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Thread: The Authors' Profiles V.4

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    Banner made by Astral Shadow

    Name: GalladeRocks, Gallade, GR

    Current Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Other Interests: Fakemon regions here, here, and here; Pokemon Anime Style Battling League Trainer Level 2

    Fiction Background: Well, I'm a creep, and to this day, I'll still dig out my Pokemon toys out and play with them when I'm really bored. Yes, I'm the world's only high-schooler with the mind of a six-year old. Anyway, I was playing out an adventure with my toys revolving around Piplup and Chimchar from my Explorers of Time game, and eventually, that I realized it was forming into a story. That game I played with myself wound up becoming The Explorers of Nightmares. So I started posting it, and then while I was playing more after I'd already posted a good deal of Book 1, I was suddenly struck by a vision of Piplup, Chimchar, Grovyle, and Dusknoir in a cave surrounded by glowing moss, and Books 2 and 3 were born. So, my fanfiction career was started by Pokemon children's toys. So...yeah.

    Types of Writing: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Friendship

    Fandoms I Write In: Pokemon mainly, though I'll venture into basically anything Nintendo. I have plans for a fic which is a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a Zelda fic, a Mario fic, and a Kid Icarus fic.

    Strong Areas: Character development, Plot twists

    Type of Characters: I love to use characters who are completely insane and bonkers. I also tend to use characters who have troubled pasts but ultimately have good in their hearts, and characters who are calm and collected. My villains tend to be philosophically inclined, making the heroes question their own ideals and beliefs.

    Ongoing Stories

    Sgt. Froakie
    Genre - Comedy, Friendship
    Combines the anime Sgt. Frog with Pokemon characters.
    A team of Pokemon invaders lands on Earth and sets about conquering the planet. Too bad their leader is completely incompetent. Sergeant Politoed befriends the humans and leads his platoon of misfits on plenty of misadventures in this fic, which is rooted firmly in the comedy genre but still has a lot of heart.

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of the Beyond
    Book 3 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    In the third and final book in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy, Piplup and Chimchar find themselves in hot water after being hauled into a mysterous dimension called the Beyond by the evil Darkrai. The Beyond is a strange place where evil Pokemon reign supreme and the revolutionaries have nearly given up hope. But when Piplup and Chimchar arrive, everything changes. Piplup and Chimchar are whisked through the Beyond on a wild journey, with many twists and turns along the way. A large cast of new characters arrives as well, including the sinister Deoxys, the mysterious Dragonite, and the lovely Prinplup. Piplup and Chimchar embark on the greatest adventure yet, filled with laughs, love, deception, and war. But the stakes are high, and the odds against them are higher. Could Piplup and Chimchar be facing their final challenge?
    Author's Rating: 8/10 stars
    Credits to Rosemary for the amazing banner!

    The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour
    Piplup, Chimchar, and the cast of Dimensions of Darkness takes to the stage in this variety show. The main attraction is The Pokemon Show, a spoof of The Muppet Show. Also included are The Arena of Champions, A Pokemon's Life for Me, An Earthly Conquest, and Bidoof Speak. The Arena of Champions tells the tale of a young Grovyle and his quest to become a great gladiator at the Pokemon Arena. A Pokemon's Life for Me is a mini-series detailing the Dimensions of Darkness crew's adventures as pirates. An Earthly Conquest tells about an Elgyem who is sent to conquer the Earth. (It's a spoof of the cartoon Invader Zim.) Bidoof Speak is a talk show hosted by Bidoof of Treasure Town as he speaks about anything and everything. None of them are to be missed!
    Author's Rating: 7/10 stars

    Complete Stories

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of Nightmares

    Book 1 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    27 chapters.
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    Summary-Piplup and Chimchar, who form the legendary Team Pokepals, find themselves caught up in an evil plot larger than they can imagine. As they perservere against bandits, extreme weather, transforming Pokemon, and war itself, the two partners find that the world they're living in is not truly what it seems...
    Author's Rating: 5/10 stars
    Credit to millarc3005 for the amazing banner!

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of the Core
    Book 2 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    30 Chapters plus prologue and epilogue.
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    Summary-In this sequel to The Explorers of Nightmares, the adventures of Team Pokepals continue. Piplup and Chimchar pursue the evil Darkrai deep into the earth's core to prevent him from unleashing his grand new powers. With Grovyle and Dusknoir at their side, the two partners will traverse whatever the Core has to throw at them to protect all their friends back home.
    Author's Rating: 7/10 stars

    The Road of a Gym Leader-Volkner's Story
    Summary-The story of Volkner's life from the time he was a child to his becoming a Gym Leader. Includes VolknerxCynthiaShipping.
    Author's Rating: 4/10 stars

    Livin' the Dream
    Summary-Mater, the tow truck from Cars, recounts all of the great times he's had since meeting his best friend Lightning McQueen.
    Author's Rating: 2/10 stars

    Summary-Any player of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version knows well the mysterious character called N. In this one-shot that takes place after the main story of Black and White versions, N leaves Unova on a journey of self-discovery, challenging the beliefs of others while simultaneously questioning his own.
    Author's Rating: 9/10 stars
    Credit to ShinyNeko for the awesome banner!

    Canceled/On Hiatus Stories

    Super Smash Bros: The Return to Subspace
    Cancelled. May eventually receive a rewrite.
    Genre-Adventure, Friendship
    Summary-Things have been calm in the World of Trophies since Tabuu's defeat and the end of the Subspace Incident. However, what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation turns into a catastrophe when all of the Brawlers are trapped in Subspace once again.

    Adventures at Oak's
    Canceled, may eventually receive a rewrite
    Genre-Friendship, Comedy
    Summary-The tale of Ash's Pokemon who live at Professor Oak's lab is finally told.

    Thanksgiving Dinner
    Canceled, may eventually receive a rewrite
    Genre-Friendship, Comedy
    Summary-Thanksgiving has come to Treasure Town and the Wigglytuff Guild is planning on having the greatest holiday feast ever! But it will take a lot more work than they expect. Based off my Explorers series, starring Piplup and Chimchar.

    The Pokemon Show
    Canceled, as an individual fic, but included in The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour
    Summary-In this zany and hilarious fic, the cast of the Dimensions of Darkness series enters new territory: showbusiness. Yes, in this spoof of The Muppet Show, Piplup, Chimchar, and all their friends star in their own TV show in the place of Kermit the Frog and the Muppets. Plus, with three newcomers to the series, Poliwhirl, Snorunt, and Munchlax, this is not a performance to be missed!
    Based off of my Dimensions of Darkness series, and The Muppet Show

    Order and Chaos
    Arceus is one of seven Arcane Pokemon created by the Being of Order. However, he is the only one to create life. Now, after many millennia, the others are ready to reclaim the Earth they once ruled. Only Arceus stands against his siblings to protect his creations. However, he cannot do it alone. Will he be able to succeed in his fight for creation? Or will Chaos overwhelm the world once again?

