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Thread: Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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    I named my Reshiram Genki.
    I named my Snivy Smugleaf
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    emboar: blaze (his ability)
    golurk: hugo (from a book called fable haven)
    beeheyem: brains
    sawk: blackbelt
    ditto: kirby (he looks like kirby and takes others special skills like kirby)
    haxorus: ax (his head is a double bladed axe pretty much)
    there are a lot more but i forgot them

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    It's dark and it's kinda scary


    When it comes to nicknames, it just hurts my head, the only nickname I gave was to Charizard named Blaze=p

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    hold the phone, there are two Canadas now?

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    Nicknames never really seemed useful to me. The pokemon loses it's identity and only becomes familiar to the namer, which seems like too much of a sacrifice which is why I never use nicknames

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    Serperior: Emerald
    Hydreigon: Shadow
    Lucario: Kungfu
    Galvantula: ???? need help on this one
    Starmie: Jewel
    Chandelure: Lantern

    Samurott: Tsunami
    Scrafty: Trousers
    Salamence: Drago
    Leafeon: Meadow
    My Firered Team: My Emerald Team:
    My Platinum Team: My Heartgold Team:
    My White Team: My (planned) White 2 Team:
    My (planned) Black 2 Team:

    Name: Fox

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    Emolga should evolve into MEANmolga a BIG muscular pokemon that gets dynamic punch.

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    Some of my favorite nicknames I have done are:

    Tyranitar: Reptar
    Excadrill: Broom (sweeps like a broom!)
    Gliscor: Gator (Gator don't take no ****!- The Other Guys)
    Whiscash: Herpaderp
    Mienshao: Lee Sin (League of Legends character)
    Vanilluxe: Brewster (Ice cream company)
    Stoutland: Lawlski
    Ferlagatr: Tebow

    That's about all the ones I'm allowed to say haha I'm not that creative when it comes to nicknames so I don't nickname many of my Pokemon.
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    Well, for my current team, the nicknames are:

    Dewott: Cairo (simply named after my boyfriend's internet persona)

    Excadrill: Rusty (just thought the name fit its appearance and typing)

    Whimsicott: Dandelion (kinda obvious, lol)

    Cofagrigus: King Tutan (named after an Egyptian king)

    Larvesta: Solstice (I felt that a sun related name would be the most fitting)

    Mienfoo: Ling (a simple Chinese name for a Chinese-eque Pokemon)

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    I love nicknaming my pokemon. I nickname every pokemon I intend on keeping for myself, even if I don't plan on training them at all.

    Right now my team on White is

    Samurott - Rinzler
    Haxorus - Little Man (he was little when I caught him, anyway!)
    Dragonite - Smush
    Scrafty - Jammies (cause she looks like she's wearing pajamas!)
    Growlithe - Big Red

    Sometimes I forget that I've used a name already and wind up with some different pokemon with the same name, like a Wailmer and Musharna both named Lump, and multiple female birds named Ladybird.
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    My team is going to be:
    Empoleon: Titanic
    Volcarona: Sunburst
    Haxorus: H4X0R
    Zoroark: Loki
    Aerodactyl: Meteor
    Raikou: (I don't nickname Legendaries)

    I think the coolest nickname I've ever given a pokemon is "Gi Joe" to a Sawk. Because it is a spin-off of GI Joe, and he is wearing a gi. I felt good about myself after that XD
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    I only started nicknaming Pokemon for my most recent Black playthorugh (June this year) but I've used many Pokemon for teams since. I'm just going to list a few.

    Samurott: Revolver
    Stoutland: Angus
    Excadrill: Mr Resetti (I played the original Animal Crossing as a kid and didn't save while on a different memory card. My brother warned me Mr. Resetti would take your eyes out if you forgot to save too many times. He did and I was scared for life so I named the beast mole after that demonic mole of my childhood.)
    Conkledurr: Jackhammer (I forgot what his final form was when I named it and didn't bother to change it.)
    Reuniclus: Organelle
    Hydreigon: Lernaean

    Feraligatr: FeraligatR (gotta embrace the lack of "o")
    Togekiss: Stratus
    Tyranitar: Starkguard
    Espeon: Sunray
    Tangrowth: Medusa
    Houndoom: Wildfire

    Kllinklang: GearGrind
    Galvantula: Tuerday (easily my worst nickname ever, I was going to name it Tuesday because I caught it on Tuesday which is alreayd bad enough but then I spelled it wrong so it's even more terrible but I can't help but keep it)
    Swanna: Odette
    Gothielle: Silencer
    Scrafty: Hoodlum (I love the fact that it's the "hoodlum" pokemon so I couldn't help myself)
    Scholipede: Killjoy

    Serperior: Edgeoworth
    Ampharos: Elani
    Vaporeon: Tsunami
    Krookodile: K. Rool
    Chandelure: Lumiere
    Bravairy: Liberty

