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Thread: Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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    Default Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

    Mod edit: The Trade Forum Rules still apply to this thread. Most importantly these two.

    4) You may only post once per page (except in trade shops). A page is 20 posts; you can check the post number if you are unsure.
    5) Don't conduct trades within the threads (except in trade shops, though trade shops still have rules on how much you can post; see the subforum for details). If you see something you want to offer on, pm the person.

    So please keep them in mind when posting in this thread.
    Mods if you feel this is a bad idea, feel free to lock it up. I figured with everyone outside of Japan finally having the game released, it's not going to be long before people are going to need to get their Pokemon evolved, so they can continue on with the story.

    So that's what this thread is for. If you're looking to evolve you Feebas into a Milotic or Shelmet into a Accelgor, this is the place to be. Post here if you're looking for help to evolve your Pokemon, or whether you're just willing to help out someone evolve their Pokemon.

    Just fill out the basic template below.

    Best Times To Trade:
    Friend Code:

    For example, here's a filled out one.

    Username: Golden_Arcanine
    Evolving/Helping: Helping
    Best Times To Trade: MWF 8-10 PM CST
    Friend Code: 1564 1235 5641 5586
    Notes: Willing to help at no cost, PM me if you're in need of help.

    I'll add a Blacklist as well. If someone burns you in a deal, PM me their names and I'll add them.

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:
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