    Future Stories

    Related to the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but unrelated to any games or my previous projects. That's all I'll say for now!

    Project: Primordial

    Top secret! No comments available at this time.
    Credits to Light Venusaur for the awesome banner!

    Tales from Treasure Town: A Collection of DoD Short Stories
    This fic will consist of multiple one-shots starring characters from the Dimensions of Darkness series, whether they take place before, during, or after the main storyline. Also featured are three short fics. The first is The Infinity Knights, starring the original king of the Beyond, Infernape, and his accomplices. The second is The Academy of Twilight, starring Grovyle, Dusknoir, Sceptile, Piplup, and Celebi in their childhood. The final is Viva la Vida, starring Darkrai. Just a few of the one-shots that will be featured are Seven, Treasure Town Baseball, 88 and 89's Treasure Town Tours, Dusknoir the Unfriendly House Guest, 88 and 89's All-Night Telethon, and Toast Dusters.

    The sequel to harmoNy. Ghetsis has been imprisoned and N has come to terms with his past and is now ready to set out on the childhood adventure that he was never able to have. Alongside Bianca and his new partner, an Oshawott named Zsasha, N heads out into a world which still looks at him with a suspicious eye. Tired of being judged, N decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes on the role of the cunning rogue Z and anonymously fights off those who would do wrong. However, as he fights for the approval of humans, his attitude takes a turn for the worse. What shall become of N when the ideal that made him a hero begins to change?

    Most people know Tobias as one of the single most hated characters in all of the anime. After all, he owns legendary Pokemon! The horror! But what if this were more carefully explored? In this one-shot, learn the true story of Tobias as he begins his long journey from Canalave City all the way to the destination of his dreams: The Pokemon League.

    The Winds of Change
    A Legend of Zelda fic. Taking place many centuries after the end of Spirit Tracks, a pair of archaeologists accidentally uncover Ganondorf and unleash the King of Evil on the world once again. However, he quickly discovers that the new world is far different than the one that he left behind, and that he no longer holds the power he once did. . .

    Blue Sky
    A one-shot set at a time long in the past when the Kanto and Johto regions were united under a single tyrant. Fin is a member of a rebel faction known as the Aerial Aces, an elite squad of air battle masters, alongside Arrow, his Pidgeot. The fate of both regions lies on Fin and Arrow, but can they discover what it truly means to fly free in a tempest of despair?

    Alone Together
    Old Man Jerry is unpopular among the residents of Fall City. He is rude to his neighbors and is grumpy towards the children. The truth is, he's bitter towards life in general after the death of his only Pokemon. But one day, a wily Skitty enters his life, causing him an endless amount of grief. However, this Skitty may be doing more than just that...

    Raised by a Rocket
    The childhood of the Team Galactic Commander Mars is chronicled in this expansion-of-canon one-shot. Born and raised in Kanto during the original reign of Giovanni, Mars has known Team Rocket her entire life. Her mother, Ariana, was one of the top Grunts back in Kanto, a fact which Mars always despised. After Team Rocket is disbanded, it finally seems that she can have the normal life which she longs for. However, three years later, Team Rocket is reborn with the intentions of finding Giovanni. The interim leader, Archer, selects Ariana to be his second-in-command. Mars's life is turned upside-down once again. Can she do anything to make it right? What ever happened to her father and brother? And what does a mysterious man with spiky blue hair have to do with all of this?

    The Journey of a Thousand Miles: A Comedy in Five Parts
    In this comedy adventure, a young boy named Fred sets off on a stereotypical Pokemon journey in the Kanto region, competing with his rival Lou all the way. Joining him is his partner, a smart-mouthed Charmander. Many others are also along for the ride, including a fame-obsessed Pikachu, a dim-witted Magikarp, a much-hated Mudkip, an emotionally-challenged Croagunk, and an accident-prone Meowth.

    Writing Tips: Don't let a bad review get you down. After all, reviews are supposed to help you improve your work. If you try what someone suggests for your work, it can really help you out.
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    Name: spareux, but you can call me madame marowak.

    Age: Old enough.

    Gender: Undisclosed.

    Fiction background: I've been in and out of fiction for a long time. But now, I have some very thorough ideas and a lot more spare time.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon.

    Types Of Writing: Oh, I suppose I like a bit of everything! Action and science-fiction would be 2 biggies, with what some might call an element of "fantasy" as well. And everything needs a dash of comedy from time to time. But it's not about ticking boxes of genres, it's about the styles! I really wouldn't know how to describe my style beyond 2 words, unfortunately: the first is mine, and the second is fantastic.

    I really am not a fan of most journey fics, too much bad juju. Likewise with PMD fics, admittedly because I don't get the fuss.

    Strong Areas: I was taught that when asked what one's faults are, the only correct answer is "I don't have any. I'm that good."

    That aside, I would have to say character development and backgrounds, symbolism, and imagery.

    Type Of Characters: Interesting characters. That might seem stupid, but have you ever met these people in life who are constantly happy and don't seem to have any demons? Yeah. How fucking boring are they? It's inhumane to be that happy. Everyone has baggage, and I like to express this in my characters - you'll rarely find I make a character without having not only a future but a vividly detailed past in mind. I like 'em all, and I like 'em rough.

    Completed Stories: Currently none. Oh, the vast emptiness!

    Current Stories: See below, technically.

    Future Stories:

    to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

    what would you do if utopia was crumbling around you?

    I have largely detailed some of what you can expect from this piece in this post, however, it is so much more than I can describe in a single post in what is essentially a catalog. A mix of action, mystery and science fiction with an entire planetary system of other styles and genres and an influences list longer than Rasputin himself.

    My only words, really, are that Creed comes from a writer who is, whilst humble, eager to make his mark, and I hope that it becomes something epic and beautiful.

    Writing Tips: Never be worried about being shot down or writing what you want to write. Be as crazy and mad as you can be. And never use the word "moist", because I will personally hunt you down and slaughter you.

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    Name: Username=Nemmeh, Real Name=Nicole, Nickname=Nimh Any you choose to call me is cool.

    Age: 22, my birthday is March 14, 1989

    Gender: Woman

    Fiction background: I began writing Fan Fiction when I was 7. It was a fan fic about the Super Mario Brothers series' Toad. I decided that he needed an adventure of his own, so I gave him one. He traveled far, trying to get back to Princess Toadstool (I just can't call her Peach). He helped a mouse find her babies, and a spider helped him on his way. He rode on the spider's back. I wish I still had a copy. It was a cute little story.

    Fandoms you write in: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Pokemon, Digimon, Harry Potter, Jane and the Dragon, The Elder Scrolls (videogame), Silent Hill (videogame), Resident Evil (videogame), Final Fantasy (8 especially), and Star Wars. I also do a great deal of original writing.

