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Thread: The Authors' Profiles V.4

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    Name: My username is CrystalBlush (Duh...) but you can call me CB.

    Age: Born on May 29,2001.

    Gender: Female.

    Fiction background: I started my fan-fiction career because when I started reading Dimensions of Darkness by GalladeRocks, I decided to write my own pokemon story.
    I was impressed by my story because I write pretty plain, so I made a serebii account. (no not just to post my story). So basically my career was started by a story.
    Very special thanks to GalladeRocks for inspiring me to start fanfiction!

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Non videogame stories and a lot of other stuff.

    Types Of Writing: All of it!
    I've been known to write in all genres and quite enjoy it.

    Strong Areas: Fantasy. I always have some kind of fantasy genre writing but sometimes I just keep it on my pc until I feel like posting it. I am very creative in fantasy writing.

    Type Of Characters: Pokemon, video game-ians, and often made-up characters.

    Completed Stories: None yet.

    Current Stories: Darkrai's Nightmare

    Anyway, it starts when the planet was accidentally frozen by an energy released by Jirachi when it awoke. This time around, Mewtwo became jealous of Darkrai because he was a hero for 'saving Alamos town and what-not'. So He wanted to destroy everone except clones. Again. I think he has some anger issues...


    Future Stories: I will be writing a story called The Dragon Masters after I finish Darkrai's Nightmare. It's about 2 young teens and how they have to save the dragon realm. They both have a friend; 2 dragons who were abandoned by their parents. The dragons living in the village guard the world, but the planet has shown a strange aura from its core, and there have been rumours of a dark dragon.

    Writing Tips: Take others' advice, it could help your story. Who knows, you could make it great all because you listened.
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    Updated, thanks.

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    Name: AudinoGlitch

    Age (optional): 18

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

    Types Of Writing: Adventure and Fantasy

    Strong Areas: Depends on the day.

    Type Of Characters: Strong and loyal.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, The Tale of Blitzle

    Future Stories: Unknown

    Writing Tips (Optional): Take all the constructive criticism that you get, it will help.

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    Name: ga'hoolefan, also known as gahoole, Ga'HooleFan, TheDinoDude, or GHF
    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background:At first, I just made up abstract stories about the lives of dinosaurs for my own amusement. Then, I wrote a story for a writing contest. It got third place. Since then, I've been interested in writing as a serious thing.

    Fandoms you write in: Sci-fi and dinosaurs, generally, although I'm currently trying to do a Johto retelling. I'm also doing a quite literal dinosaur space story.
    Types Of Writing: Sci-Fi, Pokemon, and Prehistorical Fiction (with dinosaurs)

    Strong Areas: My vocabulary, grammar skills, and maybe my knowledge of the things I'm writing.

    Type Of Characters: Generally nice people that have something to do with animals or Pokemon (or just a specific dinosaur/animal/Pokemon that I'm focusing on in a story).

    Completed Stories: Nigel and the Time Machine, Danger Cave, Steve the Pterodactyl, Tyrant's Forest, Triceratops vs T. rex, A day in the Life of Tyrannosaurus rex, A day in the Life of Velociraptor (none of these are on Serebii quite yet)

    Current Stories: Team Raptor (a sci-fi story about dinosaurs flying spaceships), Pokemon GleamingGold and ShiningSilver (a Johto retelling), an unnamed story about aliens, an unnamed story about a scared and confused dinosaur running from a lab, etc.

    Future Stories: Jurassic Park: Life and Death(Jurassic park fanfic) (possibly), Pokemon ChaoticBrown Version(trainer fic), The Fourth Wall(a humor story where the fourth wall gets broken continuously) (possibly), The Claw (a story of a dinosaur loose in Yosemite National Park) (possibly) Guardians of Ga'Hoole fic(very unlikely)

    Writing Tips (Optional): None really, just take advice from your fans and always use Spell-check for non-Pokemon or dinosaur names. XD Also, never EVER forget to do your research! Whether it's for a Pokemon battle to find out which Pokemon has a higher Speed stat or if it's to find the contemporary species of Turanoceratops, research is extremely important. I simply cannot stress that point enough. If you know lots of interesting and important things about what you're writing, it makes your story so much more awesome.
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    Name: Qymaen

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: I first got interested in fanfic writing after I wrote a short piece for my English class. Then after a short stint in RPing I decided to try out writing fanfics. I'm currently working on two different ones.

    Fandoms you write in: So far Star Wars and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I want to write a fanfic for Criminal Minds as well.

    Types Of Writing: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

    Strong Areas: Description of events taking place around a character.

    Type Of Characters: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

    Completed Stories:

    Current Stories:

    Future Stories:
    • Ultimate Challenge- A fic following the journey of Krigare, a native of Viridian City, through Kanto-Johto. (Pokémon)
    • Warzone- A fic set in a land torn apart by civil war within Equestria. Follows a new, all male, Mane Six. (MLP:FiM)
    • Merchant of Death- A fic following the journey of Darth Aapho as he seeks revenge against both the Jedi and his Sith enemies. (SW:TOR)
    • Unnamed Criminal Minds Fanfic- I dunno yet. (Criminal Minds)

    Writing Tips:
    • Never turn away from or ignore criticism, helpful or not.
    • Don't mix dialogue into a paragraph. Separate dialogue and descriptions/actions.
    • If stuck in writers block step away from the story and come back to it later with a clear and focused mind.

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    Name: Porgon-XYZ

    Age (optional): 13

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I've always loved writing narritives since around 3rd grade, and I've been writing stories ever since.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, may later try something new.:P

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Action, Comedy, and sometimes Romance

    Strong Areas: Common knowledge of all types of Pokemon, good with spelling, near-perfect grammar, and an above average vocabulary.

    Type Of Characters: Nice and Loving characters, Annoying yet fun characters, general jokers, dreadfully evil, yet with a since of humor, and smart-allicks of sorts.

    Completed Stories: None so far.

