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Thread: The Authors' Profiles V.4

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    Name: JFought

    Age (optional): Above 12, but below 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I got into fan-fiction one day when I got really bored, so I decided to make something. One thing led to another until it got to the point that I could write it out.

    Fandoms you write in: I do Pokemon, Zelda, and might get into real life-based stuff

    Types Of Writing: I'm more of a Fantasy or Humor kind of guy. I can also do Suspense. For Pokemon I usually do PMD and Original Trainer stuff. Though I am planning on doing a regular Journey one.

    Strong Areas: I like making the overall plot of the story starting with the conflict and how its resolved.

    Type Of Characters: The kinds of characters I like to write about are the ones with a strong sense of justice, but really childish and immature for their age.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories:
    Journey/Crossover Chaptered fic
    Rated G
    Status: Hiatus
    When a young boy is paired with five others in a desolate plain and is turned into a Pokemon, he must work together and learn to appreciate things for what they truly are.

    Pokemon Zelda Version
    Original Trainer/Crossover Chaptered fic
    Rated PG-13
    Status: Ongoing
    When a distress signal from the Pokemon world reaches Hyrule about a missing girl sent on a journey by Prof. Oak, Link comes over to solve the mystery while going on a Pokemon journey of his own.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dawn of Darkness
    PMD Chaptered fic
    Rated PG
    Status: Ongoing
    Ten years after the Gates to Infinity came to a close, a suicidal young boy is turned into a Pokemon and thrown into a world that he's only ever seen through a LED screen, only to find that this isn't like the games he used to play.

    Future Stories:
    Legend of Zelda: Destiny Bonds
    Non-Pokemon Chaptered fic
    Rated PG-15
    3 years after the defeat of Malladus, mysterious dark clouds loom over New Hyrule and people begin to disappear. After being taken away himself, Link ends up in the land of Preminia, where he must learn the secrets of the past. Soon enough the journey becomes a race to save himself, his friends, and ultimately, the world.

    True Strength
    Journey Chaptered fic
    Rated PG-15
    A trainer must go on a quest to find out who he is and what he is meant to do.

    Sequel for PMD Dawn of Darkness is planned, but isn't fully thought out yet. Also a fanfic project called Operation: Pokemon is to start this year. What it is though is something I can't say.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Outlines for your fic are great to have in store for future reference on what the next chapter is about. EX. Chapter 13-Whatshisname gets his/her first badge
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    Current Writing Pace: Looks like we don't have a choice!

    Chronicles of a Furret
    Liber is a big and interesting place, so of course Furik wants to explore all of it. But nothing's that simple.

    A Game of War
    A furret plays a game of War against a Mr. Mime dealer. It almost goes well.

    The Evening Thief (Yuletide 2017)
    A thief causes trouble in the town of Liubao. She would have been caught already… if she didn’t escape into the woods at nightfall every time.

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    Name: DarkerShining, you can call me DS for short.

    Age (optional): 21

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): Well, I've loved to write ever since I was little, even if the stories I wrote back then didn't make much sense. As I got older, I kept my interest in writing, and when I discovered fanfiction, I just knew I had to give it a try. My first few attempts weren't all that good, and never made it to the public, and some didn't even make it onto a word document.

    So, I can reading up on things used in storytelling, in order to learn a few things about improving my writing. And reading about those tools and such just fueled my passion for writing even more. I eventually discovered TV Tropes, and you bet I was excited to find a place like that. My passion for writing grew even stronger.

    I eventually did make an account on TV Tropes, and joined a Pokémon RP, and after not having made any attempts at fanfic writing for the past few years, a discussion on potential plot points for a future arc of the Pokémon RP gave me the inspiration for a story, and I developed that idea, until it resulted in my first fanfic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance.

    Fandoms you write in: Well, so far, there's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, although I do plan on writing a few other fanfics of other things. I am currently working on the first chapter of a Winx Club fanfic.

    Types Of Writing: Well, for me, I think one of the most fun thing about fanfic writing is exploring things that weren't fully explored in the original story. Such as "What If" scenarios based on something that could happen in that story's universe, or taking a look at another character's perspective during a particular season/arc and showing just what they were up to before joining the main characters.

    Strong Areas: Well, according to my readers, I've been doing a really good job at characterization, and have complimented on how I've even made sure to give the minor characters in the story distinct personalities.

    I also feel that I'm good at keeping everything in the story fit together nicely, having each chapter follow up on events of previous chapters, while also setting up for later events in the story.

    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do I like to write for? Um... Probably too many to count.

    Completed Stories: None yet.

    Current Stories: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance

    Future Stories: Well, like I said, I'm working on a Winx Club fanfic, and I do have plans to possibly write a series of One-Shots based on my current fanfic. I also have some ideas for another possible PMD fanfic that I may or may not attempt to write sometime.

    Writing Tips (Optional):
    Formerly known as EeveeandKirliafan.

    Check out my fanfic! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance

    Latest chapter: Chapter 54: "I'd say we make a fine family, don't you guys agree?"

    Also, for those interested in Winx Club: A Wizard's Perspective

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    Credit goes to MagicMochi. Check out their shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Name: Dormant (NOT DOOR MAN!!!)

    Age: 16!!!

    Gender: MALE

    Fiction Background: How I got into fan fiction? Well, first. I like to read then I read a Fanfiction and got interested. I then decided to make a fic on my own. But I decided to abandon my first fic because I don't feel like writing it anymore. I'm progressing on my second one. I also decide to write fan fiction is because I have a bunch of ideas and I want to see people enjoying them.

    Fandoms you write in Pokemon, and possibly Harry Potter in the future.

    Types of Writing: Humor, Comedy, Fantasy, that kind of stuff. I make the Crackest Fics of all Ficland. The type of Pokemon fic that I'm currently writing is a Journey fic.