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    1. Name a Zoroark 'Not Zoroark'
    2. Name something supereffective on Zoroark's weaknesses 'Zoroark'
    3. ????
    4. Profit
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    Haven't actually started my playthrough of Black yet due to SRing for a Shiny Snivy all year so far, but this is what I plan to do:
    Serperior: Not sure yet
    Sawsbuck: Kura (if Male), Saku or Sakura (if Female)
    Maractus: Florem (If Male), Fleur (If Female)
    Lilligant: Sakura
    Ferrothorn: Not sure yet
    Leavanny: Not sure yet
    Amoongus (If I use it): Not sure yet
    That awkward moment when your Full Pokedex Diamond with many shinies and legendaries stops working...

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    This post is a beautiful masterpiece.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chewiana Jones View Post
    Recently, in search of an adamant-natured Elgyem with synchronize, I caught and hatched a total of twenty-nine of the little aliens, one of which was shiny, and nicknamed all of them. Actually, I had a bit over twenty-nine, but I released a couple so that they could all fit in one box and still leave room for a hitch-hiking Clefairy. I also want to evolve the two "commanders," Andromeda and Orion. And now, without further adieu, I present... Starship Elgyem!

    Andromeda: Commander of the ship, and completely awesome due to being a shiny Pokemon. Wife of Orion and mother of Zeta. Her "hasty" nature may or may not have been partially responsible for the starship's crash-landing on Earth. I plan to evolve her into a Beheeyem.

    Orion: The more level-headed second-in-command of the ship. Husband of Andromeda, and father of Zeta. I also plan to evolve him into a Beheeyem.

    Zeta: Slightly bratty teenage daughter of Andromeda and Orion, and the second-oldest of the youngest Elgyem generation (behind Zorx). Not bad with a laser gun, despite her faults.

    Mars: Head of security aboard the ship, and a veteran of some intergalactic war or another. Husband of Venus and father of Mercury and Pluto.

    Venus: Despite being somewhat overshadowed by her husband, she is actually the stronger of the two, level-wise, and a surprisingly capable thief. Wife of Mars and mother of Mercury and Saturn (Fun facts: Currently the highest-leveled Elgyem, is technically the mother of all of the level 1 Elgyem, knows Thief, which was used to steal an everstone from a Roggenrola)

    Mercury and Pluto: Twin brothers and sons of Mars and Venus. Mercury, like most boys his age, likes spaceships and blowing stuff up, though Pluto is a bit more quiet and intelligent.

    Archon: Oldest Elgyem on board besides Yoda and Yaddle, keeper of the ship's archives.

    Rigley and Ligray: Twin brother and sister, fairly capable warriors, and pretty much the entirety of Mars' security force. Though they bear no relation to a pair of Elgyem siblings from a (quite excellent) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic on Deviantart, they are nonetheless named after them, and as such, I must credit said comic's creator, Amy-the-Jigglypuff, for the idea.

    Centauri and Chozo: two thoroughly nondescript grunts, linked only by their bland nondescriptness and lack of relations to anybody. Chozo is Archon's assistant, so that's something, I guess.

    Zaphod: While he lacks any special role aboard the ship, Zaphod's personality, rather reminiscent of that of his namesake from "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," more than makes up for this. Simultaneously loved and hated by virtually all of the other Elgyem, he certainly knows how to party.

    Marvin: As the janitor of the ship, he is one of those among its population who is never happy to see Zaphod. He is chronically depressed ninety percent of the time, with the other ten percent spent madly concocting utterly fruitless plans of world domination.

    Apollo and Artemis: The other set of adult twins abord the ship. While Rigley and Ligray are basically the entirety of Mars' security force, Apollo and Artemis excel as pilots. When the starship encountered something of interest along its mostly auto-piloted course, the loser of their latest game of rock-paper-scissors would take over at the controls, while the winner would fly out in a smaller ship to investigate.

    Yoda and Yaddle: The oldest Elgyem on the ship, and grandparents and guardians of Hubble. Yoda is extremely absentminded and slightly senile, while Yaddle acts just like the stereotypical old granny... until it comes time to deal with hostile aliens.

    Hubble: Grandson of Yoda and Yaddle, and youngest Elgyem on the ship, whose parents died in some intergalactic war or another. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable for his age, and often be found reading in the ship's archives room, or playing some sort weird space-chess thingy against Pluto.

    Ackbar: Self-proclaimed "Grand Admiral of the Elgyem Fleet"... despite there being only one ship. Also has a g-IT'S A TRAP!!!

    Squirp: Head (and only) chef aboard Starship Elgyem. Has the dubious honor both of being the only female Elgyem who is in no way related to anyone else, and being named after a male character.

