, “Okay, I am, but as long as you help me I won’t fall.”

    “Don’t worry,” Ash whispered softly in her ear, “I won’t let you fall, baby.”

    “Well, we aren’t wasting any time are we?” Misty joked, “It’s okay I like it, now let’s go look at the stars.”

    The two staggered down the hallway, and went downstairs to the sliding glass door that led to the back patio behind the house, they exited, and sat down on the hunter green bench.


    Two figures could be seen walking down the gravel road. A tall boy with a black tee shirt, and backwards hat, held a short long brunette haired girl around the waist. They walked down the road together, silhouetted by the moon and stars, they just seemed to admire the world around them, they were silent for the longest time. The came to a part in the forest that overlooked the New Bark Valley.

    “Beautiful isn’t it?” Lyra asked as she looked out over the valley.

    Riley stood and thought for a moment, how could he say all of these things that were bottled up inside of him, how could he express his feelings, how would he know that her reaction was real? She was drunk, but was she so drunk that she couldn’t understand the feeling in his words, could she realize just how much he cared. No matter, he had to do this regardless, not for her, but for himself.

    “Sure is,” Riley sighed, “Just like you.”

    “Huh?” Lyra blushed as she turned to meet his deep blue eyes, “It sounded like you said.”

    “I did,” Riley cut her off as he moved his hands from his pockets.

    “What exactly do you mean?” She pondered.

    “Lyra,” Riley started to explain himself as she grabbed ahold of his hands.

    “Yes?” Her voice had turned to a high school girl tone, she knew exactly where he was going.

    Riley only muttered a few sounds and chuckles before she stepped onto a rock and tripped, she began to fall as he fell to his knees to catch her. He slid right under her at the perfect time to cushion her fall.

    “Wow,” Lyra swooned as she caught her breath, “My knight in shining armor!”

    “Uh- Yeah sure,” Riley grunted as he looked down by his knees at the gravel road, he noticed small crimson stains covering the rocks.

    “You okay kid?” Lyra slurred, “Something seems wrong.”

    “Nah,” Riley lied through his pain, he knew he was bleeding, badly, but he had to keep her from worrying, “I’m just fine, as long as you’re here.”

    “Awwwww, you mean that?” Lyra began to blush, “You really feel that way?”

    “Of course I do,” Riley began to stutter as he flowed into the next words that would either make him or b break him, he had forgotten about the pain, the bloody knees, the cold of the snow and ice falling on him. He had one thing on his mind. Her.

    “What are you trying to say Riley?” Lyra questioned as her cheeks turned a bright fire engine red.

    “Well,” Riley blushed a deep, bright red. He could think of nothing more than a few words to describe to her what he was feeling, only a few words to tell her the truth, exactly three words to get rid of all tension that there could be between them.

    “C’mon Riles,” Lyra worriedly consoled him, “What do you want to tell me?”

    “I Love You.”

    She looked into his deep blue eyes and blushed even deeper than before, she turned away for a slight moment, concerning him, but then she cracked a wide, white smile and turned back to him. She had waited so long for him to tell her, she had so many feelings for him, but never told him due to fear for their friendship.

    “I love you too, kid.”

    She reached up to his face and ran her hand down his cheek as he looked at her puzzled, she then thrust her face into his and kissed him.

    It was the best feeling he had ever had, no matter how cold it was outside, he couldn’t have been warmer. He was on fire, both physically and mentally. However, his eyes were open with surprise he was shocked that she had made the first move, blame it on her drunken state, but she still did it, and he accepted it. His eyes slowly drew shut as he held her tenderly while she pressed her lips against his. A picture perfect moment under the stars.

    She slowly pulled away from his face, her face a deep red from the entire ordeal, “how about that.”

    “Wow,” was all Riley could find himself to say, “You are amazing.”

    “Nah, not me,” Lyra chuckled, “I’m just some girl.”

    “You’re way more than that,” Riley stared into her chestnut brown eyes.

    “Am i?” She swooned, “What am I then?”

    “You’re my girl” Riley smiled as he leaned into her for another kiss.

    She accepted him and pulled him close as their lips pressed together. A soon as they met, however, Riley faltered in pain, the feel of reality met him in a rush of cold, sharp stones still digging into his freshly bleeding knees.