    Types Of Writing: Horror, Adventure, Drama, Suspence, Science Fiction. Planning to write my first bit of Romance, but am unskilled and inexperienced. I'm not a romantic person, either.

    Strong Areas: Description, Character Development, Plot

    Type Of Characters: Really, any kind of person. Usually, there is a spunky girl or a brave woman. If she has a love interest, he has a puppy-dog kind of love (ie: Mummymon to Arukenimon).

    Completed Stories: Oh, Lord...Not really posted any of them outside of Calcobrena, but here goes:

    >POKEMON: A story about Brock called "Hell in Your Eyes"--about vampires. Sucks to be him. There is also my first try at romance, "STAB" (for the Pokemon Gaming Acronym), "Why Don't You Wake Up?", "Big Ideas, Don't Get Any" and "Journals." Journals is about a trainer from her Pokemons' Points of View. Also wrote one about The Invincible Pokemon Brothers called "Neverlost"

    >DIGIMON: "The Tale of Kindness and Faith"--an old one. Thinking of writing one about who else, Mummymon, as well as one about the Faith Digidestined and her Tapirmon

    >Yu-Gi-Oh!: "Videotape"--Weevil Underwood is murdered, and all the signs point to Joey and Yugi. "What's Really Going On" series. 1-Weevil, 2-Rex, 3-Bonz. Also wrote something about Kaiba where everyone finds out his dark was a humor. Kaiba was born with a pig's tail, so his adopted father used to set him up as a circus freak under the moniker of "Jo-Jo the Amazing Pig-boy!" There was also a drabble in which they find out Kaiba's other secret. He likes to dress up like Mercury of Queen and sing Queen songs.

    >The Elder Scrolls: A novel I wrote (649 pages long). I called it "An Elder Scrolls Adventure: Walking Shade 1: Mother's Shades", Working on a Sequel to it. Maybe a prequel, too.

    >Jane and the Dragon: An untitled story in which Jester comes back 15 years after leaving. She finds out that he joined with a mercenary troupe. He is corrupt.

    >FINAL FANTASY 8: "Scars" something happens to Seifer...

    >STAR WARS: "Born From a Failure" a story about a Jedi Knight named "Nime Morn."

    >Resident Evil: A few stories about David King

    >Silent Hill: I actually don't remember, but I did write things about Silent Hill...

    >Pottah: Snape gets trapped in Elder Scrolls world. Better than it sounds.

    >Original: Many, many stories. "Vigilance" is my flagship. My english Professor said it was "Lovecraftien"

    Current Stories: A nameless trainer fic that I'm thinking of revamping. I just need a little help (any you have would be welcome. I'm changing the male trainer. Replacing Rishid Bashandi with Toshi Hiroyama. I just don't know what kind of pokemon Toshi should train that would fit his personality. PM me if you want to help, and I'll talk about it a bit more).

    Future Stories: A slew of ideas for original stories, and a Fan fiction about one of my other fanfictions. One that isn't cannon to my TES novel, but has the protagonist. It has to do with the Shivering Isles. 'Tis a romance.

    Writing Tips: Write what is in your heart. Also, don't be afraid to brainstorm for a while until you begin writing.

    I will be on here very, very rarely. The account is not dead, per se, but I will not be on often. This has become a den of hatred, hostility, and anger. It is not the SPPF it was when I joined, and I really dislike coming here. To those of you who were nice to me and were my friend, thank you. Goodbye.
    3DS FC: 1950 7837 2016
    Name: Nicole
    Electric Friend Safari. Pokemon: Dedenne, Pikachu, Manectric
    Before you try to act superior to someone else on here, remember that no matter how much of an "internet cool-guy" you think you are, this is a Pokemon forum.

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    Name: JohnGazMon, although I don't mind if you refer to me as Gaz, as everyone else does and it kinda stuck.

    Age (optional): 19

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): A prominent (apparently. I don't believe it myself :/) member of the NationStates roleplaying community for nigh on 5 years, as well as a practicing scriptwriter. I had considered writing a Fic almost as a diary/day-to-day event on my playthrough of Ruby a year or so ago, but never got around to finishing it (the fic, not Ruby :P)

    Fandoms you write in: None.

    Types Of Writing: Any, although I avoid Horror.

    Strong Areas: Potentially any area but Horror.

    Type Of Characters: Depends entirely upon the plotline and whatnot.

    Completed Stories: None (Yet)

    Current Stories: None (Yet)

    Future Stories: Watch this space. No details, but plenty of ideas.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Never underestimate the importance of sound and music, or rather, a lack of it. Silence can denote more than the unsheathing of a blade or the deep breathing of a killer.

    That said, remember to note the difference between diagetic and non-diagetic music.
    Pokemon Y
    Kalos Gym Badges: 8 | Elite Four Wins: 1 | Pokedex: 213 | Time: 20:19

    Pokemon X
    Kalos Gym Badges: 8 | Elite Four Wins: 1 | Pokedex: 208 | Time: 14:51

    3DS Friend Code - 3024 - 6764 - 1919
    Friend Safari: Bug - Ledyba, Volbeat, Pinsir

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    Hokay, let's do this one more time.

    Name: Dragon user X, although I prefer to go by Misheard Whisper these days. Alternatively, just Thomas.

    Age (optional): Sixteen

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I got into fanfiction through Bulbagarden's Christmas competition in 2008, though I've been writing for a bit longer than that.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon only, though I a) have tried Star Wars once (eugh) and b) am considering branching out into other fandoms, especially anime like The World God Only Knows. I'd also like to write Kim Possible fanfiction.

    Types Of Writing: I like writing stories about fantasy and the supernatural, though I also do soft sci-fi. I wrote Pokemon OT journeyfics for a while, but I'm steering away from those these days. I don't write much in the way of comedy, but nor do I write heavy, intensely serious stuff. I try to find something of a balance. I also write original fiction, in mostly similar genres.

    Strong Areas: Hmm . . . narrative style. My characters have, in the past, been somewhat wooden, though I think I'm improving, and my dialogue still needs a little polishing, but I when I tell a story, I tell it.

    Type Of Characters: I write characters who have problems, characters that can be identified with. Teenage Champions who have trouble with the idea of being a celebrity, immortal spirits who just want to die . . .

