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Author's note: Last time I wrote a pokeshipping one-shot was almost five years ago, so I might be a little rusty. But I've missed writing and keep putting off trying to write something, so I finally sat down and wrote another one last night :) My past one-shots were said to be "warm and fuzzy" so I thought I'd try a new approach. Hope you enjoy!

March 5th 2007

Hey Mist!!!

What’s up?! Man you missed out when you decided to go back to Cerulean. I mean, I know running a gym is cool and all but come on. Hoenn Region is fantastic! I’m still trying to get used to not having you and Brock by my side all the time, it’s weird not having someone nag about their broken bike everyday! Haha JK. Kind of. But I did meet this girl named May who wants to be a pokémon coordinator and her dad is a gym leader (go figure, I seem to meet and befriend everyone who will one day try to destroy me in battle over a badge) and she seems nice. She’s got nothing on you though so don’t worry about that ;)

Anyway, Pikachu says hi! I really miss you, hopefully you can come up here and visit one day and meet these guys and hang out like we used to everyday! I’m still trying to get used to this…

What have you been up to at the gym? Tell me everything! I’ll try and email you every weekend about my victories (because I don’t lose battles as you know, I am the best after all). So you better get back to me every weekend too!

- Ash

March 5th 2009

Hey Mist,

I made it to the Sinnoh Region and it’s lookin’ pretty good so far, there’s a bunch of pokémon over here you wouldn’t even believe if I tried describing them to you lol. I have to get used to traveling with someone new again, since May and Max stayed behind in Hoenn. I remember having a tough time getting used to not seeing you and now here I am trying to get used to not having May, Max, and Brock around! You guys gotta quit leaving me like this, I’ll start taking it personally :P Anyway, new girl is Dawn, she’s really bubbly, so I’m sure I’ll like having her around.

Sorry my response is a few weeks late…lol I’ve been really busy. What’s up with you and the gym?

- Ash

March 5th 2011


I’m in Unova now. I’ve been pretty good; just busy doing a lot of training for my new set of badges. I really want to visit Castelia City since it’s supposed to be so awesome that Goldenrod City can’t even compare. I’ll try and get some pictures of these places up on facebook so you can check them out there.

You’ll have to refresh me on what’s going on with you, my computer crashed a few of months ago and I lost all my emails.

- Ash

Misty sighed and logged off her email. Looking back on their old messages didn’t help at all. It had been almost four months since Ash last sent her an email and as far as she knew, all that’s new with him is his location. She was used to getting all the details: where he was, what the towns were like, the people he met, the pokémon he saw, the battles he won and lost, and now she was being told to learn about him on facebook where people who didn’t mean as much to him could find out what he’s been up to. Misty was supposed to be different, he asked for her to email him every weekend because he didn’t want to lose contact. He wanted it to be like when they saw each other every day, and so did she. She loved him after all, and to not keep in contact would break her heart.

She went downstairs and saw her sister Daisy sitting on the couch eating ice cream, the usual scene for a Sunday afternoon. Misty plopped a seat next to her and grabbed the ice cream carton from her sister and began to shove spoonfuls into her mouth.

“Umm, are you kidding me with this? That is MY ice cream, you can’t just come in here and take it from me” Daisy snapped, grabbing the ice cream back. “Why do girls always do this when they’re sad? I don’t feel any better, screw eating my feelings.” Misty whined while Daisy put down the ice cream and turned to face her sister. She may be a runt, but when something was clearly bothering Misty, Daisy knew how to be a decent older sister.

“You wanna talk about it?” She asked. Misty shrugged her shoulders, “There’s nothing to talk about, literally. You know how Ash and I have been emailing back and forth since I came back? I was reading through our old emails and he used to tell me all about what he was doing and actually seemed interested in what I was doing and now, I feel like I’m a habit. Like, if he could stop emailing me he would, but he doesn’t because he’d feel guilty since we’ve gotten into a routine of sending emails you know? Even on Facebook and Skype he barely talks to me anymore and I don’t want to lose him Daisy, he’s my Ash.” She brushed away a few stray tears that were falling down her cheeks. Daisy put her hand on Misty’s shoulder and bit her lip, trying to think of something consoling to say.

“You know, even best of friends drift apart sometimes. Maybe this is a sign that you have to move on. He’s busy trying to travel and get more badges, and you’re running a gym. You have new priorities and are in different spots in your lives and you need to tell him how you feel, that way you both can move on and stop this obligated emailing that’s not getting you anywhere”. Misty sniffled and a few more tears fell and she nodded. Daisy was right, she had to tell Ash how she felt, it wasn’t fair to him to sit there and feel like he had to contact her, and she did need to move on from all this hurt of missing him. She hugged Daisy and headed back up to her laptop to write her email back to him.