    “What’s wrong?” Lyra shuddered.

    “We’ve gotta get back and find some bandages,” Riley grunted.

    “Why?” Lyra gasped.

    Riley set her up back on her feet and slowly pulled back to a crouched position, showing his mangled and bloodstained kneecaps.

    “Oh my God!” Lyra shrieked, “Are you alright?!”

    “Yeah,” Riley groaned, “I’m alright, let’s just hurry and get back.”

    “Alright,” Lyra was uneasy, but accepting to the plan.

    The two began back down the path to the house. A tall boy, skin turned a slight blue from cold hobbled along as a short girl, wearing a hooded jacket obviously too big for her, helped him along.


    “Uh-,” His voice stalled. Ash sat on that bench and stared into the ocean blue eyes of that red haired girl that he cared so much for. She had just dropped a bomb, and he didn’t respond immediately. He figured that this would have scared her, but it didn’t, she just sat there, and stared at him, bright eyed and smiling. Finally he found himself and muttered a response similar to her statement.

    “I think I love you too.”

    “Really?” She asked brightly.

    “Of course,” Ash has so relieved to finally get that load off of his shoulders, “I’ve wanted this to happen for years Mist, I’ve thought about you for so long, but I haven’t had time to tell you due to so many league challenges and things like that-.”

    “Shh,” Misty cut him off, “I understand, but tell me something else.”

    “What?” Ash looked at her puzzled.

    “Were you waiting for this?” She reached for his face and pulled him in, but he stopped her, and she looked at him scared.

    He responded instantly, relieving her fear, “you have no idea!”

    He pulled her in close, and wrapped his arms around her waist as their lips met. She melted, she had waited so long to tell him, and now, on this night, on this back patio, it was perfect.”

    They both pulled back, but continued to hold each other.

    “It’s cold out here,” Misty yawned.

    “And you’re obviously tired,” Ash grinned, “And you’re gonna have a terrible headache in the morning.”

    “Oh shut up!” Misty smacked him lightly on top of the head, “I’m only a little tired and, and,”

    Ash looked at Misty with a devious grin, as if to tell her that he was so much smarter than her.

    “Yeah, you’re right,” Misty slurred, “Tomorrow morning is gonna suck!”

    “Haha, exactly,” Ash laughed at the red haired girl, “so let’s get to bed.”

    “What do you mean lets?” Misty looked at him puzzled as she stood up from the bench.

    “I’m not letting you sleep alone,” Ash deviously smirked.

    “Oh I see,” Misty shot back an equally devious smirk, “I guess you would be good to keep me warm.”

    She entered the house as Ash stood and watched her, he couldn’t believe how perfect this night had turned out after all.

    “Are you coming?” His red headed angel asked confused, poking her head out of a small opening in the sliding glass door.

    “Oh,” Ash stuttered, and then brightly smiled, “Yeah.”


    The party had ended, everyone had crashed, and there was definitely a mess. Cups, plates, spills, splashes, crumbs, stains, and blotches. There was stuff everywhere, but no one cared, it was a party after all. None had rooms to themselves, not even Lyra and Riley. She didn’t was to isolate herself from her friends, although by the time she had bandaged Riley’s knees, and they made it back downstairs, most of everyone was out. The only ones that weren’t, were Ash and Misty, who were trying to find a place to sleep, and Drew and May, who were laying together and mumbling useless stories to one another. Riley noticed Ash and Misty and shot a look at Ash as if to say “We did it”. Ash responded with the same look as he settled down with his amber haired beauty. Riley was quickly dragged down to the air mattress by his own significant other. She mouthed the words “Lay down” to him. He fell to the soft yet firm plastic mat and pulled the covers over the both of them.

    She looked up at him with her eyes wide, and softly mumbled, “I love you!”

    Following a soft kiss on her forehead, Riley muttered the last words of the night in the form of, “I love you too, baby.”


    Well there it is! The Fifth chapter, I’m sorry that it took soo long, but I’m like that, I’ve just been really busy lately. Be excited for the next chapter, as they story wraps up! That’s really all I have to say for now, but feel free to comment on what you like and/or don’t like!

    Until next time……..