    Strong Areas: I think that I'm good at Dialogues or something. I don't really know. :P

    Types of Characters: I like to write crazy odd characters that basically overreact to everything. I also like to make idiotic characters because they add to the Comedy. XD

    Complete Stories: So Bad It's Good, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey These two fics are two of the most Crackiest Fic in Pokemon History.

    Current Stories: Author's Run

    Future Stories: Author's Run 2, A PMD Fic.

    Writing Tips: Be good at Grammar or else the Grammar Police will come after YOU!
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

    My Author's Profile

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    Name: Coyote / Stark

    Age (optional): 23

    Gender (optional): male

    Fiction background (optional): I've written a few short stories, poems, a friend and I would write fan fics during classes we had together (not during the lectures of course).

    Fandoms you write in: Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, Mythical Detective Loki, Sherlock Holmes, just whatever I feel like at the time.

    Types Of Writing: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, with a touch of horror

    Strong Areas: I would say my strongest attributes are: character development, grammar, dialogue, description, ehh I don't really know

    Type Of Characters: Usually I go with the "broken hero"(whether they be a detective, trainer, average Joe, etc...), someone who has to act as the hero, but has a lot of problems in their own life to deal with. I also really enjoy creating the "anti-hero".

    Completed Stories: No FanFics at the moment, but have other things I've seen through to the end.

    Current Stories: Not really working on anything at the moment, just some stuff when I'm bored.

    Future Stories: Well I'm looking for some inspiration at the moment, but I plan to write a few crossovers. Main one I'm planning is a Looker fic.

    Writing Tips (Optional): The number thing I can tell any aspiring writer is...just write, write as much as you can and dare, editing is unavoidable, but what good is it if you have nothing to edit. Also, read as much as you can, it is very important for any writer to read.
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    Name: TheSilentBang/TSB/Calvin.

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Fiction Bg: 1 Story, 1 Chapter XD

    Fandoms You Write In: Pokémon, more soon maybe LoZ

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, may attempt comedy.

    Strong Areas: Cant say fo' sure!

    Types Of characterd: Caring Helpful, dangerous!

    Completed Stories: None!

    Current Story: Heart Of Crystal-- Located Here!

    Future Stories: Wait N See!

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    I can't believe I've never come here. Well, here I go.

    Name: Cresselia92, or Shinywolf in other sites

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: Well, I started writing fanfics just a year ago. I've always been quite creative and I created tons of stories ever since I was only 10, but I mostly drew them in the form of comics. I decided to start writing a fanfic after reading one story that really touched my heart.

    Fandoms you write in: Right now I'm writing Super Smash Bros and Pokémon stories, but I'm planning to write Mother, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mario and Rayman stories as well.

    Types Of Writing: I love to write adventure and friendship stories with little bits of drama, but I'm planning to write some horror stories as well. Most of my stories are multi-chaptered and tend to have around 10.000-12.000 words per chapter.

    Right now I'm writing a Pokémon story based on the anime and a sequel of XD, but I'd like to write a PMD story one day.

    Strong Areas: I think to be quite good at writing battles and descriptions.

    Type Of Characters: I'm ok with any type, but I prefer to write about teenagers.

    Completed Stories: I don't have a completed story yet.

    • Current Stories (banners and links coming soon) •

    Super Smash Bros Clash: when realities collide


    6 chapters, story for teens.

    The Smash Universe is at peace after the Smash Brothers had defeated the powerful being known as Taboo and Master Hand had decided to hold a tournament where the strongest beings of all the universe can fight each other to improve and show their skills. However, a dark creature escaped from his prison threatens the peace and a young real girl mysteriously ends up in the Smash Universe. How will they pull through that?


    Pokémon Shadow Hearts


    Prologue, story for everybody. Temporary hiatus.

    Ten years have passed since Orre has last heard of Shadow Pokémon. However, some strange clouds have started appearing above the region and various Pokémon have started acting strangely and more aggressively. It's up to two legends and two beginner Trainers to solve the mystery.


    Pokémon Best Wishes: Reloaded Edition


    Two chapters, story for everybody.

    After reaching the Top 4 at the Lily of the Valley Conference, Ash decides to take on the Unova League. Accompanied by his loyal partner Pikachu and the unexpected guest Gible, the trio will meet a lot of friends and menaces during their journey.

    • Future Stories •

    Seven Shades (temporary title)

    PMD story, with seven humans turned into Pokémon who try to return to their original world. For teens.


    Unnamed Pokémon/Mother 3 crossover

    This story will be inspired by the upcoming Pokémon movie. I've always been interested by the similarities between both franchises and I'd like to write something about that. For everybody.


    Mother X

    Sequel of Mother 3, with two new main heroes: Iwi and Linda. For teens.


    Rayman 3 and half (temporary title)

    Sequel of Rayman 3, takes inspiration from the canceled Rayman 4 project. Comedic story for everyone.


    The Last Mew

    Crossover between Pokémon and Avatar: The Last Airbender. For everybody.


    The Darkness Within

    Crossover between Mario and Silent Hill. Horror story with gore and creepy stuff.

    Writing Tips: Never fret yourself and don't let readers stress you out. Always take your time to elaborate your ideas and write them down. Also don't worry too much about making some little grammar mistakes. What matters the most in a story is the plot. However, using a spell check is always recommended.
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    Super Smash Bros Clash: 6 chapters, ongoing | Pokémon Best Wishes Reloaded: 3 episodes, ongoing

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    Name:Fox Mulder, either name for short.

    Age (optional):N/A

    Gender (optional):Male

    Fiction background (optional):I love writing, but I've never really been confident in my ability, so I really want to post some fiction here to get some feedback. I have written plenty, but never finished anything, unfortunately.

    Fandoms you write in:Pokémon primarily, but that's mostly because it's the only one I'm currently writing in. I'm also working on an original project.

    Types Of Writing:I love science-fiction and fantasy, but as far as what I'm actually working on, they're all very character focused stories, mostly relationships between two characters (however not strictly shipping fics, while some of my characters may be romantically involved, it is rarely the focus).

