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    Name: Chickorita

    Age: Waaaay diddy compared to all of you adults. .___.

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: I stumbled across some on the internet, read it for a little and then decided to try my own hand at it. I AM SO EXCITING, Y/Y?

    If we're talking more specifically about Pokemon fanfic, then I was inspired to start one by someone who used to write on here and thus decided to write my fic here instead of on, my usual haunt, because idk I'm a nerd. It made sense at the time.

    Fandoms you write in: Naruto, Pokemon, FMA, Harry Potter and oh god so many original stories.

    Types Of Writing: Everything I write ends up at least partly silly but I go for Original Trainer fic in pokemon fandom and, I don't know, a weird smush of everything in other fandoms. I will never make a great genre writer, this is for sure.

    Strong Areas: Dialogue and characters, I guess? Not really the person to judge that. >_>

    Type Of Characters: We-e-ell, I write about loads of different characters, I guess. I mean it takes all types to make a story, right? If I have to go for a general umbrella, I would say THOROUGHLY UNREASONABLE PEOPLE who are actually quite certain that they are THOROUGHLY REASONABLE IN EVERY WAY WHY THANK YOU. Though I guess that's just people really.

    Completed Stories: Nooot yet.

    Current Stories: Shattered Phoenix

    Nina doesn't want much: just some nice pokemon, all the gym badges, a kicking wedding and to be generally acknowledged as the strongest and most awesome person ever. She might be at a bit of a disadvantage right now and a tad "out-of-the-loop" due to an unfortunate accident and a mild coma but, like they say, ignorance is bliss. Right?


    Shattered Phoenix is a Mystery/Original Trainer story. It was nominated for Best Human Supporting Character (Marcus) and Most Original in 2010.

    Future Stories: I'm very secretive. :B That's why I write mysteries.

    Writing Tips: I don't know, write? Don't describe your characters as having certain traits without backing it up; that's so annoying. Er, not too many ellipses. Use caps really sparingly cause some of us just think "lolcats" when we see it.

    I love all of you~.
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