    Current Stories: The Legend of the Tao Trio

    Future Stories: The Adventures of Ash Ketchum: A Comedy Fic

    Writing Tips (Optional): Remember to use proper grammar, notice the difference of using words such as through and threw or your and you're, if motivation is poor, then it's okay to take a break, but don't give up, and remember to not give away too much information about future chapters. Be thick-skinned, take critism like a pro and use it wisely. Space out your paragraphs, same with dialogue, because it makes it much easier to read.

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    Name: Superpower Emboar; Super, Emboar, SE

    Age (optional): a long way from death and a long way from being born

    Gender (optional): male

    Fiction background (optional): Short stories, fanfiction

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, some random ones i used to like.

    Types Of Writing: fiction, non, stories of life

    Strong Areas: Fiction!!! most areas (this is debateable), including essays, biographys and historical nonfiction

    Type Of Characters: Characters based on friends and self, but very different when I was beginning, now I create entirely new characters using my phones name generator and that imagination device thing

    Completed Stories: N/A

    Current Stories: The Coming War (RIP)

    Future Stories: The Striaton Orphanage < title still in the works. A romance fic focusing on Morty (don't expect these very quickly)

    Writing Tips (Optional): Imagine from the first chapter onwards your characters are real people and you will see the reactions will write themselves. If you don't feel anything about what you are writing your readers will not either. Never question what you wrote, you are the author. Don't let your writing take precedence over schoolwork but find a happy medium.
    Also, stick with it, write the first several chapters first and have a solid ending in mind before beginning, so you won't lose focus.
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    Updated, thanks!

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    • Here: Mogar (Formerly Beirut/SpyroxPikachu)
    • Archive of Our Own: Keratosis



    Writing background
    I've always liked to write, for as long as I can remember I always wrote stories and would tell them to anyone that would listen. As a young child, my mom has told me that I always had some sort of story for her, and I always had an interesting way of telling them that she loved to hear. However, being so young, I couldn't exactly tell my stories to the world; which forced them upon the ears of those that didn't understand what they were about. As, at this age, most of them were about animals or Pokemon.

    The first story I can really remember ever writing, was something interesting. It was more of a comic with an accompanying story, but it was an interesting piece of childhood literature nonetheless. The story involved four cats, each one possessing a different element which they controlled in their warzone-like home. As I was a child who also grew up with a game about a cute dragon, I gave them each a dragon forme which they could transform into when they became angry enough. As odd as this seems, I was extremely proud of these characters that I created, drawing them whenever I got the chance and always explaining my drawings to people.

    I wrote my first "true" fanfiction when I turned eleven, which was also around the time I had begun doing much more on the internet. I decided to join this form, out of my love for Pokemon and because I had been using the site for Pokemon information since the first time I picked up my copy of Emerald. I was immediately drawn to the fanfiction board, curious as to what sort of creative ideals people could come up with. Being a huge fan of the Mystery Dungeon series, I usually resorted to reading these fics. This opened the door for me and gave me a rather interesting idea, to write my own.

    The fic of question was known only as "The Sky Chronicles", I have very little memory as to what the plot to this fic was. However, I can remember the main characters were an Eevee and a Pikachu. The fic was a more "mature" take on the first game, involving character injury and nearly character death. I came up with ideas for this fic for a very long time, however, it never saw the light of the internet, especially because, well, it was never exactly completed. It was a real shame, considering how much effort I had put into creating the universe at which the fic ran on.

    Once I entered high school, I drifted away from my writing comforts, as I had only ever written about animals or Pokemon. This was also around the time that I began to get into RPGing, especially on this forum. I began watching more TV once I hit high school, especially because a lot of my new friends had started recommending television programs to me based on some of my book interests. I had begun watching the BBC series, Sherlock. I was in love from the start, I even began writing fanfiction before the second season had even started. Alternate endings, as well as Alternate Universes formed in my head for my new found love.

    Sherlock, to this day, is still a huge part of my writing. It's the fandom I owe the most to, as it was the fandom that truly got me interested in writing. However, around the age of fifteen, I found a new thing that I liked a little more than Sherlock. I found that I rather liked horror as a genre, reading mostly horror novels and beginning to watch more gory and scary television programming. Around this time, I discovered Hannibal. Hannibal, coupled with my love of creepypasta, began to shape most of my writing. I adored horror, I adored incorporating horror into everything I wrote, as I still do.

    Currently? Well I still adore Hannibal and Sherlock, along with Pokemon. However, I usually try and add some sort of horror into these fandoms, twisting them into something scary and much more interesting. I adore creepypasta heavily, writing for the community and often listening to people read them as I do my own writing. However, I prefer writing my own universes, my own original stories over fanfiction now.

    Fandoms you write in
    • Have: Pokemon, Sherlock, and Hannibal
    • Want: Game Grumps, More Original Stories, and Creepypasta

    Types Of Writing
    As I stated, for Pokemon I prefer to stick to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon genre, as that is still my favourite Pokemon game series. But I also love putting horror into my fanfiction, a dead body, a horrible fiend that aims to hunt down and destroy exploration teams, ideas like that are what really makes my blood pump. For my original stories, I also usually stick to horror ideas, or ideas of survival. As Hannibal is already a rather serious and horrific show, I barely need to change it in order to fit my interests.

    Strong Areas
    I've found myself to be very good at creating characters, and I take great joy in making characters as interesting and relatable as I can. I want people to view them as people, not just a character that they found between the pages of a book. I take a lot of inspiration from the works of Conan Doyle, as he made two men who weren't exactly relatable, but they're two of the most realistic and wonderful men that I've ever had the honor of reading about. I also take pride in my very wide vocabulary.

    Weak Areas
    Plot. Plot is the bane of my existence. I know that it is truly the foundation of a story, but I struggle desperately with it. Making an interesting and perfectly flowing plot, is insanely difficult, as any writer will tell you. I take a very long time perfectly working out my plot, often making sure that everything flows before even beginning my story. This is why anything I write takes a very long time to ever see the light of the internet.

    Type Of Characters
    Various characters. Although, I must admit, I rather like the damaged characters who have trouble dealing with their situation. I liken this to my absolute adoration for Will Graham from the Hannibal series, as he is one of the most damaged beyond repair characters I have ever seen in the media. I like making characters like people, giving them obvious strengths and weaknesses, as everyone has things they're good at and things they're bad at.