    Leo G. Marx: a scout disguised as a human and sent down to Earth to explore and get a sense of what the planet was like without arousing unnecessary attention. This all became rather pointless, however, when the whole ship crash-landed in a giant, fiery explosion, definitely NOT Andromeda's fault. He soon rejoined with his fellow Elgyem.

    Kepler: Navigator of the ship and adoptive father of Prometheus. A fairly quiet and inconspicuous man-er... alien Pokemon thingy, overall.

    Prometheus: Adoptive son of Kepler, whose parents died in the indefinite, rather plot-convenient war that I already sort-of mentioned a couple of times. He has a fondness for machinery, and often helps out Ford, the ship's replacement mechanic.

    Zorx, Klax, and Jennifer: Three sisters, with Zorx as the oldest (as well as the oldest of the younger generation of Elgyem), and Jennifer as the youngest. They're just sort of... there, despite having no parents, adoptive or otherwise, and they have a bit of a tendency for maniacal laughter and evil plots, despite their young age.

    Winter: Mostly keeps to herself, in the dark storerooms in the hull of the ship. Whether she is actually on board the ship or just the result of one too many slices of triple-cheese pizza before bed is a subject of much debate among the crew, as throughout the entirety of the long voyage, she has still only been seen by about a fifth of the ship's inhabitants. Among those who do believe in her existence some say she is some sort of spirit, while others argue that she is just a young Elgyem with a talent for hiding. Appears to be quite shy, though only she knows whether or not this is merely a front to disguise whatever true intentions she may have. (Fun fact: Finally, an Adamant Elgyem with synchronise! She is named after a villain from the Three Musketeers, because I plan to use her when soft-reseting for shiny muskadeers.)

    Pierre: The only level 1 Elgyem who isn't part of the younger generation (story-wise, that is), he was found wandering in the desert resort near the crash site, speaking rapidly in an angry French accent and challenging random cacti, most of whom were not sentient (and the few Maractus among them promptly wiped the floor with him due to his pathetically low level), with a sword-like stick. No one knows how he even got to Earth in the first place, as he wasn't part of the Starship Elgyem crew, but they have since taken him in despite his volatile personality, sensitivity about his height (or lack thereof), and Frenchness.

    Ford (planned capture): From his battered fedora, to his perma-stubble, to his well-worn towel, this Clefairy is obviously a practiced hitchhiker of many adventurous exploits, truly the epitome of utter manliness in spite of his tiny, pink body. He is also a surprisingly capable mechanic, something that Starship Elgyem was badly in need of after the first one had been driven to utter madness followed by spontaneous combustion after an encounter with the cosmic horror that is Missingno. Recently, he has been teaching Promethius some of his tricks.
    *I have really sporadic wifi access right now.

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    I generally always nickname my Pokémon. Let's see...
    Blaziken - Blazer (He was my very first Pokémon way back in Ruby. Cliché name, but hey.)
    Gardevoir - Arina (I used to read the New Moon books by Arina Tanemura, always thought her name was pretty.)
    Swellow - Rocket (He's fast. Simple.)
    Milotic - Scelia (I wanted a name that resembled 'scale', but didn't want it to be really obvious.)
    Altaria - Derpie (He just looks so derpy all the time.)
    Roserade - Flaroma (Combination of 'flower' and 'aroma'.)

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    I name the pokemon cloest to my heart which I personally created.

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    I actually ended up naming my Serperior the japanese name for Snivy, because I used the name so much when talking about the game before English names were released that it stuck.
    I also named my Krookodile Al Cpwn, because he looks kind of like a gangster, and his name does have "Krook" in it. And yes, I know, its spelled "Crook". And Cpwn worked because it's very strong plus Al Capone.
    This "Pokemon Rainbow" rumored game is already killing me. I want it!

    Also, general nintendo fans will probably like my youtube. I make unboxings and collection videos.
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    I name my shiny pokemon after food/flavors/edible things/similar objects.

    shiny Crobat - Jellybean
    shiny Castform - Plum
    shiny Typhlosion - Pumpkin

    I plan on continuing this trend when more shinies come my way. I also nickname non-shinies, but only if they are EV trained.
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    *credit to Equal-To-Heaven for the clock

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    I sometimes feel like naming my pokemon silly/funny things (Mint'nCoke the Gastly), but then I regret it and name them something incredibly pretencious to make up for it XD

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    Here are the nicknames I have given my Pokemon...

    Sawsbuck (F) - Apacci, named after Emilou Apacci from the anime Bleach. Emilou Apacci is a deer-like hollow and her Zanpakutou is called Cierva which is Japanese for Doe, her main attack is Pulsera Cuerno which is Japanese for Antler Ring. When she releases her sword, she retains her deer-like appearance that she had when she was a hollow.

