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Thread: The Authors' Profiles V.4

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    Phew. Updated. (:

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    Name: 11tjcoulombe, which is some stupid username I had from years ago. I go by Agonist on other sites.

    Age (optional): 19

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I started reading fanfics back in 2003-2004, primarily on, but soon found this site, and I lurked here for years, before finally making a account. Since then, I've continued to read fics on both this site, and

    Fandoms you write in: Primarily Pokémon, although I've dabbled in others such as the Terminator series, among others.

    Types Of Writing: I like to write somewhat violent stories, as well themes of mythology, and lost treasures, so I suppose, violent adventure stories? I'm not all that good at comedy (and I don't particularly enjoy it either), and I tend to lean away from romance, although that's primarily because I have a hard time writing it.

    Strong Areas: I've been told I'm pretty good at describing things, and that I'm not horrible at dialogue. I also like to think I'm pretty good at coming up with unusual ideas, although that could probably be debated.

    Type Of Characters: I prefer the emotionally troubled, reckless type of characters, along with calm, strong, and caring people. I also like to make my villains very evil, but at the same time, having some of the right ideas, if that makes any sense.

    Completed Stories: None.

    Current Stories: None right now.

    Future Stories: I've got a pretty good idea for a Hoenn based fic, and currently I'm working on expanding that, and developing a plot for it.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I don't think I have anything than can be added to what others have already said, but I guess, make sure your grammar is correct, since, at least for myself, that's a huge turnoff to a story, seeing incorrect spellings, and just bad grammar in general. Also, pay attention to what reviewers say, and if they bring up a point, or a suggestion, or make some corrections to your grammar, don't hesitate to communicate with them about it, since they're trying to help you make your fic better, and despite what people may say, or think about themselves, everyone has grounds for some improvement.
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    Hi Bump Kick!

    Name: Silver, Haruhi Clause (FFN), Gothitelle (PkComm) whichever floats your boat.

    Age (optional): 20

    Gender (optional): tranvesti girl

    Fiction background (optional): Wrote fanfiction about 3 years ago, first fanfics were scripts.

    Fandoms you write in: Now it's Pokemon, but I have also written for the Sonic fandom and once for the Powerpuff Girls fandom.

    Types Of Writing: I like weird stories that pop out at me. I also like colorful stories that can also be serious when the time calls for it.

    Strong Areas: I think description is my strong point, along with word choice.

    Type Of Characters: I like all kinds of characters but my favorites would have to be ones with different views on things. Also i like inspirational characters followed by comic relief.

    Completed Stories: The Unexpected Encounter
    The Big Letter G!
    The Lost World of Giratina
    Pitched, Stomped and Shattered
    Knights in Shining Armor

    Current Stories:

    Space lives on your breath... (my current focus)
    Latias and her new friends (remaking)
    Collide (I'm going to remake)
    Giratina's First Friend (im going to remake)
    Dialga and the Reverse World Master (remaking)
    Drabble Collection

    Future Stories:

    Disapprence of the moon - Out of revenge for being the main reason for hating herself, Palkia warps the moon to a different dimension. As Palkia sits back and enjoys her suffering, Cresselia is distraught over the moon's disappearance and angrily orders her underlings to search for it. While Giratina and her friends try to help her cope through this unfortunate situation, the moon goddess feels that she should get to the bottom of the situation. Who would be so vile as to steal the moon?

    So she seeks the strongest Pokemon of Unova to use her Psychic powers to trace the moon and figure out the culprit.

    Legend of Gothitelle (two parts) - Part one tells the story of the strongest Pokemon in Unova and how she got to be who she is today. Part two, a rich Unova valley girl seeks the legend that could stop her political family from being overthrown by Ghetsis.

    Rewrite of Collide
    Rewrite of Dialga and the Reverse World Master
    Rewrite of Giratina's First Friend
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    Name: Not "Sid", actually. Just couldn't think of a better screen name than a Penguins' homage. My name is Rob.

    Age (optional): 31. So yes, I'm sure you all want to know about silent films or dinosaurs. You can ask me.

    Gender (optional): M

    Fiction background (optional): This is a fun question. I just always wrote. Growing up I wrote all the time. It lessened as I got older, but I still always loved it, and I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Writing. Since college, I'd been in a HUGE rut with my writing; I'd write a few pages of something and scrap it to start over, but I'd still hate it, so I'd scrap it again. This would go over and over, and my will to write just kept dying out to the point where I was writing very infrequently. I've always done better in communities, working on shared universe projects, and I've worked on some comic book style universes with people from other forums. I've tried to do some web comics with artists in the past, but due to schedules and busy lives, they never went as far as I'd like.

    Fandoms you write in: I'm not a HUGE fan-fic writer. Not to say I haven't, but it's not a great area of interest. I, obviously, do Pokemon now. I've dabbled in some Marvel/DC stuff in the past, but not for years. I'd love to try a Phoenix Wright story or several, but I've never tried.

    Types Of Writing: Mostly fiction, but I've been known to go on sports-related diatribes, too. I used to be better at humorous non-fiction when I kept my blog maintained, but that, too, has fallen off in the last 3 years or so. I write a lot of comic book universe material (people with superhuman abilities). It's always been an area of fascination to me because you can approach mundane subject matter from a new direction.

