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Thread: Yuzenn's Trade Shop!

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    Default Yuzenn's Trade Shop!

    UPDATE 3/14:

    I have migrated all of my battle tower pokemon and the majority of my legendaries to my white copy. I will be updating this thread constantly with legends I obtain in white, but for the most part this list is still intact. PM me or offer me while I still have pokemon on my 4th gen carts!


    Shiny Mild Squirtle lvl 1
    Bashful Zoroark lvl 32
    Adamant Japanese Zorua lvl 1
    Bold Japanese Kyurem lvl 76
    Adamant Japanese Thundurus
    Naughty Cobalion lvl 42
    Bold Victini lvl 15
    Shiny Suicune Relaxed lvl 30 (Pokerus Active)
    Shiny Riolu lvl 1
    Shiny Manaphy lvl 19
    Shiny Scyther lvl 1
    Jolly Zekrom lvl 50
    All 3 Elemental Monkeys and Snivy/Oshawott Eggs
    Hasty Suicune lvl 40
    Win2011 Celebi Modest lvl 50
    Impish Ho-Oh lvl 50
    Shiny Jolly EV'd Weavile (Nickname SnowClaw) lvl 100
    Shiny Gyrados Sassy lvl 30
    Mild Mewtwo lvl 70
    Japanese Movie Arceus Quiet lvl 100
    Serious Mewtwo lvl 100

    (The next couple are my battle tower pokemon. If you want one, I will not part with them without a VERY good offer.)

    Shiny EV'd Adamant Dragonite lvl 100 W / focus band and smogon moveset
    Shiny EV'd Hasty Ninjask lvl 100 W / leftovers and smogon moveset
    EV'd Adamant Scizor lvl 100 W / life orb and smogon moveset

    Adamant Rayquaza lvl 70
    Modest Dugtrio (Nicknamed DigDug) lvl 53
    Brave Gligar lvl 18
    Jolly Mewtwo lvl 70
    Hasty Palkia lvl 70
    Adamant Giratina lvl 47
    Careful Wynaut lvl 5
    Jolly Slaking lvl 36
    Shiny Mild Crobat lvl 100 (Pokerus Active)
    Shiny Serious Magnezone lvl 35
    Alamos Docile Darkrai lvl 50
    Bashful Kyogre lvl 70
    Japanese Movie Arceus lvl 100 Mild and Quiet
    Gamestop Rash Deoxys lvl 50
    Shiny Timid Spiritomb lvl 3
    Lonely Dialga lvl 75
    Bold Wishmkr Jirachi lvl 5
    Lonely Heatran lvl 70 (Nickname Hellboy)
    Adamant Uxie lvl 50 (Nickname Maro)
    Bashful Mesprit lvl 50
    Adamant Azelf lvl 50
    Brave Manaphy lvl 10
    Lax 10 Aniv Celebi lvl 70
    Mild Shiny 10 Aniv Latios lvl 70
    Mild Shiny 10 Aniv Latias lvl 70
    Japanese Serious Palkia lvl 100
    Naught TRU Shaymin lvl 52
    Hardy Regigigas lvl 1
    Bashful Mew lvl 10
    Jolly Japanese Movie 9 Pichu lvl 30
    Naive Groudon lvl 53
    Timid VGC09 Milotic lvl 50
    Mild Darkrai lvl 50
    Rash Gamestop Deoxys lvl 50
    Hardy Raikou lvl 70
    Lax Suicune lvl 70
    Naughty Entei lvl 70
    Bold Lugia lvl 100 (Pokerus Active)
    Hasty Ho-oh lvl 100
    Careful Articuno lvl 92
    Bold Phione lvl 1
    Brave Alamos Darkrai lvl 50
    Rash MYSTRY Mew lvl 10
    Adamant Cresselia lvl 50
    Modest Shiny Gyrados lvl 100
    Japanese Hardy Shiny Deoxys lvl 100
    Relaxed Shiny Groudon lvl 70
    Japanese Shiny Jolly Darkrai lvl 100
    Japanese Shiny Lonely Latios lvl 100
    Hasty Luxray lvl 100 (Pokerus Active)
    Rash Giratina lvl 100 (Nickname Dios)
    Timid Entei lvl 100
    Rash Alakhazam lvl 100
    Impish Umbreon lvl 100

    Also have all starters, a masterball, most items, and every item in gen 4.


    EV Trained Pokemon (Preference right now for a HEATRAN/Metagross/Porygon-Z/Salamence /Lapras/Armaldo/Bronzong/Lickilicky/Confagrius, but will entertain all others)
    Shiny 5th Gens/Non Shiny Legendaries Or Leftovers!Shiny Deino/Shiny Sandile/ Shiny Zorua Priority

    Events and 4th gen legendaries I am not too particuarly huge on, but you can go ahead and offer them. I play pokemon mostly to battle so appearance and battle capability are my only two priorities.

    I work from 9-5 monday thru friday and get home late on mondays and thursdays. Otherwise I am awake till about 1am every night and am available most weekends. If you want something post here or PM me, I check frequently. Be serious with your offers and I will be serious in trying to make a mutually agreeable arrangement!


    1505 3218 7983
    0690 4584 0330

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    Hey dude u want my clonin services

    Click for Pokes/Services/Items/Jobs
    FC: 1893 2713 9522
    Time Zone:GMT-7
    Trade Times:10:00 pm-4:00 am GMT-7
    Favorite Pokemon:

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    interested in shuckle. have EVd metagross and shiny EVd salamence and porygon-z. funny, they all used to be part of my main team

    Credit to Astral Shadow

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    I have a shiny Sandile ( and a bunch of other shinies) interested in your shiny Latias. (If it is UT)

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    im interested in your 10th aniv latis. check my shop for what you'd like in return

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    Does this have its DW ability (Multiscale)?:
    Shiny EV'd Adamant Dragonite lvl 100 W / focus band and smogon moveset

    If so, check my trade shop for what you'd like in return. You may pick any 2 things in my shop for it ^^

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    Guys, he hasn't been on since 3-29-11... I don't think he's still interested in trading
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    Check out Gad's Trade Shop!


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    where did you get that jolly mewtwo. I can get an ev trained heatran since I haven't caught the on one in my game yet.

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    Hey dude i'm really interested In
    Shiny Riolu lvl 1
    Mild Shiny 10 Aniv Latios lvl 70
    Mild Shiny 10 Aniv Latias lvl 70
    Pm So we may start negotiations

    3DS Friendcode - 5344-3137-0240

    I'm an event hunter If you've got events Pm me ,shinies welcome

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    I'm interested in your victini check out my trade thread

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    Beware of....
    Ign: Jordan
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    if your reading this Jordan aka I_AM_Jordan
    I warned you!

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