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    The Chronicles of Black and White- Book 1: Unova Journeys

    Ok I failed in my last fanfic, I guess I just lost interest or didn't know how to handle it. But this fanfic is different. Its a journey fanfic, yes, but through the Unova region. It'll be based off of my Pokemon White playthrough with some added plot devices, characters and much more. There shall be loads of plot battles, weird evolution circumstances and much more. I'll also rate this.... PG -15 for some funny, slightly adulterated jokes I might crack as I type on and I plan for some serious battle with Team Plasma... it may get ugly.
    The Characters:


    Ah, Nuvema Town. A peaceful , quiet town usually filled with old men and women either knitting clothes or chopping trees. There was a pokemon lab to the north of Nuvema Town, where the Professor would conduct her research. She looked younger than she was, and had a calm tone to her. She had many assistants checking the pokemon- one of them was checking after a few Pidove- they were small bird pokemon. They kind of looked like pigeons, they were gray all over, with a lighter shade towards its stomach. They had yellows eyes and black pupils. These little critters were troubling the poor assistant, flying in all directions. He was trying to catch these birds.

    Professor Juniper was just about to head out of the lab when one of the assistants came up and asked her, "Professor Juniper, where are you going ma'am? We need your help, Carl seems to be having trouble handling those Pidove."

    "Is that so, Keith? Well, ask him to bring out Boldore and make it use Stone Edge. That should calm them down and round 'em up." she said, winking. "Besides, I have to deliver this parcel to Black. Its important." she said, a bit more serious now.

    "But ma'am, are you sure we need to give those kids those... rare pokemon?" he asked, a bit bewildered.

    "I'm pretty sure Keith. Those kids are feisty. They have lots of enthusiasm. I'm sure they'll put this gift to good use." she replied.


    Black and friends had been at the park playing soccer for a while. It was a girls versus boys match, and White was surprisingly good. Unfortunately for her, Bianca was a liability in the field and was not very good at passing. They were still even with the boys, however, because Cheren and Black were not as skilled as White. They were clever, however, and right now they had the upper hand, with the score 4-3.

    White was a fourteen year old girl with long, brown hair which she usually tied as a nice, bushy ponytail. She wore tight blue shorts usually, it was really a wonder how she felt them comfortable. She also usually wore a plain white or yellow shirt and a pink vest over it if it was white, or a black vest if the shirt was a yellow one. The most startling feature, though, were those crystal blue eyes. They were very attractive, and her usually cheery attitude looked so good on her face. She was the charming, yet loud type.

    Bianca, on the other hand, was a different woman. First off, she was blonde, and she always tried to dress elegantly, unlike White’s modern style of dressing. She always liked dressing in lovely skirts. She usually wore an orange vest on top of a cute white shirt with the picture of an Emolga, and a beige skirt. Although clumsy, she always tried to be soft and slow, she always tried to be careful. If anything was common between the two girls, it was their love for cosmetics, especially lipstick and lip gloss. They both loved to wear it, but only on special occasions and festivities. You could say White was the tougher one and Bianca was the more graceful of the two.

    The boys, as one could guess, were tough and always after action. Cheren and Black were the two who always longed for adventure and action. Sure, the girls liked adventure, but they were not as thrilled as the boys.
    Cheren was a black haired boy who wore glasses. He wore a grey shirt and a blue overshirt and black pants. Cheren was a perfectionist. He always wanted to be the best at everything he did, but he mostly wanted to be the Pokemon Champion of Unova. He spent lots of his time reading books about pokemon and their history, about the goals of pokemon trainers and about the strongest trainer history has ever seen. Though he didn’t go to a pokemon trainer school, he knew a lot of information which a school would have, and probably more than that.

    Black was the opposite. He had dark brown hair, and wore a blue T-shirt with a poke ball symbol on it. He too wore black pants, but he wore a small red bangle on his right arm as well. He also had the tattoo of a pokemon he loved on his back- Deino. He was the casual type of trainer, rather laid back and slightly lazy, but he got serious when he needed to. He too loved pokemon and longed for an adventure. He was extremely bored being stuck in Nuvema town, and he really wanted to get a pokemon for himself from the professor, but he was not sure if he had the status to get one. He never really went to a pokemon trainer school, so it was only natural for him not to get a pokemon and try to compete in the pokemon league. Perhaps he could, but he never tried to hard to think about it, because that thought just seemed impossible to him.