    • All Was Well
      Teen (Alternate Ending/Sad) / 900+ Words / One-Shot / Sherlock
      John is distraught after Sherlock's demise, but there is still hope inside him that Sherlock is alive. Although his life is going downhill, he manages to find a light that he prays will keep him going.

    • The Enemy
      Teen (Action/Alternate Ending) / 1100+ Words / One-Shot / Sherlock
      Sherlock wants to know who the dreaded Moriarty is, however, he may not like the answer.

    • The Fear Has Gripped Me
      Teen (Action/Alternate Ending) / 2000+ Words / One-Shot / Hannibal
      Will finally confronts the ripper, but his mind is much too far gone to comprehend who he really is.

    • ??? (Working Title)
      Teen (Apocalyptic/Horror) / Chaptered / Original
      Follow Isaac, a teen who has been struggling to live in this god-forsaken zombie wasteland, he wishes he had human contact, but he supposes his cat is enough.
      Going to ???

    • Charlie
      Teen (Comedy) / Chaptered / Original
      Charlie is an average teenager, he goes to school and always attempts to put a smile on everyone's face. He's quite popular but denies his popularity, oh how he wishes those girls didn't flock to him.
      Going to ???

    • The Sky Chronicles
      Teen (Suspense/Mystery) / Chaptered / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
      Eminent and Kay are becoming rather confused by the wind that often blows through town, there's something... unnatural about it.
      Coming to Serebii

    • ??? (Working Title)
      Teen (Nightmare/Supernatural Verse) / Chaptered / Original
      People are changing, it's plain for anyone to see. However, the powers they possess are something to be truly feared.
      Going to Fictionpress

    • ??? (Working Title)
      Teen (Horror/Mystery) / Chaptered / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
      Murder has been running rampant in Treasure Town, Wigglytuff's Guild has changed it's ideals to better suit the current world.
      Coming to Serebii

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    Name: Travis AKA Legend of Lucario, or LoL

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male, but some think I'm too feminine, and others think that I don't have any genitalia anyways...

    Types of Writing: Not to sound like the typical angsty teenager, but whatever I feel like. If I'm inspired to write something in a specific genre, I write it.

    Current Works: I'd love to say I have something, but I don't...I'm trying to find something to inspire me, I miss writing! :'(

    Future Works: Whatever I start writing that becomes a current work.

    Strong Points: I'm pretty decent with spelling and grammar, I'm not sure what else I should say, haha.

    Advice For Aspiring Authors: Proof-read, proof-read, proof-read, and after you feel like you've proof-read enough, proof-read it again! I can't tell you how many things you can avoid yourself if you proof-read. Not that reviewers mind pointing you in the right direction, but if there are a ton of errors, we tend to want to put off reading it. Also, have fun, don't "feel" like you have to write, when you get stricken with inspiration, let it flow and just have fun, that's how the best stuff comes out.
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    Default Mein

    Name: Estuary. Or Est, if you prefer.

    Age (optional): Nyum~

    Gender (optional): I bet you can guess.

    Fiction background (optional): Been writing Pokemon fanfiction since I was ten. Before I knew that 'fanfiction' was such a thing, or that I could post it on the thing called 'internet', I had a notebook full of Pokemon fanfiction. One was called Those Without Wings, I can't remember the other two... Sometimes I feel like I was much more creative back then.

    Fandoms you write in: Just Pokemon.

    Types Of Writing: I write OT 'fics, Journey 'fics (though not necessarily the kind where your goal is to get badges).

    Strong Areas: I plot. I freaking plot. I have story arcs that will never make it into the story. I have characters that will never make it into the story, and pages of backstory for those characters. My favorite part is making a different, engaging story. A new twist on the 'journey 'fic'.

    Type Of Characters: Ones that I understand. Not loud, cocky, weird, annoying ones. I can't stand them in real life, so why would I enjoy writing them? I like to write ordinary characters who, through extraordinary circumstances, become extraordinary themselves.

    Completed Stories: I haven't finished a 'fic since I was in middle school. Obviously, they're not online.

    Current Stories:
    { Song of the Small }. An experimental OT journey 'fic.

    Future Stories: None.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Come up with something original. Try OC's, try fakemon, try a new region. I love to see things created from the mind, rather than from memory.
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    I also write.
    { Song of the Small }

    A study of the journey 'fic.

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    Name: Alemon

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): The manly one

    Fiction background (optional): I've been writing since I could spell (no duh!) and I've been able to type since I was seven. I once got to see Rick Riordan based on an essay I wrote. I get an indescribable feeling from creating worlds and creating the people in those worlds. It's a sensation like no other.

    Fandoms you write in:

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure

    Strong Areas: I'm excellent with grammar, and I take pride in my ability to make details seem life-like. I'm really good at introducing characters. I just have issues finishing my stories...

    Type Of Characters: I like the tall, awkward, yet skilled type. I write characters who have something weird about them, like being good at archery or fencing (both activities I do myself).

    Completed Stories: Harmony, As the Pendulum Swings, Blood, Wine, and Honey

    Current Stories: Books, Faea, Eternal

    Future Stories: I'll probably finish Relica.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't stop writing. Even if your story starts sliding downhill, finish it. Once you're done, that's when you go back and make it all sexy and whatnot. Any editor will tell you that the best writers bust out a rough draft in a couple days and then spend the rest of the time editing and revising and editing and revising.... You get the idea. If you just finish the story, you can fix everything.
    If you try to perfect it along the way, you'll end up spending forever on it. Why? Because it'll never be perfect. It'll never match what you want it to. If you just finish the story, all the parts slide together when you revise.
    That's my shtick.
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    Name: Lucarimew2 or LM2

    Age (optional): 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I just thought of writing a story after reading lots of action/adventure books

    Fandoms you write in: only pokemon at the moment

    Types Of Writing: Action/Adventure/Mystery and adding in some romantic and comic aspects.

    Strong Areas: Story telling, character description and tension

    Type Of Characters: Funny and strong characters, who are not what they seem. i also like to write about dark characters

    Completed Stories: None, yet

    Current Stories: Decieved Auras, First fiction in the Decieved body and Mind Trilogy.

