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    Default The Authors' Profiles V.4

    The Authors’ Profiles V.4
    Revamp approved by Dragonfree and Psychic
    Okayed by CyberBlastoise

    Welcome to the Authors’ Profiles. The old thread has seemed to gone under inactivity and lack of updating, so I felt like handling the reigns for a while.

    Previous versions
    The Original owned by Ryano Ry
    Version 2 owned by poke poke
    Version 3 owned by CyberBlastoise

    Alternatively, you may provide a link to your old profile. I have, however, added a couple of new questions and tweaked some of the original setup.

    To quote CyberBlastoise, who quoted poke poke, the owner of v2:

    Quote Originally Posted by poke poke
    The basic idea of this thread is for authors to post their own profiles about writing, your style, your favourite genre, etcetera. It's also for posting what stories you have currently and yet to come. You can also link your authors' profile in your signature.
    (You can also submit your current stories into Burrado_Aipom’s Fan Fiction Catalog entry thread.)


    HTML Code:
    [B]Age (optional):[/B] 
    [B]Gender (optional):[/B]
    [B]Writing background (optional):[/B]
    [B]Fandoms you write in:[/B] 
    [B]Types Of Writing:[/B]
    [B]Strong Areas:[/B]
    [B]Type Of Characters:[/B] 
    [B]Completed Stories:[/B] 
    [B]Current Stories:[/B]
    [B]Future Stories:[/B]
    [B]Writing Tips (Optional):[/B]
    Name: Your username, nickname, real name or any other name that you want to be called by.

    Age (optional): Self-explanatory.

    Gender (optional): Your gender.

    Writing background (optional): Write a summary on how you first got into writing fan fiction.

    Fandoms you write in: List what fandoms you like or have written for. You may also include original stories.

    Types Of Writing: What type of genre to you like to write in? Fantasy? Horror? Humor? Romance? Etcetera. If applicable, what type of Pokémon-fiction genre do you like to write in? Original trainer? Pokémon-centric? Journey? PMD? Etcetera. (If you write in another fandom and your fandom contains fandom-specific genres, feel free to include these; however, make sure to include what fandom it is.)

    Strong Areas: Which areas of writing do you feel you are good at?

    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you enjoy writing about?

    Completed Stories: The stories which you have completed. You can include the link, a banner, a summary, the genre, and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

    Current Stories: The stories which you are currently writing. You can include the link, a banner, a summary, the genre, and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

    Future Stories: Include stories which you have not yet posted or are thinking of writing.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Give writing advice to new authors here.

    The Profiles (in alphabetical order)
    Feel free to link your profile in your signature!
    If I totally flubbed up your name or link, by all means yell at me. I like the abuse. ;P

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