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    Name: Krazy95 here, Krazy2347/Dragax67 in other places.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: I've loved writing for as far as I can remember, and I love creating my characters and watching them develop and change throughout. Even as i child i tried to develop my characters, albeit them learning a new word and feeling proud (c'mon, I was like 5 or 6!)

    Fandoms you write in: I write mainly Pokemon, but I've attempted stories within the M:TG world, Star Wars Universe and one in Digimon. Recently I've been thinking of an attempt at writing a Halo Fic.

    Types Of Writing: I like anything sci-fi, horror or fantasy based, so try and include them into my work, especially the action and adventure they tend to throw in all the time. I also like dark writing, and a good shot of humour. Pokemon-wise, I've covered Trainer-Fics, PMD and soon, a PokeMorph fic.

    Strong Areas: Probably the more thrilling styles of writing, and the adventurous side of everything.

    Type Of Characters: I enjoy writing with a typical average Joe character and throwing them into unusual situations, but it's also more fun writing about conflicted/problematic characters. I'm going to admit that it's fun to write about characters with problems. it adds a lot of mystery or interest sometimes.

    Completed Stories: Unfortunately, I've never completed a story. This is mainly due to time and the fact that I fall out of interest with ideas. But now I've got 3 ideas in my head that i want to finish through to the end.

    Current Stories: The Phoenix Will Rise (PG-15) Violence, Swearing, Mildly Sexual Scenes and Sexual References, etc - Seventeen-year-old Tyler Phoenix awakens on a muddy field, with no knowledge of where he is and what's going on. His only memories of his life he has left are blurry, and he is rushed into a situation that scares him. After seeing a Murkrow on the floor, a Pokemon from the games he once played, he realises, thanks to a voice in his head, that something isn't right, and that he may not be on Earth. After learning of an ancient evil plaguing the world, and fighting his own conscience, Tyler has to fight for survival, in a world where it seems more than just his foes are against him...

    All he knows is that an ancient prophecy predicted of a threat that could destroy their world.

    All it stated was 'The Phoenix Will Rise'.

    Future Stories: I'm thinking of writing a PMD story, set across the games timelines, or a Ranger story, set in Almia.

    Writing Tips: Just stick to writing. If you have a set of strengths, stick to it. If you know your weaknesses, try to improve on them. And just have fun writing. if you aren't enjoying it, ask yourself whether it's a good idea to keep going.
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