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Thread: Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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    For my White 2 playthrough I named all of my team members after characters from Arthurian legend, mostly based off the Once and Future King, not so much Morte de Arthur. So I had

    Arthur the Samurott
    Lancelot the Lucario
    Guinevere the Roserade
    Morgana the Zoroark
    Gawain the Arcanine
    Mordred the Electvire

    When I caught Kyurem and Reshiram, I named them Uther and Merlin, respectively.
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    Some more of my Nick-Names. Most of them are Dark Souls Related.

    Murkrow - Velka, Velka is a character from the game Dark Souls known as the goddess of sin and her symbol was the crow.

    Sharpedo - Hoshigaki, named after Kisame Hoshigaki from the anime Naruto, Kisame has a shark -like appearence and his sword's name is Samehada, which translates to Shark-Skin, a refernce to Sharpedos' Rough Skin ability.

    Smeargle - Ariamis, another character from Dark Souls, he created the Painted World within Anor Londo which is loosely based on the Ancient City of Oolacile, and it is said that anyone who draws near the painting will be sucked in forever.

    Zekrom - Kalameet - After the Black Dragon Kalameet in Dark Souls, one of the Everlasting Dragons.

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    I always loved nicknames of pokemon. They can tell you a lot about the trainer, and their creativity. I have a lot of interesting nicknames, but I have three favorites.

    Breloom-LOL Punch
    I have no Idea where I got this name, but since this Breloom is a Technician Breloom, he uses Mach Punch. So, when I found him in a Hidden Grotto, I just thought of the name LOL Punch

    Garchomp-Mama Gappa
    I found this guy on a used Diamond version, so it isn't my creation for a Nickname. She had perfect IVs(As I later found out), but at the time, I knew she had great stats, so I used it a lot, and the name stuck on me. Ever since, I have named every Gible Mama Gappa, yes even males. The name has endured ever since

    A mix of the words Pwn, since Kingdras pwn, and Pony, since it's a seahorse. Get it Pwny, pony. Ahahahaha...ha...ha...I'll just shut up now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magikot View Post
    I'm breeding a fun team on my white game I'm naming "Team DURP!" which is basically a team made up of pokemon with silly or durpy faces.

    Conkledurr (ConkleDURP)
    Stunfisk (DURPafish)
    Swoobat (DURPabat)
    Garbodor (GarboDURP)
    Vanilluxe (DURPacone)

    I haven't decided who I want for the 6th spot yet.
    LOL! I would love to see that!
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    I give them nicknames like... Fishstick/Seafood/Salad.. Mostly based on their names or color. Or what kind of animal theyare based on etc c:

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    I like giving clever nickname or nicknames based on their typing.

    My favorite (didn't come up with it). Is Acooltent (Tentacool).

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    I always nickname my Pokemon. This is the list of pokemon I have right now in Pokemon White 2 that has a nickname.

    Two Absol's = Yin-Yang and Mifune
    Ho-oh = Aion
    Tornadus = Thor
    Giratina = Sombra
    Arcanine = Kiba
    Cresselia = Sora
    Jellicent = Ippin
    Venomoth = Shino
    Aipom = Emma
    Bronzor = Gin
    Firafarig = Futago
    Oshawott = Desuki
    Houndoom = Ferrum
    Torkoal = Zoku
    Camerupt = Dotin
    Zorua = Nyx
    Accelgor = Bagu
    Aridos = Fu
    Beutifly = Mika
    Beedrill = Hachi
    Butterfree = Ochi
    Heracross = Terra
    Aron = Tetsu
    Groundon = Gaia
    Ponyta = Natsu

    I have a Darkrai and a Manaphy but they are not nicknamed.

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    I nicknamed Oshawott Ollie. Have no idea why.
    I nicknamed Lilipup - Lily. Still no idea why.
    I nicknamed Purloin- Coolcat. Good try right?
    Nicknamed Blitzle- Elecra. Basicly Electric and Zebra
    I have nicknamed Darumaka- Hotdog. I know he is not a dog btw.
    I nicknamed Vanilitte- Yum. I was hungry and it is an icecream/snow cone and I had no idea what to nickname it so I called it that. lol.

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    I have never gave a nickname to any of my Pokemon and I've been playing the game since it first came out.
    Nicknames just don't appeal to me for some reason.

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    I have a slowpoke named Bozo. I was tempted to name it Hemingway-I have a slowbro in platinum named Ernest. They could tag team-Feel the wrath of ERNEST HEMINGWAY!
    I MM'd a shiny shinx only 39 eggs, no shiny charm/o power! 3/9/2015

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    I rarely name my Pokémon nowadays. But after restarting my Black game, I got a female Tepig and named her, so back to naming!
    Purrloin=Purrhotty [Hotty was actually a different word.]
    Lilipup= Lilia

    Black 2 names.

    My traded away Chansey=Happiness

    Emerald names, BEFORE I LOST THE DARN THING--I'm sorry. That was truly my favorite game, and I'm crushed that I lost it after all those years.

    Flygon=Freefall [This was when I watched Dinotopia as a child. There was this dinosaur name Freeflow or Freefall that David [one of the main characters] rode.]

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    Got two spiritombs. One shiny one not. Named Shiny one Wendy and the non-shiny Casper :3

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    Hmmm, I nickname almost all my Pokémon. I'm pretty proud of Serephin the Growlithe, Kieth the Buizel, Caroline the Charizard, Masamune the Shiny Braviary, Raj the Shiny Staraptor, and many, many more. Might post a few more of my nicknames!

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    I named my Black2 Team after stars:

    Deneb the Samurott
    Centauri the Arcanine
    Betelgeuse the Whimsicott
    Barnard the Gliscor
    Rigel the Weavile
    Thuban the Eelektross
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    IGN: Quan

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    Yui, a Female Reuniclus
    It reminded me of an anime character plus i was out of names ^^;
    Tsubaki, female Lilligant, again reminded me of an anime character and plus, why the heck not
    Knife, male Bisharp, because it looks like it is wielding one, but it's a Gentle nature, (which I wouldnt expect from something so dangerous as a Bisharp D: ) so i went with something a little less threatening ^^;
    Fluffee, a female Whimiscott, its so fluffy im gonna die!
    Mask, a female Zoroark, its ability is the reason why xD
    And, finally,
    Supaku, a male Zebstrika, Supaku means Spark in japanese

    Those are some good nicknames on my White game ^^; but i put most of the pokemon i listed into the PC ( D: ) for purposes

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    It's funny I was just recently noticing how my nickname style has changed over the past 10 years. My early games tended to be Pokemon with -er on the end based on type and appearance such as Flamer (Charizard/Blaziken), Sparker(Pikachu), Slasher(Zangoose), etc. I then started using names I thought were particularly cool at the time such as Wildfire (Rapidash), Tsunami (Gyarados), and Shockstar (Zapdos). In White I named a lot based on mythological figures such as Vulcan (Emboar) or mythic names like Orcrist (Haxorus-A sword mentioned in The Hobbit).
    Black 2 I used almost entirely Russian place names, animal names, or names of former Soviet Republics, such as Lyagushka (Poliwrath-Translates into frog) even using Putin as my character name. Finally in X/Y I continued to use names I thought sounded cool like Firedrake (Charizard) as well as a few French names to represent the Kalos region like Espirit eau (Rotom-Translates into "water spirit"). Also the two games I haven't nicknamed much (except for maybe 3-4) are one of my two Firereds and Platinum. In my other Firered I caught a new batch of Gen 2 Pokemon in the Sevii Islands and named them after Confederate Leaders in the US Civil War (although I'm glad the North won).
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    I named my Zoroark Shade.

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