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    Amazing, I love how you capture the Characters, even though Ash seemed a bit OOC. It's Fanfiction though, so there's an endless world of possibility!
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    yeah, i know. its hard to keep Ash IC with things like this, i tried hard by making him confused from time to time, but he's so hard to make romantic. thanks for the review though, i much appreciate the honesty. next chapter will be up soon.

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    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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    HELLO EVERYONE!! This is technically the final chapter of the main story, but I plan on writing a nice little epilogue to wrap things up neatly and happily, but that won’t take long so this is the last full length chapter! It’s been a fun ride, although it was short, but this was a successful fic if you ask me because I actually finished it, and I liked it pretty well myself. You guys are probably getting bored by just reading this intro, and half of you have probably hit the back button, or exit button, or are getting the gasoline and matches ready to set fire to your computers because my incessant rambling has made you delirious and psychotic. Sorry for that, but those of you who are still reading this, or are still alive, or can actually read the letters on your smoldering, smoking, scorched computer screen that is miraculously still working, I’m getting to the point.

    Thanks for reading. Now without further ado………

    I present……..

    CHAPTER 6: The Hangover

    The sunlight broke early the next morning, it was the first day of spring, even though it had snowed fresh last night, it had all melted. New Bark Town had a weird way of expressing itself; it was a climatically challenged temperate zone with a weather related bipolar disorder. It would snow, rain, be sunny, then snow again, then be beautifully 75 and partly cloudy, ALL IN THE SAME DAY! Of course people were used to it by now.

    The weather, however, was not the focus in the Solton home this morning; it was the delicious smell that was emanating from the kitchen. Imagine the three best cooks you know getting together and making their very best breakfast meals, that’s exactly what happened. Cilan and Brock were up early as always, it seems that their metabolisms could handle the late nights and early mornings no problem, it was almost as if they were old men packed into teenage bodies. The surprise of the morning was Riley. He, although being perfectly capable of a feat like Cilan and Brock, after the night he had, no one expected him to be up early to cook. Despite the assumptions of his light green and dark brown haired friends, he was there, spatula in hand, because he loved cooking, and the opportunity to cook with those two made it all that more special.

    It was the last time they would be together for a while. Brock was going to school to be a doctor, Cilan was with Ash in Unova, and Riley, although also in Unova and only a few towns behind Ash, was on his journey alone, and would not have this kind of company for a while.

    “I really didn’t expect you to make it up here this early, Riley,” Brock smiled at his messy black haired friend, “Good to see ya!”

    “Thanks Brock,” Riley smiled back at the tan guy in the geodude pajama pants, and a white chef hat, “I had quite a night last night, but it all ended up tuning out for the better.”

    “Well that’s good to hear!” Cilan nodded from behind, he stood in front of the fridge with a carton of eggs and a box of pancake mix, in his food stained white tee shirt and black sweat pants.

    “Thanks Cilan,” Riley nodded back, as he washed his hands in the stainless steel sink, “So what’s on the menu this morning, boys?”

    “Well,” Brock started as he poured some water into a bowl, followed by a white powder that was pancake mix, “I’m making my awesome chocolate chip pancakes!”

    “And I’m cooking up my specialty,” Cilan cheered as he rubbed a stick of butter on a shiny steel skillet, “lemon peppered eggs, fried over-easy!”

    “Wow, that’s sounds great,” Riley swooned as he realized that he really had nothing special to cook, and was going to get upstaged once again, “but what can I make?”

    “What about your special potatoes?” Brock inquired, “You know, those ones you made for us at Bill’s house when we had breakfast with him at Mt. Moon.”

    “Oh yeah!” Riley’s face beamed, “My special shredded hash browns, with my signature seasonings!”

    “I don’t even know what seasonings you’re going to use yet, and I’m already excited for it!” Cilan cheered at Riley’s offer, “If you’re even near as good a cook as Brock has described you, I know that they will be amazing!”

    “Has Brock been bragging about me?” Riley shot a sly look in Brock’s direction, and Brock slyly smiled back, “Well if he has been talking me up, I better not disappoint, now where are those potatoes?”

    “There’s a fresh bag among the other groceries we just bought in the other room,” Cilan smiled.

    “Thanks,” Riley replied quickly as he darted into to other room.

