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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekachu View Post
    I really, really enjoyed this episode, even moreso than last weeks one. So in short:

    •I really liked the Ducklett trio. I always prefer it when the feature Pokemon of the episode isn't sad, and it's up to Ash and co. to help it. But I found them really funny
    •Obviously, Oshawott being in the episode again was great, he definitely is my favourite. I loved how cute he was when he'd get annoyed from being burned, throw his shell on the floor out of anger, and then pick it up to make sure it's okay
    •Sandile! I think this episode made me really like Sandile, and I really want it to go on Ash's team already T.T But it was nice to see a personality change for it. Sandile's evolution was another great bonus
    •Albeit short, the appearance of Iris' Excadrill was nice
    •Pikachu learning a new move too was awesome, although I think I'll miss Volt Tackle

    A few minor things I disliked:
    •Iris calling Ash a kid. It's a really small point, but it's so annoying when she calls him that- she's not exactly brilliant herself with Axew and Excadrill -.-
    •I did feel that Krokorok's exit was a bit swift and weak
    •And the whole umbrella preventing Pikachu from using electric type attacks for a bit was a bit weird

    Overall though, a really great episode, and I hope they keep the quality up
    I'd have to say, this is one of Oshy's best appearances so far!

    Have you even noticed the new-look evolving animation?

    May we remember Volt Tackle cos it make Pikachu, well... Pikachu.

    Electro Ball was mainly used to showcase new moves introduced in Unova.
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