    Strong Areas: Dialogue. I'm not terrible at short, quick, witty dialogue between characters. I do a pretty decent first person flow-of-consciousness, too.

    Type Of Characters: I like to think it varies, but I do a LOT of stuff that features two male main characters and their dynamics. I generally like younger characters, too (well, young for ME: high school or college-aged).

    Completed Stories: Nothing here.

    Current Stories: Brothers' Bond (see my signature or click here: )

    Future Stories: After Brothers' Bond? I'm thinking of doing a direct port of a fantasy series I've been working on for literally over a decade into the pokemon universe. It may be the shot-in-the-arm I need to get that written in some form. Besides that, I touched on some History Of The World stuff in Brothers' Bond that I might elaborate upon.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Take writing classes. As many as you can get. Seriously, I learned more in my classes in college than I have anywhere else.
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    Name: Fixthe Fernback, as my username indicates. I also go by the Fern or Ferner or El Fernerino, y'know if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

    Age (optional): 19

    Gender (optional): M

    Fiction background (optional): One of the few skills I have received praise for over the years (especially from English teachers) is my writing ability. Naturally, mixed with my love for literature, I began writing fiction. About a year ago I started writing a serialized fan-fic but it didn't garner much interest and I became a bit uninterested and discouraged. I stepped away for a while and focused on writing scripts for original games, and now I'm back with the intention of staying, at least for now.

    Fandoms you write in: Just Pokemon for now. I have ideas for Dragon Ball, Ben 10 and Warcraft as well, but my current on-going series has my full attention for now.

    Types Of Writing: Whatever I find I'm able to fully express my thoughts, feelings and ideas through. I have an expansive taste and I like that to show through my writing.

    Strong Areas: Not really sure. It's a bit too early in my writing career to determine that, and honestly, I probably don't have any.

    Type Of Characters:Relatable characters with strong personalities.

    Completed Stories: None yet.

    Current Stories: Nothing currently available to read. I'm in the process of creating a massive AU, though.

    On Hold/Hiatus:
    The Shaping of Our World (A three-part miniseries and the prologue/prequel to Central: A Metaphysical Odyssey. It tells the story of how the Centralverse came to be) Drama, action, adventure, sci-fi

    I once published this on Serebii but it has since been pulled from the forums. I decided I had taken on too much and wanted to focus on my main series, but have no fear.

    Central: A Metaphysical Odyssey

    Future Stories:

    Various one-shots and mini-series that'll serve as tie-ins to the Centralverse. Some will be more obvious, while others will have a much more loose connection. Some stories I have planned now include something that'll involve Casey Pierce's journey to Sinnoh. Another is a fic tentatively titled Pathways that'll follow a group of friends as they weave in and out of each other's lives. I plan on working on some of these overtime, but they'll only be released between the arcs/seasons of Central: A Metaphysical Odyssey.

    Pokikomori (a one-shot about a 35 year old man who suddenly decides to become a Pokemon trainer) dramedy, slice of life

    Feral (a one-shot about the struggles of wild Pokemon in a small-town and the Rangers that protect them) drama, slice of life

    untitled Ben 10 fic (the only connection it will share with the actual series is the omnitrix and it will probably be set in the old west)

    untitled Warcraft fic (I imagine it as being Warcraft meets A Song of Ice and Fire. It'll likely take place from Warcraft III through the Burning Crusade, and it might have POV style chapters akin to ASOIAF, but I don't want to emulate GRRM too heavily. It also wouldn't be a chaptered fic, rather it would be separated into novellas. Moral ambiguity, and experiencing Azeroth through both the Horde and the Alliance will be a huge part of the story.)

    Writing Tips (Optional): Write what you love and don't start off too ambitious. It'll be the death of you.
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    Name: Shadow Lucario or Shadow/SL for short.

    Age (optional): 20

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I had been linked to SPPf from Google about four years back and found EonMaster One's Pokemon Revolution: Johto and I began reading it. After a few chapters I already knew I wanted to write my own fan fiction. After an unsuccessful attempt at a story I began writing my first decent fic The Sinnoh Adventure. I lost interest not even halfway through realizing just how big Sinnoh really is. I then began my Pokemon Academy fic and found great success with it. After completing Dedication Through Light and Darkness I decided to return to my roots and try a journey fic again.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon only.

    Types Of Writing: Journey, Romantic, Action, Mystery, OT.

    Strong Areas: Characters and character development

    Type Of Characters: I can write about any character really. I don't like to limit myself to just one type.

    Completed Stories:

    School is supposed to be simple right? This fic revolves around Jyharri, a new student to a Pokemon Academy where things suddenly take a turn for the worse when war is on the horizon.

    The Beginning of Dedication
    How did it all start? Back before the beginning, before the separation. This One shot details the events that started the plot in Dedication through Light and Darkness and explores how some characters became strange and demented.

    Before the Bond PG-15
    This one-shot chronicles the adventures of Alexander Janson before joining Team Lustrous. Learn of his fall to darkness and what made him the trainer he is today.

    Current Stories:

    Jayden's journey through Johto took an interesting turn when both Team Lustrous and the Black Organization return and begin to wreak havoc across the region.