    They all began to work as the cooking began, the steam flowed from the pots and pans, the utensils could be heard clinging and clanging all over the house, as well as the sound of sizzling food products in their freshly buttered skillets.

    Soon enough, the guests began to file up the stairs at random intervals as they woke up and smelled the goodness that was flowing from the kitchen.

    “I’m gonna go ahead and put a pot of tea on, okay guys?” Brock asked the other two guys in the kitchen.

    “Please do,” Riley responded in relief, “I’m desperately gonna need a cup of good old black!”

    “Oh, yes!” Cilan added delightedly, “A hot cup of pure black tea sounds lovely!”

    “Black it is then!” Brock smiled as he filled the silver teapot with water and placed it on the stove.

    The cooking continued well into the morning, as batches of the various breakfast components poured out of the kitchen and people were served as they needed, some needing seconds, some going back even for thirds. They all finally got their fill somewhere around 10: 45. That was about the time that everyone went outside to enjoy the weather in whatever various ways they wanted.

    The three cooks finally got to settle down to eat breakfast for themselves. As Riley sat down in front of his plate Lyra walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “Good morning, Riley,” She swooned next to his head in a very high tone, before looking over to Brock and Cilan, “Thanks for breakfast guys.”

    “You’re welcome,” Cilan nodded politely

    “Anything for the birthday girl.” Brock added.

    “Lyra smiled at them as she drew in close to Riley’s ear and whispered, “I’m gonna go enjoy the sunshine, see you when you get out there, baby.”

    “O-okay,” Riley sputtered out, almost choking on his chocolate milk.

    As Lyra exited out the front door, Cilan turned to Riley, “Now I see why someone’s night turned out for ‘the better’.”

    “Yeah,” Riley blushed as he glanced over to the counter top, “Hey, what’s all that extra food?”

    “Someone hasn’t eaten yet,” Brock concluded, “But as for whom I can’t tell.”

    “I have an idea,” Riley rolled his ocean blue eyes, as he heard giggling coming up the steps.

    The voices could be heard throughout the kitchen and dining room, despite the fact they were whispering. They stomped up the stairs, and staggered down the hallway, running in to the walls quite frequently. Then, finally two figures emerged into the dining room, a shorter amber haired girl in a daisy yellow night gown, followed by a black haired boy in a black tee shirt and a pair of green shorts.

    “Some night huh?!” Riley shouted in their direction.

    “SHHHH! Riley be quiet, Misty has headache,” Ash scolded his friend as Misty clutched her head and glared at Ash for being louder than Riley was.

    “What were you to up to all morning?” Cilan grinned at Ash.

    “Uh, Sleeping, DUH!” Ash smirked back.

    “Ash! Be quiet!” Misty yelled from under his arm, her hands still clutching her head.

    “Here,” Brock handed Misty two round red capsules, “This will take care of the headache.”

    “Thanks, Brock,” Misty said as she sat down at the table in front of her breakfast plate that Cilan had put out. She downed the two pills, and took a large drink of juice, then began eating.

    “Sit down and eat Ash,” Riley said as he set a plate on the table beside Misty.

    “Thanks Riles,” Ash gladly sat down and began stuffing himself, barely even taking time to enjoy the food as he inhaled it.

    “Well,” Riley began with a satisfied look on his face, followed by an equally satisfied sigh, “That was delicious, now to clean up.”

    “Cilan is gonna wash the dishes once we get them gathered up,” Brock began, “I’ll start pickin’ ‘em up.”

    “Alright,” Riley nodded, “I’ll start wiping down the counters, and clean off the stove.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Cilan added, I’m gonna go check out the weather, call me when ya need me!”

    Cilan waltzed out the door, smiling in the warm spring air. Riley walked over to the window, as Brock placed the last group of dishes into the sink. After Brock exited the room Riley finally began to work, and while he wiped down the counter and put the cooking utensils in the sink, he began to think about the recent series of events.