    Strong Areas:I've been told that character building is my strong suit, mostly because that's where my stories begin, so I usually have their entire stories played out in my head. Getting the damn things on paper is where it gets hard. XD

    Type Of Characters:All my main characters are men, but I try to toss it up every once in a while. Benjamin is my oldest (being in his thirties) and first character, then Andrew Faulkner (16), Christopher Ammon (16), and finally Joel Henry (15). Ben is a party/bad boy, with an awful disposition, attitude, alcohol, and drug addiction. Andrew scared to take risks, Christopher is an social failure and an orphan, and Joel is a charismatic young transfer student.

    Completed Stories:As stated before, I have never finished any of my stories, and that makes me mad.

    Current Stories:I'm currently working on a Pokémon fic called "The Champion's Summit" (I'll post it as soon as I get a little further ahead, I don't really want to get too far ahead of myself), and my original story: "Father and Son: Gods of the 21st Century."

    Future Stories: I'm planning Legendz and Persona fanfics, but I haven't quite ironed out the details for the ending of the former and pretty much everything but the main character for the latter.

    Writing Tips (Optional):N/A
    deviantART Profile

    Fox's Art: Legendz, Pokémon, and Sherlock artwork - updated 2/6/14

    3DSFriend Code: 2921-9102-7855
    Please PM me if you add me, so I can return the favor.

    Claims: Favorite Video Game-Persona 4: the Golden
    Favorite Video Game Character-Yu Narukami

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    I'm not sure if I was supposed to do this before posting my Fic. If so, I apologize .

    Name: Macroboom

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Fiction Background: Well I just posted my first FanFic, so none , I guess.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

    Types of writing: So far just people starting on their Pokemon journey.

    Strong Areas : I think I'd be good at writing battle scenes .

    Types of Characters: Anyone or anything .

    Completed Fics: None

    Current Fic: "The Origin of Aurea"

    Future Fics: I wad thinking about writing a story about Nate going on an adventure through Sinnoh.

    Another fic I want to call " A Tale of Two Skitty" I want to build around the name.
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    Name: epicninjask123 (on this site. If you see eninjask123 somewhere else, it's probably me too)

    Age (optional): I'm 15, but I'll be 16 in a few days

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I've attempted many fanfics, but they all became much too repetitive for me to write. I wouldn't call it writers' block, rather the story became boring for me and I gave up. This has happened many times, so I'm trying to keep up with my current fanfic, Warriors' League, before it happens again.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, although sometimes I merge with another game. One fanfic I attempted but will probably not share here on Serebii is one where two boys inadvertantly switch from the Pokemon world into other video game worlds and must adapt to new mechanics to get back home.

    Types Of Writing: I don't much care for fics where a person goes on a Pokemon journey from start to finish (it sounds much too repetitive) so I avoid those. Among those I've attempted are a crime drama between investigators with conflicting personalities, and two brothers having to escape an apocalypse with the aid of the legendary Pokemon Virizion.

    Strong Areas: I'd like to say I'm amazing at brainstorming ideas and converting them into plots. I can also think logically to explain how it would work (for instance, see the prologue for my current fanfic, as I feel it sums up the world in just two microsoft word pages) On the other hand, I suck at being vivid and descriptive, which I think I'm getting better at but I'm not exactly certain.

    Type Of Characters: Usually I try to stick with people whose attitudes conflict with the hope that their character would develop towards the end but the end never came so I'm not certain how that worked. Usually, though, this leads to some pretty funny banter between the main characters. One more thing, and please don't think I'm being sexist for saying this, I don't know much about the way girls tend to think, being a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome, so I tend to not write about girls.

    Completed Stories: Haha, none! They all became boring and I ditched them to collect dust on my flash drive.

    Current Stories: Warriors' League, the story of Isaac and his partner, a Linoone, and how they become heroes of a popular sport.

    Future Stories: I'm thinking of a survivor-esque story where people and their Pokemon are on a game show and must figure out the secret behind the producer while also remaining in the game long enough to find out.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I don't think any tips I could give would be beneficial to anyone besides myself...

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    Name: Lost™

    Age (optional): 14, going on 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): Let me see here, I first started writing about a year ago, even if all of my stories at time were really bad and I had no sense of grammar (and I still don’t.) I pretty much stopped as soon as I began, and took a break until the beginning of the year with Sparking Snowflakes. I’m a really slow chaptered fic writer, but I tend to write drabbles really fast for some reason.

    Fandoms you write in: Mainly Pokemon, I do write in Animes that interest me and Touhou from time to time

    Types Of Writing: I guess I mainly write more post-apocalyptic, macabre , and romance stories, and usually not at the same time. I usually seem to have more lighter and fluffier tones in my stories, more as a deceptive veil then anything else. I like to write darker stories, I like to write stories where the characters will die, it’s an inevitable fate.

    Strong Areas: I have to say my strong areas are really description, plot, and characters (when I’m good at that archetype that is). I can easily imagine things in my head, and at times it’s hard to describe in words, but I still do my best at trying to describe it. Plots, while I’m still working on building them up, I’m still good at creating huge plot twists. CHaracters are more iffy for me, either they work how I want them too or they fall flat.

    Type Of Characters: Let me see here, I’m really good with the bright, cheery boy who also is mentally insane in some way and the more older, feminine woman who’s had a tragic past. I’m learning how to write cocky, yet timid characters (Like my main protagonist in my mian fic), and certain, other character types.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories: Time Relativity and Sparking Snowflakes

    Future Stories: None currently

    Writing Tips (Optional): Just write at your own pace, no matter what pace you want yourself to write at. Write when you feel comfortable in writing, that’s all.

    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
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    Name: My username of course! SilentVibrava (no need for the underscore). You can call me "Johnathan" if you'd like too, folks.

    Age (optional): N/A

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I like writing about science fiction, aliens, extraterrestrials, adventure, and hurt/comfort. You won't see me write angst or anything particularly dark. It just isn't my cup of tea.