    Coming back to the soccer game, White managed to score two goals and win the game as they decided to stop playing. They were really tired and it was about six in the evening anyway, so they decided to head to Black's house to watch their favourite show- Proffesor Oak's Pokemon Talk. It was getting a little dark and they didn’t want to play any further.

    They returned to Black's house, very eager to switch on the T.V and watch the show.They hoped they were not late.But to their surprise, they saw a small parcel near the T.V stand. Curious as to who sent it and how it got there, they discussed between themselves as to what to do.

    "Cheren, I think we should throw it out of the window."White suggested.

    "White are you crazy? It might be a trap..." he held the middle of his glasses in a super cool style "But a reward might be awaiting us." he said in a superior tone.

    "Maybe its some cake. Who's birthday is it today anyways?" Bianca asked, acting clueless. Truth was, she had remembered who's birthday it was that particular day, and had already wished that particular person that day.

    "I don't think its... wait a minute. BLACK, ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!" White screamed, shocked. She felt awful. She forgot Black's birthday!

    "Oh what? Oh yeah, its my birthday. Wow, I forgot." Black replied, slightly amused by White's exaggeration.

    "You must be a fool to forget your own birthday." Cheren said, a slight tone of disrespect in that.

    "Well, it happens Cheren." Black replied normally. Truth was, he did not really want to say it was his birthday today. He felt he would look like an attention seeker, doing that, and he felt it would ruin his image.

    "Well, whatever is inside, it must be a birthday gift for me. I guess I'll just open it anyways." saying so, Black made haste and removed the wrapper and the box's lid. He found a note.

    It said- Dear Black, this is a special gift for you. I have kept four pokeballs in this parcel, each with a very rare pokemon, even though they are natives of Unova. They are very rare in Unova. I want each one of you- White, Cheren, Bianca and You, to take a pokeball each and pack up your things. Meet me in my lab as soon as possible, preferably by tonight at eight. I've got something very important to tell you four.

    - Sincerely, Professor Juniper.

    "Holy crap! Guys, Juniper has sent us pokemon! We finally get our starters!" he screamed in excitement.

    The other three just stood there, still. There was no reaction. Black sighed. Why were they so surprised? They should really try and just take a random pokeball now.

    He went up to Bianca. “You first, Bianca.” he asked her, waving his hand over her face.

    She just stared at the box. Four poke balls…. She touched one. It felt so warm…. She just took it.

    “Cheren, you next.” he said, this time just waiting for him to take a poke ball.

    Cheren first stepped back a bit and out of nervousness, tried to hold his glasses properly, but almost dropped them on the floor. He saw a small tinge of green on another poke ball… this looked weird. Still, he regained his composure quickly, and took that poke ball.

    “Uh White, need something to cool you down? Uh…..White? Aargh, get over it already!” he aid, lightly slapping her.

    “Ouch! Uh, thanks Black, I needed that.” she said, still sweating from the shock, panting. She looked at the two poke balls left…. She just got hold of one. This one felt warm…. What was she feeling? She felt she could smell the farm. But how? It was quite far away, not near their house.

    Black finally took the last poke ball. He was so excited… he just wanted to get his pokemon out of its poke ball.

    “Hey guys, I think we need to test our pokemon. Nothing better than a double battle, right? Bianca and me, and you and Cheren, Ok White?” he asked White.

    “I’m up for it, Blacko. Come on Cheren, let’s get into battle!” she said, pretty psyched up for the battle. "You bet, White. I'm not about to lose my first battle." he said, once again sounding overconfident.

    As they went downstairs, Black noticed how determined the other three looked. Those eyes were sharp and determined. Something which made Black even more eager to battle them. He was hoping for a good battle and a great time. As the four went outside, they could see the other people just going by their own business. Nuvema Town was pretty much a quiet town, and most people were woodcutters and farmers. Any pokemon trainers here were really pokemon breeders. A battle would probably not disturb them too much.

    All four clenched their poke balls tight. What pokemon awaited them? How would they be able to battle?

    There was only one way out.

    “POKEMON, GO!”
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    The Chronicles of Black and White- Book 1: Unova Journeys - My fanfic that I've recently started. There's more to it than just the story plot of the games, so hopefully you'll like it. Currently doing Chapter 4.

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