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I know that Id no of 00000 are "valid" numbers in the for that entry, but if the RNG can produce it is another matter, is something I really don't know about. Proving your claims should have been.

This thread is really for help people to work out if they have hack or not. I know you can hack a Pokémon that this thread will be able to not be able detect. I'd going to say Most visitor don't care about the difference between Legal and Legit.

Legal - Pokémon is as far as we can tell a real Pokémon. May be a hack, but we can't tell.
Legit - short for Legitimate. Pokémon is not a hack and a real one.

Some of you should have word things better. Now you know some of my Thread shuts read "Shutting- Rule X Broken - GPD rules."
...I've got no idea what you're trying to say. As far as the ID being possible to be produced by abusing the RNG... why wouldn't it be possible? As far the hack-checking abilities of thread go, it's very easy to fool, since really, you can't check the PID, and you're limited to the information they provide (andthey frequently forget to put information, which obviously doesn't make it any easier).