    Fandoms you write in: Very few. I've only written fanfiction for Meet the Robinsons and Pokemon. I think Pokemon has enough material for me to work with that I don't get bored. I don't get bored of Meet the Robinsons because of the interesting characters and setting. I was thinking of writing fanfiction for Lilo and Stitch at some point.

    Types Of Writing: My writing style can seem dry to some but excessive description and unnecessary, long words can be problematic too. Have you ever read a fanfiction and are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of description, to the point you don't even know what's going on anymore? Then I'm your author because I rarely, if ever, write in that fashion. I like to think of my writing style as very simple but interesting. My stories get their quality from original ideas than original ways to retell an old story.

    Strong Areas: I'm not entirely sure yet. I've been told that I have the gift of saying a lot with very little.

    Type Of Characters: Any type of character beside an angst character. I can't do that type very well. There are probably others out there, but I can't do it much.

    Completed Stories: I have no completed stories so far, but I hope that will change one day.

    Current Stories: I'll post my Meet the Robinson stories soon, but I have no others so far.

    Future Stories:

    The Discovery Challenge

    Join the two year quest of an aspiring Pokemon scientist, Jay, as they travel around the Orange Islands and beyond to make discoveries about Pokemon in hopes of winning the Discovery Challenge, a mysterious prize, and the ultimate discovery of their identity and sense of self.

    Title Unknown

    There will be two sequels to the Discovery Challenge. The first will be released by next summer. The second at an undetermined date.

    Rinaldo: To be Released by New Year's 2014

    One stray Ditto listened to the sound of music from one of the finest orchestral houses in the region of Kalos. Inspired to create music, the Ditto transforms as a human full time in an attempt to do what it loves. Unknowingly, it finds many other things to love and navigate such as a job, weird human customs, and a beautiful woman named Rebecca.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Like many others have said, write what you enjoy. I don't think I've come too far to really give any other advice yet.
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    Name: Sophia, but Sketch is fine.

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female (as if you couldn't tell...)

    Fiction background: I've been writing since I was seven. Do the math. I've been writing seriously since I was eleven. Do more math. I usually write post-apocalyptic stories, or *shudder* romance novels...

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. That's about.... it.

    Types Of Writing: I'm into randomness and satire or seriousness. It depends on the story. I usually write in 1st Person, too. (I don't know why.)

    Strong Areas: Perspective writings, I think.

    Type Of Characters: I can write any kind, but I usually make them somewhat dark/with some problem. Or they're slightly insane.

    Completed Stories: HAHAHAHAHAhahahahah... hahaha.... hah... heh heh... heh .................................................. .................................................. ................... I don't have any.

    Current Stories:

    Of Authors and Artists: Of Authors and Artists- a story of a boy, a Deoxys, another boy, two shadows who will be irrelevant to the plot for a while, and a maniac who only has one line per chapter.

    Future Stories:

    Of Authors and Artists 2: of Creators and Charmers: Coming whenever I get done with OAaA....

    Writing Tips: Unless you write for moneys, only write if you have the time.

    Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne,
    But my love is fairer than any.
    airborneartist (or some variation thereon) everywhere else on the internet. don't call me a girl, thanks.
    role player profile . tumblr . claims . art . instagram

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    Name: TheBlackDuelist, but CJ is great

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male (I run it)

    Fiction background: I've been writing for about 3 years now and have about three fan fictions up at the moment. I've pretty much abandoned one, the other I can't seem to find the time or drive to update, and the last I'm currently re writing.

    Fandoms you write in: One Piece, Yugioh, and of course POKEMAHHHHH

    Types Of Writing: Love writing High school fics, Journey fics, and of course Comedy.

    Strong Areas: People have told me that my descriptions are awesome. Now If I could only apply that to my stories....

    Type Of Characters: Love writing about characters with level headed personalities.

    Completed Stories: The same amount of times I get laid. If you couldn't guess, 0.

    Current Stories:

    - One Piece: Grand Line High School (Pretty much abandoned)

    - Yugioh: Toon World Academy (Can't seem to find the time to update)

    - Pokemon: Midnight Gauntlet (Currently in the working)
    Fan Fic: Nexus Renegade
    When a new dimension is created and gives birth to three terrors of the world. The Nexus will judge you
    Currently Under Revision
    Special Thanks to Inudono19 for the Badass Morph of the Creation Trio

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    Name: PhantomX0990

    Age (optional): 22

    Gender (optional): F

    Fandoms you write in: Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Doctor Who

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Dark, Adventure, AU

    Strong Areas: Heavily lore based worlds, character building, plot twists.

    Type Of Characters: I've been known to have a typical "Five man band"

    Completed Stories:

    "Wabbajack", Elder Scrolls series
    When a slightly off Dragonborn tests out his latest trinket the result is not quite what this college student expected. Insert OC. One-Shot

    "Champions", Dragon Age
    The Champion and his friends stand off against the Templars. One-Shot

    "Endgame", Mass Effect
    The galaxy knew that the great Commander Shepard was something more than a mere man. He was the hope in the wake of the oncoming storm that were the Reapers. In the end it was Shepard who united the galaxy. He was a survivor, and in the end it would prove that his humanity would be the key to stopping the Reapers. Alternate ending. One-Shot

    Current Stories:

    "The Divine Champion", Elder Scrolls series
    Alduin the World Eater has returned to finish what began centuries ago. Only now there are no Dragonborn to stand in his way. Except one, the one they made a god; Talos himself. The god of men has returned to Skyrim to reclaim his glory, and stop Alduin.

    "Birthright", Elder Scrolls series
    Raised in secret the Septim line lingers. Now the time has come for the last Septim to reveal herself, and unite the Empire that is rightfully hers; with an unforseen ally, the last Dragonborn.

    "Epitaph", Elder Scrolls series
    A Legionnaire charged with high treason flees to Skyrim to escape execution at the hands of the Thalmor and their Imperial puppets, only to find that the life a fugitive suits him more than it should.

