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    Hello! I've decided to post my Author's Profile here after the recent success of my one-shot (the three people who posted there both thought it was pretty good. I call that a success!)

    Name: FireTypeLover

    Age: All I'm saying is I'm younger than you might think I am...

    Gender: Male

    Fictional Background: It started in 2008 where I wrote several sucky fics and some of them were so horrible they got locked. Nowadays, I consider myself a better writer and decided to post one of my one-shots on the forums. It was pretty successful and this encouraged me to post my other one-shots on the forums! (Which I will some day, including a remake of an old one)

    Types of Writing: Eh, whatever comes to my mind and that's usually Pokémon stuff.

    Strong Areas: I don't know, writing crazy people? My reception was warm for i love pokémon and in a PMD chaptered fic I may or may not post on the Internet, I wrote in some crazy guys too.

    Types of Characters: You know, I just realized a lot of the characters I wrote of had a troubled childhood...other than that, I like writing some pre-made characters in comedic fics, though I do write other types of characters.

    Completed Stories: I'm gonna completely ignore the aforementioned sucky fics and put the fic I posted this year here; i love pokémon, which, from what the few people that reviewed my fic said, was more disturbing than it sounded. That's what I was intending, so success for me!

    Current Stories: None at the moment

    Future Stories: I've got a lot of ideas in my mind...maybe way too much...

    Purpose explains the reason why the ten-year old boy with the red hat (as he's called by the citizens of Viridan and everywhere else, basically) is travelling all alone. The poor boy is trying to find purpose in his life after an incident destroys it forever. (Followup: Hypnosis) (Status: FINISHED, just needs some heavy editing)

    The Origin of the Universe is the remake of the aforementioned fic I said I'll remake. It was originally titled Giratina's World and obviously focused on Giratina, but now I changed it to be an origin story, though Giratina is still an important character in it. I read a lot of Sinnoh myths for this, and I did change the myths for a lot of the story. (Currently thinking of combining it with Escape by making it the prologue, but who knows?) (Status: FINISHED, just needs some heavy editing)

    Giratina's World: Escape involves the escape of Giratina from the Distortion World, where Arceus banished him. It occurs after The Original One, so I have to heavily revise that first...anyways, Giratina breaks out of the Distortion World and enters Earth right into the place where Regigigas was exiled as a statue for trying to rule the world, the Snowpoint Temple. Regigigas assigns Giratina to find all three Regis to revive it, in return for Giratina's safety from Dialga and Palkia. It's a chaptered fic and I think I'll divide it into two parts, plus an epilogue. (Status: Not sure if I'll do this one until I finish all of my one-shots)

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darkghost Domination: This fic involves an over-optimistic Zorua named Sara, an over-pessimistic Charizard ironically named Cheery (which will be explained in the story) and a clean freak Delibird named Claus (which will also be explained in the story and note I didn't get the name Claus from Mother 3) When Sara reads the newspaper, she finds that a Hypno mysteriously vanished in the Apple Woods. Sara convinces the rest of her uncertified explorers (who failed because of Claus) to join her on her quest to find Hypno and prove to the Wigglytuff Guild they're good enough explorers to join the Guild. However, the mission might be harder than it appears...

    And, like the games, it has a main story, then a post-game story (or more story?) where the main characters' backgrounds will be explained and I will write chapters involving their backgrounds, plus more stuff. Oh, and because I spoiled too much, I won't tell you why I renamed the fic Darkghost Domination but it'll be pretty obvious at about the seventh chapter. (Status: First few chapters finished, but I plan to restart this fic maybe after NaNoWriMo)

    The Death of Samuel Oak: Or something like that. I think I had this idea in my head for the longest time out of all of these, except for the Original One, and it involves, like the title implies, Professor Oak dying. Two cops in the PTPD find this death very suspicious and attempt to investigate. Gent's the serious one and Tom's for comic relief, as far as I wrote anyways. Gent and Tom are constantly crossing paths with Oak's grandson, Blue, who has the same idea in mind...yeah, I might give this away with that Fic Idea Adoption System because I can't even get past the first chapter... (Status: For now, this fic is finished)

