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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
    I have absolutely no idea what "the amount of Bascilns will be 6.5" even means.

    Again - each Basculin gives 2 speed EVs. The macho brace doubles the EVs to 4 each. Pokerus doubles THAT to 8 each. 152 divided by 8 equals 19.
    What I mean by "amount of Basclins will be 6.5" is that I may have to take on 6 and a half Basclins. Of course that I've already realize that it will take 19 of these guys to get 152EV of Speed with pokerus,and Macho Brace without using 10 Carbos. Would be a good idea to give Carbos to the pokemon to get 100EVs?
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