    "Someone Stole Your Sweetroll?", Elder Scrolls series
    Someone's been murdered, and the only clue is a half eaten pastry. Now a Whiterun guard is trapped in a room with six suspects, and no one can leave until the killer is caught.

    Future Stories:

    Untitiled, Mass Effect
    AU involving the daughter of the Illusive Man who becomes a member of Shepard's crew during the events of Mass Effect 2 through the end of Mass Effect 3. Indoctrination Theory.

    Untitled, Elder Scrolls series
    Modern AU featuring a 'modern day' Tamriel and an Original Plot
    Gamertag: PhantomX0990

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    Teeeeeechnically don't have a fic up now, but hey, I've posted stuff places before. Some of you may have seen it. And if you did, I apologise.

    Name: Crystalanachony. Call me Gira, or whatever shortening of my username you think is appealing.

    Age: 16 (17 in T-minus five months)

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: Lots. I've been reading and writing since I was a little kid, and when I was a slightly older kid, I also wrote fanfiction and posted it to various forums. That was when I was around twelve or thirteen. As you can see, I'm back now, and desperately hoping that I can redeem myself in the eyes of the Serebii community.

    Fandoms you write in: Poggermen and Hamsteak (that's Pokémon and Homestuck, for the boring people).

    Types Of Writing: My stories are strongly comedic by nature; my natural writing voice is casual and has a lot of emphases placed on jokes and comedic timing. However, I try to strike a balance between lighthearted humor and more serious stuff, sometimes finding a compromise in dead baby comedy.

    Strong Areas: I think my strong suits are characterization and, as I mentioned before, comedic timing.

    Type Of Characters: Dysfunctional ones.

    Completed Stories: what makes you hahaha.mp3

    In all seriousness, though, I do have two completed chaptered fics and a variety of oneshots. Some of them were written within the past two years, and some other ones were written earlier but managed to come out unscathed anyway.

    Current Stories: None... but I do have one planned. HON HON HON!

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    Name: Darkened_Kingdra. Dark or Darkened is good.

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Fiction Background: I've always had ideas in my head, but when I joined Serebii, I came over to the Fan Fiction Forum and started on Firebrand's fics. As soon as I finished the first chapter, I was like, "This is what I want to do!"

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

    Types of Writing: Journey, PMD, occasionat oneshot crack fics.

    Strong areas: I'm kind of a "jack of all trades, master of none."

    Type of characters: Dark, lonely trainers; lots of clichéd characters. Must work on that.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories: None

    Future Stories So many ideas, but I can't express them. Would love to have a coauthor.

    Writing Tips: Carry around a notebook, and wrte an idea for a story in it . Expand on that idea when you have a chance to write in it. It helps a lot.
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    Formerly Grav.
    Quite inactive, but still available. If you have a fanfic that no one wants to review, PM/VM me and I'll give you a hand.

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    Hey guys, since Breezy hasn't been around I have added all profiles that have been posted since January in the first post. Also feel free to edit your profile as often as you'd like, but you don't need to post saying so, since it can really clog up the thread.


    Click to check out my Pokémon food blog!

    Banner by Satomine Night

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    Name: AquaMilotic on here, MarvelscaleMilotic on DeviantArt.

    Age (optional): I don't want to update this every year, so I'll just say my date of birth is 28 July 1994.

    Gender (optional): Male.

    Writing background (optional): In July/August 2009, when I just registered on this forum, I saw the fan fiction section and looked through some stories and gave it a first try, which was really bad. I got severely bashed and asked a mod to close my thread, I feared to get more bashing replies. I was so scared that I stopped writing. I was still motivated enough to write, but was so scared by that basher, I was afraid I'd attract bashers again... However, in March 2012, I really felt like writing again and started a PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) journey fic. Because I didn't get any bashers for it, and because I gradually improved, I regained the confidence the basher in 2009 made me lose. And so, I'm back into writing again!

    Fandoms you write in: I normally only write Pokemon fics, based on the anime. However, I once made a South Park oneshot as a one-time thing.

    Types Of Writing: I've written four stories. "Aquatic Passion" is a shippy journey fic with Ash and Misty, but then as a couple and at the age of 16. It has romance, humour, and of course it focuses on Ash's and Misty's goals and dreams as well. I have a romance oneshot called "Misty, The Mysterious Mermaid", in which Misty organizes a mermaid play to bring in money. I have a drabble collection called "Together Forever", in which I tried combining humouristic moments with moments focusing on PokeShipping. Lastly, I have "Love, South Park Style", a South Park/Pokemon crossover oneshot in which Stan and Wendy have a Pokemon tag battle against two surprising opponents. To put it short, I like combining humour and romance.

    Strong Areas: Dialogue, staying in-character, combining humour and romance.

    Weak Areas: I know this isn't in the format, but I decided to add it anyways. I think it's only fair to admit my flaws. Description is my main one, along with Pokemon battles. Also, I'm Dutch, my first language isn't English, so I sometimes make some spelling/grammar errors, even though fanfiction writing greatly improved my English since March 2012.

    Type Of Characters: Well, I mostly wrote with Ash and Misty. Misty is my favourite character in the Pokemon anime, I really enjoyed having her as a main character in my fics. I like how she's obviously in love with Ash, but still has an interesting personality on her own. She's tomboyish and short-tempered, but also has girly moments and is normally kind and unselfish. I think she's a diverse and interesting character, which is great for a fanfiction author. Ash was a bit harder, it's hard for me to relate to him. He's so dense and unromantic, so different from how I behave towards my girlfriend. I have Aspergers (officially diagnosed), I'm not the most mature person for my age there is, but still, I don't think I have much in common with Ash. And despite not being short-tempered at all, I can often relate to Misty really well.

