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Thread: Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! (679)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekachu View Post
    I really, really enjoyed this episode, even moreso than last weeks one. So in short:

    •I really liked the Ducklett trio. I always prefer it when the feature Pokemon of the episode isn't sad, and it's up to Ash and co. to help it. But I found them really funny
    •Obviously, Oshawott being in the episode again was great, he definitely is my favourite. I loved how cute he was when he'd get annoyed from being burned, throw his shell on the floor out of anger, and then pick it up to make sure it's okay
    •Sandile! I think this episode made me really like Sandile, and I really want it to go on Ash's team already T.T But it was nice to see a personality change for it. Sandile's evolution was another great bonus
    •Albeit short, the appearance of Iris' Excadrill was nice
    •Pikachu learning a new move too was awesome, although I think I'll miss Volt Tackle

    A few minor things I disliked:
    •Iris calling Ash a kid. It's a really small point, but it's so annoying when she calls him that- she's not exactly brilliant herself with Axew and Excadrill -.-
    •I did feel that Krokorok's exit was a bit swift and weak
    •And the whole umbrella preventing Pikachu from using electric type attacks for a bit was a bit weird

    Overall though, a really great episode, and I hope they keep the quality up
    I'd have to say, this is one of Oshy's best appearances so far!

    Have you even noticed the new-look evolving animation?

    May we remember Volt Tackle cos it make Pikachu, well... Pikachu.

    Electro Ball was mainly used to showcase new moves introduced in Unova.
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    Just to clear a few things up.
    Pikachu did not forget Thunderbolt, Quick Attack or Iron Tail as all three moves were shown after Pika learned Electro Ball. Unless we get Pikachu having with 5 moves, Volt Tackle must've been forgotten. Let's also not forget that every time Pikachu has used Volt Tackle this season it's ended badly for him.
    Anyway, as for the episode, it was great. We had a little Axew vs. Sraggy at the beginning, a recurring wild pokemon in SG Sandile(which is never been done before I think). We got a cameo from Excadrill even if it was unspectacular and short. Ducklett trio were annoying but, as Ash said, it's because of them that Pikachu learned Electro Ball which is its first new move in almost 5 years. We got an evolution from SG Sandile and a blast off(don't pretend you didn't enjoy watching something blown towards the horizon again).
    On the whole this episode was great, it packed in a lot of references to other episodes no matter how small(like Cilan's fetish for his silverware), we have recurring wild pokemon,Pikachu gets a new move and we have a fresh, more dynamic animation style.
    Quote Originally Posted by Huspoel View Post
    You're saying some really smart stuff there.

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    Ugh, don't those three nephews of Donald Duck (I mean Ducklett) have better things to do than steal people's things.

    BTW. Ash should have caught Sandile earlier.

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    The episode is okay, I didn't like Pikachu losing Volt Tackle for Electro Ball.

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    Ugh, I hate this episode. Hate it hate it hate it. One, those duckletts are highly annoying. And two, this is basically a remake of season four's "All That Glitters", which was made better by James and his bottlecaps. No such luck here.

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    This episode was boring. At least we saw more of Sandile's personality which was great because I started to like him. That's another thing I hated about the Trubbish episode. Sandile showed up, only to be blasted away by a poison type. How embarassing.

    It took Iris forever to send out Excadrill again.

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    This episode was okay. Pikachu learning Electro Ball was cool, but him forgetting Volt Tackle was disappointing. Volt Tackle was a more cooler move than Electro Ball in my opinion
    Those Duckletts were really annoying in this episodes, at least Pikachu sent them flying like Team Rocket .... they deserved it for stealing Ash's hat and Sandile's sunglasses.
    I liked how Sandile evolved into Krokodile in this episode, but only to be blasted off after getting hit by it's own Stone Edge attack.
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    Those Ducklett's laughs got a tad annoying after a while.
    How did they manage to just up and steal a guitar like that?

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    Ugh. This episode is like an assault on my ears and eyes. Three Pokemon with very annoying laughs do some very annoying things, and Pikachu loses his best attack. Wow.

    The only things I liked was that we got to see another side of Sandile, and that he evolved to Krokorok.

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    LOL, talk about an elaborate trap, if Ash had moved from hat spot, an entire day would tots have been ruined. Seeing sandile so sad over the loss of his sunglasses was pretty sad.

    Yeah, not gonna lie that the ducklett laughters were pretty annoying, but considering how much of an improvement the BW dub is over the DP dub, I will survive tbh. tbh, I never had a cush on volt tackle, it caused most of Pikachu's losses, and electro ball is just more flexible in general.

    9/10, this would have been a good episode even if Ash hadnt caught sandile later, but that just adds to the episode.

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    Ducklett are cute in the games but on the show they were absolute trolls. Sandile/Krokorok should've been captured here by the way. 6.5/10

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