Misty opened a new email and let her fingers linger over the keyboard before she began to type.

March 5th 2011

Hi Ash,

I don’t really know how to start this or even word this without feeling bad so I’m going to get straight to it. I feel like I’m losing you. Our emails aren’t the same anymore and I feel like it’s forced, you barely put any thought into them and I don’t want to be that extra burden on you. If you don’t want to email anymore you don’t have to. Thanks for keeping in contact as long as you did, it means the world to me. I wish you well in the rest of your travels and hope when you’re not too busy being a pokémon champ that you’re reminded of me somehow.

All My Love,


She glossed over it three times to make sure there weren’t any errors and more importantly, to make sure it sounded okay. Honest, yet not too harsh. Once it was confirmed it was error free, she hit the send button and it was done. She wasn’t sure how to feel, and she was even less sure when she would know how Ash feels. It could take him anywhere from two weeks to two months to get back to her email and she knew she didn’t want to wait that long.


“You guys go ahead to lunch, I’ll meet you there in a bit, I’m just gonna drop my pokémon off at the Pokémon Center first” Ash yelled back to his friends as he entered through the doors of the Pokémon Center. He was nineteen years-old, taller and more handsome. He finally ditched the cap and had slick, short, black hair and t-shirt with jeans, some things never change. He walked up to Nurse Joy and handed over his Pokémon, while she took them, he glanced over at the Computers that had vacant seats.

“Excuse me, Joy, but are those computers open for the public to use?” he asked, pointing at the computers. Nurse Joy nodded “Of course! Feel free to use one dear, your pokémon should be ready to go in about ten minutes!” she chirped happily, taking the pokémon back with her.

Ash sat down at the middle computer and opened up his hotmail account and signed in to see he had three unread messages. One was from Oak titled “A new egg discovery!!” one was from his Mom that said “Mr. Mime and I finished our garden! I took some pictures for you!” and finally, one from Misty that was simply titled “So long”. Ash’s heart dropped as he clicked on it, hoping this was some kind of joke title or maybe she was going on a trip and meant it in a happy way. He read her email and then re-read it, and then read it yet again, not comprehending what she was saying.

I don’t get it, when did I ever say I wanted to stop talking to her? Where did she even come up with this? Why do girls always have to take things the wrong way? Ash buried his face in his hands trying to think of something, anything he could say to her to make her realize that even though he didn’t talk to her every day that he still cared deeply about her. He opened up a new email and contemplated what to type when Nurse Joy came back into the room.

“Hi Ash, your pokémon are as good as new and ready to go! Thanks for coming by!” Ash smiled and nodded and then gritted his teeth and turned back to computer screen and groaned. Once again he found himself in a time crunch with so much he wanted to say to Misty, but he just couldn’t. He quickly summarized how he felt and hit send, and then logged off and went to the main desk to retrieve his pokémon before he left to go meet his friends for lunch.


It was heading to midnight and Misty decided it was time to go to bed. She tried her best to keep herself distracted from the thoughts of Ash and the email she sent him, but it amounted to nothing. Going shopping, seeing a movie with her sisters, and going out to a fancy dinner didn’t take him off her mind. As she walked into her room she signed onto her email account knowing how foolish it seemed since he never got back to her this fast. But she couldn’t help herself. To her surprise, she had one message in her inbox, and held her breath when she saw it was from Ash. Suddenly, she almost didn’t want to see what he said since she knew that message couldn’t have made him happy. Her heart pounding, she clicked open and was taken aback to see he had only written a few sentences in return. She began to read…

March 5th 2011


I never said I wanted to lose contact with you and where you got that idea is beyond me. I know my responses have been short and I haven’t had the time to email you as much but it’s only because I’m so, so busy with everything lately. Even if it’s a couple emails a year, it’s always been enough to remind me you still care after all these years apart.

I still love you and care about you so don’t you dare stop these emails

- Ash

p.s. Have you really forgotten? You can't get rid of me just yet, I still haven’t paid you back for that bike.

The tears returned to her eyes and so did her smile. She never thought about it that way: the fact that they still went out of their way to send each other something, even after not seeing each other in so long showed how strong their love really was. It wasn’t that he was tired of her, it was that her messages, no matter how detailed or short, were always enough to remind him she was still there, always caring and always loving him.