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Thread: Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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    Jan 2012
    Route 6, Unova


    I want to nickname my Politoed 'Elvis'. Why? Here, consider this:

    -It evolves from Poliwhirl when traded while holding a King's Rock.
    -It's known for great singing abilities

    Name: Tacho
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    Mar 2011


    My Bisharp is named Reddokira it is the japanese tranlation of "the Red Killer"
    My Blaziken is named Heero because I thought it suited him really well.
    My Tyranitar is named Cyrus because it sounds powerful and leader-like.
    My Scizor is named Kenshin fits him.
    My Infernape is named Ichi.... because of Bleach.
    My Weavile is named Albel because it reminds me of the character from starocean.
    My Garchomp is named Cecil because of Final Fantasy.
    My Haxorous is named Claymore because its a beast.
    My Sableye is named Nicholae because that name always seemed kind of dark to me.
    My Excadrill is named Rush because that just sounds awesome.
    My Whimsicott is named Capricorn because it looks like a little goat. : D

    Current Alolan team:

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    Aug 2011
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    I call all of my HM Slaves Slave 1, Slave 2, you get it. Or Slave Cut, Slave Surf, Slave Flash,etc

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    Aug 2005
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    In Diamond, I nicknamed my starter Piplup "Mumble" after the main character in Happy Feet.
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    Apr 2010
    Route 3


    I named my 3 Mudkip "mudkipz" (don't need to explain), "herduliek?" (once again, I don't need to explain), and Axel, a corruption of Axol, derived from axolotl.
    Shiny Pokemon: 1

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    Nov 2011
    Margarita Zone


    My Froslass is named Kanade.
    The nicnames I use, I get from different Animes I watch

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    Aug 2006
    Dragonspiral Tower


    My Golurk is named Riser, which is a name the big guy earned. Riser rapidly rose through the ranks, if you will, and became the strongest member of my team thus becoming the team leader. He's risen to the occasion and taken out Pokemon that would normally lay him out flat and gotten more wins for me than anyone else.

    He's also the one who ended Ghetsis. I'd say he more than earned his monicker.

    My Sawk was originally named Tremblor, but I changed it to Hero. Why? Early on, my Sawk was my team's hero, getting me and everyone else through some really tough times. Again, my Pokemon earned the nickname; it wasn't freely given.

    My Oshawott's name is pretty straightforward: Prima, after a character in the Transformers mythos who carries a sword. I thought it fit.

    May you be waiting for me in the next Gen and forevermore.
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    Feb 2012


    The nicknames for my in-game team are as follows, and yes, I took a very mythological route when choosing their names:
    Samurott: Susanoo, a Japanese god of Water who fought the Orochi
    Volcarona: Seraphima, after the Seraph-class angels of fire which are known for having six wings, with an extra "a" added to the end to sound pretty
    Eelektross: Ouroboros, after the symbol of a serpent that swallows its own tail
    Archeops: Simurgh, after the divine Persian bird
    Escavalier: Durandal; I couldn't think of an applicable deity after which to name him, but in keeping with the mythological theme, I instead named him after a legendary sword (but not Excalibur, because that seemed too similar to his original name)
    Hydreigon: Orochi, the eight-headed dragon after which Hydreigon was designed (plus it ties into Samurott's nickname)

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    Oct 2011
    How should I know?


    I nicknamed my new shiny Misdreavus Necklace. It's a pretty self-explanatory nickname, as it has red spots around its neck that look like a necklace.
    I'm so broke, I can't even afford a cool signature.

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    Mar 2010


    Nicknamed my haxorus axasaurus also what should I nickname my breloom

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    Sep 2010
    Whispering Rock


    I nicknamed my Tepig Napalm, which is now an Emboar
    I nicknamed my Bisharp Ken Kage, "Dark Blade" in japanese. Son of my old Bisharp, Annihilate
    Lanturn is still pending. Haven't decided yet
    Mienshao? I think of replacing that with an Exeggcutor. Other than that, his nickname is Chan, like Jackie Chan
    Druddigons' nickname is Dragoon. Named after Magma Dragoon from Megaman X4.
    Ferrothorn's nickname is Iron whip. I plan to give him a japanese nickname
    Ardent user of anything Rock, Steel, Ground, or Fire

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    Jun 2010
    Your mom's house


    I named my Gardevoir Knight, even though she's female.
    My Empoleon's name is Barty.
    I named my Ampharos Amphy after the one in the Olivine Lighthouse.
    And finally, my Diagla's name is Averon. It was just the first one that came to mind.
    Normally I don't really name my Pokemon. I switch them out so much I lose track of them and forget.
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    Dec 2011
    Hall of Origins, with Groudon

    Default Nicknames

    Hhmm, I don't remeber all the ones I nickedname thus far. I only nickname pokes that will be a part of my team, though I never nickname legendaries, since I feel it's disrespectful to there legendary stats. Though I have no problem with others nicknaming thier legendaries, I just do with mine ^^;

    Anyways here is what I have so far.

