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Thread: Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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    Jan 2011
    Purplesurge-Unreal IRC servers


    Kyreum - Ky
    Samurott - Zippy
    Emboar - Zippy
    Serperior - Zippy
    Zebstrika - Bolt
    Gigalith - Rocky
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    if you go on youtube and type 6 generation pokemon youll get a good idea of what it should be

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    Latest Black Team:

    Arcanine(f): Lucrezia - it means light, and it's kind of 'grand', which suits her.
    Zoroark(m): Cesare - yeah, I've been watching The Borgias.
    Archeops(m): Riley - I've also been watching Buffy reruns.
    Eelektross(f): Cecilia - it was almost Cynthia. Then it wasn't.
    Cloyster(f): Cassandra - no real reason!
    Simisage(m): Rowan - like the tree
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    I'm sorry to do this, but I won't be posting in the Serebii Discussion Forums anymore. My account here will remain open for trading/chatting with friends, but please be patient for a reply as my visits here will be fewer.

    I've left for the greener pastures of Bulbagarden Forums, where free speech is still allowed and the rules are followed by all, including those who enforce them.

    It's been a fun 3 years ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narkster View Post
    Although it is a rather dumb name, I called mine Kyogurt....
    I like that nickname more than my first Kyorgre's nicknameIts nickname was water. I am not joking, I wasnot very creative
    My name is Gregory. You may call me Gregory, Greg, or anything else you want.
    My favorite Pokemon is Zoroark, but only due to it's gimmick and design. It looks amazing and it's super cool in the way they made it.
    I've been here over two years as of May, ayy!
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    Four) Titanfall
    Five) Pokemon Black Version

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    What should I name my Haxorus and Escavalier? I have everyone else in my team named already...

    Here they are:

    Shiny Amoonguss- MagicMshrm (The shiny part of it makes it magic)
    Shiny Darmanitan- DonkeyKong(I see a resemblance to Donkey Kong)
    Seismitoad- Headphones(HE looks like h's listening to music)
    Unfezant- Aero(like aerodynamic)
    Haxorus- ?
    Escavalier- ?

    Help would be appreciated! Thanks

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    well, i just finished the main storyline of pokemon black, so i feel like i should share my team with everyone. they arent the most conventional pokemon, but they got me through the elite four. that has to count for something, right?

    RADAR - every since i played black a year ago, ive always loved watchogs. they are way more attractive than stoutlands and not as frail as liepards. i named him based on the name of his species: the lookout pokemon.

    PEACHES - firstly, i wanted to name her toadette. but then i decided to switch to to toadstool. then princess. and finally peaches. it just seemed to fit more than any of the other names.

    SONORA - since you can only catch dwebbles at the desert resort, i wanted her name to reflect that. so i named her after the sonoran desert. i imagine if crustles and dwebbles were to inhabit the real world, that is where they would flourish.

    KACHINA - i caught sigilyph while i was searching for dwebble and originally i wanted to name them something that could reflect that. i had planned on naming her serengeti, but it looked odd and didnt seem to suit her. so i opted for a more simpler name.

    TURNER - named after the designer who created the vanilluxe line, james turner. hes also one of the only boys on the team, along with radar.

    ROSE - i had named her barbara, but it looked awkward and screamed old lady. so i changed it.
    W E D O N T N E E D T O T O U C H J U S T
    B R E A T H E

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    I named my staraptor and bravery brave and named zebstrika wild horse and luxray shock dog

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    My friend and I decided to run through the game together. We both like naming themes when we run through the storyline; so this time I suggested the 7 deadly sins (him) vs the 7 glorious virtues (me). The english names were boring, so I used a mixture of Latin and Japanese translations (according to google translate, apologies if it's offensively wrong):

    Caritas, meaning charity in Latin.
    Venia, a Latin synonym of Caritas.
    Pietas, meaning kindness in Latin. He is a knight so I thought pietas/piety would be appropriate.
    Seirei, meaning Diligence in Japanese. Definitely harder to train her up!
    Almitas, again kndness, in Latin.
    Iridis, the only exception. I didn't expect him to be in my final team, but he pleasantly surprised me.
    Most recent Shiny: *Gligar* (Horde), 24/04/14
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    I'm on a boat mother... what?


