"All right class, now tell me again-what is the formula for circumference?"

"Diameter times Pi"

"Very good! Now, would you please..." Mr. Ghing trailed off as he stared at the back of his classroom.Everybody looked back at Tracey Morgan, who was carefully drawing something on the back of his notebook.
"Would you like to show us your drawing, Mr. Morgan?"

Tracey snapped his head to attention and started stuttering.
''Uh...i mean...umm..."

Mr. Ghing yanked the notebook from his student's hands. He looked down at it and looked at Tracey with fury.
"I'm going to have to call home, Tracey Morgan!!"

Chapter One
Mr. Ghing was pacing in front of Tracey and his father.
"Tracey, this is the fifth time this month!" his teacher said.
He pointed at the picture Tracey had drawn, an almost complete snapshot of a Lugia.
"I know you enjoy studying Pokemon, Tracey, but this nonsense has to stop! We agreed-"
"More like you decided and Mom gave in-"
"Your Mom and I agreed that you could not go on a Pokemon journey until you got an education!"
"Dad, everyone else I know is starting their journey tomorrow-'
"Not William"
"But he's a nerd, Dad. He couldn't care less about an Aipom, he'd rather be getting A's!"
"Tracey, we're going off topic here, and I don't want to hear another word about Pokemon. Now, until you get your act under control, you are grounded."
"But dad-"
"Dad, we're in the school"

And that was that. Tracey watched the next day as all of his friends went to Prof. Oak's lab and picked starting Pokemon, while he was stuck in his room.

There was a quiet knock on his door, followed by his mom's voice.
"Tracey, can we talk?"
"Go away!!"
His mom let herself in.She looked at Tracey, who had a tear going down his face as he watched the last kid take the final starter.
"Why do you guys hate Pokemon?"
"You know very well I have nothing against it"
"But dad hates them"
"Your father has just had some unlucky happenings with Pokemon"
"He doesn't have to stop me from liking it"
"You're right, he doesn't have to. He feels you're letting Pokemon take over the whole meaning of life."
"I don't care. My whole life has been leading up to today, and look what i get to do instead!"
"I understand how you feel-"
His mom bowed her head and let herself out.
Tracey was just starting up a tantrum when a rock hit his window.
He looked down to see his friend, Logan Clements. She beckoned to him. He opened the window.
"Come on out, Tracey!"
"I can't! I'm grounded!'
"Oh. Well, I guess I can go tell Prof. Oak to just put the Bulbasaur he saved for you away!"
"You got him to save a Bulbasaur just for me!"
She nodded. Tracey looked around his room and made up his mind.
"Come back around tonight. I'll pack my stuff I'll need!"
Logan nodded, and walked away. Tracey watched her beautiful blonde hair in the wind, but broke out of his trance, and prepared to break away from his old life forever.

That night, Tracey hitched his bag over his shoulder. He had packed everything he needed, including some Poke Balls he had nicked from his Mom. He tied head band around his head, and walked toward his room door. He said goodbye to his two year old brother, Sammy, and his one year old sister, Courtney, and then set off. Logan was waiting for him at the front door. She grinned at him and he blushed. They started walking walking when all of the sudden, he heard his mom calling him. He groaned and turned around. She ran up to him and said:"Don't leave without this!" She brandished a Pokedex at him. Tracey was lost for words. "Mom... I'll miss everyone. Say goodbye to Dad for me..." He then hugged her, and his mother started crying. "Your finally my big boy!" She then waved to him and walked back to the house. He motioned to Logan, who grinned, and they headed towards Prof. Oak's lab.

To be continued...

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