    Future Stories: Possible sequel to Hero's Bond tentatively titled Fifth Hope

    Writing Tips (Optional): Keep moving forward. Listen to your reviewers and you will get far. Improvement will soon follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Shadow Lucario, you already have a profile (on the first page). I updated the link so your latest profile is the link, but in the future, please edit your profile instead of creating a new one. Thanks. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezy View Post

    Shadow Lucario, you already have a profile (on the first page). I updated the link so your latest profile is the link, but in the future, please edit your profile instead of creating a new one. Thanks. =)
    My bad Breezy. I did not know that, but now I do. Thanks for telling me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Name: diamondpearl876 in some places, vio55 in others. My real name is Kristin.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: I started writing when I was about six or seven. I wrote long, silly original and Pokemon stories back then. Eventually, I wrote for various other fandoms with the inspiration of several LiveJournal writing challenges, as well as original poetry. I've only just now got back into really writing Pokemon.

    Fandoms you write in: Besides original poetry, I've mostly written for Pokemon, One Piece, xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, LOST, Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, Death Note, D.N. Angel, and Legend of Zelda.

    Types Of Writing: For Pokemon, I've always only been interested in writing OT journey fics, though I have yet to actually complete one that I can honestly say I'm proud of. I tend to write poetry, one-shots, and flash fiction to try to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. As far as style goes, I enjoy writing stream of consciousness, scenes that involve a ton of emotion, and writing from all points of view (especially second person).

    Strong Areas: Emotional description and grammar/spelling. I'd also like to say that I'm pretty good at writing characterization.

    Type Of Characters: I tend to write characters that are extremely troubled for some reason or another. They've also been pretty sarcastic, secretive, angry, or very skeptical about life in general. I enjoy writing any type of character, though.

    Completed Stories: I haven't completed and posted anything recently.

    Current Stories: Survival Project — An OT journey fic told from the POV of a mysterious trainer's pokemon.

    Future Stories: I've got nothing planned at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Read a lot and write a lot. Reading helps you generate ideas, and you can see what works and what doesn't. Writing a lot will help you develop your own style, get all of those ideas out that you've wanted to see come to life so badly, and it will make you improve over time.
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    Name: MarbleZone

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: I rarely post my stories. I'm that kind of person that scribbles a lot of stuff, jots down a ton of ideas, but actually sitting down and getting them in a structured document just does not happen. I'm sure it's the same with a lot of you guys.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Man, did I write one awesome Yu-Gi-Oh fic years ago. That I never finished.

    Types Of Writing: Even before I read R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, I loved writing chapters from different characters' points of view. Now that it's mainstream, I dropped it.
    I don't like having "the main character" in my stories, but rather a cast of several main characters. That way, people can actually care and wonder which one wins a face-off, unlike official anime where you know that ultimately the good guy wins... or doesn't lose fairly.

    Strong Areas: Grammar. Balancing out characters to make you care for a whole cast, instead of that one guy.

    Type Of Characters: I love to write characters that are just full of themselves, guys with serious anger management issues and grumpy dudes - Sam the American Eagle-kind of grumpy, really. I'm terrible at creating klutz-type characters, I feel too stupid trying to get into their mindset. And I'll never, ever make fanfics or join RPs where Pokémon talk. That irritates me.

    Completed Stories: None, ever. Seriously.

    Current Stories: None.

    Future Stories: Pokémon - Three Roads. It's a journey-type story, but that's all I'm saying.

    Writing Tips: Jot down every single one of your original concepts. Character names, teams, quirks, locations, plot twists - even if you don't have the plot yet! Doesn't mean you'll use them, but they'll be there when you have a block. Oh, and for God's sake, proofread.
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    Reposting mine since I can't get a hold of Breezy through VM.
    Updated April 14th

    Name: Slipomatic

    Age: 21


    Fiction Background: I will very seldom post my writings as I feel that my writing is awful and very lackluster in details. I have written one story that I never finished as I realized that I was just randomly writing stuff with no real plot direction. Description was very weak in my department.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon only, it's the only thing I really know about.

    Types Of Writing: I'm into writing stuff about adventure and humor. Occasionally, I like to write a tragedy story usually involving death. Humor is just fun to write, I just suck at thinking of good humor.

    Strong Areas: Plot outlines and character profiling. Fairly decent at grammar. I will occasionally have a hard to spot grammar error. OC creation

    Type Of Characters: Mostly Female characters, most of my characters being quiet or outgoing. Very few of my characters are aggressive or mean. I occasionally write as male characters, but I lean a bit more to the female characters. Every character I create is an OC, there is very little copy and pasting done on a new character. No character of mine will be cut and paste patchwork from other character bios I have.

    Completed Stories: One, None

    Current Stories: None

    Future Stories:

    Siblings - Raising pokemon is always tough, but raising these two is a nightmare. One is always causing trouble and the other is always over-protective of her. Might I mention being chased by my father who wants to control these two. I never wished for it, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Writing Tips:
    1. Spell check
    2. Check Grammer
    3. Always proof read to see if any sentences needs revising.
    4. Plan ahead of your chapters and make sure you get outlines for future chapters as it will help you keep on track.
    5. Brainstorming and/or taking suggestions from readers/critics can help you get through writers blocks.
    6. Don't write for reviews and viewers. Write purely for the enjoyment of writing. Reviews are just a bonus.
    7. It is always helpful to get a dedicated beta reader to help proofread your chapters and give pointers.