    Should I call my Excadrill, Drillmon or Excalibur?

    The chosen ones

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    I named my Serperior Sherlock. Because if you watch the show Sherlock (the new show where Sherlock Holmes is set in modern times) he would totally be a Serperior. It's wonderful XD

    Credit to iPokemon

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    Reshiram. Reshiroo
    Zekrom. Zexxl
    Darkrai. Dark Ride
    Samurrot. Warrior
    Mew. Moo
    Mewtwo. Darth Vader
    3DS FC: 0602-7121-7236
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    I give my pokemon nicknames that match their appearance. Gyrados=Sea snake, Infernape=Chimpy, etc...

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    I dunt hav


    Emboar: Bacon
    Serperior: Grasssnake
    Samurott: Ihighatm
    Galvantula: Spiderman

    yeh sorry 750 character limit

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    Recently, in search of an adamant-natured Elgyem with synchronize, I caught and hatched a total of twenty-nine of the little aliens, one of which was shiny, and nicknamed all of them. Actually, I had a bit over twenty-nine, but I released a couple so that they could all fit in one box and still leave room for a hitch-hiking Clefairy. I also want to evolve the two "commanders," Andromeda and Orion. And now, without further adieu, I present... Starship Elgyem!

    Andromeda: Commander of the ship, and completely awesome due to being a shiny Pokemon. Wife of Orion and mother of Zeta. Her "hasty" nature may or may not have been partially responsible for the starship's crash-landing on Earth. I plan to evolve her into a Beheeyem.

    Orion: The more level-headed second-in-command of the ship. Husband of Andromeda, and father of Zeta. I also plan to evolve him into a Beheeyem.

    Zeta: Slightly bratty teenage daughter of Andromeda and Orion, and the second-oldest of the youngest Elgyem generation (behind Zorx). Not bad with a laser gun, despite her faults.

    Mars: Head of security aboard the ship, and a veteran of some intergalactic war or another. Husband of Venus and father of Mercury and Pluto.

    Venus: Despite being somewhat overshadowed by her husband, she is actually the stronger of the two, level-wise, and a surprisingly capable thief. Wife of Mars and mother of Mercury and Saturn (Fun facts: Currently the highest-leveled Elgyem, is technically the mother of all of the level 1 Elgyem, knows Thief, which was used to steal an everstone from a Roggenrola)

    Mercury and Pluto: Twin brothers and sons of Mars and Venus. Mercury, like most boys his age, likes spaceships and blowing stuff up, though Pluto is a bit more quiet and intelligent.

    Archon: Oldest Elgyem on board besides Yoda and Yaddle, keeper of the ship's archives.

    Rigley and Ligray: Twin brother and sister, fairly capable warriors, and pretty much the entirety of Mars' security force. Though they bear no relation to a pair of Elgyem siblings from a (quite excellent) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic on Deviantart, they are nonetheless named after them, and as such, I must credit said comic's creator, Amy-the-Jigglypuff, for the idea.

    Centauri and Chozo: two thoroughly nondescript grunts, linked only by their bland nondescriptness and lack of relations to anybody. Chozo is Archon's assistant, so that's something, I guess.

    Zaphod: While he lacks any special role aboard the ship, Zaphod's personality, rather reminiscent of that of his namesake from "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," more than makes up for this. Simultaneously loved and hated by virtually all of the other Elgyem, he certainly knows how to party.

    Marvin: As the janitor of the ship, he is one of those among its population who is never happy to see Zaphod. He is chronically depressed ninety percent of the time, with the other ten percent spent madly concocting utterly fruitless plans of world domination.

    Apollo and Artemis: The other set of adult twins abord the ship. While Rigley and Ligray are basically the entirety of Mars' security force, Apollo and Artemis excel as pilots. When the starship encountered something of interest along its mostly auto-piloted course, the loser of their latest game of rock-paper-scissors would take over at the controls, while the winner would fly out in a smaller ship to investigate.