    Completed Stories:
    New Game: What happens to your Pokemon when you press New Game? If you don't transfer them to another game, they might well resent you for it. A sobering look at that New Game button we all take for granted. One-shot. (Friendship)

    Crushed: That red curtain, it seems, is all she's ever known. People gawp at her every day and call her a freak, and she can do nothing to stop them. Can she free herself from the everlasting nightmare of pain and humiliation? One-shot. (Horror/Drama)

    Broken: A proud Mightyena finds himself captured by repulsive humans that want to use and abuse him to their own ends. Can he escape, or will he give in to the pressure? One-shot. (Horror)

    Moonlight Heartbreak: Alicia Melodia Fantasia Darkbladia is the Chosen One, and the time has come to face her destiny. Yet still, she cannot bring herself to leave behind the one she loves the most. Birthday present for a friend. One-shot. (Romance/Parody)

    Current Stories:

    Unto defeat you must play the game - the Champion Game.

    Ren Goodwin takes on the mantle of Champion, only to find that not only is it much more pressure than he expected, but it also comes with a bizarre, supernatural twist that he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams. And speaking of dreams . . . (Fantasy/Supernatural)

    Alvaro is a lazy bum of a teenager who regularly skips school. He never really wanted to be a Trainer, but one day, his mom gets sick of his sponging and gives him a tough choice: take the Gym challenge or go back to school. Something's got to give. (OT/Comedy)

    Future Stories: After the World of Dreams Trilogy, I'm thinking of doing something futuristic. Maybe with LaRousse City and those damn Blockbot things. :3

    Once Champion Game is over, though, it will have a direct sequel, probably two. Champion Game will go up to the resolution of the conflict with Nekros, and then the new fic - as yet untitled, though I am considering something like Shadows of the Fallen, though I will likely go with something a little less cliché.

    Writing Tips: Spelling and grammar are all-important. No matter how genius your plot or compelling your characters, if ur wrighting lik tihs, I'll skip over your fic. Write from the heart; write what you love, and you'll love what you write.
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    It's short for Misheard Whisper. I'm just stuck this way till the next name change thread.

    Chapter 5 is out!

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    Name: E-V (Get it? Eevee? I thought it was clever when I made it up. I'm usually better at thinking of usernames.)
    Age (optional): When I first heard of Pokemon, I was old enough to become a Trainer myself. I was a closet Pokemon fan for years.
    Gender (optional): Female
    Fiction Background (optional): I made up stories with my toys when I was a toddler. I've been writing my stories down since I could type.
    Fandoms you write in: Zorro, Pokemon. I also have some original work.
    Types of Writing: Usually Fantasy or Adventure. I've tried writing Sci-Fi a couple times, but nothing much ever came of it.
    Strong areas: Character development. Before I come up with a story idea, I often already have the main characters thought out, and I build the rest of the story around them.
    Type of characters: It varies. Most of the time, my main characters are strong, spunky females and their love interests have some kind of dark secret. However, sometimes I break with that formula.
    Completed stories: Nothing. I fail epically at finishing stories I start.
    Current stories: The Lost Season of Zorro - The continued adventures of the famous vigilante Zorro, as portrayed in the 1957-1959 Disney TV series. I've gotten a few comments that say this fanfic's sense of adventure and humor is similar to the original TV show.
    Future stories: I'm working on a pseudo-PMD-style Pokemon fic called Secrets of the Guardians. If I finish it, I'll write a sequel.
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    Name: Piplup-luv, PL, Pip

    Gender: Female

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, The Legend of Spyro, Legend of the Guardians

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Friendship, Action, SOME comedy and romance

    Strong Areas: Character creation, plot twists

    Type Of Characters: I normally have characters that are unique in their own way. My characters have strange personalities sometimes (Extremely Hyper, Serious, Happy, or Brave are my most common). A few of my characters can be strange in a physical way (such as looks) but that’s only because of my wild imagination^^;

    Completed Stories:


    Current Stories:

    1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Between Time and Darkness

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: In Progress
    Summary: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if things had gone differently? A what-if story based off the events in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky

    2.Could it be Love?

    Genre: Friendship, Romance, slight Comedy
    Status: In Progress
    Summary: A true story about two Mallard Ducks (my pets) and their eturnal love for each other. Told by both of them

    3.The Hour of Darkness

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship, and Peril
    Status: In Progress
    Summary: Sinnara Town was a peaceful place...but, rumors of black holes appearing and enitre areas vanishing bring suspicions and fear to the pokemon living there. Meanwhile, another world is having the same problems. When the two worlds colide a great war is started. Only two, a pokemon and a creature from the other world can stop this. But, can they do it before their worlds destroy themselves? (A Pokemon/The Legend of Spyro crossover fanfic)

    4.Dawn of Darkness
    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: In Progress
    Summary: (A 'The Legend of Spyro' fanfic) When strange unknown creatures begin to appear in Warfang, The Dragon City, many of its inhabitents are forced into slavery. Now it is up to one dragon and her friends to stop this. But, can they do it before their home becomes the kingdom of these strange creatures and they become their slaves?

    4. Pokemon Ranger: Unknown Legends

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: On hold
    Summary: Holly is a Pokemon Ranger who has been to many regions. Holly, alongside her talking partner Starly, now find a new adventure ahead of them as they arive in a new region known as Cyria and take on the job of the Pokemon Ranger once more.

    Future Stories:

    1. Glimpse of the Past
    A backstory of one of my oldest characters Marie

    Receiving Rewrites:

    1.The Rising Darkness

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: Receiving Rewrite
    Summary: All has been peaceful in Treasure Town since the famous Team FireLeaf stoped the Planet's Paralysis and defeated the villanous Darkrai. But, when a mysterious and odd-colored Piplup is found in Beach Cave strange things begin happening. Pokemon, as well as Rescue and Exploration Teams start to go missing.

    2.Shards of Destiny

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship, slight romance
    Status: Reciving Rewrite
    Sumary: When Marie, a mysterious Riolu-colored Piplup awakes from a nightmare about her worst enemy she starts to fear the worst. Meanwhile, a Shadow Prinplup, Wave has the same feeling. His theroy proves true when an Umbreon named Zoey tells about a recent event; that her best friend, a Quilava named Blaze, has been captured. Now Marie and Wave, along with a few others must find each other before it's too late.(A fanfic based of my comic 'Shards of Destiny')

    3.Secrets of Time
    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: Receiving Rewrite
    Summary: Strange things have been happening in the world of pokemon. Vicious pokemon have been appearing and the atmousphere in several places has become ominous to the pokemon there. After a new team, Team Heroes, is formed by a Torchic and a strangely colored Piplup with no memory things take a turn for the worse. (A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness Fanfic with many unexpected twists)
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    Name: Brendan (Bren for short if you wish)

    Age: 18

    Fandoms: Dragon Riders of Pern and Pokemon

    Genres of writing: Adventure

    Areas of strength: You tell me :P

    Types of characters: Always depends on the story. I typically like to have an underestimated character grow into his role just because it can apply to everyone and, gives people a place of relation to my stories.

    Completed stories: None at the moment.

    Current Story: "A Home Comming" A Pern based fic (Not on this site).

    Future story: It is a secret.

