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Thread: The Authors' Profiles V.4

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    Name: SableVulpi (at least on Serebii. I go by a wide range of names that all have something to do with "Vulpi")

    Gender (optional): Female

    Writing background (optional): I've technically made stories since I was 8, but I had never actually written fanfiction until I was roughly 15. And since that point in time, I continued to write various stories that I long deleted away. I wrote 3 Sonic stories, 1 original story for a friend's birthday (about two hundred pages long and completed it), and 1 PMD one that I ultimately abandoned when I realized I couldn't write in the style I was going with (mutli-perspective. Leapfrog POV basically). Then for about 3 years, I also did a lot of RP's with a friend that were from PMD, Warhammer 40,000 (two RP's in this world actually), Sonic, a mega-crossover, and an original world we crafted together.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, though I will stray into other fandoms. I'm just most comfortable with Pokemon.

    Types Of Writing: I write pretty much anything. Though, from people have told me, I apparently write more in the horror genre than I tend to realize.

    Strong Areas: Apparently being able to creep everybody out. Sometimes I don't even realize something I've written is horrifying until someone points it out. Like I literally did not think about how badly an entire forest filled with corpses tied to trees would affect people. And then making compelling plots and interesting characters. And action scenes. No doubt because I've written far too many in my years.

    Type Of Characters: Pretty much all kinds. I've written stoic characters. I've written callous characters who seem to act like their nerves are dead. I've written insane characters who go on weird rants. I've written characters who are addicted to killing. I've written scatter-brained ones. I've written out children of various ages (though I have yet to create a child character I truly feel satisfied with), I've written one who gave off the impression that he had a split personality for the longest time. I've written a Chessmaster or two. I've written out "gods" or certain mortal legendary Pokemon. I've written "inner demons" as well. I'm pretty sure I've written every kind of character there is. Well, except characters who have come back from the dead. Haven't quite done that yet.

    Completed Stories: Not yet. Maybe by the end of 2015 that will change.

    Current Stories: PMD: Broken Ideals

    Future Stories: Got one that's currently being processed in my mind. Have no plans to start it just yet, however.

    Writing Tips (Optional): You need to find something that will let you continue to write. Find a powerful motivator that will push you forward, even when you simply do not want to write. Whether it's to make yourself or a friend happy, or because you want to prove something, find that motivation and do not let go. Keep it within you and write. Write even if you don't want to. Never forget the reason you started writing in the first place.
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    Name: PhalanxSigil (although generally people call me Phalanx, or Phlax).

    Gender (optional): Male

    Writing Background: Believe it or not, I don't have much of one. I actually just decided to start writing after lurking on the Serebii forums for a while. However, I've had a lot of teachers say I'm pretty good at writing, although I've only ever really written papers and essays. This is really my first foray into fiction. However, I've been a Pokéfan for years, so I think I know enough about the subject to write something interesting.

    Fandoms you write it: There's only one fandom I really know (this one), so I'll stick with Pokémon for now.

    Types of writing: Again, I don't really know what genre I'm best at because I haven't written very much. I'll learn as I write more, I guess.

    Strong areas: One thing I've be told again and again is that I can make exposition interesting. On a semi-recent post, I was even apparently able to make an exposition dump not boring. So...I guess that's something.

    Types of characters: Once again, something I'm not too sure I can assess right now. However, I've been told that I can make very realistic and relatable ones. I try to not have my characters display one specific trope, and according to people who have proof-read my work, I'm okay. So that's what I'll go with for now.

    Completed Stories: Nothing yet.

    Current Stories: Pokémon: Convergence. Work has stalled on that one, unfortunately, but I'm trying to get back into it ASAP.

    Future Stories: I've got one that's been crawling around in my head, but I'm not starting it until at least November. (That should give you a hint as to what it's about.)

    Writing Tips (Optional): Do not - I REPEAT - do NOT be afraid to go out of your way to ask for help. Reviews will not just come to you if you wait. You need to go out there and actually ask people if they will. 9.9 times out of 10, they will gladly give you advice, and you will probably find something in their review that will help you for the rest of your writing career.

    To make a long story short, people are not scary. Go to them. It's a good thing.
    "Most of the titles for my pieces arrive because on computer, you have to call them something. So I have."
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    Next Chapter: Chapter 5

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    Name: Hero of Truth

    Gender (Optional): Male

    Writing Background: Writing plots for my comics since high school. When it comes to writing plots meant for comics, I'm your man.

    Fandoms you write it: In the beginning for myself, but joined the Pokemon one.

    Types of writing: I can handle all genres, but preferably write for sci-fi, comedy, parody and drama genres.

    Strong areas: I'm good with the script format, still improving.

    Types of Characters: Whatever character you want, but prefer super-villains and super-heroes.

    Completed Stories: Three comic stories that are yet to be shared here due to technical difficulties.

    Current Stories: BlackWhite: Season XY (My main work) and Pokemon Police Squad: Silvertown Stories. The former is a comic series that is written and drawn in parallel with sharing episodes here in script format, while the latter is your regular fic story written in script format.

    Future Stories: No.

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    Can't believe I haven't posted one of these yet! THAT SIMPLY WILL NOT DO.

    Name: GingerDixie (Most just call me Ginger.)

    Age (optional): 20

    Gender (optional): Female

    Writing background (optional): I don't have any fancy degrees or anything...I just write for fun. However, I've been "writing for fun" since I was about 9 years old (earlier than that if you count the first "story" I ever wrote...I was 5 and my kindergarten teacher read it to the class...highlight of that day), and publicly posting my work online since I was 14. I've also been avidly RPing for about that long, so I guess I've pretty much been straddled between the world of fanfiction and the world of roleplay for about 6 years. Go me.