    Yoda and Yaddle: The oldest Elgyem on the ship, and grandparents and guardians of Hubble. Yoda is extremely absentminded and slightly senile, while Yaddle acts just like the stereotypical old granny... until it comes time to deal with hostile aliens.

    Hubble: Grandson of Yoda and Yaddle, and youngest Elgyem on the ship, whose parents died in some intergalactic war or another. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable for his age, and often be found reading in the ship's archives room, or playing some sort weird space-chess thingy against Pluto.

    Ackbar: Self-proclaimed "Grand Admiral of the Elgyem Fleet"... despite there being only one ship. Also has a g-IT'S A TRAP!!!

    Squirp: Head (and only) chef aboard Starship Elgyem. Has the dubious honor both of being the only female Elgyem who is in no way related to anyone else, and being named after a male character.

    Leo G. Marx: a scout disguised as a human and sent down to Earth to explore and get a sense of what the planet was like without arousing unnecessary attention. This all became rather pointless, however, when the whole ship crash-landed in a giant, fiery explosion, definitely NOT Andromeda's fault. He soon rejoined with his fellow Elgyem.

    Kepler: Navigator of the ship and adoptive father of Prometheus. A fairly quiet and inconspicuous man-er... alien Pokemon thingy, overall.

    Prometheus: Adoptive son of Kepler, whose parents died in the indefinite, rather plot-convenient war that I already sort-of mentioned a couple of times. He has a fondness for machinery, and often helps out Ford, the ship's replacement mechanic.

    Zorx, Klax, and Jennifer: Three sisters, with Zorx as the oldest (as well as the oldest of the younger generation of Elgyem), and Jennifer as the youngest. They're just sort of... there, despite having no parents, adoptive or otherwise, and they have a bit of a tendency for maniacal laughter and evil plots, despite their young age.

    Winter: Mostly keeps to herself, in the dark storerooms in the hull of the ship. Whether she is actually on board the ship or just the result of one too many slices of triple-cheese pizza before bed is a subject of much debate among the crew, as throughout the entirety of the long voyage, she has still only been seen by about a fifth of the ship's inhabitants. Among those who do believe in her existence some say she is some sort of spirit, while others argue that she is just a young Elgyem with a talent for hiding. Appears to be quite shy, though only she knows whether or not this is merely a front to disguise whatever true intentions she may have. (Fun fact: Finally, an Adamant Elgyem with synchronise! She is named after a villain from the Three Musketeers, because I plan to use her when soft-reseting for shiny muskadeers.)

    Pierre: The only level 1 Elgyem who isn't part of the younger generation (story-wise, that is), he was found wandering in the desert resort near the crash site, speaking rapidly in an angry French accent and challenging random cacti, most of whom were not sentient (and the few Maractus among them promptly wiped the floor with him due to his pathetically low level), with a sword-like stick. No one knows how he even got to Earth in the first place, as he wasn't part of the Starship Elgyem crew, but they have since taken him in despite his volatile personality, sensitivity about his height (or lack thereof), and Frenchness.

    Ford (planned capture): From his battered fedora, to his perma-stubble, to his well-worn towel, this Clefairy is obviously a practiced hitchhiker of many adventurous exploits, truly the epitome of utter manliness in spite of his tiny, pink body. He is also a surprisingly capable mechanic, something that Starship Elgyem was badly in need of after the first one had been driven to utter madness followed by spontaneous combustion after an encounter with the cosmic horror that is Missingno. Recently, he has been teaching Promethius some of his tricks.
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    Samurott (Male)- Takeshi
    Braviary (Male)- Ikari
    Chandelure (Female)- Flaria
    Excadrill (Male) - Giga
    Mienshao (Male) - Ryohei
    Reunuculus (Female) - Erika

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    Snivy (F) > Snyra because I just came up with it while saying Snivy multiple of times before.
    Druddigon (M)> Gon because...I don't know..xD
    Haxorus (M) > Justin b. Lol, I don't know why.
    Hydreigon (M) > Trio because...3 heads.
    Sunflora (F) > Flower. Kinda obvious..