    Future Stories: Decieved Intelligence, Second Fiction in the Decieved body and Mind Trilogy and Decieved Morals, last Fiction in the Decieved body and Mind Trilogy. Maybe some others.

    Writing Tips (Optional): When having a block, do something else then go back to it. Descriptions can be made short and then edited later, don't worry if you can't describe things. Always write when you get an idea or write down the idea and make sure you write it up soon. Proof-read more than twice to ensure that you haven't made any silly mistakes. Also write in a program like Microsoft word so you don't mistype things that are simple and won't be picked up in a program such as notepad.
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    Please be specific in what you would like and contact me via a PM. I will give you my freind code when we have an agreement on the trade.
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    Name: Goukazaru King, but I'm better known as Fallen Vanguard.

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): When I was eleven I stumbled upon a google link to a fanfiction, and discovered I don't really remember what the fic was called though...

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. That's it so far.

    Types Of Writing: I typically write in the Action/Adventure genre, though Romance, Fantasy, and Drama aren't strangers to me.

    The Pokemon-fiction specific genres I write in are OT, Pokecentric (though not as much as I used to), and Journey fics. I don't really do PMD fics.

    Strong Areas: I feel I'm strong in developing great plots and above average characters, though I've been told my strongest suits are battles.

    Type Of Characters: I enjoy characters of all kinds. Since I almost always have action and adventure in my fics, I enjoy the unwilling hero, the idiot hero, and even the more angsty hero as my main protagonists. Of course, I put more layers into their personality, and they run into characters with different personalities.

    Completed Stories: I, sadly, have never completed a story. I plan to with at least two of my current fics, though.

    Current Stories: Well...I'll put two of them up here:

    • Best Seller- FanFiction link, Serebii link

      Summary: All I wanted to do was write a novel. A story about apocalypses and the fall of mankind. A clash between a resistance and their crazed oppressor. Would have been a best seller, right? Well, I never got to write that story: I lived it

      Notes: A journey fic with many twists. While it takes place in Unova it does NOT follow B/W's plot. While it may have happened in the past in this fic's universe it doesn't matter. It is a darker fic that follows the tale of four trainers as they struggle to survive and fight an unknown force that has begun to wreak havoc on their home region.

    • Whim of a Madman- FanFiction link

      Summary: I wanted to travel across Sinnoh and meet a lot of Pokemon. I wanted to beat all of the gym leaders, and challenge the elite four. I had other dreams too, lots of them...but I didn't expect to accomplish them as my brother's first Pokemon.

      Notes: WoM is the first of a series of four fics, though not the first fic to happen chronologically in this series. I wanted to try and do an OT fic in a different way, since a few other fics from this series will be done in OT style, so I decided to make it a reborn fic and work that into the series plot. It lets me use the style I'm most familiar with (1st person) and write an OT fic in an entirely new light.

    Future Stories: Love of a Madman, the prequel to Whim of a Madman and the second in the Madman series (First chronologically)

    Writing Tips (Optional): Uh...don't be afraid to ask other authors questions, and read as much as you can.

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    Phew, updated. =P Hope I don't get that backlogged.

    Happy 25th. ;P

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    Name: Articuno_rocks, Articuno, AR, or, my favorite, Arti.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: I first attempted fanfiction about two years ago, but truthfully I was a very bad writer. I posted a one-paragraph-long chapter of a fanfiction on the Official Warriors/Seekers Message Board, but it quickly died because I had little ideas or motivation.

    As I grew older, my writing grew better, and soon I found it hard NOT to make a chapter less than two MS Word pages long. When I took an interest to Pokemon, I joined Serebii and got inspiration for my first fanfic, Broken Promise, when I found out that Ash Ketchum never returned to his Pidgeot even though he said he would. Deciding to write a backstory about Ash's Pidgeot, I posted the story's first chapter, and my writing blossomed from there.

    Fandoms I write in: Pokemon, The Hunger Games

    Types Of Writing: I'm just getting started, so I'm really not sure what kinds of writing I'm good at. However, my two fanfics so far involve adventure and romance, so... I guess you can say that I excel at writing adventure and romance stories.

    Strong Areas: I hope I don't sound too conceited when I say this, but I'm pretty sure my spelling/grammar has always been strong. Also, people have said that my creativity and plot ideas are good.

    Type Of Characters: The primary main characters of my fics are usually based upon myself: intelligent, musical (in Faith's case), adamant, and impulsive. I often give the secondary main characters personalities that contrast those of the primary main characters.

    Broken Promise, winner of Best Canon Character-Centric in the 2011 Fanfiction Awards, is the never-before-told backstory of Thunder, Ash's Pidgeot, and her quest to discover the reason why her trainer never came back even though he said he would. A year has passed since Ash released Thunder in the Viridian Forest, and now, she decides to go on a search for Ash with Falkner's Pidgeot, Lightning. However, a mysterious teenage female trainer known only as Nature Hunter K is pursuing Thunder, wanting to keep her for herself because of the Pidgeot's "Adamant Nature". Can Thunder overcome all her obstacles and reunite with her former trainer? Click on the banner to find out.

    The region of Koena is populated by shapeshifters, each of who can transform freely between Human and Pokemon Formes. Plateau City, the capital of the region, is very cruel and forces the districts of Koena to send one male and one female representative to fight to the death in the annual Battle of the Elements. Fifteen-year-old Lila Winter, a compassionate Zangoose girl from the Normal District, knows that she has done the right thing when she volunteers to take the place of Dana Berlitz, her disabled best friend. However, victors of the Battle of the Elements are never produced from compassion. They are produced from cruelness and brutality.

    The Power N.U. is the story of two brave heroines, Faith Redwood and Hope Reinhart, on a seemingly impossible quest throughout the Ubulou Region, a faraway place where Pokemon are classified into tiers based on their power and only the most powerful Pokemon such as Ferrothorn and Lucario are used. Although most people in the region believe that only the OUs are viable in Pokemon Battles, Faith and Hope disagree and believe that trainers should use the Pokemon they love best. Can Faith, Hope, and their beloved Pokemon show the world that power isn't anything? Click on the banner to find out. Currently discontinued, but I may come back to it later on when I feel like it.