    He thought about Lyra, he walked over to the window, set his teacup on the counter beside him, and watched her run around in the yard as she threw a bright red Frisbee with Misty and May. Was she being honest last night? Or was she just in a drunken state of unofficial “love”? She seemed to be rational, but you could never tell whether Lyra was ever rational. He could only hope that this was for real. He slowly walked over to the stove with a rag soaked in hot water and began to wipe it off. He paced back over the window and watched her as she laughed, she had her hair down, she was so beautiful. The way the sun shone off of her deep chestnut hair, he was so captivated by her. It had to be real, he wouldn’t accept it any other way. The kiss was so perfect, she couldn’t have been unconsciously kissing him, her sane mind was definitely in that. But would this last, or was it just a one night love? As he watched her he slowly reached his decision as he not only thought about last night, but about the past, all the hints he had missed before, she really did love him all these years, how did he miss it? No matter, he loved her too, and he couldn’t wait to spend time with her again, this wasn’t some one night thing, not a one week romance, it was long term, he could tell, just by feeling. He looked down at his cup, and then looked back up to the window, she looked at him and smiled, he smiled back as she turned around to catch the Frisbee. It was real, no doubt.

    He brought his cup up to his lips and took a sip, “Cold.”

    Riley glanced down at his pale white cup, swirled the liquid that had now cooled to his disliking, and poured it down the drain. He set it in the sink and walked downstairs to grab his shoes.

    “Here Ash!” Misty yelled from across the yard, “Catch!”

    Ash turned around just in time to catch the bright red Frisbee with his face, “AHHHHHH!”

    Misty ran over across the yard to help him up and take care of him as May walked over to talk to Lyra.

    “So how are things now?” The girl in the bright green bandana asked, “Ya know, after last night, don’t worry, I know the whole story.”

    “How?” Lyra asked.

    “Misty told me.”

    “Oh,” Lyra nodded, “Well, it’s great, Riley wasn’t mad, and he took care of me, I can’t wait for him to get out here.”

    “So you love him,” May smirked as she unnoticeably glanced at Drew.

    “Yeah,” Lyra decided, “I would definitely say that I do, and I hope he still realizes that even after I was drunk last night.”

    “Judging by the way he held you last night,” May added, “And how he has been looking at you all morning, I would say that he does.”

    “Yeah,” Lyra swooned, “Just wait May, you’ll find love too.”

    “Too late!” May cheered.

    “Huh?” Lyra was severely confused.

    “Well, Drew and I,” May began to stutter.

    “You what?”

    “We, kinda, talked last night,” May squeaked as if she wasn’t quite sure of the words she was saying.

    “No Way!!” Lyra screamed in her giddy schoolgirl voice, and the two began to talk, sparing no details.

    Riley finally managed to make his way outside. Following his first steps out of the door, he stopped, and took a deep breath of the spring air. He then walked over to Cilan and told him that the dishes were ready, but there was no rush to get them done. He took a few steps into the yard and caught the Frisbee that was floating around him, thrown by Drew, who immediately after throwing the disc, was tackled by May. He turned the red object over in his fingers and flicked it at Ash, who was about to catch it, but it was then intercepted by Misty, and Ash’s face grew an angry shade of red. After she caught the disc, she handed it to Ash, whispered something in his ear to calm him down, and then kissed him on the cheek. Ash blushed, and weakly tossed the Frisbee to Brock. Riley continued to walk across the yard until a small girl with bright purple hair jumped on his back, put her head up beside his, and looked in the same direction he was, at Lyra.

    “Go get her, Tiger,” Anabel said to her younger brother, as she jumped down from his back and hugged him, “Love you, bro.”

    She walked away as he smiled at her, and then turned around and looked back at his girl, her brown hair flowing perfectly in the wind.

    “How are you this morning, baby?” She asked him as he put his arms around her waist.

    “I’m wonderful,” He blushed, and leaned in to kiss her. As he drew back, she moved to his side and caught the Frisbee from Cilan.

    “Go long!” She yelled as he took off across the yard.

    They continued to throw the Frisbee around for the rest of the day, until the sun began to set on that perfect day, and everyone began to leave. It was a great time, and they would all be back together soon, but ‘when’ was the question. It was a great party, a great night, however interesting. They would never forget it for the rest of their lives. How even on a night such as that one, out of something that seemed so tragic, love could be found. They had managed to break through the bitterness of winter’s cold edge.