    Completed Stories:
    "Aquatic Passion" has 42 chapters. After Misty escaped the Gym after six depressing years of being a Gym Leader against her will, Ash and Misty travel together at the age of 16 as boyfriend and girlfriend. In the beginning, everything is new and fresh, there's barely any conflict. But later, the "newness/freshness" is gone, and arguments start happening ocasionally. Will their relationship survive? Will Ash finally win a League or not? And what will happen to Misty's Water Pokemon Master dream? Two things I need to note:
    - Chapter 1 to 12 are pretty lackluster, I just started out as a writer back then. Thanks to someone helping me a lot, chapter 13 and onwards are much better.
    - In one chapter, I made Danny appear to make him flirt with Misty to get Ash jealous, and made him get blasted off. After all, a man who is twenty years older than Misty flirting like that isn't exactly a comfortable thing. However, I realized Danny deserved better than that and felt bad, I made him too rude, so I tried to make things right by making him appear again in a later chapter to make him redeem himself. There, he wasn't attracted to Misty anymore, was polite like in the anime, and battled Ash. So when you read that first time Danny appears, please realize I'm not bashing him. I was an inexperienced writer who wanted to create a funny moment back then, I realize I didn't do that the right way now, and I tried to make it right by making him appear again and redeem himself.
    "Misty, The Mysterious Mermaid" is a oneshot about Misty being out of money and food. Her sisters are on a holiday, and Misty has a 24-hour-per-day chore list. She has no time for a second job, and won't get any money soon. In order to survive, she needs lots of money for food in a small amount of time. She organizes a mermaid play. Guess who will be the prince?
    "Love, South Park Style" is a South Park/Pokemon crossover oneshot, in which Stan and Wendy show us some Pokemon Tag battling in South Park.
    "Working On A Dream" involves a journey through the Orange Islands. When Tracey needs to go there for research, he takes Daisy with him. Misty, who has been stuck at the Gym against her will, gets to come with them. Finally, she gets a chance to travel and work on her dream again!
    "Merry Christmas" is a short Christmas story that takes place underwater.
    "Seaking Catching Day" is a sequel to "Working On A Dream" and describes how Misty meets a new friend during a contest in Johto. In the meantime, Brock and Ash talk about a topic Ash doesn't quite understand yet.
    "Awareness" is a sequel to "Seaking Catching Day". Ash is sixteen years old, but still doesn't understand love. Will he ever learn?

    Current Stories:
    "Together Forever" is a drabble collection about Ash and Misty. I'll just write some drabbles if I feel like it and add them to this thread, so this is never finished, but also never non-finished. Every finished drabble is finished, but I might add new drabbles every now and then.

    Future Stories: I have no concrete ideas yet, and even if I would, I wouldn't spoil them here. After all, then someone else might start using my idea and then accuse me of stealing his/her idea if I decide to write a fic with my idea.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Work hard, don't be lazy, and keep going. The more you write, the more you'll improve. Keep going, don't give up if your chapters aren't good when you start writing. No one can be immediately good, you need practice and experience to improve.

    Also, don't take bashing reviewers seriously, don't take it too personally. I did that, and it made me too scared to write for one and a half year. If you're a newbie writer reading this, I want you to learn from what I did wrong. Of course it's normal to be hurt if a basher personally insults you, but don't let it scare you into quitting writing!
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    Name: Bulba the Great! Bulbs, for short.

    Age: 21. Yeesh, I joined these forums at age twelve.

    Gender: Male!

    Writing background: Hmm, well writing fanfiction...I just fell into it, I guess? I enjoyed writing when I was very young, and I had a teacher in grade school who took it upon herself to invest in my writing: She gave me a blue folder with lots of paper in it and said, "Just write." She told me she really enjoyed my style. So, I wrote. I wrote my first fanfiction soon after joining up here on these forums, so I guess my first fanfiction experience was sixth grade.

    Fandoms you write in: As of right now, solely Pokemon. I have written one piece of fiction based off Harry Potter, but the rest of my work is original.

    Types Of Writing: I love, love, love journey stories, usually hero's journeys. I love me a good piece of sprawling heroic epic journeys. I think the reason I enjoy writing Pokemon fanfic in general is it's such an expansive world and the possibilities are endless. I also tend to write more serious stories.

    Strong Areas: I don't personally feel I have one strong point, but often cited by my creative writing teachers are my narrative voice, the style of my writing, as well as naturalistic dialogue and good sense of character. So, I guess that.

    Type Of Characters: My favorite stories are those that are character-centric, that sacrifice everything else for good character development. I love writing about characters who have been hurt, who have lost, and must rebuild from there. My favorite type of character should be made clear when I state my favorite character in Harry Potter is Remus Lupin. My favorite character in The Lord of the Rings is Aragorn. My favorite character in a Game of Thrones is Jon Snow. Is that enough? Idk.

    Completed Stories: I have written two full fanfics, as well as one non-related Pokemon fic. Here's the links.

    Current Stories: My current story, entitled "Earth, Air, Water, Fire" can be found linked in my signature. It's the big banner with the words "Earth, Air, Water, Fire" written across the top Short summary: Alec Gideon is a fourteen-year-old boy with only one thing that sets him apart: He inherited a very special item from his father. This very item has forced the hand of Gabriel, head of Team Skye, who is hungry to get what he wants, and only through Alec can he get it. Alec had been assigned a small guard of three people: J.T. Preston, an ex-gym leader, Chase Tang, an aspiring trainer, and Logan Clements, Chase's closest friend. This unlikely group must make their way through the Johto region and keep Alec safe. Expect in this story many familiar locations and game mechanics, but never expect it to be cartoonish. This is Pokemon as told through the eyes of a college student, not geared for Saturday morning bubble-gum viewing like the anime.

    Also, it has a Manaphy, a lighthouse, and dead people. Sound fun? Come read!

    Future Stories: Um...babaloo?

    Writing Tips: The earliest bit of information I got was never forget to specify who's speaking. Don't be afraid to just add "...Bob said" to the end of dialogue. It won't make your writing look stupid, but it WILL provide clarity and avoid confusion.

