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Thread: 4TH GEN Hack-Check Thread (New Rule Read first post.)

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    Default 4TH GEN Hack-Check Thread (New Rule Read first post.)

    Post here if you're not sure if your Pokemon is legitimate or not, or to help another user. Be sure to follow all other SPPf rules and use this form when posting:
    Pokemon Species:
    OT Gender: (red=female, blue=male)
    EV's: (if known)
    IV's: (if known)
    Level Caught at:
    Current Level:
    Location Caught:
    Pokeball Caught In:
    Game used to get info:
    Any other notes?:

    If you can provide a picture with this info and more, that would help out people checking.

    Also check the event databases/Pokedex first yourself for some preliminary checking.

    Disclaimer: Remember, it is impossible for anyone to truly say a Pokemon is legit unless you caught it yourself. This thread can serve as a guide to tell you if a Pokemon is definitely hacked, or tell you if it looks legit, but hackers can make any Pokemon look legit with enough effort.

    1 Sept 12 NEW RULE: This thread is for Pokémon that are currently in a Diamond, Pearl Platinum, HeartGold or Soul Silver box or party. If the Pokémon you're checking is now in Black, White, Black 2 or White 2 box or party, you must use this thread:

    EDIT BY BIG NUTTER (19-Mar-11): Added Game used to get info. -Depending on the game, some Locations in Sinnoh and All Locations in Johto/Kanto will display Faraway Place, instead of "Route 1".
    Last edited by Nutter t.KK; 1st September 2012 at 1:19 PM. Reason: Added a rule

    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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