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    Updated. I've been updating the list without posting about it; this post is just as a precaution, really. =P

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    Name: Hawkmbl(, SerebiiForums), Dreamer (, and PBZ My site).

    Fiction background: In 2009 I was a member of Animal Crossing Community (A Animal crossing site) and I was on the fan-fiction board. I was told by a friend who makes stories (Not online but in RL) to read those if I could. But I had no experience and at first hated writing. I actually only did it for the "Fame" so many writers there seemed to instantly get. But my first story was a wreck and had a ton of grammar errors, so I gave up for a few months and tried again. It turned out to be much better and much longer. I also reprinted my first story (Incomplete however.) I started making pokemon stories last year, with an attempt at a rendshipping fic (See below) and then a pokemon/digimon tamers parody. Now I make them often. See fan-fic lists for more info.

    Fandoms you write in: Animal Crossing, Pokemon

    Types Of Writing: I do stories that do BOTH First person and 3rd person POVs. (Which is confusing but is almost my main writing style), but I mostly do fantasy, action and adventure fics, I am trying to enter the comedy dimension though.

    Strong Areas: Grammar and Spelling and Plot description, character description however.... Not so much

    Type Of Characters: Often brave and courageous, though sometimes a rude or evil one will appear here and there.

    Completed Stories: Prepare for a long list. All of the current ones were on another site, but are now copied to documents, waiting to be posted on here...

    Living in a Animal Crossing World- Action/adventure.

    Connor, a student who is a fan of the DSI, buys one and a rare game card one day, only to find it takes him to the realm of the Animal crossing world, which is in danger of being destroyed by the great enemy. Can he and Pelly save it?

    Grovyle, Celebi, the tree of time-Romance (This is not good in it's current state and will be remade.)

    One day Celebi feels a weird power coming from the nearby well, when she approaches she is teleported to another world, where the aftermath of a war at the Hidden land ended in death for many pokemon, can she and a awakened Grovyle ancestor be able to defend the Hidden Land?

    The Adventures of Connor and the Town of Japan! (Original version)- Adventure/action.

    Connor is a boy who one day, moves into the town of Japan. He meets up with numerous animals after going on the train due to a horrible accident he can't remember. Will he ever find the secret about himself?

    Living in a Happy, Able life- Fantasy

    The Able Sisters. One day torn apart from their mother, can they find her and defeat the Evil Crazy Redd before he destroys the whole world?

    Blathers's Childhood- Action/Adventure/Fantasy

    Blathers is a young owl, who dreams of being in the museum to work. However when a terrible storm happens that tears about time itself, he survives and is in a future far different than the present. Can he go back to his own time and save the past?

    In the Void- Romance, One shot

    Celebi, finally fulling her duty to guard Grovyle and the present at all costs, starts to be the last one to vanish. However before she goes on, she has last wishes... For Grovyle and the Hero.

    Current Stories:

    Poke-merge, activate!-Action (On another site, but is on Hiatus)

    Test, a boy who hears the story of Blathers's childhood, comes home from School one day and finds the E-reader. When he gets a call from Celebi, one that oddly looks like the one in Mystery dungeon, he has to save the Pokemon world from Zoroark.

    The Wrong Evolution Book one: Water and Psychic-Action, Adventure, Comedy (It's on here, and link is on the banner in my signature)

    Two Eevee, destined to become evolutions to guard the clan, one who never had a real family, one who has a real family, get attacked by a mysterious group called Team Zapflare, broken apart from the clan, they have to work together to get the elemental keys to break their chain, whether they like it or not!

    The Adventures of Connor and the Town of Japan! (Reprint)

    Connor, a boy who suffered a horrible incident when he was young, heads out to the town of Japan in order to relax... But with danger at every turn, can he find out the truth about himself?

    Future Stories:

    Celebi's stories, the prequel to Test's adventure- GENRE UNKNOWN (yet)

    Celebi, a aspring shiny pokemon, goes to a school that is supposed to "educate" Pokemon, however when she finds it's tough to even stay in the classroom without being laughed at because she is a bad writer, she decides to turn the tables on them.

    But I don't wanna evolve!-Comedy (Not confirmed title)

    Servine is one of the many of his community of Pokemon that is eager to evolve. However when he gets intimidated over the looks of another Servine that evolved into Serperior, he runs away with a lucky stone in hand, trying to find out how to never evolve forever.

    Espeon: Spirit of the Wind- Action (Not confirmed title)

    A young girl gets her wish: To transform into an Espeon. But will it work out?

    Writing Tips: NEVER listen to people who say your stories are bad. They probably have never tried it themselves, and are trying to make you upset. Also don't go into the writing community if you only do it to attract fans. Doing so will make people not want to read stories as they will not think you care about your writing.

    That's all for now. I will edit this post often for when I post my other stories from ACC on here.
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    Name: Peters

    Age (optional): ----

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): I have a big imagination so i decided to write stories and use it.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Journey

    Strong Areas: Plot, And the Climax

    Type Of Characters: The type that are active but a bit too active and gets into trouble and a lot of other stuff other people do not do

    Completed Stories: None, just started writing

    Current Stories: The Unforgettable Journey

    Future Stories: The Unforgettable Journey: Part 2, The Unforgettable Journey: Part 3, Deep In No-where and Where Has He Been (Names of some might change and some might not exist)

    Writing Tips (Optional):

    ^Image By Skiyomi^

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    it is a mystery



    Name: Call me... 'J'

    Age (optional): Only 10. I'm one of the youngest here!

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): I was rubbish at literacy when I was younger, so I got private lessons from my teacher so I could get into my next school. I passed the exam and though I hated comprehension and writing stories to the rubbish titles she gives us (An Uncomfortable Moment? Honestly!) but I developed a love for writing my own stories and letting my imagination go wild. Then I got addicted to Pokemon, then I discovered Serebii, then I discovered the fanfic forum. I was estatic.

    Fandoms you write in: I'm not exactly sure of what you mean, but I like 'The Wrong Evolution: Water and Psychic' by hawkmbl.

    Types Of Writing: I generally write in semi-drama with lots of description.

    Strong Areas: Descriptive writing, and a wide range of words

    Type Of Characters: I like using shy and careful characters (AHU-Shaymin and Phione) and chatty, bold and cheeky characters that contrast with them (AHU-Mew). Along the way I usually chuck in a few wise and solemn characters too.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories: A Hope... Unanswered?

    It's about a Shaymin searching for true friends, a home, and her parents...

    Future Stories: None, since I have hardly started AHU yet, only Chapter 2.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Listen to your reviewers and follow their tips, and try and balance out description and dialogue. Stories aren't clear if they are told in speech.

    My profile! I <3 Pokemon fanfics!

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    Name: EonMaster One, often rendered EM1 for short. Some people go with Eon, but there's about five people who use that nickname, so meh.