    Here are some fanfic ideas that I have, and I might consider writing them into actual stories in the future. Don't expect them anytime soon, though, because I already have two stories going on.

    From Zero to Hero: A Fanfictionist's Tale: Ivanna Wright, also known as Mew Master, is an Internet celebrity - her fanfiction has been ongoing for many years and is well known on many websites. However, as a beginning writer, she was less than brilliant. When she started to take an interest in writing fanfiction, she started out by posting a fanfic on ManafiForums - the fanfic was terrible and rule-breaking, however. It got criticized brutally by the infamous Kami Myu and quickly got closed by Zephyr Breeze. Ivanna did not give up, however, and From Zero To Hero is the story of her rise from a very bad author to an Internet sensation.

    Innocent: The Striaton Triplets - Cilan, Chili, and Cress - have been accused of working undercover as Team Plasma's Shadow Triad. According to the officer who suddenly barged into their restaurant and accused them, all the evidence needed has been revealed, mostly the fact that during the final battle against Team Plasma, the triplets weren't there to stop the Seven Sages. Can the pure-hearted gym leaders prove to the Unova Region that they are in fact innocent?

    Writing Tips:

    This tip isn’t technically on writing but the writing process – I learned it the hard way, so make sure you don’t! When typing up your fanfiction, it’s a good idea to have multiple save files – for example, one on your computer, one on a USB, and one on Google Docs. That way, you’ll have more opportunities to work on your story, as well as a lessened chance of losing your file to a random data corruption.

        Spoiler:- Credits:
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    I'm known as AmericanPi everywhere on the Internet.

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    Name: ShinyLugia101, but you can call me ShinyLugia or Lugia

    Age (optional): Compared to the rest of you, not that old.

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I always thought my imagination was a bit more active than some people, and I made things I call "mini stories" (my version of One Shots) in my mind all the time. I once attempted to write an original story in my notebook when I was 11, but it failed epically, as I never even finished Chapter 1. Still, I continued to make up mini stories, which often involved either Pokemon or Mythical Creatures. Then I joined SPPF, and was a part of the RPG section right away, which also involves writing. One day, I went up 2 rows from the RPG section and found the Fanfic section. I had no idea that people make up stories about Pokemon and other fandoms. It was then that something went off in my head and I got a bunch of ideas for these "Fanfics" that I could do, and for one, I AM doing.

    Fandoms you write in: Almost always Pokemon, if not, then Sonic, Mario, or Original Story.

    Types Of Writing: Mainly Humor and Adventure, sometimes Fantasy, Friendship, Journey and/or Parody. Never really liked depressing stories or stories that have no involvement of the mythical or the paranormal. For the latter, however, I don't have to worry about that with Pokemon.

    Strong Areas: I seriously have no idea. Maybe it would have to go to Character Personalities and Spelling/Grammar. Or maybe plot.....
    It may be a bit to early to tell. I'm still a bit new to writing fanfics.

    Type Of Characters: Ones with those quirks about them, that makes you love them to no end. Also ones that are never boring. Hyperactive, cocky, hot-tempered, timid, the ones that are always smiling even when they're about to die....yeah, that sort of thing.

    Completed Stories: Nothing's going in this column. For a while.

    Current Stories: The Adventures of Team SilverSky
    Rated PG. Genres: Adventure, Comedy, and Friendship.
    Total number of chapters so far: 5

    A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fic that takes place 25 years after the events of Explorers of Sky. Once upon an overused fairytale starting, a very talkative and hyperactive Piplup named Mira wanted to start an Exploration Team and join Wigglytuff's Guild. However, she cannot find a partner to go with, mostly because she talks WAAAAAAAY too much. Then, she bumps into Trish, a sarcastic, curious, and slightly short-tempered Eevee who used to be Human! The two join together to create the awesome Team SilverSky, and go on many epic adventures while attending the guild. The Guild contains many characters, including, but not limited to, a stern Chatot that especially dislikes Trish, and a Mudkip that can't go a sentence without saying the word, "liek". However, at the end of the day, things will get chaotic. VERY chaotic.

    Future Stories: There will always be ideas zooming in and out of my head, but one that is currently sticking out in my mind is a Pokemon/Weekenders crossover. I was thinking that the Weekenders cast gets sucked into the world of Kanto and they have to beat the Elite Four to get out. Although this may not be a good combo, as according to Wikipedia...

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    TV Guide dubbed The Weekenders as "the show that killed Pokémon," because ABC stole the ratings when they aired it at 10:00 am - the same time Pokémon aired on Kids' WB.

    Although it may come to my advantage if I decide to write it.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Being fairly new here myself, I don't have much to say here. I have two short things to mention, though:

    - Even if the criticism can be a bit hurtful, take in as much advice as you can. It will help you in the long run.

    - Have fun with it! If you don't, it will reflect on your work and it probably won't get finished
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    Me: Not much. Was just about to throw a dictionary at your face, that's all.
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    Name: ShinyRaikou

    Age (optional): 12

    Gender (optional): male

    Fiction background (optional): I got an idea for a Phineas and Ferb/Pokemon crossover and had to post it.

    Fandoms you write in: Phineas and Ferb, The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy

    Types Of Writing: Comedy

    Strong Areas: Comedy

    Type Of Characters: Anything that will make me laugh

    Completed Stories: None yet, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pokeverse probably won't have a deffinate end

    Current Stories:

    Future Stories:
    I'm planning a series of one-shots giving underappreciated Pokemon their spotlight. I'm also considering a Pokemon/ Hunger Games crossover, as well as a Pokemon/ Heroes of Olympus Crossover
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    Name: TheSequelReturns

    Age (optional): Undisclosed

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): Not so much writing actual full length stories, but heaps and heaps of Role Playing experience, short stories, and a love of reading fiction.

    Fandoms you write in: Lots. Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei, Digimon, Armored Core, Black Rock Shooter, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, and The Legend of Zelda to name a few. I like having larger, open worlds to draw from.

