Name: Qymaen

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Fiction background: I first got interested in fanfic writing after I wrote a short piece for my English class. Then after a short stint in RPing I decided to try out writing fanfics. I'm currently working on two different ones.

Fandoms you write in: So far Star Wars and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I want to write a fanfic for Criminal Minds as well.

Types Of Writing: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

Strong Areas: Description of events taking place around a character.

Type Of Characters: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

Completed Stories:

Current Stories:

Future Stories:
  • Ultimate Challenge- A fic following the journey of Krigare, a native of Viridian City, through Kanto-Johto. (Pokémon)
  • Warzone- A fic set in a land torn apart by civil war within Equestria. Follows a new, all male, Mane Six. (MLP:FiM)
  • Merchant of Death- A fic following the journey of Darth Aapho as he seeks revenge against both the Jedi and his Sith enemies. (SW:TOR)
  • Unnamed Criminal Minds Fanfic- I dunno yet. (Criminal Minds)

Writing Tips:
  • Never turn away from or ignore criticism, helpful or not.
  • Don't mix dialogue into a paragraph. Separate dialogue and descriptions/actions.
  • If stuck in writers block step away from the story and come back to it later with a clear and focused mind.