    Fandoms you write in: Mainly Pokemon nowadays, but my first publicly posted fanfic was for the WALL-E fandom, not to mention I've also written fics for Smash Brothers, 9 (I wouldn't look those up though because they'd probably go way over your heads...I barely ever wrote for the original, canon 9 stitchpunks and the majority of my stories heavily featured my and friend's OCs. They were meant to supplement our RP and that was pretty much it), and I've got a few dusty Homestuck dabbles here and there.

    Types Of Writing: I tend to lean towards the gritty and suspenseful, though I've written some more lighthearted stuff. Apparently I do humor decently well. Adventure fics also seem to be a forte of mine, but half the time I don't know what the hell my fics classify as, so I guess read them and take a guess? Please?

    I do know that I definitely prefer writing Pokemon-centric stories, though. Pokemon minds are pretty fun to fun, in fact, that I believe humans seem tired by comparison. Not that I don't like human characters! It's just...everyone else does them. I'd rather explore the less appreciated concept. It's for this reason that once I play a PMD game, I'll try writing PMD stories as well.

    Strong Areas: Description. I LOOOOOOVE meaty description. It's all about how things look and how characters feel in my stories; I believe that speaks louder than the dialogue. I think characters would come in at a close second, but I've seen people with better characterization out there, guys. I'm nothing special, I don't think.

    Type Of Characters: I like girls. Not like that. If you take a look over here at Exhibit A, you will see the ratio of female to male on Ginger's cast list is about 3/, I'm not kidding. I have about 3 times as many female characters as I do male, but the only reason for that is because...well, I'm a girl. I feel as though I'm best qualified to write a female's perspective for the simple fact that I myself am female. That's it.

    I also like kids. As a matter of fact, my main, currently ongoing story has a kid protagonist. As much as it hurts to put them through horrible situations, it's also fun to watch them change and grow throughout the course of the plot...almost like you would a real kid.

    I'm not going to list off what character types I use, because I try to be fair and try my hand at everything: villains, heroes, the morally ambiguous...I've been writing long enough to have written from nearly all perspectives.

    Completed Stories: Complete?

    Current Stories: Monsters Among Us: A Pokemon AU (which I lovingly refer to as MAU...not to mention it's my first time writing AU in a long time and won second place for Best Pokemon-Centric in the Fanfiction Awards this yeah. I think it's a pretty nice start on here.)

    Future Stories: I am planning a continuation of MAU should it be that successful...but other than that, nothing past the planning stage at the moment, so I don't even have titles to give you. Sorry, man.

    Writing Tips (Optional): FOR THE LOVE OF BATMAN TAKE YOUR DAMN CRITICISM. Reacting harshly to critical reviews will not get you anywhere as a writer, and I strongly suggest those of you who take this as seriously as I do OR want to do this for a living, suck it up and listen to what they have to say. Sure, it's going to hurt sometimes. You know what? Growing up hurts too. But if someone is trying to give you genuine advice on how to improve, even if it's in one of the bluntest ways possible, it also makes you look like the idiot for attacking them and then changing nothing.

    Now, keep in mind, I do not condone people being mean or insulting in their reviews. I believe reviewers also need to have at least a little decorum when they review. But this is a site that, unlike and Deviantart, actually has writers who know what they're talking about and are willing to help you if you need it. No one is perfect, so neither is your story. Not even my story is perfect, and I know it. As my band director used to tell us all the time: "There is little growth in the comfort zone, and little comfort in the growth zone". The only way to improve is to take criticism in stride.
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    Name: Keysmash, Keys

    Age (optional): 13

    Gender (optional): Female

    Writing background (optional): Like many others, I'd been writing fanfics before I knew what they were. I think I begun when I was 8, and I still have some papers in my drawers. They were Pokemon ones. :P I haven't actually done any fanfic writing (or just writing in general) before SPPf. There were a few other fandom ones on FFN, but those are too embarassing to mention.

    Fandoms you write in: The only one I'll acknowledge is Pokemon.

    Types Of Writing: Just plain old adventure/friendship kinda deal.

    Strong Areas: None

    Type Of Characters: Regular joes, I guess. Can't really get into any other mindset.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories:

    I'm Cold and I Want to Go Home

    Your tears are freezing as they fall, but there's no stopping now.

    Future Stories: Thinking of writing fics for other side games, such as Ranger, and maybe even Rumble. Expansion of canon is really the only thing I can do.

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    Name: matthew11, matthew

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Male

    Writing background (optional): I was inspired by many fanfictions about Pokemon, so I decided to write my own.

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, for now.

    Types Of Writing: Romance, Humor, for now.

    Strong Areas: I was told recently that my writing style is cute and fun to read, and I'm really good at romantic stuff.

    Type Of Characters: Characters who are really funny, characters who push the hero/heroine towards the hero/heroine.

    Completed Stories: None

    Current Stories: Feelings, Confessions, and Eureka
    First Fanfic! Read as Satoshi and co. take a break in Miare City from traveling, and a confession will happen later on, but who? An Amourshipping (Satoshi x Serena) Fanfic.

    Future Stories: I'm thinking about writing fanfics about famous Animes like Fairy Tail and games like Golden Sun.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Cute writing can be super effective sometimes if you're writing romantic and/or comedic fanfics. Writing in a particular character's point of view seems to work sometimes to give more emphasis on the character's current feelings. And music can help you be creative in writing.
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    Aaaand closing. Please direct your attention to the new thread if you'd like to submit your profile. Thank you!

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