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    I think my profile was once posted in Ver.3, but I couldn't found it anymore. But doesn't matter, I'll just post it again, as I'm not outstanding and noticeable, and I admit I'm technically a "ghost" member.

    Name: Crystal

    Age: above 20

    Gender: female

    Specialized fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, and probably other fantasy as well, though I haven't write any of the third kind (but I think of them a lot).

    Fictional background: I started to write fanfic only when I had begin my University study, so I haven't write for very long yet. The reason I started to write fanfic because of a quite sarcastic reason: I like Pokemon as a fictional character but dislike the immaturity of Pokemon Anime. So I started to write one better than the anime to cover my negative feelings. But for now, I write for interest.

    Type of writing: Fantasy, travel, adventure. For my Pokemon-fics, I specialized in Trainer fics.
    One more thing, I ALWAYS wrote in JAPANESE, none of my fanfic is in English. Though I think I will translate them into English in some later stage, but I can't even make sure about the translation work schedule (Probably only when the whole fic is complete, it will be several years later...).

    Strong areas: All kinds of planning. From characters physical+mental designs, character background+history, world geography, story summary plot, villains, up to the minor details such as traveling schedule. All the things are well planned before any of the writings had started. But on the opposite, I'm weak in putting my planning into actual readable story. (Because I'm a perfectionist)

    Type of characters specialized in: All kinds of characters that have at least one special trait different from a normal civilian. It can be his/her characteristic and/or personality, the Pokemon they use, their background history, or the special power they have. However, these traits are not necessary advantageous to the character him/herself.

    Completed story: Sorry, none yet.

    Current story:
    Pokemon NAC (ポケモンNAC):
    My first fanon story of Pokemon, this is SUPER LONG and tends to become episodic fic. However, I haven't work in this one for long, Probably going to drop out from my writing list.
    The story started off as a very cliche pattern of a girl Christina leave her home town, travel the world and compete the Pokemon League. However, the story will slowly reveals her hidden intention behind her journey during and even after her Pokemon League Journey, which is to search for a Legendary Pokemon that she met once in the past...
    The Pokemon League is not the important thing here, because the Pokemon League is merely an excusable reason to give to her parents for her to travel. The story is focused more on the part of searching for the Legendary Pokemon.

    The Adventurers of Crossworld (クロスワールドの冒険者たち):
    The original crossover story of Pokemon and Digimon. It started off again like a cliche pattern of a trainer suddenly sent to the Digital World without he himself even noticed. In the later stage, he will meet other trainers whom are also mysteriously sent to this world, found out the reason why they are sent to here, search for the method to go back to their own world; and also, get themselves involved in the incidents currently happening in the Digital World that is caused by a mysterious cybernetic Pokemon, Porygon-Z...
    The first half where the main stage is in the Digital World will tends to be more Digimon-centric. In the later half where the trainers got forcefully send back to the Real World, it will then be more Pokemon-centric. But of course, very single chapter uses creatures of both canons, in the overall view there is really no argument of which one is more centric.

    Future story: Pokemon NAC 2, the second continuation of Pokemon NAC. But, if I don't complete the previous one, this one will probably cancel.

    Writing tips: "What is Pokemon?" That is a question I ask myself many times. I ask this is because I don't want "my Pokemon" to divert away from the meaning I have in my heart.
    Pokemon, is the shorten abbreviation for "Pocket Monster". So, by the simplest meaning, it is the miracle monster you can carry in your pocket. The very first Pokemon world I'd touch is the peaceful land where trainers share a bond between Pokemon, and their battle is merely a sport. Therefore I want to keep onto this track.
    In many recent new Pokemon related media, such as Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition, even the new manga Pokemon ReBurst, there had already break the basic meaning of "Pokemon", and I don't want "my" Pokemon ended up like that.
    So, one simple sentence: Keep to your faith, do not divert away from your believe, and write out the world you love. But of course, ONLY IF you have a clear picture of what you really loved.
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    My Fanfic:
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