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Thread: A Venipede Stampede (681)

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    Never seen a berry be consumed like that before.
    I noticed that, compared to Ash, Burgh is like 11 or 12 feet tall. Maybe Ash is just shorter than usual?

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    This episode made Ash look like a hypocrite. He has "saved the day" countless times by ordering attacks on Pokemon, so why can't Trip do it in self-defense? It's like the writers weren't even thinking here. Ash's interference came off as childish pestering. When you make the antagonist more likable than the main character, you're doing it wrong.

    It's even worse when this very same episode ended with Ash and Trip launching attacks at the Venipede with their birds and Ash was still portrayed as the one in the right. Like what?

    Not enjoyable.

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    Yeah, Ash should really have caught that venipede, god that design is adorable. on a sidenote, lampent's voice is extremely hardcore.

    And no, Ash isnt really a hypocrite in this episode, he always only attacks pokemon as a last resort, and they should try to, I dunno, put them to sleep first.

    I also guess this is a lead-in to the TR vs. TP episodes that never aired, but the fact they never aired to so sad IMO.

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