    Overthrowing Giovanni: After Jessie, James, and Meowth find out that Giovanni hates them, they vow to overthrow Giovanni. In comedic script form! However, things kind of derail after that until around Chapter 8 where Ash, Misty, May, Brock, Dawn, Cilan, Tracey, and Iris help Jessie, James, and Meowth because, let's face it, Team Rocket would be much less threatening with these three idiots in charge...anyways, the fic follows anime canon, except for the fact where Team Rocket is actually good at being evil. (Status: For now, this fic is finished)

    PokéCraziness! Black vows revenge on Cheren after he goes on a date with Bianca! He plans a devious plan to get Bianca's attention! By, of course, getting in a giant, bad Mudkip costume and pretending to date White, who loves Black. However, things get bad at the romanticest restaurant in town when N enters ("I thought this was my castle...") and White goes on a date with him! Then, of course, a giant portal appears out of nowhere and gets them all sucked into the real world. (Status: Wow. This was a stupid idea of mine, so it's finished for now)

    Sanity is a sequel to i love pokémon. Unlike that one-shot, it's in a third-person perspective, except for two parts in the middle and the end. It involves Henry burning down Castelia City and finding a beautiful Gardevoir. He slowly gains his sanity back after they marry (Gardevoir doing it to try to save the world from Henry's insanity) (Status: Writing right now. Trying to finish as much as I can before NaNoWriMo)

    The Plasma Series 'cause I couldn't think of a better name. Anyways, this series chronicles the journies of the most important members of Team Plasma after the game ends. They are N, the Shadow Triad, the Seven Sages, and Ghetsis, and I might include Concordia and Anthea. So, the first one-shot in the series is called Legacy and its main characters are N and Hilda, the second one-shot is called Redemption and its main characters are Hilda, Looker, and the Shadow Triad, the third one-shot is called Imprisoned and its main characters are the Seven Sages and the Shadow Triad, and the fourth one-shot is called Monster and it involves (you guessed it!) Ghetsis. (Status: Parts of Redemption is completed, but other than that, I'll wait until after I finish Sanity and The Zubatman and all my other fics before I start writing these four)

    Ozone is an idea I have about Rayquaza terrorizing the world because it's mad its home is getting destroyed. (Status: Waiting until after NaNoWriMo...)

    Dream World Stories is a series of stories chronicling something I read from TV Tropes. Yes, I said TV Tropes, its WMG page for Black and White to be exact. Anyways, it involves the Junipers, Fennel, some other random scientists, Hilda, Hilbert, Cheren, and Bianca getting sucked into the Dream World. And, like the Pokédex One-Shots, this fic is just a series of one-shots involving every Pokémon who have Dream World abilities (and some without...) and explaining how they got them. And also an arc involving the main cast trying to get out of the demented Dream World. (Status: Working on the intro)

    The Zubatman: No Man's Land is a fic I plan to work on during the NaNoWriMo. It involves a Zubat with Batman-styled gadgets facing against a few original villains and a few Batman villains turned into Pokémon. Enough said. (Status: Saving for the NaNoWriMo)

    Oh, and a sequel to The Zubatman! Yes, I thought of a sequel to a fic before I even started writing it!

    A Slice of Pallet Life is the prequel to Purpose. It features Satoshi in love with Leaf, who is Blue's brother. As the title suggests, it's like a slice of life fic, but not quite since this is the Pokémon world and all.

    And, on that note, I'd like to do some other fic resembling slice of life stuff or the crazy kind of writing I did in i love pokémon since that was a heavily praised aspect.

    Writing Tips: Keep trying! If you get bad reception from everyone who reviews your fic, try to read other fics and improve! Speaking of reception, you should read the reviewers' reception because they only want to help you improve in your writing skills, for the most part. And always remember, don't use overused quotes don't worry about getting embarassed or anything and try new things! Ironic how I violate(d) everyone of these tips once or twice or even more in my writing here.

    Oh, and if you're wondering why I put Hilda into mostly every Plasma fic, it's because I wanted her to have a light relationship with N. Nothing so shippy that anyone that hates FerrisWheelShipping (or any shipping) will turn away instantly. And if you're wondering why I put Hilda into everything with Hilbert in it, it's because I felt like it.

    (On that note, Natural Harmonia Gropius is a stupid name)
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