    Types Of Writing: A little bit of everything. About the only thing I don't write is straight up romance. But I do at least some of everything else, from RomCom to Horror. Though for the most part I tend to write something of a mixed bag. Action, Drama, and Comedy tend to be the focus in my writing.

    Strong Areas: Action and Comedy. I also have a particular knack for Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

    Type Of Characters: Another mixed bag. There are a few types I generally avoid, but for the most part I use a wide variety of characters. Everything from the shy and timid types to the headstrong and in-your-face types.

    Completed Stories: None yet, but I'm working on getting there.

    Current Stories: The links to the stories below can be found in my sig.

    Vision - A poke-morph story with a slightly dark twist. The story revolves around a group of pokemon-human hybrids who, after escaping from the lab they were created in, set out to find a meaning for their lives. Along the way, they have to deal with the dark factions that created them, a power-hungry mad scientist and a re-formed Team Galactic, as well as the beginnings of a conspiracy that goes far beyond themselves and threatens the world they are only just now starting to discover.

    A Simple Request - A Digimon story stemming from one of Kamotz's RPs in the Role-Playing section. The story chronicles the events that happen to Trowa, a Tigervespimon, after the events of first RP in the series, Unholy Crusade. Though based on the RPs, the story is designed as a standalone chaptered fic, and knowledge of the RPs is not required to understand it. The plot details Trowa's journey to the eastern reaches of the Digital World as he follows a lead about a missing person, the long lost sister of his best friend. As he digs deeper in his hunt however, he soon discovers that what started as a simple request just might turn out to be a deadly game of cat and mouse, a game he's not sure if he can win.

    Future Stories: These stories are merely ideas on the drawing board at the moment, and are subject to change.

    The Falsebound Kingdom - A Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic inspired by the universe in the old Gamecube game of the same name. Rather than duelists with cards however this story revolves around a world inhabited solely by the monsters themselves. With the rise of a young new Queen to the throne of Sanctuary, the 10th prophecy from the Age of Zera has come to pass. The 13th prophecy predicts a great calamity, a downfall of the world as its inhabitants know it and the dawn of a new Dark Age. Desperate to prevent this prophecy from coming to pass, the young Queen Yubel calls for an assembling of champions to investigate ways to prevent this coming evil from unfolding.

    Black ★ Rock Shooter - Very loosely based on the anime of the same name, but with a huge Sci-Fi twist and a completely new plot. In the year 2017, the Earth was invaded by beings from another dimension. Unable to defend against the invader's vastly superior technology, the Earth was laid to waste. In the last hours of humanity, a group of scientists using captured technology from the invaders develop one last weapon in a last ditch effort to turn the tide of battle. That weapon came too late. 10 years later, in the year 2027, that weapon awakens. Desperate to find her purpose in this barren world, the girl known only as Black Rock Shooter sets out on a journey to find not only the answers she seeks, but the last survivors of humanity that she knows are out there somewhere.

    Insert Title Here - Yes, that's the actual name. Breaking the habit of my usual slightly dark stories, this one is a lighthearted comedy featuring slapstick humor and poking fun at the various oddities in the Pokemon anime and games. When laid back non-trainer and all around boring Carl Stevens receives a mysterious box from a floating delivery truck, he has no idea what to expect, least of all a talking Bidoof who insists he's royalty. Together with this rather unusual partner, Carl sets out to return the Bidoof to his home land, encountering all sorts of absurdities and craziness along they way as they pounce from misadventure to misadventure.

    The Four Riders - A Shin Megami Tensei fanfic. The Apocalypse is coming early. A powerful force has accelerated the countdown to the end of days, and the only ones who can stop it are the harbingers of the Apocalypse themselves, the Four Horsemen. With an army of Angels demanding answers, a horde of Demons out for their blood, and a world full of humans about to be caught in the crossfire, the Four Horsemen must do whatever it takes to prevent the early arrival of the very events they will one day set in motion.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Umm, I'm not sure what to put here to be honest. I guess, pay attention to critics and reviews. Its easy to dismiss criticism sometimes, especially if the reviewer is a bit harsh, but any criticism, as long as its not pure flaming, can be used to help you improve your writing.
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    The Digimon Epics

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    Name: I go by many names, but you can just call me Zephyr for short.

    Age (optional): 18

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): Despite the fact that I've been writing since middle school, I tend not to touch fanfiction. In fact, the current one I'm working is A)Perhaps the eight or ninth fanfiction I've ever written (Maybe more, all I can remember is that I've written less than 10) and B) as much as I like the character's in that little series, it is more a writing experiment than anything else.

    The things I do tend to write is something along the lines of light novels. However lately, due to something a friend told me, I have considered dipping into comic book scripts.

    Fandoms you write in: The very few times I did write a fanfiction it would be for SMT and Pokemon. Maybe a naruto or digimon one. I dun remember.

    Types Of Writing:I tend to dive into fiction alot. I do try a little bit of everything though. Though I find myself writing action adventure stories often.

    Strong Areas:Comedic Romance...I wish I was joking with this xD Despite how much I've written action fiction...I never really prided myself with battle scenes since I feel I could've done something better. But with the more comedic moments I tend to be more proud off. Though I will admit on various occasion that my humor is nothing unique since about half the time it's nothing more than pointing out the sillier aspects of the universe the story takes place in.

    Type Of Characters: I try to do everything but the characters I prefer to write are kind hearted ones...if only cause I'm tired of angsty protagonists who feel that their hatred of humanity and their tragic back story allows them to do whatever the hell they want. And even if I were to write those characters...well...let's just say I treat them just as terribly as I do all of my characters. To put it simply, I like to write every single type of character...that way I can see how they do when I make them suffer >3

    Completed Stories:
    None well none that I want to post here.

    Current Stories:
    Attempt at a Diploma - A writing experiment that I really need to continue now that I have some time in my hands. This is a story I wanted to make and I admit that it wasn't too original, just something I casually read and got inspired by. The story is about a boy who more or less failed to succeed in the pokemon trainer thing and is more or less being a research aide for Professor Birch by going out to dangerous pokemon nests and capturing them while avoid severe injury. Again nothing special, in fact, as opposed to what I usually write, I didn't plan this one out fully. I didn't get a full idea of the direction of the story I wanted to go until half way I was writing chapter 3 (which isn't out yet). Overall, nothing more than a writing experiment at the moment.

