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    not sure if this is really a glitch but 40/50 of my caught pokemon are careful and sassy natures... wierd coincidence or glitch in nature ratios?
    (also 2/5 volcaronas is careful or sassy... i think something is wrong with my game, also also, 200 SRs on volcarona, not 1 timid 1... i must be really unlucky -__-

    also a minor graphical glitch on victory road, far to the left on the bottom(past the ledge) if you stand facing the wall 2 spaces over from the border a black line runs across the boundry, not major, just wierd

    also when entering the ruins(volcarona room) my game froze on a black screen as if it couldnt load it, had to SR, only lost about 20 minutes and 3 levels though so nbd (same thing happened on a random spot in grass before i beat the elite four, like it was loading to start the wild battle, but it just repeated the music and stayed frozen, i eventually just sr)

    i think my games volcarona is cursed xD
    ... now that i think about it ive only seen like 10 male volcaronas...
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