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Thread: Past Pokemon Generation Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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    Default Past Pokemon Generation Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Rules for the Past Generation forum - please read and follow them before posting. Failure to do so can result in getting a warning or infraction.

    1. All general Serebii Forums Rules apply.

    2. This forum is for general discussion of older gens, i.e. Gen I, II, III, and IV. General discussion of Gen V and VI does not belong here.

    3. Discuss main series games here only. Use the spinoff forum for discussion of games such as Colosseum/XD, Mystery Dungeon, etc.

    4. Use the help thread if you have any general questions or need game help. Do not make a separate thread just to ask a simple question.
    Additionally, questions about a specific game can go in that game's help thread:
    RBY help thread

    5. If you want your team rated, post in the appropriate RMT forum.

    6. If you create a new thread here, make sure it fits this forum, i.e. is specifically about at least one of the first four generations (e.g. "best 3rd gen ____?"). Topics not specifically about the gens discussed here (e.g. "do you use ____ type Pokemon?") should go in General Pokemon Discussion or Pokepolls. Threads that don't belong here will be closed.

    7. When posting, make sure your post contributes to the discussion. Don't respond with something like "I agree" and nothing else; put some effort into your responses.

    8. Do not discuss hacking or cheating - e.g. don't talk about cheating devices or ask for codes.

    9. Don't discuss ROMs, emulators, etc. either.
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