    When stuck, try rewriting the story from a new point-of-view or point of attack. Never feel married to one narrative style or one linear way of storytelling.
    I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.

    ^This is my new fanfic. It's a work in progress, so please read and comment at your discretion. I hope you like it. I think you will.

    Harry Potter and How I Met Your Mother are currently my life.

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    Name: My username and its short versions. CC also works.

    Age (optional): Teenaged

    Gender (optional): Female

    Writing background (optional): I've read fanfiction longer than I've been writing. What got me started was an idea that came to me after reading Cottonmoith25's PMD: Destined Explorers of Legend on What made me want to post my story was Knighfall's collab fanfic with pokenutter, "Transcending the Abyss" and well, here I am.

    But for those of you who want a more, "informative" background, look here.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokémon and Transformers.

    Types Of Writing: I usually write adventure stories in PMD or PMD-style as I love Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I always try to be specific and consice to not bore readers as I sometimes go overboard with description. I've tried to do none-adventure stories, but so far they weren't even written... Except for my One-Shot.

    Strong Areas: I'm not so sure about that but I think it's decriptions. I never really have a problem making one up for describing something. But my weak point is mostly paragraphs so far. Always get confused. But so far I haven't made a mistake.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write characters that are fun to write. Mostly when two characters argue or when they suggest something ridiculous. As for characters I like to read are (of course) those I can relate and those mentioned earlier.

    Completed Stories: No chaptered ones, but I hope to finish one of them soon.

    Dinobots: The Age of Idiocy

    "When Rocky the Velociraptor pulls a prank on Snarl the Spinosaur and Grimlock the T. rex, the two end up fighting, Paulie gets caught in the crossfire and what happens? Two words: total idiocy."

    A story based on the Dinobots of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.

    Current Stories:

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ember of Hope

    "I didn't do anything and yet I was transformed and dropped into this world. I guess it's not all bad. I made some friends and I'm on an adventure, but it's easy to forget the good things on the run..."

    A PMD story in first person. Set in the same world as The Time of Chaos except it's somewhat AU and a few thousand years later. Inspired by PMD Journal by pokenutter. It has three chapters thus far with four in the works and it's status is On-Going. Meaning, I'm currently working on it.

    The Time of Chaos

    "A Mightyena abandoned by her tribe is saved by a Fraxure she had just met and with nowhere to go, she joins him on his quest to stop Groudon and Kyogre fighting. But with the land so desolate and their fight splitting the land in two, will they ever fufill it?"

    It's a PMD-style (I think) fanfic in third person. Inspired by Knightfall's collab with pokenutter, Transcending the Abyss. It's on hiatus due to my lack of motivation. But I might not continue it...

    The Order of Light: The War against Necromancers

    "In a land where Pokémon have basically become humams. A war between the forces Light and Chaos engulfs the world. A Lucario, whose beginnings are very much entwined with the war, is forced to join the dark, seperating her from her friend. With all this chaos, how will she see her friend again?"

    A story based on the RP Shadow Necrosis: Ripe with Decay. Around my RP character Aaron the Charizard and a planned RP character Lura the Lucario. It's currently on hiatus because of lack of motivation and a bit of writer's block.

    Future Stories: None right now, but might do some random one-shots like about Porygon...

    Writing Tips (Optional): Even if you don't know a thing about writing, you can learn by reading other's works and see how they do it. It also helps when you're having trouble writing a scene.

    Take a break from writing if you get stuck, do something else you like to get your brain moving, after all, our brains don't like too much work. Just make sure you don't forget your project!

    Try to find out where you're comfortable in writing. If you like to write while walking, do it. If you like to lie down on a bed while writing, do it. You need everyway to get yourself motivated to write, so find the way and place you're comfortable in. It's ridiculous but it works.

    Read reviews of other people's stories and see if it can improve your writing. It's helped me.

    Take advice from other authors, they might come in handy.
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    Taking a break from the forums

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    Name: GingerDixie, if you see any variation of it on any other site, or if you see the name Triple 7, it's probably me too.

    Age (optional): 19, but I'll be 20 in a month or so.

    Gender (optional): Female

    Writing background (optional): I've been writing fanfiction and roleplay since I was 14 and in the Wall-E fandom. My first ever completed fanfiction was a Wall-E fic called "Memories", which is being revamped but currently on a temporary hiatus.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Wall-E, 9, Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, and possibly Mario, Bioshock, and Legend of Zelda in the future. I also have tons of original ideas, but I haven't liked how they sound on paper yet, so they're still in the refining stages.

    Types Of Writing: The majority of the fics I write are supposed to be mostly serious, but now and again I will write some humor.

    Strong Areas: Adventure and Suspense.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing mostly female characters, but occasionally I do have a male protagonist. I believe in an even distrubution of genders in a story, but don't accuse me of being OMG SEXIST!!!!!1 if I pay more attention to females than males. I just understand females better because I actually am one.

    As for character types, I enjoy the femme fatale, the hard-boiled man, the nurturing male, the strong female (a lot of my female characters are warriors, be warned), the naiive child, and many, many more. Expect to see these types favored, but as I like to experiment with different things don't expect these to be all I have.

    Completed Stories: None at the moment.

    Current Stories:

    Monsters Among Us (Pokemon) - In a world where no one has heard of Trainers or a Pokeball, unrest in Kalos threatens to turn humans and Pokemon against one another, disrupting the sponsorship system that has worked for generations before. When the worlds of several unlikely heroes collide, would they have what it takes to fight against a worldwide rebellion? (Prologue and one chapter, second chapter in the works.)

    Memories (Wall-E) - 700 years ago, humans left a tainted Earth for a tumultuous life in space. Today, along with their saviors Wall-E and EVE, live a new life on a new Earth. But when incidents of the past finally catch up to them, it spells trouble...especially for EVE. (Prologue and three chapters...currently being revamped and currently on temporary hiatus.)

