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Sometimes there won't be any sound on my side, during a battle. For example, I first noticed it when I was facing a wild Audino with my Archen, and it used doubleslap on me. It showed the animation for the slapping, but no sound could be heard except for the actual damage sound when the hp bar goes down (it sounds like a simple crunch). Using an item, it made the first bling sound, but not the ~restoring~ sound. I don't know how to explain this well. But now it occurs every so often, and it won't go away unless I turn the game off and back on.

I've never experienced any volume related glitches with the game. Its possible that you're experiencing the glitches because there may be a fault with your actual DS Console, and not the game itself.

I've noticed sometimes, even though I have text speed on fast, text lags behind for even a second during battles. It isn't common but I've noticed it numerous amount of times.