Hi there and thank you for looking at my shop, I am new to the forums so forgive any untidiness.

I have Lots of Pokemon to offer with more always on the way. This the current list of Pokemon. All Pokemon listed are Legit.

    Spoiler:- Legendary:

    Spoiler:- Shiny - Masuda Method:

    Spoiler:- Shiny - Naturally Occuring:

I also lots of items such as Masterballs, PP Max's etc. I also have a lot of high level Pokemon for trade such as Gallade Lv 100. Pokerus can be given to any pokemon you want.

This is a list of the stuff I want

    Spoiler:- WANTED:

I will read and reply to all PM'd offers but I may not be able to reply to all post offers as I have seen how cluttered some people's shops get.

Other than the Serebii Rules the only Rules I have are:
1. No hacked Pokemon (From Me or You)
2. Please could you leave a Review of our transaction on my profile page.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Leigh aka Pouse