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    Default Phetty's Trade Shop

    I'm looking for either Shinies, Events I don't have, or Good natured EV's Pokemon.

    Pending Trades.
        Spoiler:- Pending:

    Rules & other Info.
    -I'll mostly be doing trades on weekends and when I have free time. PM me to arrange a good day to trade.
    -If I'm not responding send a PM
    -As a general rule I don't want anything hacked. This includes Events that are shiny unless they're meant to be shiny.
    -If it has all 31 IVs i'll assume it is a hack.
    -If you've traded me a hack or something I assume is hacked I'll ask to trade it back or for something else. Otherwise I'll add you to my shop Blacklist.
    -I will not accept DW Events with the OT Mat and the ID 30160. He's said that these DW events are not legit.

    A few services I can provide.
    - I can clone in both Gen 4 and 5. Which means I clone my Pokemon if you want a clone of yours back just ask.
    -I can transfer from Gen 4 to 5 for you if you do not have two DS'.
    -I can infect with the Pokerus upon request if it doesn't have it already
    -I can check IV's and EV's
    -I can teach any TM you can find in the game as of right now. Meaning anything but TM95 which isn't released. But I can breed Zorua who have the move.
    -I can make banners for your shop or sig. I either use the Game Sprites or Dream World artwork. PM/VM me for more details.

    My White FC: 5114 2718 1803

    Dream World Females
        Spoiler:- Dream World:

    EV'd Pokemon
        Spoiler:- EV'd:

    Shiny Pokemon to trade
        Spoiler:- Shiny:

    Event Pokemon
        Spoiler:- Events:

    Looking for DW Treeko, Torchic, and Charmander preferrably with good nature, but doesn't matter. Also looking for TRU Myster Egg Events.

    I'll have DW Leafeon and Espeon when the DW is released I'll be looking to trade for the others preferrably with good natures.
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    I clone my Pokemon. If you want clones of our trade back ask me.

    ^^Click for Shop^^
    Black FC: 0304 0608 2474
    ^^Wifi Battles^^
    XBox Live: Phetty x

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