    Published and in progress
    Not published, but in progress
    Just and idea now
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    Name: bigtukker (cameddie on

    Age (optional): 21, for now

    Gender (optional): male

    Fiction background (optional):

    Fandoms you write in: chronologically: Pokémon, Suite Life on Deck, iCarly, Star Wars

    Types Of Writing: Adventure or Romance mostly, sometimes Drama or Family

    Strong Areas: Creativity

    Type Of Characters: Any character, but sometimes a little Flanderized.

    Completed Stories: I finished some iCarly stories on, two of them were crossovers with Suite Life and Star Wars respectively. I have a Dutch languaged Pokémon fanfiction of 44 chapters, but that one died and is really bad .

    Current Stories: iUnova

    Future Stories: The Legend and the Apprentice,

    Writing Tips (Optional): Keep writing?

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    Name: Kissmygrass96, KMG, KMG96, CuriousHeartless, CH, Jacob, really any of these work.

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Digimon, maybe others.

    Types Of Writing: OCfics tend to be my default out of fear of going OOC with official characters. Adventure and Fantasy appeal to me as actual genres, but I always make sure to include humor and drama at appropriate moments.

    Strong Areas: Probably general writing. I'm mediocre in specific areas but I like to think that as a whole I can bring it together into something good.

    Type Of Characters: Any type really. I even enjoy the occasional scrappy (Yes, I'm aware of the irony there).

    Completed Stories: Unless discontinued counts, none.

    Current Stories:
    None currently.

    Future Stories:

    Digimon Spiral Force (Digimon, obviously)
    Adventure/Friendship/Fantasy (Just classified as Adventure on FF)
    Rated T for freedom with creativity.
    When an evil arises that attempts to take over the Digital World, the Sovereign summon two human teenagers to the Digital World to take down the new evil. Using the Digital Helixes of Power and their partner Digimon, will they succeed? Currently going under reworking. I'm also thinking of changing the name because I meant Helix Force to begin with and Spiral Force was a misnaming. I was just too lose with the story and need to straighten it up for myself before I can continue.

    Rebuilding (Kingdom Hearts)
    Adventure, Fantasy
    Rated T, yet again for creative freedom.
    Having some difficulties on beginning, but it will be here before long.
    I was there the whole time, with the Organization. I knew all their secrets and figured out their flaws. Now they are gone and I can sieze my chance to create my own Organization XIII and take over all worlds. Who am I? Why, a mere Moogle who's lost his heart. Dead idea, but I'll leave this up in case I get inspired.

    Journeys of the Past and Future (Pokemon)
    Adventure, Friendship
    Same as everything, T for creative freedom.
    Still in pre-planning.
    Stop me if you've heard this one before, three friends go on a Pokemon Journey through Unova to try and get Badges and Ribbons (yes, importing contests to Unova. Been done to death because it is interesting). Now they have been through their journey and wake up three days before the Unova League and Unova Grand Festival. They get ready to set out and board a train in their home of Nuvema Town to their destinations, reminiscing about their journeys on the train. Duke Res, cool-headed battle prodigy, hot-headed Mary Miller, granddaughter of Hoenn Gymleader Norman and Professor Birch, and Jonathan Dite Jr., Mary's camp boyfriend and aspiring coordinator, look forward to their final challenges.

    Adventure Chronicles: Unova (Pokemon)
    Must I say it? T for creative freedom.
    Still in pre-planning.
    Remake of Pokemon Unova Chronicles. I'm going to change a lot of stuff, keep a lot of stuff, and try to finish it this time.

    Persona Survivor 2 (Shin Megami Tense, fusion between Devil Survivor 2 and the Persona series)
    T, just like the game
    Fist chapter written and being editted. Planning for future chapters under way.
    What if Nicaea offered a different service? Instead of summoning demons, it allows one to face their inner self and, if they win, summon their Persona. Katsumi Nakamura, a typical eighteen year old Japanese high schooler, was enjoying life with his best friend Daichi Shijima when everything fell apart. Demons appeared in Japan and now he, Daichi, and fellow schoolmate Io Nitta are wrapped up into a war between the JP's organization, revolter's, the mysterious alien Septentriones, and their own morality.
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    Updated. If you guys can reclick your links and make sure they're accurate, that'd be awesome. Not sure if they're still correct with the new forum upgrade. They should be, but you never know.

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    Name: Knightfall

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional):
    When I was a kid, I was always coming up with ideas that could almost be fanfiction ideas, I just didn't know it. It was when I was about eleven that I started writing down my ideas/stories. (They weren't good, many of them will never see the light of day again, but they did get me started.) Soon after I found Serebii and started my biggest fanfic project yet.

    Well, more than a year later, I'm now eleven chapters into said story, made some amazing friends, and become much more active in the writing community.

    Fandoms you write in: I haven't written much, but what I have written so far is for Pokemon. I do plan on doing a Portal/Half-Life fanfic one day, if I ever get to it.

    Types Of Writing: I'm best at writing adventure fics; stories that revolve around a huge and complex plot with countless sub-plots, twists and dark, mind-shatteringly cruel characters. The ideas and stories I write mainly stem from the PMD games which are my absolute favorite, I don't write too much else.