    Well, there it is, it’s all over! Except for the epilogue which is coming next, along with quite a few other goodies, meaning it will take a while. Not only will the next post contain the epilogue, but there will also be a preview (in movie preview form, I guess that’s how I’ll put it) of my next fic, which is gonna be EPIC!!!! And depending on what kind of feedback I get (THAT MEANS YOU READERS) I might also include a sort of Soundtrack for this fic.


    This is gonna be influenced by you guys, whether or not you would feel it would be cool to do. What I would do would be post a link to a song that I felt fit a certain part of this fic, and explain the song and how it pertains to the fic, and explain exactly which part of the fic it would accompany.


    Well, as I say always…..

    Until next time………

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    *Reading* "Nic-WAHH POKESHIPPING AND CONTESTSHIPPING?! In the same story??" *Passes out*

    Jokes :P congrats on the end of a well written fic! Anxiously awaiting all the post-fic goodies! (Mostly your trailer for the next fic xD)
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    yeah, i wasnt planning on having another fic so soon, but this idea swarmed me, and ive kinda always wanted to do it, and now im gonna. but its gonnna be a big one! so im excited to write it.

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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    Hey Everybody!! This is it! The EPIC epilogue for this amazing fic! Haha, just kidding, I’m not that egotistical. I’m so glad to have finally finished a fic, and as promised, this post will feature all of the post fic goodies, including the soundtrack (Handpicked by ME!) YAY! So, just one more thing,

    (NOTE: I know you were all expecting an epic new fic preview in this post, and I’m sorry to disappoint, but I will not be writing that particular epic fic just yet, from what I have planned for it so far, it is going to be quite large and I’m not ready to get involved in something that massive just yet. I will more than likely write it this summer when I have much more time, so do not worry. That being said, there will be no preview in this post. There is, however, good news. I will be writing another fic very soon, so do not worry fans. As for this note, I am done.)

    Thank you to all of those who read this, whether you replied or not.

    Now, without further ado…….

    I present……..


    EPILOGUE – Daylight

    “HAH! That’s eleven, I win!” The black haired boy shouted into the air as he tossed his bright blue paddle across the floor.

    “Ash, you are ridiculous,” His friend scoffed at him from the other side of the table, his black and yellow hat hanging half off of his head.

    “Because I won?” Ash was boasting, as was customary for him after a victory.

    “No!” Riley scolded him, “Because you clearly don’t understand the rules of Ping-Pong!”

    “Yes I do!” Ash scoffed back as he stuck out his tongue.

    “Not really,” Riley began to explain Ash’s faults, as always, “You need eleven to win.”

    “I have eleven!”

    “I’m not finished,” Riley punched Ash in the arm to get him to shut his mouth, “You need eleven to win, but you need to win by two.”

    “And?” Ash sarcastically swooned, “Your point is?”

    “Well, not only do you have to win by two, but you have to have the lead!” Riley spastically explained.

    “So?!” Ash was determined to get this victory.

    “I have twelve!” Riley shouted, “How can you win with eleven, when I’m leading with twelve??”

    “Oh, Yeah,” Ash finally realized his errors, as he dropped his head in defeat, “Ping-Pong is a stupid game anyway.”

    Riley and Cilan both chuckled silently under their breath at the childish ways of their friend. They sat in the recreation room of the S.S. Tirtouga. They would only be together for one more day. They were set to arrive in Castelia City that night, where Riley would be staying to take the early plane to Mistralton City, and Ash, Cilan, and Iris would be straight out that night on a plane to Icirrus City.

    “Where’s Iris?” Riley asked Cilan while Ash continued to mope around.

    “She’s up on deck enjoying the pool,” Cilan said, “While she still can.”

    “That’s cool,” Riley responded uninterested.

    “What’s on your mind?” Cilan inquisitively asked.

    “Oh,” Riley solemnly responded, “Nothing.”

    “You’re lying,” Cilan smirked, “Straight through your teeth.”

    “So,” Riley blurted back, “It’s not like you don’t know.”

    “Yeah,” Cilan could tell Riley wanted to talk; he turned around and shouted, “Hey! Ash!”

    “Yeah?” Ash moped over to him.

    “First, Quit moping, it’s just Table tennis!” Cilan growled at Ash’s immaturity.

    “It’s Ping-Pong!” Ash snapped back.