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    Samurott > Neptune (I can't remember why but it probably had to do with his beard)
    Braviary > Valiant (Since it has a brave nature)
    Volcarona > Helios or Mothra (female only) (Mothra for obvious reasons, Helios since it represents the sun god)
    Druddigon > Reptar (Shiny version reminds me of Reptar from Rugrats)
    Tyranitar(JAP) > Godzilla (Can't rename it since it was traded, but if I could it would be this)
    NNID:RainbowKirby (StarKirby) 3DS Friend Code:1349-4661-3134 AC:New Leaf Dream Suite:4500-2347-0072

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    my pokemons nicknames are:

    .leafy - snivy (not going to let evolve)
    .piggy - muna (not going to let evolve)
    .punchy - sawk (playing white, so was extremeley hard to find)
    .stoney - roggenrolla
    .thrashy - darmanitain
    .ducky - swana

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    also, every other pokemon i have caught have been given nicknames following the same pattern
    eg. zeky - zekrom, geary - klink, woofy- lilipup

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    I only nickname my Pokemon if I know I'm not going to trade them, I nickname them after their type, appearance or I just give them latin names.

    Staraptor = Aquilla
    Zoroark = Mortem
    Flareon = Lux

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    I give them fitting names,or their name backwards.

    a very important video - tumblr
    - i've claimed zelos wilder and tales of the abyss

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    Randi: Ponyta. It hatched unexpectedly so I consider it my first sorta random-encounter shiny. Randi for Random Encounter. Not Randy because that's a boy's name, and Randi is a girl.
    Newt: Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow. I had a finch that looked like it was scowling because of the crest on its head and named it Newt because Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House at the time. I used the name again on my Pikachu.
    Newton: Victini, in honor of my Pikachu Newt.
    Quackers: My Ducklett, I forgot why, but he was in my team when I beat the Elite Four which is why I used him to breed:
    Cobra: Descendent of Quackers, who I bred to get better stats. I kept four offspring and named them after pen-manufacturers, because their feathers are used for quills. The two I have left are Pelikan and Visconte.
    Irises: Haxorus from a Toys-R-Us egg. Iris's Axew hatched from mine, but I switched the word from possessive to plural.
    Perill: My adamant huge power Azumarill. Her name says watch out!
    Ball and Socket: An Azumarill and Manectric team that supports each other. It's many puns on electricity, Azumarill's shape, and stop motion animation.
    Mocha: My Milotic because I was craving one.
    Scatter: My Lucario because Flash Cannon has a cool animation I like.
    Heidi: Hydreigon, because its Deino hairstyle made me think it should be Heidi.
    Fusca: My Victreebel that I named after a Nepenthes fusca that I have so I wouldn't forget what it is.

    3DS FC: 3394-3551-2987

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    I have only nicknamed 2 of my pokemon so far.


    Am working on a Shiny Gastly right now, am thinking about naming it Bogy from Final Fantasy XI.
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    My Shiny Pokemon (all caught or hatched by me)

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    My team will have these nicknames from different Mortal Kombat characters:

    Samurott-Rain (Because of water)
    Haxorus-Shao Kahn (Because of it's power)
    Chandelure-N. Saibot (They are both undead, and Noob is my Favorite)
    Braviary-SonyaBlade (It looks like a bald eagle and bald eagles are american, and Sonya's in the military)
    Bisharp-Kitana (Because of the blades that are similar)
    Leavanny-Jade (It's green like jade, and it's just as strong)

    It's gonna be an epic team!

    What's Under YOUR Bed?

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    IGN: Jayrad

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    I usually use names from books (eg. for my Ponyta breeding project I have Ophelia, Juliet, Oberon and so forth) or the ones that suits the Pokemon design (royal names for Serperiors). I love punny names too: I'm going to call my (future) Camerupt Wielkan, from polish words wielbłąd (a camel), wielki (huge) and wulkan (volcano).

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