    Forina (Pokemon) - Set 1,000 years after the events of Jirachi: Wish Maker, the Millennium Comet is soon to return and yet another threat looms over the Forinian region, straining an already tenuous bond preventing another war between the pokemon tribes. When a star unexpectedly falls from the sky, it seems it's all the excuse they need to fight once again. (Prologue and five chapters, on hiatus)

    (9) - A retelling of 9, only more insane and crackier. First humor fic. (Five chapters. Postponed indefinitely.)

    Future Stories:

    Unnamed Boo comic - Based off of this video. Follows the lives (or afterlives) of the Boos in Luigi's mansion. Planned to be an interactive comic.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't let even the harshest critics get you down. Nobody's perfect, but if you keep writing and keep improving, eventually with enough practice, you'll become a better writer in leaps and bounds.
    I have claimed Nuzleaf

    Current Chapter Progress: Chapter IV, 10% complete
    Second Place: Best Pokemon-Centric, 2013 Fanfiction Awards
    Credit goes to Brutaka for the banner

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    Name: Gorgonfish. Feel free to call me any deviation of that you can think of.

    Age (optional): 23

    Gender (optional): Male

    Writing background (optional): I've written on and off since I was about thirteen, but most of that was spent in play-by-post RP forums. There was also a slew of Harry Potter/Eragon ripoffs that I still read sometimes just to laugh at how bad I was at everything writing-related. Now I've learned how to borrow from multiple sources with just enough original to fool people. xD

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Harry Potter, Justice League, Digimon, Bleach.

    Types Of Writing: Mostly psychological thriller/horror and mystery. My goal is to freak people out, but not in an obvious jump scare kind of way. Show less, creep more is my motto.

    Strong Areas: I think I have a pretty good grasp of dialogue.

    Type Of Characters: All kinds. They all have to work for that [Good End] though. Honestly though, I have a soft spot for the lesser known or acknowledged characters in various canon. Celio, Lorelei, the second half of the Kanto Gym leaders, a whole back list from Harry Potter.

    Completed Stories: N/A

    Current Stories: Indigo

    Future Stories: I have a few fun little one shots planned within the Indigo universe.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Talking about writing is good, seeking help with your writing is good too, but the most important thing is YOU HAVE TO WRITE FOOL. Trust me, I've wasted more than a handful of years looking up tips on how to write, reading books on how to write, but the act of sitting down and writing has helped more than any of that other stuff. You can't say you know how to ride a bike until you've ridden it, and you can't say you know how to write (creatively, not editorially) until you actually put down some prose.

    | profile| AO3 |

    New Chapter 12/17/14 Subject: Recovery

    3DS FC: 4012 4165 5899 (Pkmn Y, ACNL)

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    Name: Cassafrass1999 (as my username), and Cassidy as my real name. I am also known as Cass, Cassa, and Cassafrass.

    Age (optional): 14 as of the moment.

    Gender (optional): Female.

    Writing background (optional): I have been writing for a long time... first it started when I was younger and I used to always be writing stories. Then I started learning more and more how to write... for the longest time I had so much trouble with understanding paragraphs for some reason, haha, but I eventually figured them out. I have slowly been developing more and more as a writer, and here I am today! I hope to become an author when I am older.

    Fandoms you write in: Owl City (Hootowl fandom), Pokémon, and possibly Doctor Who soon.

    Types Of Writing: Fiction (fan-fiction and not).

    Strong Areas: Dialogue I have found seems to be my strongest area with my writing, and I really try to flourish with it. My weakest area is adjectives, but I am really working at becoming better at that.

    Type Of Characters: Depends on the story; usually they are always very unique and different, and often like me (introverted, somewhat naďve, and the like).

    Completed Stories: None yet!

    Current Stories: Destiny Bonds (Pokémon fan-fic), and My Life in Owl City (Owl City fan-fic). Links are in my signature!

    Future Stories: Possibly a Doctor Who fan-fic, as well as a series of Owl City one-shots!

    Writing Tips (Optional): To really make sure that you develop your characters so they each seem to have their own unique personalities, and try to make them not seem too mechanical. Try to remember that they are real characters in your story, so they need to be realistic and not boring as well. Also make sure to use many descriptive adjectives when you can, and to have a strong story with plot twists and such to help keep your readers, well, reading!
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    Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there... ~ The Real World by Owl City

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    I realized I never did this:

    Name: Luphinid Silnaek, Praxiteles, on tumblr, isitcannibalismif

    Age (optional): I share a birthday with Jasmine!

    Gender (optional): I'm a boy.

    Writing background (optional): My school used to give a lot of nice creative writing assignments in fourth grade, and at one point I stopped making the tiny weekly nonfiction stories we were supposed to do, and started work on a long ripoff of multiple Toonami shows that took me most of the school year, and gave me an excuse to completely ignore everything else they gave me. I was a massive slacker at basically all points at school.

    Anyway, after that, which was the biggest thing I'd ever written, I spent 5th grade ripping off (I think) Land Before Time and Yugioh. Yep, LBT/Yugioh crossover fic.

    And then puberty happened. THE END.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon exclusively, it seems like. I've sometimes done one-shots in other fandoms. Very, very rarely.

    Types Of Writing: Dunno, I do what I feel like. If I had any ship in me I would do shipping fics.

    Strong Areas: Virtually nothing If I say so myself, I can write some really beautiful prose if I put my mind to it, also, I'm good at description when/if I ever do it.

    Type Of Characters: Preteens! Who act like teens. And are precocious in sometimes disturbing and violent ways.

    Completed Stories: Let's not bring those up now.

    Current Stories:

    A journeyfic about twins who bounce around Hoenn dealing with the Pokemon Emerald plot problems.

    Poetry: Pokemon poems that are pretty much self-explanatory.

    Future Stories: No idea.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Be regular. If you're everything but not regular, you won't be as good at writing as you could be. If you're regular and nothing else, other things will follow.

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