    “I don’t care!” Cilan shouted back, shutting Ash up, “Now, Go find Iris and get her back here to get ready, it’s almost five.”

    “AND??” Ash was prying at Cilan’s patience.

    “Dinner is at SIX!!!” Cilan yelled as he pushed him out of the door, “NOW GO!”

    Riley sweat dropped as Cilan slammed the door behind Ash. Muffled yells could be heard behind the door of Ash complaining.

    “Looks like you picked up Brock’s job,” Riley chuckled.

    “And what job is that?” Cilan puzzledly looked at Riley.

    “Dad!” Riley began to laugh histerically as Cilan gritted his pearly white teeth.

    “Yeah,” Cilan sighed, “I guess so, so what’s up?”

    “Huh?” Riley leaned on the edge of the rec room countertop, confused by Cilan’s question.

    “You seem like you want to talk.”

    “Really? Do I?” Riley solemnly stared at Cilan with a sort of guilty grimace, “Is it that obvious?”

    “Yea-,” Cilan was cut off as a group of kids walked into the room and began to play pool, “Let’s go to the room.”

    “Yeah, Riley nodded with a smirk, “Good idea.”

    They exited the room and began down the hallway to the elevator. Cilan pushed the red “up” button and leaned up against the wall, Riley placed his hands in his pockets, and threw his head back as he sighed. Riley’s stomach rumbled, and the two turned and laughed at each other.

    “Guess I’m hungry,” Riley laughed.

    “Yeah, Guess so.” Cilan replied.

    They walked into the elevator as it opened, and both leaned up against the back wall.

    “So, talk to me,” Cilan smirked, “What’s up?”

    “In a hurry?” Riley asked.

    “Ash is hungry, I figure ten minutes for him to get Iris back to the room.”

    “Good point,” Riley nodded.

    “Ya see, I’m heart sick,” Riley began, “but not in a bad way, I know that we are ‘in love’ but I hate that right after we finally realized it, I had to leave.”

    “I see,” Cilan nodded, eyes closed, “I can understand that.”

    The doors of the elevator pinged as they opened, and the two boys exited. As they neared the hallway to the room, Riley continued.

    “I just wish I could be with her.”

    “Well yeah,” Cilan nodded, “That’s just love.”

    “Yeah,” Riley smiled, as his cheeks turned a shade of pink, “It is, isn’t it.”

    “yeah,” Cilan smiled to see his friend so happy, “My advice is to call her tonight before we get in, sure it will be late, but you have all night, considering you aren’t leaving ‘til tomorrow morning.”

    “Yeah, I was planning on it,” Riley nodded to the green haired waiter, as they entered the room.

    “Good,” Cilan pulled the key and was about to lay on the bed when a man dressed in a maitre’d outfit burst into the room.

    “YOU!” the man yelled.

    “US?!” The boys gasped in unison.


    “WE DIDN’T DO IT!” the boys yelled, “IT WAS OUR ROOMATE!”

    “Huh?” the man questioned, “No, uh, you’re not in any trouble.”

    “OH,” They sighed together.

    “Here’s the story,” The man began as he took in a large breath, “We are planning a show dinner tonight for our meal, ya know, where they cook in front of you.”

    “Yeah?” The boys replied, still puzzled.

    “well, two of our cooks are sick, and we don’t have any replacements, and I was on the deck looking for someone to fill in when a tan girl sunbathing stopped me and said that there were two great cooks staying in her room, and I ran down here and saw you, and I’m assuming that you two are the cooks, so what I’m asking is-,”

    “SIR!” Riley cut the man off, “Just breathe and relax, we would be glad to help!”

    “OH THAT’S PERFECT!!!” The man yelled in excitement, “and just to make it easier, you two will be working the same table.”

    “Great!” the boys yelled as they high-fived each other.

    “And I’ll make sure that your friends are at that same table.”

    “Thank you,” Cilan gratefully responded.

    “Now come with me,” the man shouted as he hurriedly dragged the boys to the kitchen.

    When they got to the kitchen, they were given their chef’s clothing, and told that because it was such short notice that they would have to make up their own routine quickly. The boys nodded to each other knowing that it would be no problem for them to improvise the whole thing. They were then given the recipes, and guided to their station as the dinner show began.

