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    Welcome to First Impact. This clan attempts to make the best of each of its’ divisions battlers. Members get split up into a division upon joining, and using these divisions, different kinds of tournaments will be held for each, when the time for a tournament comes around, of course. This team’s mascot is Deoxys, and it’s formes, which can clearly show each capabilities for each, which gave rise to this clans divisions.

    There are obviously going to be some simple rules to follow within the clan itself, and that includes during wars.

    1. Never argue with the team leader, and their mods. They have the right to judge a situation, and take suitable action.
    2. Be nice to everyone. Everyone has the right to be treated nicely, and I would like to see that in my members.
    3. No spamming or flaming.
    4. Only post on this thread if you’re a member.
    5. All SPPf rules apply.

    In this clan, every member will be put into a division depending on their “battling style.” These divisions are as follows:

    These battlers battle with whatever they want, with many different strategies.
        Spoiler:- Members:

    These battlers base their plan solely around hitting their opponent as hard as they can to ensure they can’t do much.
        Spoiler:- Members:

    Their teams are based around a brick wall; they attempt to stall out their opponent and take as many hits as their can.
        Spoiler:- Members:

    These battlers try to be as quick as possible, utilizing speed priority and entry hazards to give a quick defeat to their opponent.
        Spoiler:- Members:

    Unsure what division they would like to be placed in as they haven’t had much experience with competitive battling.
        Spoiler:- Members:

    If you would like to join First Impact, please will out the following form and PM it to me. When it comes to choosing a “battling style”, it will in turn decide which division you will be in.

    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Online: 
    Battling Style:

    Similar to some other clans, we’ll have a point system where you can use the Meteor Shards (MS: our currency) you gather to buy things in the clan shop. Here are a few ways of getting a few Meteor Shards:

    Posting on the thread : 100 MS
    Winning a battle: 200 MS
    Losing a battle: 100 MS
    Tie battle: 150 MS
    Donating: Varies

    More ways to obtain Meteor Shards may be added in the future, so keep an eye out. Winning or losing a battle will always get you Meteor Shards, but obviously there is a difference between how much you get from winning, and how much you get from losing. And for every post a member makes on the Serebii thread, you will get 50 Meteor Shards. Upon joining First Impact, every member will get 1000 Meteor Shards.

    This is the place where you can use the Meteor Shards you’ve gathered to but pokemon for use in competitive battling, or just to have as a novelty. Prices on the pokemon will range depending on their IVs, what they are, etc. The first week in which you join you will not be able to purchase anything from the shops. Not only will it allow you to accumulate Meteor Shards to buy things with, it’ll also give you time to get to know everyone before trying to buy things.

        Spoiler:- Battle-Readies:

        Spoiler:- Egg Moves:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Special:

    I will accept donations for the clan as soon as you join. Just fill out this form and PM it to me. We can then discuss a time to trade, and I will offer you Meteor Shards for the pokemon you donate.

    Event (Yes/No):
    Shiny (Yes/No):

    This is where I will post upcoming tournaments. There will obviously be different styles of tournaments, which may restrict to different divisions, or an all division tournament.


    This will be the lineup for up and coming wars that will be held. TheUmbreonMaster is the War Leader and he'll be running all the war lineups and helping organising wars with clans. The best battlers from the clan will be put into this lineup and will battle for First Impact. If some people are unable to battle, there will be reserve battlers in case of that. In the worst case scenario neither a battler or the reserves cannot battle, other members may be chosen for the war. Here is the current war lineup:

    1. Serris
    2. TheUmbreonMaster
    3. tomthepom
    4. RifleAvenger
    5. damaster
    6. adbabs
    7. ddrox

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