    Strong Areas: I think I'm strongest at finding out the plot of my stories, planning it out the end, but leaving enough room for unexpected plot twists and new ideas.

    Type Of Characters: Let's face it, I love writing characters who seem normal at first glance, but actually have horrible psychological problems. Oh, and characters who exploit those problems.

    Completed Stories: I hope to one day have something to put here....

    Current Stories:

    Pokemon Chaptered Fic-In Progress

    Collaboration Pokemon Chaptered Fic- In Progress

    Future Stories: A sequal to PMD: Overthrown.

    Writing Tips (Optional):
    Don't be afraid to post your work. As long as you've looked over it for errors and put in your best effort, you should be fine. Just be ready to accept reviews that point out errors, you may not like it, but they are trying to help.
    Also, if you are having trouble writing, try disconnecting your internet for awhile, I find that it helps me concentrate.

    Knightfall signing off...
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    Name: unrepentantAuthor

    Age (optional): 18

    Gender (optional): Genderless

    Fiction background (optional): I've been writing, on and off, for four years now. By the end of 2012, I shall be a student of creative writing in university.

    Fandoms you write in: Only pokémon for now.

    Types Of Writing: Psychological, morally ambiguous, character driven scifi with a focus on transhumanism.

    Strong Areas: Character psychology, narrative style, sesquipedalian loquaciousness.

    Type Of Characters: Unconventional, flawed, antiheroic.

    Current Stories: Different Eyes: A meowth volunteers for a human/pokémon hybridisation program and its consequences. Attempts to handle the pokémorph concept in a sophisticated, mature way, exploring the nature of humanity, personal worth and identity. Philosophical, violent and witty at turns. Cliché killer. Chaptered Pokémon Fic - Science Fiction - In Progress

    Writing Tips (Optional): Watch for entire essays by me on many subjects in the future.

    Author Profile
    Review Exchange
    I am the wisest of all the geeks, for I alone know that I know nothing.

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    Name: Aura Of Twilight

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I've liked writing stories ever since I was little, often making simple class projects longer than they have to be. An example is when I was in 3rd Grade, when my class had just read Charolette Web's. We were supposed to write a small sequel for it, with pictures as well. So what did I do? Wrote 14 pages. Sad, I know. XD Back then I had a lot of nutty ideas to put down on paper, but not so much now. A few years ago I made an account on and posted a few stories, but nothing I'm proud of. I've been in a terrible writer's block for awhile now.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Naruto, and anime in general, if I like it.

    Types Of Writing: I generally try to write stories with angst, adventure, humor, and romance.

    Strong Areas: Description and word choice, if I had to take a guess. I honestly dont know. lol

    Type Of Characters: The characters I make are generally pretty expressive and flawed in some way. Often they'll have a rough past, be antisocial, or just mean in general. Some of them are shy, modest, and lost in their lives.

    Completed Stories: None that I'm proud of. They're on my fanfiction account. I have a grand total of two and they're oneshots.

    Current Stories: I remember staring a pokemorph fic a year ago, but never finishing it. Basically, it was about Cipher returning to Orre, creating all sorts of problems, and a female pokemon trainer relucantly getting involved in the conflict. I believe it was called: Shadows Of Orre. More than likely, it'll probably be on permanent hiatus because of its potential Mary-Sueness, unless I decide otherwise.

    Future Stories: I have a few ideas, but none of them are concrete.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Dont give up and make sure readers can understand what's happening in your story using descriptive words. Make sure your protaginst has a goal in mind. Also, plan a little by writing a summary of what you want to happen in your story.

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    Name: Winterbreezesrule, but a few call me WBR and Winter

    Age (optional):

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I wrote a really short story with no plot whatsoever when I was about, what, six or something? Well, ever since, I've been captivated by the wondrous art of writing.

    Fandoms you write in: From most often to least often: Warriors, MLP:FiM, Pokemon

    Types Of Writing: I tend to write adventure and action, but I do sometimes write mystery. I'm not real good with poetry, romance, or horror.

    Strong Areas: Coming up with plots. I like having a predefined plot before I start writing, because in my opinion, it makes things a heck of a lot easier.

    Type Of Characters: I really write with a variety of characters, or at least I try too. I most likely write the most about people who are a bit of an outcast from where they originally came. I don't like it when all my characters are the same, because my stories get repetitive when I do.

    Completed Stories: None on here, yet

    Current Stories: The Fourth Hope- A Warriors Pokemon Crossover: When four young Pokemon are thrown into a land where cats rule the wild, they have to discover who they really are, and what they're doing there.

    Future Stories: I'm planning a MLP:FiM fic, a possible Pokemon fic, and an original I'm just calling "StarCatchers" for now. I might involve Pokemon in it, however.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I don't have any at the moment.
    Last edited by wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle; 29th April 2012 at 11:20 PM.

    I'd really love it if you gave my eggs some love, please. Could you also click on the others?

