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    Default My Bisharp Poem/Ballad

    was bored in class yesterday, so I wrote a poem about bisharp, enjoy!

    Bisharp Ballad

    When me and you first met,
    I was looking through
    Your nearly scizor like stat,
    and your power ranger combat,
    Was enough to make me decide,
    that a physical sweeper was inside.

    But Your typing is complete murder,
    Four times weak against common pokes like gurdurr.
    The fact is you have so much potential,
    But EV training your speed is too essential.
    Dark/steel wasn't Gamefreak's best move
    and the base speed of 70 is something I'd improve

    But alas I still think you're a great poke,
    Even-though Smogon members think your a joke.
    But Bisharp you don't need any approval,
    Even if fighting types can quickly cause your removal.

    By Dragoniteftw

    Another one, I quickly wrote today after being inspired by a bad experience with some emgolas while trying to train on low level audinos in shaking grass Disclaimer: I don't actually hate Emolga, just hate him when I am training.

    Dear Emolga,

    When I first saw you on the 'new Pokemon page'
    You were the one that made me rage
    A flying pikachu is what we have here
    Going straight to the Never Used tier

    Shaking grass is good for audinos you see
    Great for getting me bags of XP
    But when your sprite comes on my screen
    I want to put my head in a sewing machine
    Your annoying flying type makes you impossible to faint
    The fact I can't use ground attacks is not my only complaint

    We've seen you before as a Pachirisu
    Even then I wanted to continually hit you
    Your double team move makes you impossible to hit
    Overall as a pokemon you're a pile of s***

    By dragoniteftw

    I think I am going to have a break for abit after this, but heres a chandelure one


    With Chandelure, what you see is what you get,
    Unfortunately It's not a bikini clothed brunette.
    It's a candle stick holder with 145 special attack,
    Gamefreak have you been smoking that crack?

    I can see Smogon University getting very upset
    Shadow tag ability will get banned first I bet
    The Competitive battlers will get stressy you see
    'Put Chandelure in uber, hes way too OP'
    The mass of complaints will keep me very amused,
    as he defiantly won't be moving from Over Used

    Nevertheless he is great in the main game,
    A dinner table lamp that can put gengar to shame.
    But I guess in this gen we get animated lights
    Like I said before; I prefer hot women in tights

    By Dragoniteftw


    Future poems: haxorus and I am Open to suggestions
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