Name: Devil's Apprentice (Call me Randall)

Age (optional): 14

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): Well, my father's a fiction writer - so my family has always encouraged writing. I've always loved pokemon, so it seemed like the perfect place to start.

Fandoms you write in: Devil's Apprentice Series, Orian Adventures

Types Of Writing: I try to dip myself into each major types of writing - adventure, action, fantasy, except horror - it's always seemed like kind of a cheesy subject to me

Strong Areas: Definitely plot. I feel that I can create characters, but not on my own - each person is based on one of the people I know in real life

Type Of Characters: I absolutely lock writing cocky people - they are so fun to create, having them think in their own ways, so sure of themselves, unlike most story heroes

Completed Stories: Devil's Apprentice Series - I don't have it on the computer, but I wrote five books about this kid named Dalvis Monroe who is "adopted" by Hades, one of the three deities at war.

Current Stories: Orian Adventures - Rising. It's the tale of a young pokemon trainer who meets Orian's Ex-Champion, who trains him to become a Pokemon Master

Future Stories: The rest of the Orian Adventures, at this point I have them all planned out already

Writing Tips (Optional): Always write what's fun for you to make. Even if only one person in the world likes the style that you enjoy, it's better than having everyone like something you didn't enjoy.

~Devil's Apprentice