    ? - This is one I CONSIDER posting...It's pretty much my twisted interpretations of the story of Pokemon White version with almost all the characters I've created shoved in it in an awkward manner (wow that sounds odd if you stop and think about it). It's being posted somewhere else, what location I will not disclose to you. I'll tell you right now that I'm not exactly proud of the first half of this....but maybe that's just me being paranoid. I don't know what appeals to most audiences now days. But yes this is technically a OC-journey fic and already I can tell that would dissuade plenty of people of any interest in the story.

    Future Stories:

    Writing Tips (Optional):'re insane if you want to ask writing tips from me. I can only give on tip...and it's most likely a tip you'll hear often. Plan you stories out at least 70 percent. The reason why I say 70 percent is that sometimes it sounds good in plan wise but when you write it out you realize some changes are needed to be made. That is...all I can really say @_@

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    Name: other than The Great Butler, I also use Nando in many places.

    Fiction background: Long before I started writing, I always had a bit of an overactive imagination, so I would often work out ideas in my head with absolutely no intent of doing anything with them. Once I got a computer I started just writing down random, disorganized thoughts, but eventually, inspiration struck me and I started writing what would become the first fic I ever finished.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. Have toyed with a few others but never actually written anything in them.

    Types of writing: Multi-chapter fics, either with a large chapter count to tell a long story or a lower count for stories along the lines of text-based Pokemon movies. I can write in almost any genre.

    Strong areas: Character and plot development, which I've often been praised for. I'm good at pulling off surprises as a story progresses, and I can also do well at sneaking in shout-outs to various things, fourth wall breaking and other humorous moments. Again, I can do just about any genre pretty well.

    Types of characters: Flawed heroes, characters struggling to overcome adversities, sympathetic villains, irredeemable villains (ironically), romantics, strong female characters.

    Completed Stories:
    Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow
    Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow
    Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth

    Spanning ten years, the saga of a man with a checkered past struggling to build a future for himself and the family he's cobbled together against the forces of a terrorist organization oddly obsessed with him. Rich Mistbloom, his wife Anabel and their daughter Olivia repeatedly find themselves in clashes with Enigma Shadow and their mysterious leader. With the help of many allies, they must solve the Shadow Pokemon conspiracy pushed forth by the organization and bring the group down once and for all.

    Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude
    In this compliment piece to events in Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth, Rich Mistbloom's friend, scientist and archeologist Matt Chiaki, travels with his partner and self-declared girlfriend Cassy Natsuka to the isolated kingdom of La Ciudad Dorada in central Oceannia after being summoned by the kingdom's Count Fernando VIII. A mysterious place, La Ciudad Dorada hides a web of secrets in which Matt's grandfather, legendary archeologist Sutter Chiaki, was entangled. Now, teaming up with a young dollmaker, his rival from his school days and a decorated Pokémon Ranger, can Matt unravel the sinister plan playing out in the city and conquer lies, betrayal and murder to discover the greatest treasure in history, the lost Golden City?

    Operation GEAR: The Firestorm Rebellion
    Six years after the events of Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude and five years after the conclusion of Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth, the world is a very different place. Now charged with caring for Olivia Mistbloom and providing tutoring for her in the absence of her father and mother, Matt Chiaki is a changed man. Dedicated to exacting revenge upon those responsible for causing the disasters and loss from a half a decade earlier, he travels with Olivia to the Indigo Plateau for a battle tournament sponsored by Anabel to commemorate the Frontier Society's inception in Kanto and Johto. There, they meet up with Matt's old colleague Bunny Spruce for a mission to examine the ruins of an ancient town nearby, taking along Nekou Langley, an enigmatic and sarcastic young woman who becomes indebted to Matt. What awaits them in the ruins of Argyros Town, however, is an adventure that will take them across history to save the religious community that once and once again inhabits the village...

    Operation GEAR: The Victory Star of Fate
    Immediately following Operation GEAR: The Firestorm Rebellion, Matt, Nekou, Olivia and Bunny head for Whitegold City, a city in southeastern Kanto, where Matt is to give a speech on energy sources sponsored by the company of oil magnate Liam Everton. Their trip coincides with the annual festival that honors the Pokémon considered the city's guardians, Victini and Cresselia. However, when Cresselia's mortal enemy Darkrai appears for the first time in fifty years, the two begin a vicious battle identical to the folktale told in the city. As a cascading chain of disasters envelops Whitegold City, the fate of the city, all of the people and Pokémon within its borders and the world itself falls to Matt, Nekou, Olivia and Bunny. With the help of a journalist investigating Everton International, a brash and arrogant young Psychic-type trainer and an old gambler who once worked for the oil baron, they must learn the truth behind the folktales of Whitegold City in time to stop Liam Everton from capturing Victini's true power - control over victory itself.

    Current stories:

    Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning
    As Olivia Mistbloom's journey finally begins, dark forces begin moving into place on the Tohjo Continent. Matt Chiaki, still obsessively searching for the truths offered by the legend of Reshiram, continues escorting her. Her own quest for truth is closely linked to his, and Nekou seeks to find the truth of her own origin. Meanwhile, the Tenganist people, withering under a mysterious and coordinated effort to completely eradicate their existence, rise up. The entire continent will soon be enveloped in a battle unlike any seen before, completely according to the plans of the cult of Polaris - but at the end of everything, when nothing remains but the truth, is anyone prepared to face it?

    Future stories:
    None presently

    Writing tips: Always be open to inspiration from any possible source; try to keep an open mind everywhere you go. You'll find ideas from a lot of unexpected places. Also, try to plan things out in advance. It will save you a lot of trouble once the story begins rolling.
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    Weeeeeell, I thought I might as well get one of these fancy-smancy profiley-thingies despite the fact I'll probably write rather infrequently due to various external reasons.

