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This thread is for people who don't want the actual pokemon, just the dex entry. It's simple, for example, Trader A needs an entry of Tornadus in their pokedex, but Trader A only has one DS and just White version, so Trader B let's Trader A borrow his Tornadus for a few minutes, then Trader A trades back, and has Tornadus' Dex entry!

All Serebii Forum and Trade forum rules apply, this means NO SCAMMING. So if you let someone borrow your mewtwo for dex purposes, but they log out of wi fi and don't trade back, thats against the rules.

Post in this simple format

Friend Code:
Best Times for Trading:
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex:


Username: Joe Brown
Friend Code: 1111-2222-3333
Best Times for Trading: Any time on weekends
Pokemon needed for Dex: Mewtwo, Tornadus, Reshiram, Latios.
Other: I sometimes have stuff going on, so pm me

NOTE: the above example is fake

You may also post if you want to help people with their dex entries, just say your helping, and post your name and Friend Code

Here's a Blacklist just in case someone scams you

Happy Dex Filling!