    Volcarona (F) - Amaterasu, named after the Japanese Shinto Goddess of the Sun, In Ancient Folk-Lore, Volcarona's Fire is said to be replacement for the sun when volcanic ash covered the atmosphere.

    Milotic (F) - Benzaiten, named after the Japanesse Shinto Goddess of Love, Beauty, Eloquence & Music and is also a Goddess of the Sea, In Lore, Benzaiten's husband is said to be a wicked dragon, which is referenced in Pokemon by the fact that Milotic's counterpart is Gyarados, a Raging Dragon/Serpent which are also sacred to her. Benzaiten also brings luck and good fortune.

    Scolipede (F) - Escolopendra, named after Loly Aivirrne's Zanpakutou in the anime Bleach, Japanese for Hundred Stings, Poisonous Harlot.

    That's it for now ^_^
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    i give my pokémon nicknames from books and friends.for example Sonia antaine austen safiria Gavin ferrin etcetera

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    Ah, I love nicknaming. My main pokemon are as follows.

    Serperior -- Fleurdilis (there are a lot of fleurdilys on her and I already liked them a lot)
    Simipour -- Cenno (pun on the "three wise monkeys.)
    Druddigon -- Carmine (it's a bright red)
    Braviary -- Loft (was watching a lets play where there is a bird called a loftwing. Don't judge me, it's a cool name :P )
    Chandelure -- Bing (I will give you a cookie if you get the joke.)
    Jellicent -- Zejelli (I had the Spongebob jellyfish voice in my head.)
    Galvantula -- Zel (A reference to a ninja like character in a video game I played. Zel is my thief ninja. Compoundeyes + Thief + Huge Spider = love)

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    Quote Originally Posted by silveraquila View Post
    Ah, I love nicknaming. My main pokemon are as follows.

    Serperior -- Fleurdilis (there are a lot of fleurdilys on her and I already liked them a lot)
    Simipour -- Cenno (pun on the "three wise monkeys.)
    Druddigon -- Carmine (it's a bright red)
    Braviary -- Loft (was watching a lets play where there is a bird called a loftwing. Don't judge me, it's a cool name :P )
    Chandelure -- Bing (I will give you a cookie if you get the joke.)
    Jellicent -- Zejelli (I had the Spongebob jellyfish voice in my head.)
    Galvantula -- Zel (A reference to a ninja like character in a video game I played. Zel is my thief ninja. Compoundeyes + Thief + Huge Spider = love)
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    Here are some random names that I loved I put to some pokemon:

    Grace- Name for a swana in black and white that I used for surf and fly. I just loved how the name went for the Swan

    Amunet- goddess of the unknown and the name for my Cofrarigus in B/W

    Legion-My Hydraegon in B/W I think it is pretty self explenatory: has the power of a legion

    Heavy Joe- Conkeldur... come on! the name and pokemon speak for themselves! That´s one Heavy Joe right there!

    Sadjojata: Name for Snivy. It looks like a serpent, which are related to Shiva, and Sadjojata is the name of the creator part of Shiva, which linked to growh and plants to me. Yeah, it´s a bit forced, but I loved the name and I just put it to my now serperior

    Brahma: Emboar .Another hindu god. He became a boar once when trying to find out the end of Shiva´s lingam. Not much more to it. Again I just wanted the name of an hindu God.

    Bael: I love this name . It was for my simisage. Bael is the kind of leave with which Shiva worship is generally done, and simisage is leafy. Yeah may be silly, but still, I just love the name and how it fit´s him... more than rationale because it just... well fits him

    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding-chocobo View Post
    I named my team using names based off Greek mythology.

    Samurott- Poseidon, the greek god of water
    Scrafty- Ares, the god of war. Plus, he can usually OHKO things by himself (he took out Clay's first pokemon w/ Brick Break! )
    Emolga- Appllo/Zeus, named after the god of the sky/god of light (considering I can find one of these things :P)
    Chandelure- Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.
    Haxorus- Demios, based off one of the sons of the god Ares. Name means "terror."
    Sawsbuck- Pan, based off the half-man, half-goat of Greek mythology.
    Love this names!

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    Mandibuzz: Pebbles
    Serperior: Chijin
    Cobalion: Kirin
    Unfezzant male: Tonbo female: Kiki
    Ferrothorn: Kakuzu
    Growlithe: Embers
    Tepig: Shogi
    Samurott: Zabuza
    Suicune: Suigetsu
    Landorous: George
    Axew: Chisuji
    Purrloin: Kaede
    and many more. I love nicknames. I tend to nickname most of my Pokemon off of Naruto characters, objects, other anime and manga characters or game Characters, and RP friends' names

    "Small but Brave! Keldeo the Hero!!"

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    haxourus: butcher
    cyrogonal: snowflake
    chendelure: chandelier
    mandibizz: vulture
    braviary: eagle
    Live long and prosper

    I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
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