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Everyone keeps saying how a rubbish move Dragon Tail is, but why is it posted as a move in every POTW (For Poké's that learn it)?
Dragon Tail is basically Roar/Whirlwind plus Physical Damage. Plus, its base power allows for Technician Ability's Boost (which, in Samurott's case, requires a Double/Triple partner with Skill Swap). Speaking of Technician...

Technical Exchange
Stats: Adamant/Careful/Brave/Sassy, 252 Attack, fill HP and defenses as you see fit for Doubles/Triples. Speed can "safely" be ignored.
Ability: Either, but Shell Armor is preferred since you'll hit this Samurott with a Technician Pokemon's Skill Swap and it could use the defensive Ability.
Moves: Dragon Tail, Aerial Ace, Revenge/Megahorn, Aqua Jet/Aqua Tail

Aqua Tail is the only thing that doesn't get Technician boosted, but Aqua Jet is good enough for a low-HP KO.

Megahorn for Adamant/Careful, Revenge for Brave/Sassy, choice depends on what Types you want to counter - Megahorn for Psychic or Revenge for Steel. Both handle Dark and Aerial Ace already handles Flying, so Revenge is recommended).

Dragon Tail helps if your partner can throw out traps (especially Stealth Rock). If you wan to be more reliable with coverage, go with both Revenge and Megahorn instead.