    Current FanFictions:
    The Fourth Hope: A Warriors Pokemon Crossover (latest chapter being chapter 3)
    StarCatchers (coming soon)
    Psyched latest chapter being Prologue

    Current RPGs
    Scramble (SU currently up)
    Nightmares (under construction)

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    Name: Chloe (also known as Chloboshoka, bewbs, chloebabes, shychloe and CGholy)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background:I've had my first poem published when I was 8 and also had a couple of other poems published in anthologies since then. During my time at secondary school when I really got into anime I decided to take fan fiction seriously and decided to publish it on I joined forums such as SPPF to post my fics as well as read others to gain more valuable feedback.

    Writing outside fan fiction, I also write reviews for products on sites like Ciao and Dooyoo where I specialise in music. I am paid for these reviews and in the past I've done freelance writing over the holidays. I've been planning on writing a book on video game music, which I haven't started due to other commitments, although I do consider playing video games and listening to music as research.

    Fandoms I've written for: Vampire Princess Miyu, Digimon, Prétear, Beyblade, Pokémon, Anime X-overs, Naruto, Harvest Moon, High School Musical, Sailor Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, Loveless, Disney, Aladdin, Hey Arnold, Tuff E Nuff/Dead Dance, Rugrats, Blackadder, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Twilight, Gravitation, Yu-Gi-Oh, Kingdom Hearts, Glee, Super Smash Brothers, Hetalia - Axis Powers and The Tudors

    Types Of Writing: I write a variety of fics, but I'm most known for writing crack, crossovers, shipping, romance and comedy.

    Strong Areas: I'm enthusiastic with lots of interesting ideas.

    Type Of Characters: I tend to use established characters instead of making my own. But one of my original characters, Namow Lantem is quite insane. In Carry On, Blissey my characters are pokemon, but I've given them human emotions to make them more interesting and realistic.

    Completed Stories: I have 98 completed fics on my My most popular ones are Law Plus Choas & The Hard Feeling, & [URL=""]Sleeping Ash

    Current Stories:
    Carry On, Blissey
    The Other King -

    Future Stories:
    More oneshots based on The Tudors.

    Writing Tips: Read lots. Write lots. Everything will come to you naturally in time.
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    Name: Krazy95 here, Krazy2347/Dragax67 in other places.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: I've loved writing for as far as I can remember, and I love creating my characters and watching them develop and change throughout. Even as i child i tried to develop my characters, albeit them learning a new word and feeling proud (c'mon, I was like 5 or 6!)

    Fandoms you write in: I write mainly Pokemon, but I've attempted stories within the M:TG world, Star Wars Universe and one in Digimon. Recently I've been thinking of an attempt at writing a Halo Fic.

    Types Of Writing: I like anything sci-fi, horror or fantasy based, so try and include them into my work, especially the action and adventure they tend to throw in all the time. I also like dark writing, and a good shot of humour. Pokemon-wise, I've covered Trainer-Fics, PMD and soon, a PokeMorph fic.

    Strong Areas: Probably the more thrilling styles of writing, and the adventurous side of everything.

    Type Of Characters: I enjoy writing with a typical average Joe character and throwing them into unusual situations, but it's also more fun writing about conflicted/problematic characters. I'm going to admit that it's fun to write about characters with problems. it adds a lot of mystery or interest sometimes.

    Completed Stories: Unfortunately, I've never completed a story. This is mainly due to time and the fact that I fall out of interest with ideas. But now I've got 3 ideas in my head that i want to finish through to the end.

    Current Stories: The Phoenix Will Rise (PG-15) Violence, Swearing, Mildly Sexual Scenes and Sexual References, etc - Seventeen-year-old Tyler Phoenix awakens on a muddy field, with no knowledge of where he is and what's going on. His only memories of his life he has left are blurry, and he is rushed into a situation that scares him. After seeing a Murkrow on the floor, a Pokemon from the games he once played, he realises, thanks to a voice in his head, that something isn't right, and that he may not be on Earth. After learning of an ancient evil plaguing the world, and fighting his own conscience, Tyler has to fight for survival, in a world where it seems more than just his foes are against him...

    All he knows is that an ancient prophecy predicted of a threat that could destroy their world.

    All it stated was 'The Phoenix Will Rise'.

    Future Stories: I'm thinking of writing a PMD story, set across the games timelines, or a Ranger story, set in Almia.

    Writing Tips: Just stick to writing. If you have a set of strengths, stick to it. If you know your weaknesses, try to improve on them. And just have fun writing. if you aren't enjoying it, ask yourself whether it's a good idea to keep going.
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    I'm not very well-known, but here I go.

    Name: Moonlight Amaryllis--formally Absol--, often nicknamed Moonlight, Moonsie, or MLA for short, but you are free to call me ShootieGirl as well. I'm AmeNeko on (means raincat in Japanese), and on deviantART, the name is DaBloodehDemonKitteh.

    Age (optional): 13-25 years old.

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I at first simply had daydreams of certain scenarios for different things I liked, and I began to write them down. Then I began to turn them into stories. I learned about fanfiction in around 2010, and thus began to write and plan them. I just starting publishing them, hence "not well-known".

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Umineko, Higurashi, Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, and The World Ends With You, thus far.

    Types Of Writing: I tend to make emotional conflict and character psyche the focal point of most of my stories. Feelings running raw off the page is something that comes embarrassingly natural to me. Because of that, I don't write a whole lot of happy as the story moves along (although I try and give everyone the happy ending they deserve, once they earn it).

