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    Well, firstly I think I owe IanDonyer an apology. I did an overly bad review on his new Unova based fan fic, complaining that there was too many Unova based storys starying up, and that it wasn't original. Afterwoulds, however, I had a change of heart. I decided that it would be a great idea to start one as therefore people would beable to compare the writers of the storys easier. Don't worry, My other fan fic, Regional Conflict - the five sacred stones, is still continueing. Oh, and this will probably end up as a PG13 again. Enjoy

    Anyway, without further ado, The first chapter! Please review

    Chapter 1: Stranger in the night

    I had always dreamt of being a trainer, ever since I could remember. I had always admired trainers such as Alder, Iris, Cheron and my parents. However, my parents were very particular about when and how I should get my first Pokemon. They definitely weren’t going to give it to me. But anyway, I think that as you’re taking the care to listen to my tale, I should do some introductions.

    My name is Mark, and I am 14 years old. I have had a very big part in the recent affairs that I’m sure you would have heard of. But in case you haven’t, I won’t spoil it for you. Like the past great Unova trainers, I lived in Nuvema city.

    Nuvema city had definitely grown over the years, developing many suburbs and becoming the second biggest port apart from Castelia city. Everyone had suddenly flocked to the tiny town as soon as my father, Blair, became the champion, and they also heard about the Team Plasma affair.

    For those of you who have had your heads stuck down a hole for the last 20 years, an evil group of people called Team Plasma tricked people into releasing their Pokemon, and they nearly succeeded in running the entire region. But it had been my father and his friends who had stopped them. Of course I’m proud.

    Anyway, if you’re anything like me then you won’t want to hear a history lesson. The important thing was that I was living on the outskirts of the city, which were surprisingly rural, and I lived practically next door to Professor Junipers lab.

    Now I shall get onto the telling of my tale, and how I got my first Pokemon…

    “Can you stop that please?” moaned Charlie, irritated. Him, Daisy and I were all best friends, and we were going to have a sleepover. We had also decided that as we couldn’t agree on who’s house to go to, we would examine everyone’s rooms to see which one was best.

    Charlie’s was definitely not the best. The room was hardly wider than a few sofas, and the space that he did have was filled with countless amounts of books and papers. I found this extremely boring, and I honestly did wonder how anyone could enjoy reading and writing practically all the time. Of course I was going to see what on earth could be so interesting that my second best friend would be obsessed with it.

    Charlie wasn’t too pleased. His facial features were dull and didn’t stand out in a crowd in any way at all. He had short, blue hair which blended with his slick eyebrows. His eyes were tiny in comparison with his huge and bony nose. His choice of clothing was equally as boring as him, he usually just wore blue or black. He adjusted his glasses nervously as he always did when he was worried. Obviously he thought his things were quite important.

    Compared to him, I think that its safe to say that I’m better looking. I’m not trying to be big headed, it’s the truth. I have shaggy ginger hair and massive, thick eyebrows. My mum says that my eyes have the twinkle of a star, and at least my nose doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I also have a better sense of fashion, as I normally wear a black trendy jacket, and styled jeans.

    “So, what do you think guys?” Charlie asked, expecting a good answer for some reason. He was about to be very disappointed.

    “Your room is totally rubbish,” Daisy summed up perfectly, much better than I could ever do. She has beautiful shining blonde hair that often blocks out her amazing emerald green eyes. She’s just the right size for everything, and her clothing style is amazing. She wears extremely short, blue designer shorts, a vest top and a t-shirt length jacket. She’s much nicer than me too, normally.

    “Well, I can’t see any of us sleeping in your room, Daisy. We’d be all pinked out,” Charlie remarked. This was another good argumentative response. I chose my friends very wisely.

    “Tell you what, guys,” I said, taking the situation into my own hands. “Why don’t we just go back to my place? Then everything will be fine.”

    “Agreed,” hurried Daisy, eager to get out of the tiny room. I think she’s claustrophobic. And thus we headed back off to my place.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Nowadays, the streets of Nuvema city are often compared to the streets of Castelia city - thriving and dark. It was evening, and the orange glow of the setting sun was just visible over the top of the massive blue buildings lining both sides of the street. The road was long and dusty, and this was because of the mass of people that usually rushed along it. There were also many side alleys, but no-one knew what happen down there. It was best left a secret.