    Age: 21.

    Gender: Male

    Fiction Background:
    Don't really remember, TBH, it was so long ago...I know that my first fanfic was on someone's Digimon shrine, based loosely on Digimon Tamers (season 3) and I was about 11 or 12. A friend I had in high school referred me to this site and I joined it as AbsolUteZero somewhere around February 2004 as a fic writer. My first work was called Pokemon: Johto Generations. In about November 2004 my computer broke down, so I ended up on a very long hiatus until 2005 when I rejoined SPPf under the name EonMaster Zero. I started a Hoenn-based journey fic called Pokemon: Hoenn Redefined, got sick of it about six chapters in and decided to scrap it. I thought about giving up fic writing after that, but it just so happened that a fan of my first fic had saved it to his hard drive. So I asked for it and he happily obliged. Not long after that, I polished it up a bit and rebranded it as Pokemon Revolution: Johto - an OT trainer fic with a twist. Not long after I started writing again, I had plans for a sequel, and then an entire AU, which became my flagship work. PR:J wrapped up in late March 2007 after 57 (yeah...) chapters. On March 23, 2007, the first chapter of the sequel series, Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix, was released. Toward the end of that story's 3.5-year run, I started work on the third and current installment, Pokemon Revolution: Maverick Heart, which was released in November of 2010. This past March, I decided to branch out a bit and wrote my first one-shot and first work outside of the PR Universe - a game-based fanfic centered around HGSS called Ellipsis.


    Fandoms: Other than my one Digimon venture about 10 years ago, I write in Pokemon - although I take inspiration from a large number of things not Pokemon.

    Types of Writing: Long, chaptered journey fics - usually with twists and turns along the way. The first two installments were heavy on epic fantasy elements and are probably best described as novelizations of AU Pokemon movies on steroids and acid.

    Strong Areas: I'd say I'm pretty technically sound when it comes to grammar and such. My two strongest areas besides that, IMO, are description and dialogue.

    Types of Characters: Oh god. In seven years and change, what haven't I experimented with? One of the running themes of protagonists in my work are teenagers that have to struggle with or against some kind of legacy or expectations, whether that's positive or negative. That's not to say I've done every instance well. One of my main weaknesses - in the first two installments in particular - is just having too many effing characters, period, and therefore trying and failing to give everyone their just due.

    Completed Stories:

    Pokemon Revolution: Johto - 58 Chapters; OT, Fantasy, Drama, Romance (AU); Rated T

    He never wanted the title of 'hero'.

    He had enough going on in his little world, the world of a twelve-year-old, third-generation Pokemon Trainer leaving New Bark Town for his first journey. He had badges to collect, expectations to meet. He also had classmates, all shooting for more or less the same goal. One was his best friend. The other (predictably) was the guy who couldn't stand him. Then he had an old friend, a new friend, and possibly more than a friend...all of them were the third classmate. Travis DePaul III had enough things to deal with before he found out that a mysterious organization wanted to take over Johto and, naturally, he was the one person on the planet that could stop them.

    Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix - 80 Chapters (no, that's not a joke, unfortunately); OT, Fantasy, Drama, Romance (AU); Rated T

    Those days gave him so much...yet they took so much away from him.

    Two years had passed, but in his mind and body, they might as well have been an eternity. Still, the continent of Hoenn presented him the chance to rise from the ashes, reborn. But as the dark cloud of civil war loomed large over his new surroundings, fourteen-year-old Travis soon found out a pair of harsh truths. At times, those weary and deserving of rest do not find it...and some wounds do not simply heal on their own.

    They must be forced shut.

    Ellipsis - One-shot; Gameverse, Tragedy; Rated PG

    The continent’s strongest Pokémon master does not take the Champion’s chair. Instead, he stands at the highest point on the highest mountain, as a god watching over mortals. What is the reason for his absence, for his silence?

    Current Stories:

    Pokemon Revolution: Maverick Heart - 11 Chapters; Action, Drama (AU-Fanmade Region); Rated T

    A boy journeys to a distant continent in hopes of uncovering the roots to a millenium-long blood feud that puts the lives of every single member of his family at risk.

    And somewhere along the line, he is meant to evolve his Pokemon to adulthood - and become a man himself.

    Dalton Gregg was a mostly-ordinary university student from the region once called Johto.
    Then a fateful encounter set him on a quest to change history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveinfernape
    Fandoms you write in: I'm not exactly sure of what you mean, but I like 'The Wrong Evolution: Water and Psychic' by hawkmbl.
    Fandoms you write in is what shows, games, cartoons, books, etc. you write fan fiction for. For example, most of us here write in the fandom "pokemon." Some people write fan fiction in the Harry Potter fandom.

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    Name:AquaRegisteel(Call me Aqua or Steel)
    Age:13(Young Writer FTW!)
    Background:I was inspired by a story called Forever & Always, a ContestShipping story.I started to write one based on CSing, and i got great feedback from my school class/set.I have now sprouted into a better writer after learning from certain mistakes i made in that first story.I haven't finished drafting it at all.

    Fandoms:With only 2 Stories started, i have started to explore with Pokemon, and the other one was made up.

    Genres i write in:I enjoy Romance, but i have taken an interest in:Suspense,Sci-Fi(Not much, it's in a new plot i have thought of),Action, and that's all.


    Current:None are being typed up on here, but:

    Unknown Title(As of yet)|Pokemon characters, but no Pokemon|:

    May is back for a second year at Green-Leaf High, Drew has just started.They face an attractive seduction queen called Destiny as she trys to lure Drew away from May after D&M's first kiss.But Destiny goes way too far...

    The Reddening Shadows/The Red Shadow(s)|Non-Pokemon|

    Renoval, the King of the Lentrick Hills needs to be rid of an evil King Aldren of the Fernopian Fields.He chooses a young-ish Assassin, Sasuke(Sas-ook-ay)to kill him.Sasuke faces a task that decides whether he'll live when he returns...Kill Aldren, or be Executed...

    Resistance(Thinking of Exact base plot, but this is my current idea):

    NASA has tracked Comets for a few weeks since they entered the Solar System.They soon hit Earth,killing all but eight people:Colin,Kira,Casey,Lou,Faith,Belinda,Willie and Serena.They quickly discover they aren't the only things alive...
    Soon, Blood,Tears,Lies,The Truth and possibly Romance will be spilled.But who will die?...

    Future Stories:None.