    Strong Areas: The aforementioned raw emotions, and battle scenes. I've been told I give a very poetic flair with describing both (too much, actually...)

    Type Of Characters: To be honest, I don't write about original characters much in fanfiction. On the other hand, in my fiction, my characters tend to fall under the "cute but mentally distraught" category. I am cursed to write a Dysfunctional Junction wherever I go...

    Completed Stories:     Spoiler:- Completed Stories:

    Current Stories:     Spoiler:- Current Stories:

    Future Stories: I'm currently working out several oneshots, and I hope to give a chaptered fic a(another) shot one day.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't back off or get angry when you receive a truckload of critism. Simply shut down your story, restart, and try again. Their points are valid, and probably are all true. Read/listen carefully, and do what you can to fix your mistakes. Also, of you are having trouble, or your stuck, don't hesitate to ask another author/writer. They, if they've written many praised fics before, will certainly be capable of giving advice. Another helpful hint; Plan out your story before writing. It prevents things from getting unrealistic and confusing for you. It's much easier to write a story when you already know what will happen, you know.
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    Name: Ninja Bulbasaur. You may call me Ninja or NB.

    Age: That's my personal business XD.

    Gender: Female...

    Fandoms I Write In: Mostly Pokemon and Hetalia. But I also write a bit in Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Warriors, and perhaps Soul Eater.

    Writing Genre: Crossovers with the fandoms above most of the time. Usually, Supernatural is a genre but I mostly write in Horror or possibly Suspense. But there's some Friendship here and there as well as some Humour. Not much, though.

    Strong Areas:I can write those dramatic parts and I try to use words to express emotions of hate, love, grief, and others. I tend to use similes in my writing when it's hard to use imagery. Torment is strength I got from reading Higurashi and Umineko, so I tend to pass these on to my sister. But I use them as well. It's the situation that matters.

    Types of Characters: Usually characters that readers can relate to without thinking that character is a bad one. An example of a handful are either happy, independent, narcissistic, sarcastic, independent or depressing. I draw a lot from my friends and my family to perfect these.

    Completed Stories:

    Is It a Monster?: Hetalis Axis Powers Human AU. Arthur is trying to fall asleep when Alfred tells him he can't because of the storm outside. Contains slight USUK and Child!Alfred. Contains major fluff.

    Final Destination:A HetaOni doomed timeloop. Italy begins to panic after realizing an error he made in his ruse, just in time for the monster to slowly close in on him in his shaken state. Contains GerIta, character death, blood, and drama.

    Current Stories: Nope.

    Future Stories: Preparing two Pokémon oneshots and a Hetalia/Higurashi multichaptered fic.

    Tips: Okay, here's a dollar (*laughs*JK). Receiving critism that is heavy is actually a good thing in some cases. These reviews will help improve your story and characters, and could help you in the future for a writing career. And suggestively, when your describing an object or scene, try and include enough detail but not too much that its "flowery". And if your killing off a character, try and make them stay for a whole chapter at least so your readers can actually feel something when they die (like for Kanon; he got owned in the end of the third volume of Umineko and EVERYBODY was sad). Try and practice and when you feel a chapter isn't up to your standards, feel free to edit or rewrite it. Also, reread your work. Are you drawed in, or are you bored out of your mind?
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    (((i haven't used this site in about five years so if i mess up call me out)))

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    Finally updated, fwee.

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    Name: Zibdas

    Age (optional): Young.

    Gender (optional): Male.

    Fiction background (optional):

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. I have attempted to write for Cave Story, Portal, and Pikmin in the past, but they never worked out.

    Types Of Writing: I don't know... COmedy, Adventure, Heroism, I guess.

    Strong Areas: English, Typing, being random

    Type Of Characters: Insane, the occasional sane, most of them are alive, etc.

    Completed Stories: None yet.

    Current Stories: Zub: The Adventures of Stuff

    Future Stories: I'm hoping to one day finish my other Pokemon fic that I started, as well as writing a real Pikmin fic. I also have several ideas circulating through my head that I'm contemplating whether they should go in my current fic or should be recycled for a future one.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Given that I'm inexperianced myself, I'm not sure that any advice I can give would be... well, good.

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    Name: My username is Ememew, short for Emerald Mew.

    Age (optional): 24.

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I’ve written original and fan fiction since I was a kid. They were probably about the quality you’d expect from a kid (the first I really remember is a rip-off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit starring cute spider people . . . yeah, never finished that one).

    The first Pokémon story I wrote (back when I didn’t know it was called “fan fiction”) was basically an idea for a Pokémon game I had. I made a full region (before I knew the regions were supposed to be based on real locations), a regional ‘Dex of about 195 original species, and the main antagonist turning out to be a cynical Legendary Pokémon who wanted to make humans and Pokémon equal by turning all the humans into Pokémon through the regional team’s genetic experiments. I tried to make my main character seem super smart by coming up with convoluted plans to beat the regional team’s main Jessie and James inspired duo when they were causing trouble in the town-of-the-day. The thing is that on some level, even I knew that these super “smart” plans were so over the top and unnecessary that I usually interrupted them with another character coming in and just beating up the bad guys first, leaving my main character as just a witness to the events. Oh, and did I mention she could inexplicably talk to Pokémon starting around chapter 7?

