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Thread: The Lost World of Gothitelle! (680)

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    I liked seeing Officer Jenny using a Swanna, since I'm so used to her using a Growlithe all the time. I do also like the Unova Officer Jenny's voice, and it was pretty funny how Defog didn't work and Officer Jenny was just stuck standing there looking funny with her hand in the air. I do think the Unova Jenny do look more profession al. I liked Snivy's battle against Gothitelle, I wish it could have been finished though since Snivy hasn't been a lot since it was caught and it's only main battle was against Trip's Servine and Frillish. I kinda forgot Snivy knew how to use Attract, perhaps that would have been a better move to possibly immobilize Gothitelle with. Even though it was small, it was nice to get some Snivy focus this episode, I do like it's Leaf Blade. I did kind of think one of the points of Ash bringing back his Pidove It was no surprise the green haired little girl was the woman Ash met early in the episode, given there very similar appearanc es. I thought it was hilarious how they were all so nonchalan t about possibly being stuck in another time period. It was interestin g how Cilan managed to piece everythin g all together and figure things out, since his more scientific and reasonabl e side was reference d at the Nacrene City Museum and in Pinwheel Forest. It did seem like Iris was paying quite a lot of attention to Cilan when he was talking about the special memories Pokemon and trainers have, I do feel like Iris, Cilan, and Ash are becoming very good friends, this episode felt like it showed how there characters bounce off everything and help and rely on each other. I did like Snivy and Gothitelle' s second battle seeing Snivy's agility and battling skills in a building terrain was pretty great. I do think Snivy fared well against a powerful Pokemon, both in show and game. I wonder what Cilan was getting at with the idea that if Ash had a battle with Gothitelle they would learn more about it's problem, it most likely would have still been angry.

    Gothitelle's back story and seeing it cry like that at being separated from Sally and the water taxi closing was pretty sad but, at the same time it made me feel sympathe tic toward Gothitelle, unlike with the Ducklett trio who seemed to be trouble makers for no reason what so ever. Although, I'm happy with the ending, but I would have preferred if Gothitelle stayed with Sally rather then staying at the SkyArrow Bridge. Oh well, at least they were happy to see each other again.

    This time the English dub kept 11 out of 14 pieces of original BGM, which is great. The BGM during the flashback was beautiful. I'm so glad that TPCI kept the wonderful music during the flashback, it added emotion to the scene.
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    Can't think of much to say about this episode. It would have been cool if the bridge looked as big as it did in the games.
    To me, it didn't look that big for a bridge that was supposed to be 'the biggest bridge in the Unova region'.

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    This episode was kind touching, but otherwise there really wasnt too much to it, other than gothitelle being palkia in the anime..

    7/10, filler but pretty good tbh.
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