    Tips:None atm.
        Spoiler:- Hunts!:

    Last Shiny: Mudkip (Ruby)

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    Name: Missingno. Master

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: When I was still a newbie, I felt the need to make my mark in the fanfic forum, and so I churned out a few steaming piles of crap I tried to pass off as quality fanfiction. One attempt even got me banned. It was that bad. Well, that, and plagiarism was involved. But anyway, that little incident kinda put me off writing for a while. Fast forward to late 2009. I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, and a random idea struck me. There are some really bad fanfics out there. And I mean, real stinkers, crap that people just whip up in the reply box, no plot, no depth, no description. I thought it might be interesting to write about how the main character of such a fanfic might feel. The next day, I worked that idea into chapter 1 of The Adventure of Adventureness.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokémon

    Types Of Writing: Comedy

    Strong Areas: Plot twists and running gags

    Type Of Characters: Nothing specific, really

    Completed Stories:
    The Adventure of Adventureness: Jack, the unfortunate protagonist of a shoddily-written two-line fanfic teams up with the narrator to exact revenge on the author.

    The Awesome of Awesomeness (sequel to The Adventure of Adventureness): In order to rescue the narrator from his author's wrath, Jack must explore the Kanto region and collect all eight Gym Badges.

    The Random of Randomness (third story in the series): To give them more of a chance in the battles to come, Jack and his friends must explore the Unova region, deep inside Miror B.'s afro, and catch many new Pokémon. On their travels, however, they learn of a shady organization by the name of Team Plasma.

    The Epic of Epicness (final story in the series): Jack and his friends arrive back in the internet and team back up with Miror B., plotting and planning for the final showdown.

    Pokémon: An Unlikely Origin (completely unrelated to the Adventure of Adventureness series; a Pokémon/Supernatural one-shot crossover): A man arrives at a lonely moonlit crossroads to make an unusual deal with a demon.

    404 Error (completely unrelated to the Adventure of Adventureness series; a trainer fic with a twist): Orange and Violet are two new Pokémon Trainers in the Tanko region, where Glitch Pokémon are just as common as the official ones. While setting out, they come across a strange boy...

    Current Stories:
    404 Error 2: File Not Found (sequel to 404 Error): When Red goes missing in the Hojot region, it's up to his girlfriend and a pair of rookie trainers to locate him.

    Future Stories:
    Nothing definite at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Don't get discouraged because the first few fics you write get scathing negative reviews, or get ignored altogether, or get you banned, or whatever. Nobody's perfect, and very few people are going to turn out a nugget of literary perfection on the first try. The important thing is that you keep trying. Although, if a fic you write really does get you banned, try to steer clear of that area and write something different.

    Also, play to your strengths. If your attempts at writing some serious drama story flop, give comedy a shot.
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    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 14 up now!
    Author profile

    Banner done by me. I do not do requests. The Shinies are not up for trade.

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    Default Paper Wii's Profile

    Name: Paper Wii. I also go by Paper, PW, and my real name is Erin.

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Fiction background: Well, I guess because of reading other fanfiction and getting ideas that would be fitting for a character from that series.

    Fandoms you write in: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Sonic, SSBB... I made the 705Tsunami series, by the way.

    Types Of Writing: I love writing adventure, but it's difficult to write action scenes such as fighting and such. I wish I could write romances, but I don't know how. XD

    Strong Areas: Character development and design. It's my favorite part of making a character. I always like it when the character's backstory fits in with story line and somehow is connected with it.

    Type Of Characters: I prefer younger, shy characters because they're really cute to read! I also love the characters that are cursed or have a dark past.

    Completed Stories: I used to, but they were all lost, sadly.

    Current Stories: Yami VS Hikari (Yu-Gi-Oh!), 705Tsunami (original), Dash's Story (chao),

    Future Stories: I'm going to do one on a Zelda OC named Keaton. (He wears a Keaton mask all the time.)

    Writing Tips:
    For writers block - All you have to do to overcome writers' block is to keep writing! It doesn't matter whether or not what you are writing is good - you can improve it later. You just have to write. Write something; write anything!
    Getting Ideas - ˇ Watch the news and read the papers, if you're feeling angry, upset or you're glowing with elation write about it, dreams, observe people, read, etc.

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    Your computer screen.


    Name: My username is phoopes

    Age (optional): 14

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): My teachers have always said that I'm a good writer, so when I saw a fan fiction section at SPPf, I decided to write.

    Fandoms you write in: I've only written in the Pokemon fandom so far. I'm currently writing a fic called The Pokemon Saga. (link in my sig) At the time of posting, the 6th chapter has just gone up.

    Types Of Writing: The current fan fic that I'm writing is in a dramatic style, with humour being thrown in at various places as well.

    Strong Areas: I think my strongest area is coming up with original ideas. My current fic is about the adventures of a few Pokemon from the Pokemon's perspective. I think that the most original idea in mine is that it is the Pokemon trying to take down Team (insert name here), not humans.

    Type Of Characters: My favorite character that I am currently writing about is Darkrai. In my fic, I try to portray him as a bad-*** sort of Pokemon. He's my most beloved character, and he's usually the one that provides comic relief in my fic.

    Completed Stories: I currently have no completed stories.

    Current Stories: Well, there's the Pokemon saga (link in my sig) which I've mentioned about a million times so far. Once again, it is about the adventures of a group of Pokemon who try to take down Team (insert name here).

    Future Stories: Something that I'd love to write in the near future is a choose your own adventure type of story. It would definitely be a challenge, but I love challenges!

    Writing Tips (Optional): I'm kind of a new author myself, but I'll try to give advice anyway. Don't be discouraged by flamers. All that matters is if YOU enjoy your own writing. If others don't like it, that's their problem. If you're having fun writing, then you're doing it correctly.
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    Name: kjt (if you're wondering, it's just my initials - I got lazy)

    Age: Sixteen

    Gender: Male

    Fiction background: Just took a look around the forums one day, found fanfiction. I read a little bit, decided that I was going to make a self-insert Sinnoh fic . . . I gave up on that terrible idea. I meet a friend who also writes Pokemon fics, and is indeed on these forums. I beta'd his work before beginning to write mine.

    Fandoms you write in: I've only written in Pokemon so far; other fandoms that I like (and may write for one day) include Doctor Who, Code Geass, Buffy The Vampire Slayer . . . and Glee, but I think that would be hard to put into a fic.

    Types Of Writing: I'm not really sure what genre my stories fit into, I'm not very good with that kind of thing. But I'd like to eventually try lots of different genres. As for Pokemon-genres, I've tried trainer fic and semi-trainer fic set in the real world. That one's sorta a Devil Survivor crossover-type-thing.

    Strong Areas: I like to think that I'm best at description, though my modest-ness is telling me to say "but don't get your hopes up." I have been told that I over describe a bit. I've planned, but never written a full story, so I don't have much experience with plot/character development.

    Type Of Characters: Hmm . . . I don't really have any specific characters that I enjoy writing about. I haven't written much, but from my little experience, I'm enjoying writing a hot-headed-kick-***-take-no-bull-s*** teenage girl.