    Thank goodness I didn’t know fan fiction could be posted on the Internet back then.

    The first fanfic I wrote knowing it was called a fanfic was . . . a Twilight story.

    Don’t look at me like that. It was for a Gender Theory class. My main goal in writing the story was “make Bella less annoying” and it turned into her discovering that she’s the descendent of vampire hunters and an uncomfortable moment when she and Edward realize that in a matter of seconds she has gone from being his natural prey to his natural predator. How this change in the power dynamic changes their future interactions is left to the readers’ imagination, but the implication is that it doesn’t end well (of course, nothing in that series began well, either). Then I had to review my own fiction – referring to the author in third person as though I was reading someone else’s work – and point out the high points and flaws in it while applying one of the “lenses” we’d studied in class to the story. That part was weirdly enjoyable.

    The assignment also made me a bit more confident in my fiction writing and inspired me to write in fandoms I actually enjoyed. I also write some original stories, mostly written in graphic novel form, and a few flash fictions (For those who don’t know, a flash fiction is a fictional story written in 1000 words or less), though only the latter have ever graced the Internet.

    Fandoms you write in: For the longest time, Pokémon was the only story/franchise that ever compelled me to write in another person’s universe. I’ve brainstormed ideas for other stories with my sister from different fandoms (like X-Men: Evolution, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and others), but in the end she’s the one who makes the final decisions on and writes those. I’ve really only felt compelled to write original fics or within the Pokémon fandom . . . until I started working on a Deathnote/Pokémon crossover.

    Types Of Writing: I tend to focus more on fantasy/adventure settings and plots, as well as a bit of sci-fi. I have done a slice of life or two. I’d like to write mystery, but am not currently sure about my ability to write red herrings and the like well. My graphic novels are drawn in manga-style.

    Strong Areas: My English teachers have often told me that my writing style and grammar are my strong suits. I also like to think I have a good imagination and that I am good at keeping the rules and limitations of the worlds I write in consistent.

    Type Of Characters: I noticed that I often write about shy characters, so I have begun trying to work more confident characters into my work. When writing Pokémon, I tend to stick to the games as a base.

    Completed Stories: Weak. In a one-shot set during Black and White while the player character is making her way to the League, Iris takes Bianca aside and tries to help her become stronger. Unfortunately, the two seem to be talking past one another. Can Iris convince Bianca that she can’t avoid her problems?

    Mischief. A one-shot about the Ghosts of Lavender Tower after their home has been converted into Kanto's radio tower. What will they try to do to get their home back?

    Current Stories: None posted at the moment.

    Future Stories:

    Dark Aura. This is a sequel to Pokémon Coliseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness set in a different region that the rest of the Cipher organization is based in. Enter Kyle, a trainer who has been sent to Kayno in order to defeat Cipher once more, and Ever, a boy from Sandstone Town who has reasons of his own for wanting to fight Cipher. As the two travel together, Ever discovers that Kyle has a few tricks up his sleeves, and more than a few secrets . . .

    [Currently untitled]. Remember the mention of a Deathnote/Pokémon crossover from earlier? Yeah, that’s in the works and might even be posted if I figure out how to make the first chapter not make me want to facepalm when I reread it a month later. That’s as much of a sneak peak as I have for now.

    [I hate coming up with titles]. A story set in Sinnoh before the landmass was united into a single region. Before the days of Pokéballs and modern training journeys, people would prove themselves by befriending a wild Pokémon as their partner in a coming of age rite. Unfortunately the newest youngster to leave Snowpoint has not returned . . .

    [Title?]. A alternate future in which Team Plasma won and now rules the Unova region. In order to be allowed to train Pokémon, [main character] hopes to be accepted into the ranks of Team Plasma – the only people deemed worthy of fighting alongside the creatures. But once she joins the Team, she begins to truly understand that what they are really interested in is not the betterment of Pokémons’ lives, but their own power.

    [Seriously, I need titles?]. Inspired by the series Baccano! and its style of interconnecting stories about multiple “main” characters, normal and legendary Pokémon alike have their turns at taking center stage. Set (for the most part) in a world of Pokémon without humans in it, a seemingly ordinary occurrence and the reaction to it set off a series of events that may change the future of the Pokémon World and Shared World alike.

    Writing Tips (Optional):Let the story sit for a while before deciding you’re done with it. Write it and wait a day or so before you go to edit it. Rereading with fresh eyes can help you catch errors you might overlook if you just skim over it again right away.

    Don’t be afraid of completely rewriting something if it isn’t working. I know your first idea will feel like your best idea, but this is rarely true. Sometimes it takes multiple rewrites to get a story to work right. This can include dropping problematic points or tackling an issue in a different way.

    If you’re bored enough, try reviewing your own work in the third person like I did for that school assignment I mentioned earlier. The tricky part is that you have to find good and bad points in your own work. It feels fairly weird to review your own work as an outsider, but it can help you catch flaws before you offer the story up to other readers. Again, this is something I only recommend doing if you’re bored enough, because it eats up more time than you might think.
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    Oh, look! I wrote a fanfic! Weak (One-Shot. Rated G). Can Iris convince Bianca that she can't just avoid her problems?

    And another one: Mischief (One-Shot. Rated G). A little fun for October.

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