    Excadrill - IronDrill♠

    Nidoking - KING♠

    Emboar - TemperNova

    Ursaring - Axe

    Kingler - Hammer

    Golurk - Guardian♠

    Swampert - SwampFort

    (DW Event Version) Banette - Zipper (Screaming Face symbol next to the name)

    Zoroark - Kage Fox♠

    Totodile - WaveCrush♠

    Scizor - Red Steel♠

    That's all I have for now.

    Ace is the Name, and Ace is my Game...

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    May 2009


    Hmm, let's see.

    In Platinum:
    Chelon (Torterra) - Turtles and tortoises collectively are called Chelonians.
    Masaharu (Gallade) - I chose an actual Japanese name because Gallade is so human-like.
    Zhao Long (Giratina) - I think that Long is Chinese for dragon. I don't remember where the Zhao bit came from.
    The others aren't very noteworthy.

    Other names that I tend to use for stories, or whenever I start a new game:
    Gallus (Blaziken) - The genus in which domestic chickens are placed, which ironically sounds quite threatening when used as a name.
    Sturnus (Staraptor) - Same loic as the above, but it's the genus for starlings.
    Felsen (Golem) - German for stone, I believe.
    Tori (Pidgeot) - Japanese for bird.

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    Feb 2012


    Serperior - Kasanoda
    Reuniclus - Lymphat
    Chandelure - Lumičre
    Eelektross - Sieglinde
    Samurott - Audhulma
    Zoroark - Duplighost
    Darmanitan - Siegmund
    Galvantula - Galvani

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    Mar 2009


    Shiny infernape- Ceasar
    Samurott- Riptide
    Archeops- Rex
    Conkeldurr- Brutus
    Shiny female haxorus- Graphite
    Shiny female crustle- Pebbles

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    Jan 2012
    Route 6, Unova


    If only there was enough room to nickname my Simisear 'Nitrox 3 1/2'. Oh well, 'Nitrox 3.5' will work.

    Name: Tacho
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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    May 2011


    I named my initial Black team after Chrono Trigger characters.

    Trainer name: Crono
    Serperior: Magus
    Audino: Marle
    Excadrill: Robo
    Swoobat: Lucca
    Simipour: Frog (Should have gotten a seismitoad, but I had a ground type already and I already had Panpour :/ )
    Zoroark: Ayla

    3DS Friend Code: 5086-0861-1093

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    Sep 2010


    I named my Stoutland "Oates", because in my fanfiction, my Stoutland like has a serious love for oatmeal cookies, and what dog doesn't like some bread or cookie-based based something?

    I usually don't name my starters, but I broke tradition in gen five and gave/will gave them names-

    Tepig (White version) I named Coals since it fits the fire theme and sounds cool to say, also the name of my Tepig in my fanfiction (Written mostly for my private amusement, it'll need work before I can share it)

    Oshawott (Don't have one I want to keep yet) but his name will be Wiley, since he'll be on the naughty, yet truly nice side.

    Snivy's name will be "Shuri", since it sounds samurai like and that's how I picture my Snivy, but I'll have to breed one.

    I named my Krokorok "Ace" since that name has a cool sound to it without being overly dark about it.

    I named my Stantler from Soul Silver Jingle, since again in my fanfiction, there's a Stantler who has a fondness for bells, not related to Christmas or the Winter Solstice in any way, though.

    When I get an Axew for my White game I'll name it "Crusher" since once it evolves to Fraxure, it'll better live up to the name.

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    Dec 2009
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    Jolteon - Sparky
    Emboer - Bacon
    Hydrigeon - derpface
    Typhlosin - Rat
    Chandalure - Reaper
    Infernape - Apesh!t
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    Quote Originally Posted by wearjo View Post
    No swear words or any other rude or gross words (there are kids as little as 6 visiting this site
    My sister is six and she names her pokemon... You don't want to find out.