    Completed Stories: N/A

    Current Stories:

    Absconditus Infensus (PG-13), a collaboration with moonlightning.
    Did you ever wonder what would happen if Pokemon appeared in the real world? If these demons fell into the wrong hands? If Cece and Viceroy were unable to stop them? If you've asked yourself any of these questions, read the fic!

    Unova: Broken Ways (Pg-13)
    An Unova journey-fic based off the events off Black and White. It says ON INDEFINITE HIATUS, but I have been writing snippets lately . . . I might get back to it soon - you'll have to wait n' see! Otherwise, you're free to read four chapters of Blair n' Lea's travels in Unova!

    Future Stories:

    Closer To The Clouds (PG-13)

    Sweet Dreams (PG-13)

    Radio Personality (PG-13)

    Writing Tips: Hmm . . . *get nervous when put on spot even though this is optional* . . . I suppose read the Fanfiction Rules, Advice For Aspiring Authors and Things To Note. These are all helpful. If if you want help, don't be afraid to ask! And if you want somebody to proofread yo' work (a "beta"), here's The Beta House
    ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐

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    I'm surprised this thread isn't stickied.
    Claimed: Grovyle - November 10th, 2013

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    It's a secret


    Name: You can just call me by my username or Star

    Gender: Female

    Fandoms you write in: I normally write in Pokemon but sometimes I write about other fandoms

    Types Of Writing: I mainly write stories filled with adventure and mystery, as well as friendship. I tend to take awhile in updating due to life, other projects, and planning the chapter out good.

    Strong Areas: I'm strong when it comes to plot twists, character creation, due to my imanginative mind.

    Type Of Characters: I normaly go with all kinds of characters but friendly, serious, and mysterious are my most common.

    Current Fanfics:


    [Rated PG-13 for mild fantasy violence, peril, and themes of death]
    Genre- Adventure, Friendship
    Humans have long gone extinct, leaving Pokemon with no threat. However, soon Pokemon begin to disappear from their homes. Only some return with horrible wounds and no memory as to what happened; those who don't return are found motionless, their bodies turned to stone. A Riolu whitnesses an Absol corner a Pikachu and turn it to stone. The Pokemon in the valley where the Absol lives near excile him, a lone Eevee follows suit on her own. But, something bigger is going on...after all...not everything is what it seems.
    Credits to Piplup-luv for the banner

    Future Fanfics:

    PMD: Explorers of the Elements

    Genre- Adventure, Friendship
    The Sinnara region has been peacefull, protected by the many Ranger Teams scatterred around the land. However, soon fire, water, and grass Pokemon begin to weaken mysteriously and the region is hit by many dissasters. Strong Ranger Teams are sent to find out the cause of this phenomenon...but never return. With the disappearance of the strongest Ranger Teams, Pokemon begin to fear the worst. But, one team, Team Silverblade stands up to the challenge.
    Banner created by me
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    Missunderstood- Chapter 3 is up.
    See my future and current fanfics here

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    Updated. And thanks for the bump. ;P Reminds me to advertise this in my sig.

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    Look Behind you. BOO!


    Name: Aslynn♥Pokemon. Also known as Crystal, Star and Nikki. YEAH.

    Age (optional): 12

    Gender (optional): Female

    Fiction background (optional): The main reason I got into fanfiction was because I stumbled in on my sister. At the time, I was an OK author (pretty good at school, everyone says), but had never considered writing stories about fandoms. Anyway, I walked in on my sister, and she had this Harry Potter Fic up. Don't ask. Something about Harry being a baby or something. But yeah. She told me about it (because I'm awesome) and yeah. That and I watch a lot of shows, good fic fuel.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, DBZ (Never watched the show, but I tried), original stories, etc.

    Types Of Writing: I usually write Fantasy and Action, but recently I've been drifting towards a slight Romance feel as well. Not something major like Shipping, but small things. Hehe.

    Strong Areas: I reckon I'm OK in most areas, but an area I really suck at is character development. I usually use the same types of characters, those stupid goody two shoes who is the best/ You know what I mean. I'm trying currently to do a LOT of planning and character development for my awesome-sauce project, but we'll see how that goes.

    Type Of Characters: My usually type of character is those goody two shoes. For protagonists, at least. I usually make them everything I want to be: Brave, smart and downright epic. For antagonists, I drift towards people that just hate for no reason. I'm a newb, gimme a break.

    Completed Stories: Pfft, I wish!

    Current Stories: No stories currently in the banks.

    Future Stories"

    Untitled (working on it)

    A story set in the world of Marsia, specifically in regions Sarmia and Atlantis. A crazy Scientist has been experimenting on mythical creatures (Like Dragons, Centaurs etc) and she has finally cracked the secret of their DNA, enabling type specific powers (Pokemon types, really.)

    As a tes run, she takes the DNA of ten of the 17 mythical creatures she experimented on, and enjects one tube into 10 normal student at Starlit High. They gain powers, then hear of how Mythical Creatures are being kidnapped and imprisoned in large centaurs, so that they can be exterminated due to human jealousy.

    They set out to stop these evil jelous humans, and have various excitement, love triangles and danger await them.

    An Original Fic. (BOO YAH)

    Writing Tips (Optional): I AM a new author. I'm supposed to give hints to myself? :P jk jk.

    Try to keep at what you have. Keep telling yourself to keep writing, or you'll end up with a million unfinished stories like me. Also try not to start another story whilst writing another, because you might lose motivation for the first.

    Always proofread. Should be obvious, but still.

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    Name: Devil's Apprentice (Call me Randall)

    Age (optional): 14

    Gender (optional): Male

    Fiction background (optional): Well, my father's a fiction writer - so my family has always encouraged writing. I've always loved pokemon, so it seemed like the perfect place to start.

    Fandoms you write in: Devil's Apprentice Series, Orian Adventures

    Types Of Writing: I try to dip myself into each major types of writing - adventure, action, fantasy, except horror - it's always seemed like kind of a cheesy subject to me

    Strong Areas: Definitely plot. I feel that I can create characters, but not on my own - each person is based on one of the people I know in real life

    Type Of Characters: I absolutely lock writing cocky people - they are so fun to create, having them think in their own ways, so sure of themselves, unlike most story heroes

    Completed Stories: Devil's Apprentice Series - I don't have it on the computer, but I wrote five books about this kid named Dalvis Monroe who is "adopted" by Hades, one of the three deities at war.

    Current Stories: Orian Adventures - Rising. It's the tale of a young pokemon trainer who meets Orian's Ex-Champion, who trains him to become a Pokemon Master

    Future Stories: The rest of the Orian Adventures, at this point I have them all planned out already

    Writing Tips (Optional): Always write what's fun for you to make. Even if only one person in the world likes the style that you enjoy, it's better than having everyone like something you didn't enjoy.

    ~Devil's Apprentice
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