    After the show, Ash and Iris congratulated their friends and went back to their room. Cilan and Riley went back to the kitchen and asked if they could help clean up. They were told that they didn’t need to help, and they turned in their uniforms and went back to the room as well.

    As they entered the room, a bottle cap came flying through the doorway and smashed Cilan in the face.

    “AHHHH!” Cilan shrieked as he grabbed his face.

    “Sorry Cilan!” Iris pleaded, “Ash wouldn’t sit still with the sparkling grape juice.

    “Yeah, Sorry Cilan,” Ash said ingratiatingly, “Did it leave a mark?”

    “No, I’m fine,” Cilan cheerily said, “It just surprised me.”

    “Well that’s good,” Riley laughed.

    “Well what are you waiting for, Ash?” Cilan shouted, “Pour that juice, we gotta celebrate our last night together.”

    They all grabbed a glass and Ash filled them, as they continued to enjoy their last night as a group. Soon, however, before they could get a grasp on time, they were docking at Castelia harbor. They all said their last goodbyes, as that was all they could do. Between handshakes and hugs, they parted. As Ash, Cilan, and Iris boarded their plane, Riley saw them off. As the plane departed off into the night sky, Riley turned away, grabbed his poke gear from his bag, and began to dial as he walked to the Pokémon center to find a cot to sleep in.

    “He- Hello?” a groggy girlish voice crackled through the speaker on the blue Poke gear.

    “Lyra, it’s me, Riley.”

    “Oh! Hey,” She brightened up quickly, “You just get in?”

    “Yeah,” He replied, “I love you.”

    “I- I love you too,” she stuttered in surprise, “Where did that come from?”

    “Just needed to say it,” He smiled, “I miss you kid.”

    “I miss you too.”

    Riley walked into the sliding glass doors of the Pokémon center; he was going to be up all night talking to her. This was the last night he could call her, due to the distance. Castelia was the only city in Unova where calling Johto wasn’t long distance. He would be on a plane at 6 the next morning, and he would barely make it there, due to the fact that he would get no sleep the night before, and he didn’t care.

    Motion City Soundtrack - Make out Kids: This song is what I would call the title track to the fic. The quote I used in my signature to promote this fic is from the second verse of this song, and I think it fits the feel of this fic pretty well.

    Motion City Soundtrack – Last Night: This song would start at the beginning of chapter 5. It’s sort of a hard song to understand, but it captures the overall mood of both of the girls during this scene.

    Motion City Soundtrack – The Conversation: This song would take place just around where Riley finds, and then goes on his walk with Lyra. Yes this song is about a break up, but the feel of the song captures the tension of the moment very well.

    Coldplay – Yellow: this song goes right after the last one. It would start right where Riley catches Lyra; it’s a perfect love song for their moment under the stars.

    Motion City Soundtrack – Stand too close: This song fits where Lyra kisses Riley, and would continue into where Ash also kisses Misty, just listen, it’s perfect.

    Coldplay – Fix you: This song would go where they go downstairs and go to sleep. It’s just a romantic goodnight song, and also kind of fits because Riley had to bandage his bleeding knees.

    Motion City Soundtrack – Better open the Door: Just a fun song to signify the start of the nex]t day. Doesn’t have a meaningful connection as far as lyrics go, but its upbeat pace makes it fun!

    Motion City Soundtrack – Always running out of time: This song plays while Riley is cleaning the kitchen and looking out the window, and contemplating his love. The song pretty closely matches his thought process.

    Coldplay – Green Eyes: This song plays while Riley is walking across the lawn, I see this scene going slowly, and it’s a very mellow love song, I feel it fits great.

    Matt and Kim – Daylight: This song starts the end of the epilogue, because that’s what the chapter is called, and I feel it’s just a fun upbeat song to end the story on.

    Yes, I realize that the soundtrack is heavily Motion City Soundtrack, but that’s just because I really like them, and I listened to them a lot while writing this, and alot of their songs fit the mood of this fic very very well. Hopefully you like it. I’m going to go ahead and rate the soundtrack the same as the fic with R. MCS is rather free with their language.


    Well, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for being here through it all. Keep an eye out for my next fic, and again, I apologize for not coming through with the preview, but that story will be out this summer, I promise. So as always.
    Until next time………

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