    Zoroark- Illusinate
    Reason: 'Illusin'-Illusion, ate? ...Don't know.

    Paniward- SharpClaw
    Reason: The aincent cats from the warriors series-The Sharpclaws

    Dewott- Scallop
    Reason: A word that sounds like scalchop.

    Cyndaquil- Cyndy
    Reason: Goes with the poke, and is a name

    Lucario- SoulSphere
    Reason: Auras and souls are linked and sphear for aura sphere

    Flygon- Wind Melody
    Reason: 'The wings are flapped at a fast speed so that they create a melody, the desert spirit'
    The Beautiful World

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    Yunowun my dewott. Any guesses on it's name's origin?

    Geyser my simisear since he's Ol' Reliable in taking care of both my favorite types' weaknesses; water's grass and psychic's bug.

    Chip my watchog. Started as my cut pokemon, but while going through the game he collected the effort values I wasn't looking to aquire with the pokemon on my team (since I ev trained while going through the game), so now he's part of the team.

    Psidekic, my psychic sidekick.

    Terri my stoutland. Not a hard name to figure out.

    And finally Max my shiny elgyem. Named Max because I finally found him during a shiny hunt in another thread while watching Flight Of The Navigator (which is fitting since he's an alien). Max was the name of ship.

    November 2001 - February 2005


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    I nickname every Pokemon I use.

    My current team:

    Zoroark: Oliver cause I imagine him to be cheeky and naughty, so I named him after Oliver Twist 'Can I have some more, sir?' Tut tut
    Mienshao: Law, after Marshal Law from Tekken
    Excadrill: China, cause I was always told if you dig a hole in the ground deep enough, you'll end up in China lol
    Archeops: Sybil, cause I own a parrot irl called Sybil
    Chandelure: Juliet, the dead heroine from Shakespeare's masterpiece
    Darmanitan: Aldo, cause it just suits him lol

    Here are the name of my dragon power houses:
    Dragonite: Hamlet, b/c he is brooding and philosophical, like Shakespeare's creation
    Hydreigon: Faust, a character from an old anime I used to love; Shaman King
    Salamence: Merlin, b/c he has 252 sp.atk EVs
    Garchomp: Princess; b/c I always spoiled her
    Haxorus: Auron, based on the badass from FFX
    Flygon: Cairo; desert capital

    Here is the team I took with me on my adventures through Sinnoh:
    Gardevoir: Gabrielle, a beautiful name for a beautiful Pokemon
    Marowak: Stig, Marowak never takes his skull helmet off, and neither does the Stig from Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear! This is one of my fave NN's lol
    Butterfree: Gael, the name of my beautiful wife, Butterfree is her Pokemon
    Houndoom: Bella, b/c I own a chocolate Labrador irl and she'd called Bella
    Absol: Zack; I just think it fits him

    Some other notable powerful Pokemon I own:
    Tyranitar: Bully
    Porygon Z: Digit
    Metagross: Glitch
    Weavile: Narcissa
    Scizor: Zulu, cause she is badass
    Raichu: Raiden, from Mortal Kombat - Raiden has been with me for many generations ^^
    Gyarados: Riot
    Lucario: Zane
    Skarmory: Peaches
    Jellicent: Desdemona; dead heroine from Shakespeare
    Ferrothorne: Grenade
    Heatran: Ifrit; Final Fantasy fire god
    Zebstrika: Ixion; electric horse Aeon from FFX
    Azumarill: Max, just suits him
    Rotom-W: Daz, the washing powder called Daz lol xD
    Scrafty: Bruv
    Alakazam: Neo, cause Neo bends spoons like a baws
    Escavalier: Steiner, from the knights of Pluto in ff9

    That's all I can think of right now
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    Jolteon-Usain Bolt





    I will edit this post because these are the only ones I remember currently.

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    My pokemon nicknames! ^_^

    Serperior - Leaf

    Samurott - Blue

    Chandelure - Silver

    Mandibuzz - Platinum

    Haxorus - Gold

    Galvantula - Yellow

    Reshiram - Reshi

    Kyurem - Kyu

    Zekrom - Zeky

    Zorua 1 - Knight

    Zorua 2 - Wolfos

    Zoroark 1 - Twilight

    Zoroark 2 - Midna

    Liligant - Fi

    Archeops - Kargaroc

    Lucario - Rinku


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