Name: Quilava42(lavaquil in other terms)

Age (optional): Not too young, but not that old.

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I started in fifth grade. Like we used to have writing assignments and I wrote though. Then we had those in sixth grade which made me want to write more, then in seventh grade I was inspired by a one-shot, which made me write my first story in DeviantART. Some found it sad, although it's weak. I wrote more, and I realized that I have potential. So I wanted to write. I'm known as a writer in my classes, though most of my classmates never read it because of the "fandom" that I write about. Then I saw a person do a Flipnote series which made me want to write my original story, but when I wrote the latest one on another forums website, I get ripped off for it. But still I write.

Fandoms you write in: Mainly Pokemon, and a bit of Final Fantasy.

Types Of Writing: Adventure. I tried comedy but it comes off stupid.

Strong Areas: I don't know. Maybe plot?

Type Of Characters: About excited ones.

Completed Stories: Check "Completed Stories" in the FF section.

Current Stories: I'm rewriting a story. I put one story on hold but I might rewrite it.

Future Stories: I have no plans for one.

Writing Tips (Optional): Write for yourself, not for viewer's sake. Try your best.