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God yet another episode with Ash acting like a complete jerk shoving his views onto to other people. People complain that trip was annoying at least him and the other trainers were actually defending themselves against the Venipede who more than likely attacked first.

Wow i'm amazed at how foreshadowing this episode is in conjunction with the Tohoku disaster, with the Venipede fleeing, & the massive energy build up. Also thought PUSA handled the continuity with this and the next episode by editing out the small part of Ash & the gang wanting to go to the Desert Resort. Certainly alot better done than some of the stuff 4kids did in the past.
But what about all the other set up... Still gonna be a little weird next week I think...
I'm pretty sure they are never being shown ever now.. .-. But, I guess I shouldn't go on about that. >_>;