    “Scary,” shuddered Daisy, holding onto my arm like she often did. Charlie gave us a sigh of annoyance like he usually did when we clang to each other. It wasn’t our fault that he was jealous of our relationship.

    “I agree,” I replied extra loud and romantically just to annoy Charlie. Luckily for me my house was the last one on the final street. We all lived round about that street. And I was even more lucky in that just around the corner from my house is professor Junipers lab.

    We continued our stroll down the now deserted road. I made sure that every step we took was almost in slow motion just to make it seem longer for Charlie. I know it’s pretty harsh, but to be perfectly honest, it’s worth seeing his facial expressions. If they put a show of them on TV, I’m sure that it would become the most watched programme in all Unova, maybe even in the whole world.

    I certainly didn’t expect a middle aged woman in a lab coat to be standing outside my door with a large wrapped box. I would have just presumed her to be a normal visitor for my mum and ignored her, but she was blocking the way, and if I didn’t get Charlie and Daisy in quickly, they may decide to head to Daisy’s house instead. And whilst she was my girlfriend, I didn’t think I could cope having to spend a whole night in a completely pink room. So I had to talk to her.

    “Erm… hello?” I started in annoyed tone, just for affect. The woman turned around, surprised, and I instantly recognised her hair and short skirt as Professor Juniper. Only she could get away with being a professor and wearing such clothes.

    “Hello, Mark,” she greeted me, holding out her hand to me. I certainly didn’t want to be embarrassed, so I immediately declined. “I have been watching you three.”

    “You have?” asked Charlie, wondering what she meant.

    “No, I just said that because I felt like it!” Juniper said sarcastically in a stupid tone, and then burst out laughing. “Sorry, it had to be done,” she apologised. “Anyway, I think that you three have real potential to be great Pokemon trainers. I have a surprise for you in your room.”

    “What, so the box is not for us?” I asked, now unsure what she was doing stood outside my door.

    “Nope! That’s for some other young people. I was standing out here because I forgot to tell your mother to call you all together. But as you are all here now, I don’t need to. Now, I have work to do.” She saluted for some reason, and then continued down the street, watched by a few passer-by’s.

    “Well…” I said, to break the silence.

    “How can she just see potential anyway?” Charlie questioned.

    “Well, Mark here is the son of Bianca and Blair, probably two of the most famous trainers ever, isn’t he?” Daisy reminded him. “And I am the daughter of Cheron. And she’s probably seen you with your books so many times that she’s realised that you are knowledgeable.”

    “Are we just going to stand here waiting to be mobbed?” I spat, wanting to find out what the professor had done. “Let’s hurry up and get inside.” For once, Charlie and Daisy agreed, and I slotted my rusty old key into our blue door, and turned it. The other two filed in, and I took one last look at the dirty road before also heading inside.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    My house was rather small, as it was popular to have a small house in Unova for some bizarre reason. I always did wonder who set all the stupid fashions around the world, and who decided what was popular and what wasn’t. We had two downstairs rooms, the lounge and the kitchen, which were both painted a dark blue colour as that was the only colour me and my mum could agree on. We also had three upstairs rooms - my room, the bathroom and my mum’s room.

    The house entrance lead into the kitchen, which was a small room with many work surfaces and all the equipment needed for a house kitchen. My mum was busy at work with something, wearing a green and white dress like she usually did. Apparently she had been wearing a similar dress on the day that she had met my dad.

    “Hello, Mark,” she greeted, smiling whilst putting some food away and brushing away her blonde hair. She was an excellent multitasker. Anyone would have expected my mother to say something like “sweetie” instead of using my name, but I had had a strict talk with her about not using embarrassing language.

    “Hi Mum.” I smiled casually, letting my friends go up the stairs at the back of the room to our landing, which doesn’t really count as a room. “We’ve decided that we are going to sleep here tonight.” I had already spoken with my mother about this, and she nodded knowingly.

    “Ok, I suspect I won’t see you until morning then. Goodnight.” She smiled lovingly, and then gave me a small cuddle before letting me retreat into my room.

    My room was also dark blue, and it was probably the biggest room in the house. It had enough floor space for two sleeping bags as the only other things I had in my room were my bed and a large wardrobe containing all of my stuff. I had already prepared the sleeping bags, and usually this would have impressed Daisy, but there was much more things of interest in my room now. Sitting on my bed was a large blue box similar to the one the professor had been carrying.

    “This must be what the professor dropped round,” grinned Daisy, “I can’t wait to see what it is!”

