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Thread: Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nel3 View Post
    ty very much, I do remember the EM: wish, belly drum, charm and stored power. ive replaced them all for flamethrower, moon blast, psychic and moonlight. I put 252 into hp and spa, 4 DF.
    at lvl64
    hp 255
    atk 89
    df 129
    spa 171
    sdf 140
    spd 90

    that's a helpful link, didnt know Serebii had it.
    What level is your Clefable at? (I'm assuming it's a Clefable now) If you know where it's EVs are at you should easily be able to check it's IVs by adjusting a Clefable's IVs in Pokemon Showdown's to match the one that you have.
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    Pokemon Species: Shaymin
    Nickname: シェイミ
    OT: しようた
    OT Gender: white
    IDno: 06561
    Shiny?: yes
    EV's: UT afaik
    IV's: 27-29/27-29/27-29/31/27-29/31 (atleast that's what rolled out with the IV calculator without any EVs)
    Nature: Timid
    Characteristic: Mischievous
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Moves: Psychic/Magical Leaf/Dazzling Gleam/Synthesis
    Level Caught at: 30
    Current Level: 30
    Stats: 108/65/73/74/73/81
    Location Caught: Seems to have had a fateful encounter in the Sinnoh Region
    Egg?: No
    Pokeball Caught In: Premier Ball
    Any other notes?: I guess it's the one from Oak's Letter
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