    Name: Here I'm known as Rotom310, or Rotom. But I'm also known throught the Internet as Yel, Yellow, and (by pretty much only myself )= ) The Yellow Rotom.

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: I'd have to say that technically I started fiction on a different site (with RPs mostly), but only got serious about it after setting up shop here. I'd like to think I'm a decent writer, but am by no means great. Heh. Mostly comes from the fact I'm terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE) with deadlines.

    Fandoms you write in: Mostly Pokémon with very few exceptions

    Types Of Writing: I'm a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none! I can right adequately within nearly every genre, but find myself excelling in none. :D

    Strong Areas: I find I am able to write smooth, flowing dialogue between characters nearly effortlessly. I also am alright at making fairly interesting characters.

    Type Of Characters: I prefer the deadpan snarkers (kinda 'cause I'm one myself), and the off-the-wall wacko characters. I also find myself using laughable villains and socially-awkward techies... for some reason... >.>

    Completed Stories: None at the moment

    Current Stories: None at the moment

    Future Stories:

    Pending Title - A sort of murder mystery novelette that I'm writing for English to get out of another writing assignment (sort of). Might post it here if I'm far enough in to keep chapters coming out somewhat frequently, probably won't though.

    Pending Title - A retelling of my HeartGold Nuzlocke with one major twist: it takes place in the Pokémon Special Mangaverse. Planning this one out whenever inspiration strikes.

    Rambles of a Rotom - Pretty much a collective title for any works of mine that aren't related to anything else, such as various one-shots and any two- or three-shots for contests on dA. I'd post this... but I kinda need to have written something first...

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    Name: G50

    Age (optional): 25

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): Growing up, I would use my imagination to create animal worlds based off my room and stuffed animals. I figured this would be a great oppertunity to share some of these childhood made up stories.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, and maybe non-Pokemon later on.

    Types Of Writing: My own versions of Pokemon worlds.

    Strong Areas: Animal Fiction Writing

    Type Of Characters: Animals and Guardians.

    Completed Stories: None yet

    Current Stories: " The World of Guardians"

    Future Stories: More Pokemon Fan Fics, Animal adventure stories, possible yu-gi-oh fiction.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Have all of your characters, towns, and basic storyline well-thought out before beginning to write a story.

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    I think my profile was once posted in Ver.3, but I couldn't found it anymore. But doesn't matter, I'll just post it again, as I'm not outstanding and noticeable, and I admit I'm technically a "ghost" member.

    Name: Crystal

    Age: above 20

    Gender: female

    Specialized fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, and probably other fantasy as well, though I haven't write any of the third kind (but I think of them a lot).

    Fictional background: I started to write fanfic only when I had begin my University study, so I haven't write for very long yet. The reason I started to write fanfic because of a quite sarcastic reason: I like Pokemon as a fictional character but dislike the immaturity of Pokemon Anime. So I started to write one better than the anime to cover my negative feelings. But for now, I write for interest.

    Type of writing: Fantasy, travel, adventure. For my Pokemon-fics, I specialized in Trainer fics.
    One more thing, I ALWAYS wrote in JAPANESE, none of my fanfic is in English. Though I think I will translate them into English in some later stage, but I can't even make sure about the translation work schedule (Probably only when the whole fic is complete, it will be several years later...).

    Strong areas: All kinds of planning. From characters physical+mental designs, character background+history, world geography, story summary plot, villains, up to the minor details such as traveling schedule. All the things are well planned before any of the writings had started. But on the opposite, I'm weak in putting my planning into actual readable story. (Because I'm a perfectionist)

    Type of characters specialized in: All kinds of characters that have at least one special trait different from a normal civilian. It can be his/her characteristic and/or personality, the Pokemon they use, their background history, or the special power they have. However, these traits are not necessary advantageous to the character him/herself.

    Completed story: Sorry, none yet.

    Current story:
    Pokemon NAC (ポケモンNAC):
    My first fanon story of Pokemon, this is SUPER LONG and tends to become episodic fic. However, I haven't work in this one for long, Probably going to drop out from my writing list.
    The story started off as a very cliche pattern of a girl Christina leave her home town, travel the world and compete the Pokemon League. However, the story will slowly reveals her hidden intention behind her journey during and even after her Pokemon League Journey, which is to search for a Legendary Pokemon that she met once in the past...
    The Pokemon League is not the important thing here, because the Pokemon League is merely an excusable reason to give to her parents for her to travel. The story is focused more on the part of searching for the Legendary Pokemon.

    The Adventurers of Crossworld (クロスワールドの冒険者たち):
    The original crossover story of Pokemon and Digimon. It started off again like a cliche pattern of a trainer suddenly sent to the Digital World without he himself even noticed. In the later stage, he will meet other trainers whom are also mysteriously sent to this world, found out the reason why they are sent to here, search for the method to go back to their own world; and also, get themselves involved in the incidents currently happening in the Digital World that is caused by a mysterious cybernetic Pokemon, Porygon-Z...
    The first half where the main stage is in the Digital World will tends to be more Digimon-centric. In the later half where the trainers got forcefully send back to the Real World, it will then be more Pokemon-centric. But of course, very single chapter uses creatures of both canons, in the overall view there is really no argument of which one is more centric.

    Future story: Pokemon NAC 2, the second continuation of Pokemon NAC. But, if I don't complete the previous one, this one will probably cancel.

    Writing tips: "What is Pokemon?" That is a question I ask myself many times. I ask this is because I don't want "my Pokemon" to divert away from the meaning I have in my heart.
    Pokemon, is the shorten abbreviation for "Pocket Monster". So, by the simplest meaning, it is the miracle monster you can carry in your pocket. The very first Pokemon world I'd touch is the peaceful land where trainers share a bond between Pokemon, and their battle is merely a sport. Therefore I want to keep onto this track.
    In many recent new Pokemon related media, such as Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition, even the new manga Pokemon ReBurst, there had already break the basic meaning of "Pokemon", and I don't want "my" Pokemon ended up like that.
    So, one simple sentence: Keep to your faith, do not divert away from your believe, and write out the world you love. But of course, ONLY IF you have a clear picture of what you really loved.
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