    “Why don’t we hurry up and read the label then?” Charlie impatiently remarked. As it was my room, they seemed to have the idea that I had the right to read it. So I kneeled by the thin piece of paper and tried to read in aloud. The handwriting was extremely scruffy though, and reading wasn’t exactly my strong point.

    “Dear trainers,” I managed to make out. “This box co…t…s the essen… thin… need… to star… your poke…advent…”

    “Advent?” spluttered Charlie. “Do you want to borrow my specs or something? I’m sure this isn’t something to do with Christmas!”

    “She has the handwriting of a goodness knows what,” I muttered, and Charlie snatched the tiny label out of my hands, reading exactly what it said.

    Dear trainers,

    This box contains the essential things needed to start your Pokemon adventure. Make sure that you sort the sharing of them out fairly. Please come and see me tomorrow for more information.

    Yours sincerely,
    Professor Juniper

    “Share them out fairly?” wondered Daisy. “What’s that all about?”

    “I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be millions of sweets.” said Charlie smugly, thinking that his little joke had been funny.

    “Ok,” I remarked, giving him a strange look. “I think we’d better open the box before Charlie starts his bad joke chain off again and kills us all.” I put my hands on the smooth lid of the box, as did Charlie and Daisy, and we lifted off the lid together. Inside was the best surprise of our lives so far.

    Inside the box was three pokeballs, little devices that were used for catching Pokemon. They were red on the top half and white on the bottom, with a line going around the middle. And we all knew what there appearance meant.

    “Oh my gosh!” screamed Daisy. “She’s giving us Pokemon!” The three of us leapt around the room, hugging and celebrating. Eventually, when the madness had stopped, we all knelt down next to the pokeballs. Each one had a little label attached to it with a little introduction label by professor Juniper. We all picked up one of the capsules and studied it. It was the closest we’d been to one of the devices.

    “Why don’t we read the little introductions out to each other?” suggested Daisy.

    “Fair do’s,” I commented, preparing to read mine out. To my relief, Juniper must have made someone else write these messages, and I could clearly understand it.

    “Snivy, the grass snake Pokemon,” I began. “Snivy are usually quite proud of themselves and love to win at battles. Despite their tiny legs, they can run quite fast. There solid scales make them tough as well.”

    “Sounds like the perfect one for you Mark,” snorted Charlie. “Well, the proud bit does anyway.”

    “You are so hilarious,” I groaned. “Actually, I do think that Snivy sound pretty cool. There’s a little picture of it here as well. But anyway, Daisy, you can go next.”

    “Right!” she grinned, showing off her beautiful well cleaned teeth. “Tepig, the fire pig Pokemon. Tepig gather in huge herds to play together. They leave their sparkling waste in hidden bushes so that they don’t mess up their homes. They can sustain anything quite easily.”

    “Ok, now it’s my turn!” announced Charlie. “Oshawott, the sea otter Pokemon. Oshawott love their shells, and they carry them on their bellies everywhere they go. Oshawott are very competitive, and they love to fight with each other. If an Oshawott loses it’s shell then it is said that it will be heart broken for the rest of it’s life.”

    “So, is that it?” I asked, and Charlie nodded as we passed around the pictures of the Pokemon. “So, who’s going to pick first?”

    “Well, there is only one way to pick.” Daisy said.

    “Fight!” Charlie yelled for humour, but once again he was given harsh looks. “I really should stop doing that…” he muttered to himself, before composing himself. “We should have a Pokemon quiz!”

    “That’s a great idea!” Daisy enthusiastically encouraged. She had been agreeing with Charlie so much that day that I had started to wonder if she was feeling alright.

    “That does sound good and fair,” I admitted, “but there’s a slight flaw. Who will write the questions?”

    “I will, with my knowledge I should easily be able to think of some tricky questions.”

    “Yes Charlie, but then you’d know the answers to them wouldn’t you, doofus!” Daisy retorted. “I’ll go and ask your mum to quickly write it, Mark. She has a lot of experience.”

    “I’ll go too,” murmured Charlie, following her out of the room and leaving me alone to think about my important decision.

    Which one do I want?

    Authers note: I am actually quite proud of this, I recon it is better than any of my other chapters on Regional Conflict. I shall hopefully continue this soon, and Reviewers, I would like to know which starter you think should go to which person. If you like this, then be sure to check out my other fan fic - Thank you.
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