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    I can't confirm this but the other day my friend told me that 4th and 5th gen servers will be coming down on May 20th. This is sad for anyone who hasn't had a chance to purchase the new games yet and is still battling it out in Unova.

    But my question here is what does this mean for transferring pokemon from older gens to XY. For example, if I am playing through Platinum again for nostalgic reasons and run into a shiny that I want to transfer over to my file on X/Y, does this mean I will no longer be able to once this comes around?

    I'm still attempting to complete the Pokedex and there are games I need to replay in order to obtain those legendaries, I'm a little worried that I have to marathon like 4 games within the next 2-3 weeks lol

    Edit: It's actually on the official Nintendo page so it looks legit. Here is the link for anyone wondering.

    PS: If this was already touched upon I apologize, I used the search function and didn't find anything about it.

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    None of the means of transferring Pokémon from generation to generation will be affected. The means of transferring from III to IV and IV to V don't use Wi-Fi, and Pokémon Bank will be unaffected because it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for such a service to be created, announced and activated and then shut down three months later.
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